Lewis will plead not guilty

Bill Moore, Kellen Lewis’s attorney for his pending misdemeanor battery charge in Valdosta, Ga., said Tuesday that the former Indiana quarterback will plead not guilty.

“We’re going to insist on his innocence,” Moore said of Lewis, who transferred to Valdosta State after being dismissed from Indiana for a team rules violation. “It’s just an unfortunate thing. Especially in this day and time. We’re all behind him and going to support him through this.”

Moore said it was premature to comment on how he would attempt to have Lewis exonerated, but he expected to be successful.

“We full well expect him to be vindicated,” Moore said.

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  1. Can we please stop getting coverage of this criminal? We know he pulled a lot of crap at IU, Lynch finally took him to task, and yet we stil have to read about him on an IU blog?

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