Lynch press conference updates (somewhat live)

Here’s the audio, if you’re inclined to listen, of today’s proceedings.

Bill Lynch meets the press for his Tuesday press conference.

Seniors Jammie Kirlew and Matt Mayberry meet the press Tuesday.


I’ll let you know what Indiana football coach Bill Lynch has to say as soon as he gets here.


Lynch has arrived. He will go over the awards for the week. He’s saying them waaaayyyy to fast for me to type them. But Chris Hagerup, the somewhat-maligned punter, was honored as a one-play warrior for his work on special teams.

Captains for the week are Mike Reiter, Bryan Payton, Will Patterson and Jammie Kirlew.

To the Virginia game: IU needed to win three battles. It didn’t. The battles are turnovers (IU had two, UVA 0), big plays (IU 1, UVA 9) and 3rd-down conversions (IU converted 38 percent, UVA 55 percent.)

“In the areas we talk about so much, we really didn’t do a good job,” Lynch said. “Obviously the score reflected that. But it’s time to move on. That’s the beauty of it.”


Illinois’ record is a mirage, Lynch says. They’ve played tough competition in Missouri, Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan State.

To questions: Did your team have the flu last week?

This was addressed on the radio show last night, but Lynch does admit that several players were sick last week. He’s not sure the flu is gone either. But he doesn’t want to use it as an excuse. “That’s all part of it,” he said. But it did particularly hurt the defense.

Next question: “What did you see on film? How did this happen?

From a defensive stand point, Lynch says, the Hoosiers weren’t good fundamentally. They didn’t tackle well enough. That led to those big plays.

Lynch concurs with Ben Chappell’s assertion that the Hoosiers of Saturday weren’t the real Hoosiers. “Anytime you get beat like that, you feel that way,” Lynch said.

I ask Lynch what adjustments they’ll make in practice this week, and he sort of avoids the question. Says the Hoosiers will just try to be better.

Next question: What’s wrong with the team’s tackling?

“Fundamentals,” Lynch says. Sounds like it’s a bit of everything that’s gone wrong in that area. Gotta run through tackles, can’t reach, can’t dive out of position, etc.

Question about the redshirting of Edward Wright-Baker and a couple other guys.

Lynch says there’s still a few tough decisions to make. Damon Sims had prepared to play linebacker, but now they’ll try to get him redshirted. Same goes with Wright-Baker and Mitch Ewald, for now.

Injury update: RB Darius Willis and OG Pete Saxon are both “gimpy.” Willis did a little bit on Monday, Saxon didn’t.

Question: Why keep Chappell in the game until the end?

Lynch wanted the team to get better, and he figured the only way to get better was to keep playing. And with the score out of hand, IU was not ready to burn Edward-Wright Baker’s redshirt. There was no talk of yanking Chappell early in the game, as Lynch didn’t think he was the problem. He was under so much pressure all day, Lynch said.

Lynch is concerned about preparing for Illinois, which has been running two quarterbacks. Both Juice Williams and Eddie McGee are pretty athletic, and the Illini don’t adjust the offense based on who’s playing.

Lynch says that, as to be expected, the confidence on this squad is down. But he wants them to be sure that you’re never as bad as you think you are. “We played poorly Saturday,” he says. “There’s no question. I don’t like it, but that happens.” So now all the Hoosiers can do is use this week to get better.

He’s still looking at the season as a full game. The Hoosiers had a good first quarter and “got beat soundly” in the second quarter.

The players have done a good job of moving on, Lynch said. It used to be that Indiana had players report on Sunday and take Monday off, but Lynch prefers for them to have Sunday off. That way they can lay around watching football. And they do, and on Monday they come back raring to go.

Jammie Kirlew is here now. He’s asked how the defense will put this behind them, and says that the only way to do it is to get out and work hard. He says last year’s Illinois loss hurts, too, so there will be motivation. When asked what he remembers about last year’s game he says: “I just remember it was a terrible night.”

On Virginia: “We hurt ourselves throughout the whole game. It wasn’t a team dominating another team, it was us doing the wrong thing.”

Kirlew says the group has lost focus, and that the emphasis this week will be on getting it back.

There are guys saying that last week’s loss was unacceptable. But those leaders aren’t on the same page, he says. It needs to be more of a group, instead of scatter shot, effort.

On the challenge of facing Juice Williams: He’s a big guy who can run it a bit. So the Hoosiers will have to be assignment-sound and not miss tackles. Kirlew said he expects harder hitting in practice, because the Hoosiers need to get back into the right mindset to make stops.

Now we’ve got Matt Mayberry at the mic. He was sick the middle of last week and was a “bit shaky” during the game. But he says that’s no excuse.

Mayberry says he felt a new energy Monday. And that is what needs to happen. Mayberry says Lynch has taken the brunt for a perceived lack of intensity on Saturday, and he shouldn’t. That’s up to the players.

Now Don Fischer says he’s heard that there’s a lack of excitement on the sidelines. Mayberry agrees, somewhat, saying that there needs to be more emotion during games.

Mayberry’s never really been through a game like Saturday, he says, where the team just didn’t show up. There were times last year — such as the Illinois game — when the Hoosiers got pushed around, but Saturday was embarrassing. “You never want to go out like that,” he says.

Last year’s Illinois game was “an awful night.” Mayberry knows many of the Illinois players and says that this is the game he’s most excited for this season. He’s ready to use last year’s loss as motivation.

Mayberry promised on Twitter to play better, and he says he’ll back that up this weekend. It’s part of the middle linebacker’s job to motivate the defense, and he plans to do that.


  1. J Pat. Your previous post down below was being overcome by all the new topics so I thought I would respond here just because I think most folks aren’t checking the older topic now.

    The number for moving the PSU game is 3 million, not 5. I think that was tough for Glass to do and there are very, very good arguments against it and 3 million reasons for it.

    For discussion, let’s say the money is for the new coach. Lynch is fired after this season and nobody has to worry about arguing pro or against. Its happened. Also, let’s say Glass has announced that Mr. Big Name Coach has been hired. Lots of discussion of course, but there it is.

    Is there an expectation that Mr. Big Name Coach will win immediately? What is the time horizon? I’m just asking. To avoid the usual personal attacks that come my way I take no position for this exercise.

    As merely a matter of historical record I offer these names and schools who have recently gone this route. Check into them if you want. I have no comment about their success one way or another.

    Butch Davis–UNC
    Steve Spurrier–So. Carolina
    Lane Kiffin–Tennessee
    Ron Zook–Illinois
    Dave Wanstadt–Pitt
    Charlie Weiss–ND
    Dennis Erickson–Az State

  2. Dave- A good list. Let’s dip into the numbers a bit:

    Butch Davis is 16-15 in three years, with 1 bowl game.

    Spurrier has been to three bowls in 5 years, with a 33-23 record.

    Zook is 19-33, but with a Rose Bowl appearance and a win at Ohio State, no small feat for a Big 10 bottom-dweller.

    Wannsdeadt is 30-24 in 5 seasons with 1 bowl game and no fewer than 5 wins in a season.

    Dennis the Menace is 15-10 with a bowl game in 2 years. But remember, his big project was Oregon State, a Pac 10 doormat comparable to Indiana. With them, he went 31-17 (18-14 in conference) and went to 3 bowls in 4 years, including the Fiesta over Notre Dame.

    Kiffin is too new, but I have a feeling he will fail miserably, because he is a major jerk.

    Weis is 31-22, but his record theoretically should have an asterisk, since its Notre Dame, and they expect to win 10 games every year (he is in a Mike Davis situation).

    From what I see, it is hard to argue that any of these situations is a failure. I don’t see any evidence here that getting an experienced NFL or higher-level D1 coach is a huge gamble.

  3. Reminder for Matt Mayberry

    Do you not remember the Purdue game last year?
    Now that was embarrassing.

  4. Husky, I think just about every example would be seen as a huge improvement if it were transposed to Indiana. Even with Zook.

    If Lynch could, in a season, beat OSU on the road and go to the Rose Bowl, he’d have to lose 40 straight games for anyone to question his ability at IU.

  5. What do all those coaches have in common? None of them would come to Indiana to take over this train wreck if Lynch was let go. Who would step in next year and tackle the losing culture around here? Big name coaches? Not a chance. Not even with money dangled in front of their face.

    Fire Lynch! Then IU can hire…….uhm….well….somebody else!!!! Yeah!

  6. Instead of honoring Bobby Knight during a football game(a ridiculous proposal to begin with, using one of the greatest college basketball coaches of all time… the “Because it’s Indiana” reason that we have 3 NCAA titles…instead of letting his shoes take one last echoing walk onto the Assembly Hall hardwood floor, we drop one last insult upon him and force him to watch The Little Sisters that Lynch has taught to play poor)

    Here’s what I would like to see…I would like to see Crean be immediately fired(he has no better chance at getting 5-star talent to come to IU than Lynch ever taking us to a Rose Bowl)…Use the big bucks you guys want to flush down a toilet for a football coach..use those extra millions to buy out Crean’s contract….finish out the IU basketball season with Steve Downing serving as interim coach…(he’s already coming to town for the Hall of Fame ceremony…be a good time to offer him the interim job which he would take in a heartbeat)…During the 2009-10 season Bobby can get his mailing list of 5-star talent together…the list of talent that will explode to IU faster than Eric Gordon can to a rim…

    Keep Lynch as the football coach..We don’t get to go to the Rose Bowl…Instead, on January 1st we prepare to kick off the Big 10 basketball season with 10 players that could take us deep into an NCAA tournament…We pop open a brew, sit back and prop our feet up in the recliner, and watch the mighty Buckeyes kick off to another Pac 10 team that will embarrass Big 10 football on New Year’s Day once again.

    How did it all get so screwed up.

  7. RC-

    Yeah, you are right. Here are the records of the 3 previous coaches at Oregon State before Erickson took over:
    w l
    Joe Avezzano 1980-1984 6 57
    Dave Kragthorpe 1985-1990 17 48
    Jerry Pettibone 1991-1996 13 52

    Totals: 36 wins, 157 losses. Erickson, a former Seahawks coach, took over and went 11-1 in his second year, beating Notre Dame in the FIesta Bowl.

    But,NOOOOO. No one would EVER come to INDIANA, right?
    I am biting my lip off right now to refrain from name-calling.

  8. Wow, Hamm’s. Where to start? How about 5 NCAA titles and…well everything else looked pretty clueless, as well. Say “Hi” to the folks in West Laffy.

  9. GFDave, you are right. It was PSU that gets 5 million and IU gets 3, I wonder why…really?? That is weird!

    To answer you, there is no guarantee at all. My point is this and I hope you get this…it has never been done since I have been watching. Hiring a big name splash has never been done so why not try it.

  10. J Pat, I didn’t take a position or ask about guarantees. Of course there aren’t guarantees. I just threw it out there for others to take a swing at.

    I don’t know what to say about Hamm’s post. If its satire its not funny. If its serious its just unbelievable.

  11. J Pat,
    I could be wrong but PSU does not get $5MM.
    Sam Wyche was a big name. At least some folks thought that. The hiring of Wyche was when I left IU for awhile. He only stayed one year, record was 3-8.
    I will admit that I left IU for awhile when they hired Sampson.

  12. Just so I’m sure, did poster ‘Hamms’ above really advocate firing a coach with nearly 200 wins under his belt for a former player who, to my knowledge, has never coached a team ever in hopes that it would land 5-star talent? Wouldn’t the Downing/Knight combo be luring that talent to Texas Tech for Patrick right now if they could? I’m just going to assume it’s sarcasm.

    Re: whether a new coach, be he big or little name, could turn things around quickly – if you look at history, the answer is no. Almost every big school that’s experienced a football turnaround in recent years needed at least 2 years to get back on the winning side. KState, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois are all good examples. Typically if a coach doesn’t get it done in 4-5 years, they’re out. Remember that Bill Mallory needed three seasons to get IU to .500.

    Based on that history, my guess is Lynch has at least one and maybe two seasons to right the ship…for better or worse.

  13. There will be 96,000 people there, most in blue and white. At $30 a ticket the IU take is covered, anything more than that goes to Dan Snyder. Also parking is very expensive and then there are concession revenues. So I guess Dan Snyder gets at least $1MM for the day’s stadium rental.

    That money will go to paying for the salaries of all the coaches and players that are no longer on the Redskins. Boys, if you think IU has problems you should try following Snyder’s Redskins. Oh boy.

  14. GFDave,
    You have something to say and you say it pretty well. Earlier today you posted your initial comment to JPat. 14 minutes later Husky Tom retorted. Now I’ll give Tom credit, he was civil. My question is, how did Tom come up with all the information and then enter it, in 14 minutes? On an earlier blog (the blog with 95 posts the last time I checked), Tom refers to Downing, but Downing does not appear as a poster. Husky Tom cites Goethe, uses allegories, and calls people imbeciles. I wouldn’t worry about Husky Tom. Other potential aliases are Bertrand and Hamms.

  15. Husky Tom says the first two banners don’t count…It’s all intended as shock treatment…You must have the “Laffy” on the brain because you just don’t get it…I’ll kick up the voltage meter…Tom can put Pierre’s thick rubber spatula in his mouth to prevent from biting off his tongue….hum the Husky fight song through clamped-down lips as he throws out fits of praises to his Pac 10 heroes…..The rest of you guys go right on feeding feed the “imbeciles” at the top to blow any more money on football…

    Nothing more could a Purdue fan wish for. I repeat.. NOTHING MORE could a Purdue fan wish for…Not enough treatment?…More Voltage? Halloween is just around the corner…More scary truth?…I’ll tell Ygor to put out the kites…Please…Please don’t spend another dime on football at IU. Use the money to build a new state-of-the-art basketball stadium for the “New Generation”……Aren’t you a follower of the bright light, the only light? We need more seats for the congregation and the growing masses of Hoosier Nation…
    Don’t let Glass and his test tube company continue to write checks to Dr. Frankenfumble for his experiments at Corso Castle!….we’ll chase the pieced together hideous monster for years and divorce ourselves from the true meaning of love and life at Indiana…BASKETBALL!!!

    Keep Lynch as coach..Let him dress-up at The Haunted Hall of Hoops as Dr. Finkelmeier’s monster..and let the Edgar of football Winter play forever on.

  16. “Wouldn’t the Downing/Knight combo be luring that talent to Texas Tech for Patrick right now if they could? “..It was sarcasm…and you catch on quickly.

    Texas is a football state. Indiana used to be basketball state. Crean already has a momentousness challenge…Our pride, our prowess, and our reputation in basketball has taken a huge hit… The repercussions of IU basketball’s meltdown have filtered through every basketball town in this state…Much of the up and coming talent will not stay here…Many a youngster will not feel the attachment and passion for the game that we had as kids…We are at a crossroads…I hope Crean can get it done…I don’t think Indiana University athletics, and maybe even the popularity of hoops throughout the state, can ever recover if we don’t put the basketball back in “Hoosier”…As misguided as the thought may be, it comes from my heart…

  17. Unbelievable. They think Downing and I are the same person. I take it as a compliment, mostly.

    I admit Jay, I did pose as Bertrand and Olympia Snowe Fan, but to think that I am also Hamms’ means that you are unfamiliar with the Hoosier Blogging World’s most famous tradition-loving, football-and-Crean hating superstar.

    To answer your other question, about the 14 minute information time: it’s called Wikipedia. Is that too intellectual of a website for you?

  18. I am aware of Wikepedia, thank you for asking. If you would have taken the time to read my posts this weekend you would recognized that I utiize Wikipedia too. Is it your intention to try to embarrass people? You make a fool of yourself, but of course you know what you are doing. Isn’t that correct?
    There is nothing to be proud of for exalting the “Hoosier Blogging World’s most famous tradition-loving, football-and-Crean hating superstar.”

  19. Jay-
    I understand your feelings here, but believe me, I am talking about another blogger when I say that.

    Don’t grant me the dignity of being clever enough to play different personalities. I may use a different name once in a while, but you will always see the same writing, the same messages (Fire Lynch, Go Huskies, etc.)

    My pal Downing from the Basketblog has followed me over here. He posts under all kinds of different names. We used to go at it like cats and dogs over there, much like I do with GF Dave, Jimmy, yourself, and Aruss (where is that guy these days?) He loves Bobby Knight and DOn Schlundt, Mark SPitz and Jay Cutler. He hates Tom Crean just because he isn’t Sampson. He posts Eric Gordon updates every day during NBA season.
    Trust me, I wouldn’t make all this up just for the purpose of winding you up.

  20. Korman, I would have never said that unless I really felt like I had heard it. I think on the AM dial 950 or 1070 one of those guys threw that figure of 5 million out for PSU. I can promise you I did not make that up. Would you check into that for me?

    GFDave, after rereading your post I do think a big name with big bucks would be expected to win quicker than the last 4 coaches we have paid a small amount.

  21. Husky Tom,
    You haven’t wound me up. You have made a fool of someone. Would that someone be you? We don’t know each other but I get the feeling that you are not comfortable being called out. Your explanation for your pal Downing does not hold water. Your entire strategy is to cajole other people. Well, good luck with that. Try something with substance for a change.
    By the way, Lynch’s salary is approximately $650m.
    Zook is paid about $1.35m. Look that up on Wikipedia. Rather than try to embarrass people, why not get involved in an honest discussion?

  22. I’ll refrain from labels for Husky Tom…I’m not a man of many books, worldly wisdom, and distant travels….Just a dumb Indiana hick…born in this state and will likely die in it…And now knowing what I have just reflected upon my image you will likely give little credence to what I now shall say: Unlike he, I will give your intelligence credit and let you swallow the truth found in our words…See if you can keep it all down.

  23. Jay-

    Give me a break.

    My business on this blog is to ‘call out’ people like you who, in my opinion, have retrenched, stale attitudes that I disagree with. It’s a blog, and I give opinions.

    Was the data I collected about the coaches not ‘substantial’ enough for you? Maybe you can look back at some of my posts and reassess your silly claims. Most of what I say in here is about football. You don’t like it, because you are a Lynch supporter. But let’s not pretend that I am parading around spewing nonsense.

    If you sincerely believe that I do, then I send you a finger.

  24. Husky, Dave, Jay, Mike, Korman…let’s all meet together at Nick’s friday night to hash this out. I buy the first round…

  25. J Pat,

    Friday night? Don’t you know there is football being played on Friday nights?

    Maybe later in the night.

  26. J Pat, Will Husky come alone or bring all his friends? Things around here are catching a big case of teh stoopid.

  27. Tom has a lot of “business” and it’s on a lot of blogs. Too much spice in his diet…to many Salumi no-nonsense sausages gives him the blog runs. Most of your time shall now be spent Hoosier Scooping and trying not to step in it…nasty, nasty stuff.

    What will Kobe Bryant and Kyle Orton soon have in common?
    Answer: Incompletions

  28. J Pat,

    My info comes from Fred Glass. I think we broke that story, and I had a pretty good conversation with him. What he said then was that all of the pay out would go to IU.

    I can check into that again, though. As others have pointed out, even if FedEX gets $50 per ticket the revenue would be $4.8 million. And, yeah, you add in parking and concessions. But you also subtract labor. All in all, it seems unlikely that FedEx would be able to give out $8 million (or $6 million if the shares were equal) and still make enough profit to make it worth while.

  29. Tom AKA Betrand, et al,
    Let me get this correct.
    1. I am a supporter of Lynch. Absolutely not true. What I have attempted to do is provide some information to people who are concerned about IU football. Not once have I backed nor called for Lynch’s ouster. As I have said these are some things that Fred Glass is contemplating. What will Glass do? I do not know.
    2. A couple of days ago, while trying to expain things you called me a layman. That may be true. I would be willing to bet that I am more informed than you concerning how athletic programs function.
    3. Of all your recent posts only once have you used actual information to substantiate your position. GFDave provided you with the names and you came back with a retort. Not a difficult task.
    4. You want me to give you a break? What about the people you have attacked? What kind of break did you extend them?
    5. So your business here is keep people like me in line. Who appointed you the savior of the IU football program?
    6. You ignored Sam Wyche. Why?
    7. Finally, what a brave and courageous guy you are to send me a finger. I hope my kids grow up to be just like you. No, wait, my kids are grown and none of them would send someone a finger via a blog.
    You have a great day Husky Tom.

  30. Korman. I feel dumb. GOD knows I know not to make a statement on here you cannot back up or you will never hear the end. I listen to too much sports junk I guess. I remember Krav and Eddie talking and arguing about figures from PSU and IU and one figure was 5 mill. Sorry about that! I was wrong.

  31. Tom has always had consistent arguments…Though we often didn’t agree, the man is consistent 95.675% of the time..

    I pulled some proof out of a lock-box…also known as the IDS Basketblog:

    Posted by Tom at 7:01 pm on May 1, 2008

    5 guys on the team…? I am counting Crawford, McGee, Thomas, Taber, Dumes, Pritchard, Roth, and Williams. Not by any means a formidable bunch but definitely not 5 people.
    I guess we can always grab some of the showboating frat boys from the HPER rec leagues if we get desperate; teach them how to pass maybe.
    Otherwise I might be inclined to recruit a few of the beer-bellied Over-40 mens league players. They are surprisingly good; they will out-rebound you till you throw down and quit.
    Haven’t we, the IU football fans, been saying for a long time that this university puts all its (rotten) eggs in one basket? Haven’t we, the football fans, sufferers of unprecedented losing for a school of 35,000, been feeling this way for a long time? Haven’t we been screaming for more adventurous hires, for stronger recruiting and facilities, for a shakeup in the maddening “Hoosier Old Boys Network”?
    Haven’t we pounded our fists into the long wooden tables at Nicks enough as we watch basketball schools like Wake Forest, Connecticut, Kansas, and Illinois develop “rock” – solid football programs while we ironically whimper our pathetic slogan “Defend the Rock” as our football team loses season after season?
    Sampson was a bad hire. But remember, before he was a bad hire, he was at least an exciting hire. Look at the recruits that poured in in a two-year span. The team seemed poised to vault its way back into a perrenial top-10 presence. In the end, the risk proved to be too big, for reasons we don’t need to rehash: but then again, no reward comes without risk. I’d rather see a more adventuresome attitude from the AD than a “play-it-safe”, “Hoosier Boys Network” attitude that gets us years and years of Bill Lynches and (almost) Dan Dakiches.
    USC reinvigorated its winning tradition by hiring risky Pete Carroll. Illinois made a risky hire with Ron Zook. Jim Tressel was a Division II coach or something, and now look at OSU. I know what you are saying: these are sleazy guys at sleazy institutions. Why should IU use them as a model?I’m not saying we need to shun the Lynches and usher in the Dennis Ericksons. It would be a tough (but not impossible) task to get someone of such a high profile anyway.
    Fine then. Use the Crean model. Get me Greg Schiano or a Jim Grobe, someone who is hot. Like Hep was. Be creative. Be decisive. Don’t waffle, or sell yourself short. We are still a great institution, notwithstanding our ‘fighting frat trash’, thugs, and classroom text-messagers. People come here and they fall for the place. The campus, the town, the atmosphere – don’t tell me that some up-and-coming coach wouldn’t love to rebuild this program and this Athletic Department.
    Think I’m being too football-centric? I happen to believe that a strong presence in the “Big Two” of football and basketball create the revenue and the recognition that ends up benefitting everyone. Additionally, If you can’t see that your largest program and possible revenue source is in good health, doesn’t it follow that your lesser sports will also suffer?

    (Tom, I would take JPat up on the Nick’s offer…Sounds like a good time.
    One other thing before I leave this island permanently….I have no idea how busy your schedule is(not even sure if you reside in Bloomington), but for someone as committed to IU sports, combined with your high level of refinement and scholarliness, I couldn’t help but think this would be great fit for you: OPEN)

  32. Hamm’s, Frankenfumble, The Object of Affections, and Adam Vesary are my posts….Hope this clears the air..Sorry to create such a ruckus over here.

    Cantankerously yours,

    Downing’s 5th

  33. Mike, The HT published the depth chart on Monday with the backs being in this order:

    28 Darius Willis, 6-0, 219, So./Fr.
    22 Demetrius McCray, 5-11, 209, Sr./5th
    21 Trea Burgess, 6-1, 231, Sr./Jr.
    27 Bryan Payton, 5-9, 205, Sr./5th

  34. If all else fails…you just bring it down to basic Hoosier survival instincts. How could anyone proclaiming be a Hoosier fan not relate to the pain felt in watching this clip. Feel Husky Tom’s pain and bond…Put your Hoosier heart in his entire lifetime spent in the gloomy skies of Seattle and not even one Washington Final Four..not even an Elite Eight! Weep and bond.

  35. “One other thing before I leave this island permanently…” Posted by Adam Vesary, et al, at 11:16 am EDT. I did like the clip.

  36. Downing-
    I can’t tell whether you are with me or against me. Regardless, it was a great lock box memory.

  37. My post was sincere…..

    A. I think you would make a great tutor.

    B. I’ll have to get back to you on Lynch…That’s far more complicated and may take 500+ words..Too tired right now…For the most part I support your ideas on turning around football.

    Took a long time to dig out that old treasure…If I were charging by the hour, you’d owe me a shrimp cocktail.

    Time to go to bed for a couple hours.

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