Lynch takes vote of confidence in stride

Indiana football coach Bill Lynch took athletics director Fred Glass’s public vote of confidence in stride, at least to reporters after Wednesday’s practice.

“Obviously, I really appreciate his support,” Lynch said. “I am excited, because I think we got a great future here. I’ve really enjoyed working with Fred and his staff over these last so many months. I really do appreciate the support. We got some really good things going and looking forward to the future.”

Lynch, who has two years remaining after this season on a four-year deal he signed after serving as the interim coach for the 2007 season, said he and Glass had talked some about it on Tuesday.

The two have weekly meetings, which Lynch characterized as productive.

“It’s great,” Lynch said. “He travels with us and he’s with us. … We’ve developed a really good relationship that I’ve really enjoyed.”

But there has been no talk of a contract extension, which could definitely give Lynch increased job security and could potentially also help him on the recruiting trail.

Glass said before the season started that there had been no talk of a contract extension.

“That isn’t important at this point,” Lynch said. “We’ve had really good discussions about the football program. Like I said to start with, I really appreciate the support he has shown and gives us great direction.”


  1. Two more years of bad coaching.
    Two more years of no bowl appearances.
    Two more years of placing 11th in the Big 10.

    I can’t support IU football anymore as long as Lynch is at the helm.

  2. you’re better off without the agony scott. let these idiots continue to think lynch will magically pull the ability to lead a division one team out of a hat. i still support this university and its athletics. but after the poor performance in tempe, which thanks to an awesome new years event by the city, my trip out there wasnt a total bust, i made the decision that as long as lynch was the coach they wouldnt get another dime from me. his lack of quality teams and his poor decision making only prove i made the right decision.

    those in power at IU made a choice, and we as fans need to make one. while i havent enjoyed watching the team last year and this, im content with my decision enough not to agonize, especially since I have no control over anyone but myself.

    i admit, i cant fathom why lynch supporters can live with 4 or 5 win seasons. but whatever. thats just simply the choice they make. some of us choose a better product. they prefer wins that only occur outside of the big ten.

  3. Dead and Gone,

    I am not a Lynch apologist by any means, but you obviously haven’t watched us this year. I would love a few more wins, and we might have that with a different coach, but if you were really a fan of IU, you wouldn’t make such comments of never giving them a dime with Lynch there. You don’t pay to see the coach, you pay to see the players and the game. We might not have come out like we wanted to sometimes, but if you havent gotten excitement and a show this year, then you haven’t been watching. It’s worth money just to see Darius Willis break multiple 50+ yard runs for TD’s plus Ray Fisher having multiple returns for TD’s. That doesn’t even account for our secondary or Tandon Doss. We might not make enough of them, but there have definantly been big plays worth seeing this year.

    If you can’t at least watch those whether you like the coach or not, then I suggest you become a cubs fan, at least then you will be in good company of people who will never be satisfied or happy.

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