More hitting encouraged

Indiana did not tackle well against Virginia, and the Cavaliers had a too-easy time coming up with a 47-7 win last Saturday.

No surprise, then, that Indiana ran the  Oklahoma drill Tuesday in practice. It’s one of the more brutal you’ll see, with an offensive lineman taking on a defender who is trying to fight through to a ball carrier who is charging from the backfield. As one friend put it, “The only point is to hit the heck out of people.” Indiana also went “live” at the end of practice, with the first team defense tackling the first team offense. Even the scout teams went at each other, which is unusual. It seemed as though, as much as anything, Indiana’s coaching staff simply wanted the Hoosiers to get back to elemental football: hit or be hit. Either way, be the guy still standing.

Darius Willis, the starting running back who has dealt with an ankle injury, practiced and looked spry. His feet were quick and he showed no hesitation upon contact. Pete Saxon, the starting guard, did not practice. He’s also got an ankle injury.


  1. I like these videos tremendously. You guys are creeping up on Dan Patrick and Kenny Mayne, although maybe the HT production values aren’t the same as ESPN’s (vbg).

  2. Not sure what the big deal is about this drill. We did it in almost every practice at the high school I went to and I graduated high school 17 years ago. Our high school only had 450 students 9-12.

    Why isn’t the team doing this every week at least twice? If you practice like p*ssies you will play like p*ssies pure and simple. I think we all witnessed that last week against a Virgina team we should have beat.

  3. Mike,
    Just wanted to clarify where they were going with that. Obviously, Oklahomas are a drill that every high school and junior high team does, especially early in the season, when you’re trying to get everybody used to contact again. It’s not that you wouldn’t expect college players to be able to do it or that you would expect it to be too nasty for them. It’s just that, by mid-season, you’d think it would be something they were, in a way, beyond. That they had mastered the fundamentals and spent each week scheming for the next opponent. We think the fact that IU feels it has to go back to a basic, just-go-out-there-and-hit-somebody mentality is telling about what went wrong Saturday.

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