No. 7 Iowa 42, Indiana 24

Bill Lynch is sort of angry.

Not much insightful to say about this one at the moment. The Hoosiers, not a good second-half team to begin with, were shaken by an 86-yard interception return for a touchdown and two close calls that could have led to touchdowns but didn’t. Iowa finally exposed Indiana’s injured, disorganized secondary for a pair of long touchdowns and that was it.

A quick injury update: Ray Fisher hurt his knee the first play of the game and did not return. He was in street clothes by half time. Indiana head coach Bill Lynch did not have any information on his long-term prognosis.

Here’s Bill Lynch’s post-game conference for your listening pleasure.


  1. Last week the loss was on Lynch’s game management.

    This week the loss is on the officials, our secondary and that wacky interception, not Lynch.

    The team obviously lost heart in the last little bit of the game. That’s understandable given that they had the same experience last week and were playing against Iowa and the officials this week.

  2. Just listened to coach’s post game comments. He wouldn’t take the opportunity to bash the officials that was handed to him and he wouldn’t throw the DBs under the bus. He had quite an edge though. His words were bland but his tenor was testy.

  3. i know people want IU represented with class, but lynch needs to say something.. the big 10 officials arent treating IU fairly! i wish lynch would stand up for the players and fans who have no voice and say enough is enough.. maybe we dont pay him enough to cover the fines that would follow.. i am one of those who wanted him gone, but now im not sure. there are better coaches out there like turner gill but would they want to come to IU? can you imagine having 2 great coaches for the future like gill and crean??

  4. I’ve officially lost my ability to think rationally about this team. I’ve never seen such an enigmatic team. They consistently (with the exception of Virginia) come out and own the first quarter / first half. And then halftime happens. Why are we completely unable to string together second half drives like we do in the first half?

    I have to confess that I don’t get to watch many games because I don’t have BTN, so I end up listening to the radio broadcasts on XM. I don’t get to see the subtleties of what is going on like I would on TV, but I just don’t get it. From where I sit, it seems that the offense comes out strong, the defense comes out strong. And in the second half the offense somehow becomes completely incapable of holding onto the ball for more than a three and out. Then our defense gets no break since they are on the field the entire second half, and goes from being top performers to getting burned left, right and center.

    Bob Davie said a very interesting thing…he thinks IU has the same level of talent that Iowa does. When you see us smoking teams in the first half, it becomes harder and harder to argue with that. So, why is it impossible for us to get any kind of signature win that might point us in the right direction?

    Here is a fun way of looking at our season. We are 7-2 (4-1) in the first half of games with our only “losses” v. Ohio State and Virginia.

    We are 2-7 (1-4) in the second half of games with our only “wins” coming against Illinois and Akron.

    Is it possible that we really are that good of a team as we appear in the first half? That we force the other teams to make mistakes rather than just get lucky when they have bad games against us (think Iowa and Michigan)? That we have a solid game plan and run over defenses?

    If so, then what the #$%@ is going on in that locker room at halftime? And how do we fix it?

  5. A heartbreaking loss.. So many missed calls by the officials. I can’t believe they reversed the touchdown! I will say this about coach Lynch. He did a good job today. Very passionate. Using the timeout at the end of the first half was worth it.
    But why go through all of that, get the first down on a penalty against Iowa, and on 3rd and 5, run the draw to Evan’s in the Wildcat?
    I will pitch in on the fine if Lynch calls out the officials in the press!!!!

  6. The big ten officials lost this game for Indiana. Talk about home field advantage!!!!!!! I will say that Bob Davie is right, IU is a talented team, and that the coaching staff is doing a excellent job. I for one do NOT want to see Lynch let go. Give hime some time to pull this team together.

  7. Same ole story just a little bit different twist.
    cln, stop & think about your question “why do we always blow it in the second half”? It’s obvious if you ask me the other team’s coaches have had time to look at what we are doing and make the proper adjustments and the usual no counter adjustments or more likely no adjustments at all from Lynch. Further proves my arguement that the talent, to not only compete, but beat somebody other than a pre Big 10 cupcake or occasionally another Big 10 team that is having a down year. As far as Lynch speaking up and maybe not being able to afford to pay the fine he isn’t the highest paid coach around by any means but then again he shouldn’t be either but he still makes more than enough to cover what it would cost him to speak up and defend his players and the fans when he we get screwed by the officials. This is just one more sympton of the major problem of what is wrong with IU football.

  8. Did we get hosed (yes) or did we hose ourselves (yes)? For every blown call this season, IU has found countless more ways to beat themselves. While ref-bashing is not uncalled for here, there’s still no avoiding the fact that we did not make the plays which would’ve taken the game out of their hands. Throw in whatever Iowa City voodoo was cursed upon us today, & the fact that our secondary can’t cover to save their lives, and there’s no one to blame but ourselves for this loss. Somebody has to explain to me how we’re able to completely self-destruct every single effin 4th quarter. Seriously. What. The. F?!?!?

  9. Two more to chew on–

    That first half pass interference call on third down was a great play if the defender had a different jersey on! It was a good play.


    Why do place kicks from inside the 15 sometimes burn 6-8 seconds and others times only 1 or 2? Who runs the clock? The other teams assistant coach?

  10. ChronicHoosier has the right idea. The refs didn’t cost us this game; they certainly didn’t help, but they had nothing to do with the three monstrous touchdown plays we allowed in the 4th quarter.

    Secondly, will everyone please stop saying that Lynch should publicly criticize the refs? It serves absolutely no purpose. If there’s really an issue, I’m sure the matter will be handled internally. Lynch getting on the microphone and going on some tirade about how we got screwed gives his players an excuse.

    IU Mike — the REAL problem with IU football is that we take moral victories. We find excuses. We’re satisfied with “good efforts.” If Lynch gets up there on the podium and publicly lashes out against the officiating, all he does is perpetuate the players’ belief that it’s ok to blame external sources for their shortcomings. It lightens the burden of losing.

    The only way this program will be fixed is if players learn to HATE losing. It needs to turn their stomachs inside out. They need to be passionately upset when they lose to the No. 7 team in the nation. They need to feel like they should have won. Lynch giving them an out will only perpetuate the practice of accepting mediocrity and moral victories.

    We need a stable coach. Not a loose cannon. Certainly not a crybaby.

    And as far as this lack of “respect” that a lot of people speak of: how do you think respect is earned?

    Answer: It’s earned by winning. It’s earned by building a program. It’s NOT earned by complaining every time the officiating doesn’t go your way. Get a hold of your emotions and think rationally. Think big picture.

  11. Tonight, I’m going dressed as Bill Lynch for Halloween..but I’m going to leave all the party after the 1st Half.

  12. Casey,

    You are completely INCORRECT. That bad reversal of the TD had everything to with the way the entire rest of the game went. If you don’t think one play can change the way the rest of an entire football game plays out, then you haven’t watched much football.

    In this case, the reversal of that TD changed the entire game, period, end of story, nothing more to even say about it.

  13. That TD that was taken away from us after review was an absolute crock. I’ve never seen such a bad call in my entire life! You could clearly see the players foot dragging the ground…and kicking up rubber from field! How the heck was this reversed? Are they not using HDTV monitors in the replay booth?

    This seasons officiating has me so mad right now I wouldn’t care if IU told the Big Ten to go pound sand and find a new conference to play in. It was obvious to anyone watching this game that they were NOT going to let IU win that game!

  14. IUfootballfan, we’re currently driving in the H-T van through the desolation that is Western Illinois, and we have to say that comment gave us some laughs. Kudos to you.

  15. Hmm Dustin. IUfootballfan’s statement seems eerily similar to another comment made during the game. Thanks to Chronic for paying attention.

  16. The secondary was functioning with multiple
    “fill-ins” and a one-armed man. It was going to take some amazing efforts to truly stop Iowa late in the game when the score was so tight…Iowa didn’t have much to overcome. Bottom line..the officials give Indiana the two touchdowns that were taken away and Iowa is in a much different situation. The calls made a HUGE difference. This team is a big win or two away from having what Iowa, Penn State, and Wisconsin have…the confidence that they can close a game. I don’t envy the lead blanket that our guys play under…”Indiana Football can never be a winner”. All of the negativity just perpetuates and builds the mountain they must climb.

  17. I don’t know what to say. I need to sleep on it! If I am Darius Willis, I am pissed and would transfer!

  18. Jeff,

    If a bad officiating call caused our team to completely collapse in the fourth quarter, then we lack the composure and poise to win tough games, and we don’t deserve a victory.

    The officials didn’t cause our secondary to completely blow coverage and miss tackles throughout the entire fourth quarter. If you want to make the excuse that the refs stole the game from us, that’s fine, but it’s a cop-out. We still lead the football game after the reversed touchdown, and we still blew the lead.

    We got a raw deal, but we made more than our fair share of mistakes, and ultimately, those mistakes cost us yet another victory. There’s no excuse for getting five interceptions and still losing the game.

    They put forth a good effort for 75% percent of the game, but that’s simply not enough to beat a top 10 team.

  19. Just a few thoughts:
    1. I do not think that Jones should have been playing. Only having one arm is too tough.
    2. It’s possible that Willis’ ankle is one reason they aren’t using him more?
    3. The Wildcat has to be diversified and expanded, or forgotten. Way too predictable.
    4. Officiating, actually replay, was not good. The B-10 will make a statement.
    5. It’s a shame, nothing more to say.

  20. well i hate to say i told you so but IU need a new coach any time you keep being out coach it bad it like when bill lynch was at ball state he was there for 5 years and only won 1 game and the only reason he became head coach at IU was because a good coach die’ until IU start thing about good coaches out there black or white that have the back bone to make a good program and tell the truth when he talk to his player and start letting other player play not keeping the same player on the field for the hold game when they are not playing other word he dosen’t give other player a chance to play which in some case are better than the player he has on the field. (fire Bill Lynch and the whole coaching staff NOW’)

  21. I’ll add it up for the non-believers. One questionable personal foul call (helmet to helmet?), one bad ball spot (even after the review), one interference call, two TD receptions denied (by now the review process is so tainted it should be eliminated for the rest of the game) and the timekeeper must have had his hand under a cheerleaders sweater because his mind certainly wasn’t on the act of keeping accurate time. Yep, I’d say the officials on the field and in the booth did a helluva job to proud of. I don’t believe in conspiracies but I now have a better understanding as to how circumstances lead to their birth.

    Big home game next week. Wish we could get the SEC officiating crew that just came off suspension for this one.

  22. Norman, Where to begin? I guess I’ll just start and end with this: Your only fact is wrong: While Lynch certainly had troubles at BSU, he also had a little success, going 8-4 one year, refuting your assertion that he won one game in five years.

  23. The bizzare interception td by Iowa a back breaker. The Big Ten has horrible officiating crews. Michigan State also hosed by idiotic officiating.

    Bob Davies may be right about our talent level being similar to Iowa’s but not our depth. That was painfully obvious by our play in the secondary.

    Currently a team with a fragile psyche that could use a big win over Wisc next week.

  24. The officiating was poor. As others have pointed out, there was certainly insufficinet evidence to reverse the call on the field on the touchdown which clearly was a turning point in the game. I am also concerned with the head butt call where the head contact was incidental at worst.

    But what is most concerning is what I at least perceive as an inordinately high percentage of questionalble officiating during the entire season and involving all teams; not just IU. I think the NCAA needs to look at the officiating process and institute some reforms in training and quality assurance. It is a shame that the outcome of so many games seem to be settled in the booth and not on the field.

    Another poster has indicated that the NCAA will be issuing a statement on this game…I doubt it.

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