1. Bill Lynch still can’t win in the Big 10.

    Remember it, as we all try to find excuses for what went wrong.

    This team bulldozed us, steamrolled us, as if we hadn’t practiced in 2 weeks.

    With hold judgment, true IU fans. Billy Boy showed us something in Michigan.

    Michigan was severely overrated. IU still has a lot of progress to make in its football program. Is Lynch the guy?

    Anything less than a solid victory at UVA is unacceptable.


  2. “Is Lynch the guy?”…That was sure toned down for you…

    Hard rum on Basketblog?…Mango Daiquiris on Hoosier Scoop?…I sure miss the Morgan of straight proof smashed over my head in bottled empty truth…for now thy captain sips from thin straw and twirls paper umbrellas, a proper drunken pirate even more uncouth.

  3. Seems to me that it wasn’t how poorly IU played but how well Ohio State played. If Ohio State plays like they did today they will be undefeated in Big Ten play. So loosing to the Big Ten Champs will
    only be just one game. Its how IU plays from today forward. They
    are better and we all know it. Now Coach has to get them to see it and get better. If he can’t then he may not be who we need however there is still a lot of football to play. Go Hoosiers!

  4. OSU didn’t look that great. But we did look really average for most if the game. No surprise here though.

  5. We lost to 2 top 25 teams, including one top 10 team. Oh well, let’s move on.

    Virginia provides a great opportunity to rebound. I think that a bowl game is possible this year if we do decently in our non conference and win at least one big Ten game (Purdue?). Here’s hoping.

  6. Zach,

    They have to do better than one Big Ten win to get in a bowl game. Virginia is the last out of conference game. A win there will give them four wins and they will be undefeated in the out of conference games. One Big Ten win will only be five wins, one short of being bowl eligible.

    That said, I really thought IU played well, last night. A few turnovers and a couple stupid frustration penalties aside.

    OSU was just better. I can’t say the coaches done anything bad this week, the game plan looked good, the play calling wasn’t questionable, OSU was just physically better. They are still not what you expect from an OSU team, but they are not far off.

    Look on the bright side, two trips into the red zone resulted in two touchdowns.

  7. I think a record of 3-2 is what a lot of folks thought we would have at this point of the season. So we’ve held serve and are moving into the make or break portion of the schedule.

    I watched portions of UVA v. NC yesterday. UVA runs the spread like we did last year. They have an okay tailback. But you will recognize their running plays and so should our defense. Lot’s of slow developing sideways action.

    Their lefty QB Sewell is not anywhere close to Forcier or Pryor. He has average size and ability both running and throwing. After the last two weeks he will look to be running in slow motion. The UVA O line is okay, but our ends are better.

    The Cavs’ D looked good, but I think that was at least party because NC’s O was simply awful. NC’s QB is just terrible. We should be able to run and pass, but they were able to pressure the QB so winning first down and staying unpredictable will be important.

    If we come ready to play and respect the opponent, then we should win. We really should. But we simply aren’t good enough to expect to win without an all-out effort. I’m looking forward to seeing us in person for the first time this year.

  8. In the game I watched the Bucks did play great. Double great for their defense. Hell SC only put up 18 on them and the last score to win was at the end of the game. They force offenses to be uncomfortable and into making mistakes No shame in being beaten by the superior talent on the future champ or at least co-champs of the conference. Even more so than last week they should prepare for UV and move forward.

  9. Didn’t Washington beat SC and then end up getting crushed by Stanford the following week? OSU may win the conference but they’ll likely be decimated if they earn a trip to the Rose Bowl….IU football appears to be eons away from a trip to Pasadena. On a positive note: Maybe by that time the Big 10 will be competitive enough to beam back the trophy.

  10. As much as I despise OSU (Ok, their fans) I have respect for their team. I’ve had a few people tell me they thought IU was embarrassing & made too many mistakes. My response was, that’s what OSU does: they stop you & they force you to make mistakes. IU just needs to move on & forget about it. UVa is up next & a very winnable game. haven’t seen much of the Cavs this season but they don’t seem to be too scary. So long as IU doesn’t take any steps backward they shoudl come away with a win.

    I’m excited for this Saturday & my first roadie of the season. Charlottesville is a beautiful town that just gets better this time of year – much like Bloomington!

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