Porter, Fitzpatrick call in for Lynch

It took Bill Lynch a while to figure out whose voice was on the other end of the line.

Don Fischer told the Indiana coach that one of his former players had called in, and the caller in question wouldn’t give Lynch any more information than that. But eventually it donned on him.

“Oh, you know what, I think I have an idea who this is,” Lynch said. “Did you happen to be on the cover of USA Today?”

Tracy Porter, the former Indiana star and cornerback of the New Orleans Saints, admitted that he indeed had been.

“I gotta chance to watch you play yesterday,” Lynch said to Porter, whose Saints beat the New York Giants on Sunday to improve to 5-0. “You guys are rolling.”

Porter said thanks, and told Lynch that he still keeps in touch with the current Hoosiers as often as possible.

“Yeah, well keep (Nick) Polk and (Austin) Thomas going, will ya?” Lynch said.

“Oh yeah,” said Porter. “I keep on those guys every day.”

Porter was one of two figures from Indiana’s past to call in on Lynch’s weekly radio show Monday night. Former assistant athletic director Tim Fitzpatrick, now the athletic director at Texas A&M Corpus Christi, called in to offer his congratulations and ask a question about Lynch using three safeties against Illinois and moving Polk and Thomas up toward the linebackers.

The show was obviously more upbeat than last week’s after the Hoosiers’ 47-7 loss to Virginia, and host Don Fischer said he wanted to give the game ball to Lynch for emphasizing tackling and phyiscal play in practice during the week. Lynch said thanks, but that he didn’t deserve it.

“It’s nice of you to see that,”  Lynch said. “But at the same time, the week before I was the reason we didn’t play well there is we didn’t prepare well enough. … You have to practice with that kind of intensity, and sometimes you get lulled into worrying about the x’s and o’s and worried about getting all the looks, making sure that your defense is prepared for their offense and your offense is prepared for their defense, or whatever, and you don’t do it witht he intensity it takes to play it. … Maybe we got a way from it a little bit, and that’s my responsibility.”

Lynch was asked why he went for one when the Hoosiers went up 19-7 on a 44-yard touchdown pass by Tandon Doss instead of going for two to take a 14-point lead. He said he consulted the chart that seemingly every coach in America has for two-point conversions, and the chart told him to go for one, so he went for one.

“We do have a chart, and most everybody in America has the same one,” Lynch said. “Most of us weren’t math majors. Some of us were P.E. majors in school. So in the heat of the moment, it’s nice to have something to refer to.”


  1. I think the decision to go for 1 was a good one at the time. There was still 14 minutes to go in the game and a lot of different types of scores could have happened.

    One of the most likely scenarios was that if Illinois scored a TD, we could kick a FG and then take a 9 point lead and be up by 2 possessions. If there had been only 8 minutes to go in the game, I think you go for 2. With 14 minutes to go, you go for 1.

  2. Coach Lynch really is a nice guy and a pretty good coach im glad to see him hanging in there. It’s really nice to see Porter playing on Sundays and starting on a team they could play the Colts in the Super Bowl.

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