Return of Haunted Hoops

Tom Crean and Indiana are apparently bringing back Haunted Hall of Hoops at Assembly Hall on Halloween. Here is the release from Indiana sports information.

The Indiana University men’s basketball program will hold its second annual “Haunted Hall of Hoops” on Halloween in Assembly Hall. The event begins at 3 p.m. with players passing out candy, signing autographs and posing for photos in the upstairs lobbies of the building. The team will then hold an open practice and scrimmage at 4 p.m., when the doors to the court open. Admission is free.

“I thought last year’s event was terrific and we want to continue and build this into a tradition as well,” said IU Coach Tom Crean “We hope to provide families with a fun and safe activity and give everyone a chance to get to know our players better.” At halftime of the scrimmage, children are encouraged to participate in a costume parade on the Assembly Hall floor and parents may come down and take a group picture.

“It’s a fun event, but we also want our players to have the opportunity to play in a game situation in front of fans,” added Crean. “We are hoping the crowd brings a ton of energy to our team that day.”


  1. Gotta say, (and I mean no disrespect with this comment) but Coach Crean is proving himself a master of public relations

  2. Cutter, one sign of a great coach is the ability to be a great salesman of the program; I doubt any disrespect would be taken.

    Remember how Coach Hep kept telling us IU Football was going to be good until we eventually thought to ourselves, “I need to watch IU football!”?

    I think the 13,000-person turnout at Hoosier Hysteria coming off a 6-win season is testament to Crean’s ability to sell the program.

  3. I love Coach Crean! I really think in a lot of ways Coach Hep was the football coach equivalent. Can’t help but wonder how different our program would be if he was still with us…I hope if everything with Coach Lynch doesn’t work out, we look for someone like Coach Crean for our football program – young, energetic and willing to work hard (not to mention classy all the way around).

  4. I think the 13K person turnout at MM was a testament to the loyalty of the fans of Indiana Basketball more than any sales job by Coach. I think Coach would agree.

    And to Cate, I would say Bill Lynch is everything you listed there other than young. He’s energetic, obviously willing to work hard, and if anything has been classy the whole way through. Fans taking shots for two years now………shrugs it off. People calling for his job………he says their right…we need to win. And it’s not like Coach Hep was still short of the 50 yard line himself either. He was up there in age too. The guys just need to somehow beat NW this afternoon. Its a big game. They make it to another bowl and Lynch stays for sure. If they fall just short, who knows. If they fall apart down the stretch he is gone. Up to the players.

    Cant wait to see what our guys do this winter. I think we sniff an NIT bid and maybe get it.

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