Rivers skips Chicago due to facial injury

Jeremiah Rivers didn’t make the Trip to Chicago for Big Ten Media Day, Tom Crean said, because he suffered a facial injury in practice coming off a pick n’ roll.

“He hit his face in a pick n’ roll situation,” Crean said. “He ran into an elbow, and we decided to keep him back so he could fully recover.”

Crean said he didn’t expect the Georgetown transfer’s injury to be long-term, however.

The usual suspect for a cause of such an injury would be senior center Tijan Jobe. a 7-foot, 255-pounder with some body control issues. Crean said, however, that Jobe wasn’t the culprit.

“Actually, it’s the other part of Team Africa right now,” Crean said. “Bawa Muniru got him, so he’s learning from Tijan. They’re buddies. Really, it was on his own team. He was setting a pick n’ roll in the corner. It was a very tightly contested play, and it was just an accident.”

Jobe, Crean said, is making improvements.

“He’s made enormous strides,” Crean said. “He really has. Tijan Jobe is challenging for a spot in the rotation. That will surprise those of you that saw us play last year. Once you see him play this year, it may not surprise you.”


  1. Cappy,
    I hope you are wrong but in today’s society who knows?
    They both were born in Africa, right?
    If they were both Polish, would it be racist to say “Go team Poland”?

  2. Tijan starting would be a stunning development.

    Cappy- you suggested it first.

    Mike Davis and Smapson must have been racists, too, for calling Ben Allen the “Man from Down Under.”

  3. Tijan starting would be beyond stunning, it would be the end of conventional wisdom as we know it!

    Really, just the kid getting some regular minutes would be a big surprise. I wonder if he logs more minutes, points or fouls?

    I hope Rivers is ok. Sounds like a broken nose or cheek.

  4. I think team Africa does the team more harm than good. VanTreese would’ve liked one of those scholarships.

  5. Coach Crean saying Jobe is challenging for a spot in the rotation is a tremendously positive potential for B10 season.
    Team Africa, Team Hoosier or Team Italy big deal. Hell nobody in their right mind could suggest anything is out of place with any of those identifying descriptions except members of the always over exuberant PC gestapo.

  6. Clarion-

    The PC gestapo membership is at an all-time low these days. The “everyone is secretly a racist” argument just doesn’t hold the same water anymore.

  7. jobe always had the ability and body to compete. he jut needed a coach to mold him into a real player tht knows what to do with his body. bawa and jobe aremonsters, and just seeing them both in the paint is worth the price of admission

  8. At least ESPN didn’t get ahold of this ‘Team Africa” and suspend Crean for one week, maybe that’s because he didn’t mention what these guys eat. Bobby would have gotten away with it too though.

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