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Of interest to you on this glorious last-gasp-of-late-summer day:

  • ESPN’S Dana O’Neil introduces Indiana’s freshmen to the world. A fine job of reportage, but probably not much you guys don’t already know if you’ve followed closely. But Bobby Capobianco uses the word pee, so read it.

I will be announcing my college choice tmrw…..

I will be deciding between Texas a and m duke and Kentucky.. I have not commited to duke..I will be announcing on espn u

  • So, yeah. The long wait will end. But really, it already has: Irving has selected Duke, and is denying it now to build hype for his ESPNU appearance. He picked the Blue Devils weeks ago and either didn’t tell us. Or himself.

Fired up to watch the Hoosiers practice on our day off tomorrow. Tom Crean will go down as one of the all time Hoosier greats.


  1. Please don’t anybody extrapolate the next sentence beyond its direct meaning, because I don’t know the kid and he could be a really great fellow.

    KI has been a reality show drama queen about his recruitment.

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t really think Coach K has much of an idea what’s taken place in B-town over the past 15 or so years? I’d say IU has, in the past few years, been extremely embracing of the men Coach Knight developed. Further, I can’t recall the last time I saw that video of Coach Knight choking Neil Reed out being played on the big screens in Assembly Hall. While I wholeheartedly agree we should name the gym after Coach Knight, and probably erect a statue of him in front of it, I think Coach K may be a little off base in his assessment of things around here.

    And in completely unrelated news, Hoosiers should be happy to be in the black these days:
    As much as it pains me to say, uh….er….thanks Rick, I guess. Although Terry Clapacs steered on back onto the path of solvency, your name was on the door when we put away the red pen. (though I’ll never forgive you for shape you left us in- EVER!)

  3. “KI has been a reality show drama queen about his recruitment.”

    Could not agree more..I finally find commonality of thought with GFDave. You may want to have Korman remove your post.

  4. What would one expect the Duke coach to say about the man he is still scared of and brown noses to every chance he gets? Duke’s coach is in the same position as Knight was in his waning years, still winning 20 games, but not doing much beyond that. Yes Knight did some great things, but it was more than time for him to go and I wouldn’t want the Hall to be renamed for a coach we fired. Put his name and McCracken’s name on the championship banners, but nothing else. If he doesn’t want to come to the HOF event, forget him. It is way past time to get over this. It’s been 9 years. Move on. This is exactly what Knight’s ego wants: people drooling over and talking about him all the time. His 15 minutes are over and have been for quite a long time.

  5. GFDave and Rantometer,

    How has he been a “reality show drama queen?”

    From what I understand he’s been very mature and methodical about his recruitment.

    Just because he didn’t choose IU, it doesn’t automatically make him a drama queen. In fact, if he had chosen IU, I’m sure everyone would comment as to his maturity, talent, intelligence, etc. Also, it’s not uncommon for a player to formally announce his choice.

    I don’t know, I guess I just don’t really see it. I think the fact that he didn’t choose us biases most against him a little unfairly.

    Oh well, we probably shouldn’t spend much more time discussing a recruit who won’t be wearing Cream and Crimson.

  6. I believe he had no sincere thought of ever attending IU. His YouTube clips are laced with self-absorbed slogans that exemplify his vainglorious personality….They’re anything but “mature”…It was always obvious he was not the kind of kid that would take a chance with a program in the midst of rebuilding…We are currently only going to be attractive to team-oriented guys that want to be part of something special…..Where’s the visibility at IU for Kyrie? Would he have been able to showcase his talents for the NBA Draft on a team that will likely not make the NCAA tournament?

    His uncle running around for photo opps in an IU sweatshirt was another classless manipulation to get the healthier programs more interested…I believe he is overrated and will be a big disappointment for Duke.. I wish him well. I think he let a great chance slip away…A chance to show what he was really made of by not passing on IU…A chance to put a team on his back..make a risky move and show some guts and gumption by avoiding the lure of looking into the millions of dollars waiting in his NBA crystal ball….Like I said above, I don’t think he had an inkling of desire to come play for Crean and the “New Generation” of Hoosiers…Big egos tend to play it safe and he played us.

    Maybe he’s more prom queen than “drama queen”.

  7. I hate to think what the IU BB program would be like today If any other coach but RMK had been hired in 1971. Just think if a MD and KS types had been successive coaches in that time. What a gd mess. Hell we would be on here talking about badminton, kite flying and snooker prowess at IU. Now the topic is what we should put RMK’s name on. Build a 24k+ seat basketball fieldhouse with McCracken’s floor in it and the banners above it and other than someone’s personal dislike not name it RMK’s Indiana Fieldhouse. For all the aays you would never hear a nay!

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