1. I believe Chris said it all. Indiana does not have a Big Ten coaching staff. Dustin was dead-on as well, Lynch needed to step up to the plate during the presser and take responsibility for this loss. Just stating why you made some decisions during key points in the game is not holding yourself accountable. I believe the players needed to hear it as much as anyone. That is showing leadership.

  2. That was still being nice to Lynch even with the ” this one is on the coaching staff” comments which by the way was dead on correct. Getting outscored 26 to zip is simply the other team making the neccassary adjustments and Lynch doing his same ole same ole no adjustments. If you can not line up with your regular offense and get 1 yard against NW with basically your bowl hopes on the line then that speaks volumes about Lynch and his staff as far as I’m concerned. This team has the pieces to be able to do that they just need a whole lot better leadership and I don’t mean by upperclassman either. You have a running back that gets over 100 yards on 14 carries and you don’t give him the ball ? !! Chappell has not shown great accuracy throwing downfield but he has shown that he is better at the shorter and midrange passes even with tighter coverage. Like you guys said where was the slant or just about anything else besides what Lynch dialed up. The wildcat with the game and your bowl hopes on the line, really? If someone gave me the scenario that we had and told me Lynch would call that play before the game started I would have said not even Lynch would do that and it turns out I would have been dead wrong. I guess if nothing else by now I should have learned to never underestimate Lynch’s ability to make those kind of calls.How could anybody that knows anything about football say that he should be kept on. We will find out excatly what kind of AD we have at the end of this season when he makes his decision on Lynch and if he makes the right one what kind of hire he makes. Grit your teeth and open the check book Fred you get what you pay for. The amount it takes to get the right coach will be nothing compared to the money that can be made by a full stadium every home game. If I’m not mistaken a bowl game nets more than just a couple of dollars too.

  3. Going for it on that 4th down is exactly the aggressive style IU should use. Maybe the wrong play was called. It is easy to complain now after the fact. I do believe the “Wild Mitch” offense was to vanilla all day but I also didn’t watch hours of tape of NW defense to see what it would and would not allow for in our offensive game plan. I do believe the blocked punt was the biggest play of the day to dictate the end result.

  4. There is no excuse for not scoring in the second half. None what so ever. Its the same thing every week. No half time or in game adjustments. Broken record. Dead horse.. Sad, sad coaching staff.

  5. “Hope springs eternal”.

    I thought I read that famous quote on this blog somewhere…I can certainly see it had a huge impact…Isn’t the season only half over? “Eternal” seems to be played on quite a short field these days…How empty are words when they lack truth and integrity to support their simple nature..

    Could we not see the genuine disappointment written all over Lynch’s face after the loss today?

    It’s so easy to be the harsh cynic..Easy to be demanding…Easy to be the guy not wearing the shoes and always the critic…I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been all the above when it comes to talking about IU football…I’ve never had much hope..When I saw Bill Lynch’s face after that crushing loss today, I found a taste of hope…He is completely and unequivocally devoted to the Indiana Hoosiers…You could see his bleeding crimson heart all over his sleeve…I felt more like a Hoosier football fan today than I have in many years…

    If we are to be true fans and be true to the nature of our words, isn’t this the time to prove we are up to the challenge? Isn’t this when we need to step up to the plate? Is this not the time Bill Lynch and the Hoosiers need us most? Lynch’s job is obviously on the line..It’s easy to put faith in hostile shouts that now build a bonfire of reasons for his removal…I’m not arguing the merits of that decision…I haven’t watched enough IU football the past three years to make that call.. But do such chants of the fiery masses give more power to simple words of hope?…Can hope start from a simple sullen sideline gaze?…a sad eye?…a pooling of tear never shed upon cheek?…the slow bow of a dejected downward tilt of a cap? What is to be gained by bailing on our coach Lynch and team when they need us most? Is this the way we want our hope rewarded? Where is hope if we lack resolve, restraint, compassion, and empathy?…Where is hope if we lack brotherhood?…Where is hope if we lack faith?

    Our we to be Hoosier fans only on our best day? If so, then we are not loyal to our words. We are not loyal to our cheers..Our clapping hands are merely reddened palms of pretending self-pleasure, for they are the slapping sound of nothingness born of destitute and empty heart.

    I see nothing eternal in that hope.

    Take a chance at being a real fan…Risk your heart to your coach and his team on their worst day.

    Go Hoosiers!

  6. Oops…”[Are] we to be Hoosier fans only on our best day?”

    Does anyone remember when Luke Recker and the Hawkeyes beat us on a buzzer-beater in the semifinals of Big 10 tournament quite some years ago?…

    About time we return a favor on a football field next week.

  7. Rantometer, there are many who are exactly as you so described. Hoosier FB fans on our best days. It is simply the easy thing to do.

  8. What it is, is that ignorant, high school gimmick Wildcat offense being run in critical situations! Going for it on 4th and goal was the right decision. Using the Wildcat offense instead of putting your best players on the field was the most ignorant one! Let me see….Mitchell Evans over Darius Willis? Or even Brian Payton? Are you kidding me???? I’ve been saying it all year, get rid of the d*** Wildcat offense! It’s a joke and a drive killer! It only worked against Michigan with success this year and even then only a couple quarters.

    This is a game that should have been won, plain and simple. Although, you can’t expect to win when your defense plays most of the game. I mean, those guys had to be extremely tired by the 4th quarter. But, this is what happens when your regular offense can’t get a rhythm because of our vastly overuse of the gimmick Wildcat offense. You can see that easily in every game this year as to how disruptive it is.

    When Austin Thomas picked off that pass and ran it back to the around 25 or 20 of NU, I was praying he’d score. I knew Matt Canada would find a way in the red-zone to F it up! Sure enough…he did and it was using the Wildcat on 4th and goal……Nevermind firing Lynch, fire Matt Canada fist! NOW!

  9. A parody is often created to mock. At times the reader will mistake the parody for the genuine article. It’s also possible that the writer may be playing the devil’s advocate. Is it possible that Rantometer is just arrogant?
    It really doesn’t matter what position Rantometer is attemtping to take, Rantometer might do well to remember this . . .
    “When men are most sure and arrogant they are commonly most mistaken, giving views to passion without that proper deliberation which can secure them from the grossest absurdities.” (David Hume 1711-1776)
    Way before IU football was an issue.
    Finally Rantometer I will leave you with this thought. “Nobody can be so amuslingly arrogant as young a man who has just discovered an old idea and thinks it is his own. (Sydney J. Harris)
    You have made the statement that Crean is all marketing, no substance. What does that make you? You have never added one bit of useful information for people to contemplate. Your buddy Husky Tom, who already has resigned from further posts, says you know nothing about football, yet you persist. You claim that Husky Tom is upset about a French woman and her
    There are people who post here that care. Do they know more than you, I don’t know. I am sure of one thing. You guess what this is, since you are so sure of yourself.

  10. …”[Are] we to be Hoosier fans only on our best day?”

    When are our best days coming, exactly?

    Did it come against Michigan, when we lost a game we had a great chance to win? Was our best day against Illinois, this year’s ultimate bottom-feeder? How about two years ago against Purdue, when we were lucky to escape with the win? Yesterday’s game looked like the 2007 Purdue game, except NU came all the way back.

    I’ve been a fan of this team since my freshman year in 2003. I’ve watched them go from losing blowouts to overachieving in close losses to better teams and now, finally, to pissing away games they should have had in hand. I don’t know which of the three is worse. All I know is that I’ve never been more disappointed in this team than I was yesterday. And it’s not just the coaches, either. You’re going to lose if you don’t tackle well and don’t throw or catch good balls.

    I’ve got way more emotion invested in this team than is good for me. My family and boyfriend worry about how high-strung I get during and after games, and it’s all wrapped up in the knowledge that with IU football, even when victory seems unassailable, there is always a way to lose. Sometimes I think I want them to win more than they want to win for themselves.

    Until everyone on that team, from the coaches to the players, get their heads out of their asses and figure out how to win football games, I’m not giving them another second of my time. I’ve got way more important things to do than watch them flail about and lose in new and creative ways. I’ll come back when they care as much as the rest of us cared yesterday.

  11. How sad. I wouldn’t give my time either.
    Curious, how do you know how the players, coaches and everyone else involved feels today? What’s more important, waiting for the first chance to tell the world that Crean is all marketing, without substance? That’s just a guess, mind you.
    To say that you are a bore, well you decide.

  12. Try shock treatments…worked for me. Now I watch the Food Network. Once in a while I get the urge to throw my high heel at Mario Batali.

  13. That was painful. Excruciatingly painful.

    I can honestly say that even when we were ahead by 25, I was wondering if they could find a way to lose. I really do want them to do well. I am not rooting for them to lose so the coach will change. BUT if this is what there is, doesn’t it all speak for itself?

    I go back a ways further Cat. F Glass is one class earlier than I. There have been some good years, not great, but good. Cameron? DiNardo? And this has really continued to be a struggle since the death of Terry H.

    Bill Lynch’s job is in his own hands, not the fans. If he could figure out a way to use his timeouts, players, and playbook to win games like this one, he wouldn’t be getting so busted on.

    Disappointed, but still rooting.
    Go Hoosiers

  14. Oh poor D-5,
    Your boy Cutler is not playing very well. It’s not all his fault, obviously, but still. Perhaps you can post as Samantha or Cat, so that no one will know it’s you, oh wait.

  15. Please take no offense to words that serve as prickly shields of arrogance, they only be thorns of inferiority and fear, for thy hidden strength be a kinder rose I keep inside my heart

  16. I like and respect Bill Lynch. I think his comportment and his impeccable character reflect positively on IU. I would like to see him remain as head coach. That said, I think he needs to replace his staff who I think are both incompetent and undermining.

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