Sheehey mulling IU’s offer

According to Will Sheehey’s high school coach, even college coaches from other schools knew Sheehey was a Tom Crean kind of player.

“We had a lot of coaches in from a lot of different schools,” said Adam Ross, basketball coach at Sagemont Upper School in Weston, Fla., where Sheehey will play his senior season. “And they even told us, ‘When Indiana gets down there to see him, they’re going to love him. Those type of kids do well for Coach Crean.’ Well, they did come down to see him. (Assistant coach) Tim Buckley and coach Crean and watched Will workout. They got very excited, I think, and offered him a scholarship.”

Sheehey will try to decide whether or not he wants to take that scholarship when he comes to Bloomington on an official visit from Nov. 6-8, the weekend of IU’s home football game against Wisconsin. It will be his fourth official visit, as he already been to Stanford and George Washington and will be at Vanderbilt this weekend. He said he will also take an unofficial visit to Miami (Fla.), which is very close to his home, this weekend. He has scholarship offers from all of those schools as well as Arizona State. He also said Michigan will come to Florida to watch him soon to decide whether or not the Wolverines will make an offer.

The 6-foot-6, 190-pounder said he’s leaning towards signing in the early period, which runs from Nov. 11-18, but that he definitely hopes to make his decision by the start of his high school basketball season.

“I’m looking for a good mix of basketball, academics and social life,” said Sheehey, a three-star recruit according to and the No. 131 player in the class of 2010. “If you’re looking at it like a graph, I’m looking for the one that rates the highest of all three. If one school’s higher in basketball and a little bit lower in academics, I can go with it. I’m trying to tip the scales in every direction.”


  1. Another 3 star guard!!!

    Happy days are here again, the sky above is blue again, happy days are here again….!!!!!

  2. Lock him up. Laffy, if you had have a brain and would have watched the videos of him you would have saw that he is NOT a 3 star guard. The experts might have him rated there, but he is not.

  3. I think there is an outside chance, just outside and just a chance, that someone who has spent their life in college basketball and has a great resume, who spends 16 hours a day, 7 days a week looking at potential recruits and has sent guys to the NBA from a small school in Wisconsin might, just might, have a better idea on the caliber of a recruit than an anonymous blog poster. Maybe.

  4. Chet,

    While I agree with you that Coach Crean probably knows better about recruiting than any of us here, these guys who are ranking the players on websites are also supposed to be recruiting experts whose full-time jobs are to evaluate talent.

  5. It’s Will’s lack of AAU exposure that limits his “star” ranking. Watching the videos, you can see he’s clearly superior to his current rating. His intelligence, athleticism, court awareness and jump shot certainly combine for a terrific prospect.

  6. Those expert evaluators of recruiting talent have golden jobs because there is no accountable standards to be held to. The more fans scorn them the higher esteem they are held.

  7. I hope we have a team full of 3 star guards.
    Look at how many teams have won the Title doing that.

  8. The proof is in the playing. Give Crean a chance, he needs 3 years to meld a team together. I’m excited that we’re recruiting in state and nationally. We’ll see what results we have in a couple of years. Let’s get excited about THIS years team!

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