1. I agree with Laffy. I like soup is lame.
    More soccer and football questions than basketball? what is going on?

  2. Laffy’s act of complaining about every insignificant thing involved with this site is getting old.

  3. You think “I like soup” 1,000 times is fresh and funny?



    I bet you still you and your buddies still say “Where’s the beef” at parties and roll around laughing.

  4. You can’t point to the explicit or implicit use of the terms “fresh and funny” by someone other than yourself.

  5. 1) That wasn’t me with the bitter comment. Sad people resort to such lame baloney.

    2) You may not use the terms “fresh and funny” but you still act like it’s funny. I mean, why does it keep saying it if he doesn’t think it’s hilarious.

    3) I think we should all start doing that Wassup thing again too so we can all be cool.

  6. How do I “act” like its funny? What actions of mine have you witnessed to that effect? The answer is none. I regard Soup as harmless, good natured and a fan of IU. No more, no less.

  7. I’m not talking about “soup” the person, I’m talking about his beating to death his catch-phrase “i like soup” in every post he makes like he thinks it’s clever or something every time he says it.

  8. I really hated it when Walter Cronkite kept beating to death his catch-phrase “and that’s the way it was” in every news segment like he thinks it’s clever or something every time he says it.

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