1. Even if there are a large number of Ohio State fans (though I think IU fans will outnumber OSU), I am so excited to see our stadium filled up. The late start should give us a fantastic atmosphere under the lights, and I feel like the coaching staff is doing its job to get this team pumped up. Go Hoosiers! Beat the Buckeyes!

  2. Expanding on what Jimmy said, it is on the front page of idsnews.com that student tickets are sold out and that the remaining 2,000 seats are all reserved seats.

  3. I think people are going to be surprised how many Hoosiers show up to this one! It’s going to be much more pro-IU than in years past. This is gonna be an incredible atmosphere…I can’t wait.

  4. Yes it will be an awesome night in the stadium…Let there be MORE Cream & Crimson than Scarlet & Gray…Go Hoosiers!!!

  5. I really hope the IU fans outnumber the OSU fans but am also so happy the students couldn’t ignore those $5 tix & are packing their section.

    I would absolutely love to hear chants of O-H-I-O get completely drowned out by IU fans.

  6. I dont know, $50 reserved seats? Id venture a guess that IU fans wont be the ones jumping on those. O$U fans might.

  7. Possibly the biggest game in the last 10 years for IU. A true program-changer, if we can get the win.

    It’s hard to see OSU having two losses this early in the season. Pryor is wiggly and annoying like Forcier.

    I think that the crowd will be the key. OSU needs to march in here thinking they are getting the same old IU, and run into an upstart buzzsaw backed by a rowdy, feisty crowd. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I hope the fratboys are obnoxious with the OSU people; give them a lasting memory.

  8. More influential boosters with more money? Yes. Its simply a bigger school with bigger alumni that pump cash into their endowment. Plus, they are right next door and like their football, oh, a bit more than Indiana folks do.

  9. oh, I thought fans bought the tickets but I know what you are trying to say! I would argue that IU has deep booster pockets too though.

  10. Just because you might not be able to Peegs, doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of IU fans who can throw $50 around like those OSU high rollers.

  11. Wisco is buying tickets for all the poor fans that don’t think IU football is suddenly worth a $50 ticket.

  12. Just remember–when they start the O-H-I-O chant, yell “Bobcats” right afterward!! (Since, the last time I checked, Ohio University was the Bobcats!!)

  13. Speedway, what think we should do is just yell as loud as we can when they try to get the O-H-I-O chant going. We should just try to drown it out.

  14. Wisco: my post had more to do with the idea that Glass is banking on O$U fans snagging the few remaining $$$ tickets, more so than the IU faithful would. Its a good business decision, cant fault it. Hopefully with all your riches, you can find it in your heart to buy me some nachos.

  15. PARPP – Actually, my guess is that these remaining seats are scattered around the west stands (mainly the upper corners). My guess is that Glass made all available seats adjacent to the student section into student tickets, and would have made these 2k remaining available if it were logistically possible.

  16. It’s gonna be ugly folks..This isn’t U of M’s cousin..Glad we’re fillin’ the stadium, but those on the blogs fillin’ your hopes with empty huffs of the world titling off it’s axis if we win this game are only wanting to watch you fall harder. Most of it comes from Lynch haters.

    Stay home and watch ND kick a team’s butt from the Pac 10…much more entertaining.

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