Virginia 47, Indiana 7

That happened.

Indiana’s season rested on this game as if it were a seesaw. It could tip toward Same Old Indiana or it could tip toward Make a Bowl Run.

Virginia’s utterly dominant 47-7 win against an Indiana team that played with no passion was a 500 pound weight on the wrong side of that seesaw. Instead of tracking the bowl race, fans will again be embroiled in a discussion of head coach Bill Lynch’s future. Bloomington’s bars will be filled tonight with that same old debate: how do you fix IU football?

Indiana beat writer Dustin Dopirak is on the scene in Charlottesville. He is probably speaking with Lynch and Indiana’s players as I type this. He’ll report his findings as quickly as he can.

I didn’t make the trip to Virginia. I wish I had. To believe that I’d understand how this happened had I seen it live or had the chance to speak to those involved is probably folly. But I’d have a better idea.

What I saw from my computer, though, was a team that lacked desire. The same group that somehow went into the Big House and played with enough emotion to push Michigan to the brink went into a notoriously mopey stadium and had zero want-to. It appeared to have no interest in play such a pivotal football game.

How does that happen?

As we consider this question, I recommend checking out this photo from the IDS’ James Brosher.

Here’s the Associated Press game story.

And a box score.

Subscribers can also read Dustin’s game story by clicking here.


  1. Simple- Lynch and his staff are not competent to coach an upper level high school football program let alone a Big Ten one.

    The sooner IU ditches this loser and his entire staff, the better.

  2. I really hoped Lynch would prove me wrong this year – prove that he didn’t deserve to get the boot after last year. For a while I thought he might but wow, did he ever orchestrate an epic loss here in VA today. And it’s not like UVA plays in some intimidating stadium with rabid fans. Please. I’ve been to about a dozen games there and it’s more like a civil wine tasting party than a football game. Hopefully somebody’s phone is wringing here tonight about a job in Bloomington….

  3. get someone big time
    we need someone who coached @ a higher level than butler & depauw – get someone who has been outside of Indiana

    what would AD Glass do if this was b-ball? simple – new coach time

  4. Most of us knew this would be the eventual direction the team would be going in. We have a certain Polyanna faction amongst us (GF Dave, Aruss, Jimmy) who have turned a blind eye to the problem, but I think now even these chaps will come around and see that we need a change in philosophy in this program.

  5. and W.C.D. – you are a true sicko

    Kornman – take the W.C.D. posts off the blog – they don’t belong

  6. I skipped listening to today’s game to enjoy the beautiful day with my family. Man, am I the smartest guy in the world or what? As for the game, I guess it’s a good thing we didn’t take UVa lightly or they might of embarrassed us. By the way, WCD you’re a moron,even for a twelve-year old (I hope)- is no one editing these posts?

  7. losers like wcd aside, props to those of you who spent last week in the kool-aid line. that goes for some of the “sports journalists” out there. one dolt writer even talked about our dominant defensive line.

    we only beat one team this year, akron. remember, late game turnovers saved us from certain doom in against our first two cupcakes, twinkie university and university of ding dongs.

    we suck and lynch is toast.

  8. WCD. The only pussy is you. You sit behind your computer screen and type things that you never would have the courage to say to Coach Lynch or anyone else for that matter. The real challenge is that you think this is ok. You obviously missed out on socially acceptable development while sitting behind your computer screen during high school prom. Get a life.

  9. husky tom, we had four weeks this season that told us this team could fight and scratch its way to victory, so you’ll excuse some of us for being optimistic at that point.

    This team has had no fire for two straight weeks (save the fires now raging in all of the coaches’ seats), I don’t expect it to have any for the rest of the season based on past experience.

    Fred Glass can talk “continuity” and “program-building”, but I think we’ve seen enough of this program to know its not going anywhere. Remember, this may be Lynch’s third season at the top, but he and his staff have been in place since 2005.

  10. This game should just about do it for Lynch. I wonder how he got the team to play so well at Michigan? It’s a shame that Lynch got promoted and now will be fired. I think he’s a good asst. coach and recruiter. I’d like him on the staff but that kind of thing doesn’t work.

    W C D…what a loser.

  11. I hope Michigan & IU both lose out and Rich Rod comes to B-Town! And you guys are idiots, wrong coach will probably go away if you just ignore him. I will say, though, that it is pretty funny how quickly cry for the admin to come edit posts.

  12. HB- I was on board until Ohio State, so I know what you mean, for the most part. However, I have consistently pointed out that for the last 5 years, we have had “good” starts against inferior teams followed by absolute disaster vs anyone that matters.
    “COntinuity” is no longer a valid prescription in today’s world. As I’ve said, it’s like continuig with a flat tire, hoping it somehow patches itseld and magically re-inflates.
    The only way to bring good players to Bloomington it to show that we are serious about a coach. Pony up the cash, or be an eternal pathetic loser. That’s the message to the AD that should be loud and clear by now.
    Jon Gruden?

  13. HT,
    Why Gruden? Sure, he took a Dungy-built team to the championship and had a modicum of success in Oakland but what makes you think he’s the guy?

  14. How very, very disappointing! You would have thought that we’d had played Florida or something, but it was only lowly UVA. Good thing it wasn’t Florida…or this game could have cracked the 100 point mark. It appears with the loss to Michigan that this team has totally packed it up! Lose to UI next weekend at home, and Lynch probably deserves to be fired. I certainly hope IU can turn the season around, but Lynch will need to call in Dr. Phil because this team is no longer playing with the determination and passion that we saw in Ann Arbor.

  15. This game was an utter disgrace! This team didn’t play like they wanted to be there right after the fumble on the opening drive. It’s like one fricking play deflated them in the first couple minutes of the game!

    And Lynch’s absolutely absurd call to try a 40 yd field goal from VA’s 23 yd line on 4th and 4 and down 37-0 was the most moronic thing I’ve seen, even for IU football! Yeah, like 3 fricking points were going to help at that point when the team hadn’t done sh*t all day!

    How do they play so good against Michigan and decently against OSU and then follow those games up with this disgrace today???? Did this team checkout already??? There are 6 games left and 3 of them winnable to put us at 6-6, bowl eligible still. Although, after today, I’m not this group needs a bowl game. I’m only hoping for one at this point for future recruiting, period.

    Oh, and stop running that wildcat offense! It kills momentum and consistency! It’s ONLY worked against Michigan thus far and even then it was only in the first half for the most part.

  16. Chet-

    Gruden, because we need a name that recruits know. Someone with experience and wins at a high level, with energy and appreciation for the job.

    Gruden may have taken a DUngy team to a Super Bowl, but he got them the win, nonetheless. Heck, IU gave Lynch the head job for taking Hep’s team to a bad bowl game and getting blown out.

    This team is done. I almost wish we were 1-5 or 0-6 just to speed up the process of change. There is very little to be gained from scraping out 1-2 more wins.

  17. Maybe CTC can get one of his brother-in-laws to come and take over the FB program and we can keep everything in the family.

  18. How very Lynch like did this game turn out to be? Tried to tell myself that I was wrong about Lynch this year after the Michigan game. I wanted to believe things were different this year but decided to wait and see what happened in this week’s game and it turns out that my wait and see approach was well founded. Woke up and got out of the “kool-aid” line just in time. After this debacle there should not be anyone in that line. Speaking of lines the bottom line here is there will be no change until there is a coaching change PLAIN & SIMPLE. This just reaffirms what we have known, for what seems like forever, about our coaching. I guess now we will find out what kind of AD we have cause how could anyone leave Lynch in place for even 1 more year. If we can spend the money on football that we have with this kind of team think what we could do if the place was sold out every game. It would not take long to make back what a real coach costs, and a whole lot more, with a sell out every week. Spend the money & they will come, great coaches AND great players.

  19. man, I am so mad I drank all that Lynch Kool aid. It was cherry flavored with tons of sugar and it fogged my brain!

  20. We will not get Gruden or a big name coach. Stop saying/asking for it. IU football isn’t the incredible program that IU basketball is and it never will be, god willing.

    Please, just stop. Maybe Hoosier fans should focus on the next big name coach from a MAC school or the Buffalo U. coach because they sure as heck aren’t going to get anyone close to the caliber of a Phil Fulmer or Gruden. IU football fans shouldn’t be this delusional – not yet at least. When they accomplish something – sure be delusional to your hearts content but not now.

  21. Chester-

    You are a joke. The basketball program is currently a joke, as well. It has the same problem as Lynch’s rambling wreck- it can’t get a recruit more than 3 stars.

    The good coach comes BEFORE the accomplishments, not afterwards, you bufoon. Fired NFL coaches like major conference coaching jobs. Just ask Mike Riley, Pete Carroll, Dave Wannstead, etc. You get a big name in here, even if not a stellar name, and you will turn lots of heads; at least a lot more than a bad ex-Ball State coach.

    Take your nonsense back to your “basketball school” cave. There is no such thing as an IU basketball fan that doesn’t also want the football team to do well. Fans of the basketball team only should be revoked of their status as IU supporters.

  22. HT
    I see your rationale but if we’re gonna spend the kind of money Gruden would want I’d like to see a guy with a history of winning and program building. If the admin is serious they are gonna have to cough up the cash. Looking for the ‘next big thing’ is like planning on winning the lottery. Football is one of the rare sports where a great (and I do mean great) coach can turn around a team in a season. Hoping for an ‘up and coming’ coach means we surrender another decade hoping we hit the lottery. We’re gonna learn a lot about Fred Glass on this one. In all fairness I do give the athletic dept kudos for the Tom Crean hiring. I absolutely love what I’m seeing from him.

  23. Steve Sarkisian, a 35 year old ex-BYU QB with no head coaching experience, has already led previously 0-12 Washington to an upset of #3 USC in his FIRST YEAR as head coach. The Huskies may very well win 6 games this year and head to a bowl. Going from 0-12 to a major upset and a possible bowl game 1 year later is a lot like what Illinois did with Zook in 2 years- from 1-11 to 9-4 with a win AT Ohio State.

    These types of turnarounds and benchmarks aren’t magic tricks, people.

    Coaching is everything at this level. THe right hire can shift the whole philosophy and culture of a program. IU needs to put on a REAL coaching search this time, and not just try to satisfy the nepotistic, apathetic, status-quo loving alumni base who would rather see a cheap ‘Nice Man’ in the job than a fiery, motivated, visionary coach.

  24. went to the game. bad day. supposedly the field goald was missed cause a uva player yelled something nasty to the kicker as he was beginning to kick. playerws were really upset the way they played. this vid says it all:click on special programing at bottom right

  25. Talk is cheap and I’m tired of all the talk. We came out FLAT. Their passing game is terrible and yet, we make them look like the Colts. It was put up or shut up time and we shut up. Lynch is a nice guy and I wish him the best, but it’s over. If we could not win this game, don’t act like we can still get to a bowl game. It’s over!!! I love football and I’ve had it with this program. I don’t mean to be negative, but i’ve put up with this crap for 25 years.

  26. What did WCD say? And why did you remove it. This is the only blog where the writers do what the bloggers say. We are all grown ups. I want to know what is so offensive! Thats what makes these blogs worth reading.
    Taking off what someone wrote is ridiculous! Maybe everyone would not be offended. Freedom of speech is your freaking job! “Oh know there are bad words!” Spineless just like our program..

  27. You didn’t miss anything. It wasn’t exciting or provocative. It was just a crass and tasteless comment on which coaches he would have preferred dying instead of Hep. Such a loser.

  28. I’ll get to posting my feelings and thoughts about the game tomorrow. They are not positive.

    But before I go I must say: Husky blows with the wind. Simple as that.

  29. Wasn’t this Virginia’s homecoming? The pendulum of momentum is a strange thing in all sports….IU had two hard-fought games ending in losses…the Michigan game was heartwrenching for the team..They win the Michigan game and they come home into the Ohio State game on a tremendous high…Even the best coach in the country can’t easily fill the emotional drain of expectations lost in the guys putting on the uniforms….It could be argued Bill Lynch’s coaching days at IU hinged on a missed call at Michigan…Nobody on this blog can deny that IU driving downfield and winning that game could have had momentous implications….teams play on emotional highs and lows…the guys putting on those uniforms are not NFL players that earn grotesque salaries…Yes, they are specimens of athleticism…they are gladiators next to wimpy journalists(and this wimpier blogger)…neck muscles bust out of their shirt collars like fresh baked bread bursting out of a loaf pan….their everyday voice boxes go deeper than Ted Nugent going his lowest low in “Stranglehold”…and when they pass you in a hallway you feel like My Little Pony being sideswiped by a Budweiser Clydesdale…What we seem to forget is their hearts, hopes, and sorrows fill no larger space than our own…Have any of you calling each other names even played high school or college football? You don’t want to be anyone of those guys on Monday.

    A lot of you would likely not want to trade places with Bill Lynch at this moment..A couple of weeks ago he was nearly being labeled a savior. Now it appears he’s the next gone flavor…He’ll survive…Is that of prominent importance right now? Cheer for that entire team like you cheered for Kyle Taber on last year’s basketball team…Show what IU football means to you by going to the game Saturday and cheering so loud you eject one of your tonsils…the happy projectile imitating Bill’s bubblegum sails so mightily through air it finds home in an Illini player’s Gatorade cup.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  30. GF Dave-

    So do sailboats.

    I’ve been singing a similar song for two years, against the wind of you and the Polyannas.

    This year, I bashed the mistake prone 2-0 Hoosiers while you pontificated about “2-0 being 2-0”. I expressed cautious optimism about the Akron game, and of course, I got really excited about the Michigan game like the rest of us. After Ohio State, I had seen enough..same old Hoosiers.

    If this is “blowing with the wind”, then I think I am on the same sailboat as 95% percent of the hardcore fanbase.

    Needless to say, I look forward to hearing your rose-scented air biscuit tomorrow. Have a good sleep.

  31. A simultaneous post!!..What are the odds, Tom? Korman’s checking the replay.

    It’s like cage fighting over here…My skin is too thin. Hell…you can have the ball.

  32. Bettor’s record fading IU:


    We’re back in black! Nice to have a game that was over at halftime.

  33. How knee/jerk to say “get rid of Lynch”…hell Pete Carroll couldn’t win with these D3 players. Big name, high pay coach isn’t the Zook at IL. Key is player talent and IU football doesn’t and rarely has it. A mediocre coach can win with good players, but a good coach can’t win with mediocre players.

  34. look if they want fans in the seats they need to at least have some hope of turning it around. Lynch is not the guy. Almost all of the fan base knows it time for Fred Glass to get off his, well u know what!

  35. Our best bet is to try and grab Central Michigan’s coach, no way Gruden comes here at all. That’s the biggest dream of all

  36. Juan Blanco: “Freedom of speech” is not their job, and you must realize that freedom isn’t necessarily protected in someone else’s house; you’re in theirs right now. If you think your ability to read or write garbage is unjustly restricted, feel free to start your own blog. It surely won’t attract any advertisers but I doubt you’re so forward thinking.

  37. Bluebird- You are an imbecile. ‘Mediocre players’ almost beat Michigan on the road. William and Mary beat Virginia in their own house with ‘mediocre players.’

    At some point, you are going to have to stop making excuses for every move Lynch makes and own up to the fact that a good coach should be able to scratch out these wins, even with the players he has. I’m not saying we should expect 8-9 wins out of these ‘mediocre players’, but heck, 6 would be perfectly within the realm of what a good coach can do.

    There are some people in this fanbase who cannot deal with a change to the status quo, and will go on blaming the players for every loss, and crediting Lynch with each win. But, luckily, these people are a small minority.

  38. I am not campaigning for or against Lynch. Here are some numbers to consider.
    Pont’s record:
    Overall 98-121-4
    IU 31-51-1
    Miami 43-22-2
    Corso’s record:
    Overall 73-85-6
    IU 41-68-2
    Mallory’s record:
    Overall 165-121-4
    IU 69-77-3
    Miami 39-12
    Hoeppner’s record:
    Overall 57-35
    IU 9-14
    Miami 48-21
    Lynch’s record:
    Overall 94-85-3
    IU 13-18
    Why include Miami records? Well, if you look at it this way:
    Parseghian @ Miami 39-6-1
    Schembechler @ Miami 40-17-3
    Both coaches got lucky and went to places with tradition. Even at NU, Parseghian had some success. That’s why he wound up at ND. Mallory had success at Colorado (35-21-1) but the brains didn’t think that was good enough. Turned around NIU and left for IU. At IU eventually the brains became unhappy, so he was gone.
    It is easy to blame the coach, it may be the correct move. My point is the solution is deeper than just a new coach. Yesterday was not fun for the fans. If you think you are unhappy, how do you think the entire IU football program is feeling today?
    I can assure you that everyone, including Glass, is searching for answers.
    Too long, sorry.

  39. Husky Tom, I enjoy reading everyones comments on Football and Basketball including yours but you have a terrible attitude when it comes to someone who disagrees with you. Instead of replying in a rational way you resort to name calling. We are not in the 5th grade trying to bully someone by name calling. You don’t have to call folks Imbeciles, Polyannas, Jokes,etc. to get your point across. We all read your comments and by now we know how you feel about Lynch and about others who disagree with you. You say that you were “on board” until the Ohio State game, then you say you bashed the team when they were 2-0. We all know you could not wait to bash Lynch because you were never “on board”. Now, I think lynch should be replaced also but I don’t have to call you a name to get my point across. Maybe we should go after your Husky coach. He sounds like a up and coming young coach that turned a loosing team around. We all
    want the same thing a winning football program but wishing for these kids to loose to speed up getting Lynch fired is not right. The kids want to win even if it is just scraping 1-2 wins like you say. Beating Purdue and then getting a new coach is not bad.

  40. many are worried if lynch wins one more game, or goes to the Big Lots Bowl, he will be kept around for another year. Sometinmes a catastropic loss like yesterday can accelerate his exit. its a means to an end, which is a new coach that can fire up not only the team, but the fan base. iu is not a hopeless situation. a beautiful campus, great academic school, new facilities, and a 1mil+ salary will bring in a coach that can get the job done.

  41. Nick, I see sights everyday that do not delete offensive posts. And guess what, they have far more sponsors than the Loser Scoop.. But I doubt you have navigated away from your censored little site.

  42. Ron- I see your point, but I happen to feel like the blog is a good place to come and “duke it out” with people of different opinions in a way that you wouldn’t necessarily do on the street.

    If you honestly think I’m acting out of line, like a redneck at a Town Hall Meeting or something, then I’ll try to to tone it down a bit. It is kind of hard to do though, when you are battling against ingrained defeatist attitudes that think that change in a program’s culture is either impossible or takes centuries of blood sweat and tears.

    By the way, calling someone a “polyanna” is not like insulting their mother; it is a word in the English dictionary with a precise meaning that fits the circumstance perfectly without being vulgar.

  43. By the way, Ron, no big deal, but you keep writing “loose”, aka “loose shoelaces,” instead of “lose,” as in, the culture of the IU football program.

  44. Life is good! Where I am it was sunny and 90 all day Saturday. I watched ESPN 360 only until it was U VA 27 IU 0 with 2:34 left in the first half, then I got back to enjoying the day. Today, a leisurely read of the sports at noon. The HT had already “scrubbed” the WCD post trash by then-so no unpleasantness there. One comment to “MY LITTLE PONY”, I would gladly trade places with Bill Lynch today! This is IU where every “Old X-Coach” is fully employed and well paid! He can “take one for the school”, resign on 12/1/09, and be paid a minimum of $150,000-250,000 for the rest of his life, with little or nothing to do but enjoy his family and watch IU sports, and have the state-wide reputation as a “good guy and a gentleman” solidified. Not a bad place to be.

  45. Here is what I saw at the game:

    This game was not about penalties, turnovers, adjustments, red zone scoring, Jerimy Finch or Darius Willis. This was about strength, speed, blocking and tackling and we got physically beaten by a superior team.

    IU was flat as a pancake. Absolutely no emotional imvolvement at all.

    Our seats were down low and we had a good look at the players. The UVA kids looked like D1 football players and our kids were a hodge podge of body types. The UVA kids were tall and athletic and strong. There was no fat to be seen and they moved liked players. Their corner backs made our receivers look like pansys and their O line was very tall and carried their weight very well. Sewell is a smaller version of Pryor, though no nearly as talented. If you lined up both teams in T shirts and shorts to pick sides, not knowing where they were from, you would pick the UVA kids first.

    So Bluebird you’ve got it right, Husky is wrong (so what’s new?). UVA had the better players. No question about it. Incidently, what Husky knows about CAA football: Delaware, Richmond, JMU and William & Mary, et al you could put on a spoon.

    UVA played faster than we did. Their backs and line got to the point of attack very fast and we were out manned wherever they chose to go. Their team speed was better than ours. We were always chasing the play and stopping them for a five yard gain was something of a success for us.

    Our cornerbacks hate to hit. They simply do not want to tackle. They throw themselves at the ankles of the runner and hope they trip. My wife noticed it too. Its pathetic, it really is, and Lynch should take them out when they do that.

    The UVA game plan was to negate our rush with screens and quick outs and slants. Also to jam it down our throat on the run, something that Michigan really didn’t try too hard to do. Their plan worked and our pass rush and blitzes were ineffective.

    ronb, with the exception of enjoying Husky’s posts, you hit it on the head.

  46. I forgot to add that UVA’s defense dominated our O. We could not get to the edge on the run and did not have time to throw. Our receivers could get open, but Chappell almost always was being pressured and did not have time to find them.

  47. GF Dave-

    Your description of what happened is as empty, obvious, and pointless as any post I have ever seen. WHo wants to know the physics of a loss this bad? It’s like describing how a hunter’s bullet worked its way into the body of a deer. “First, it penetrated the skin, then made its way into the muscle tissue, then finally punctured its feeble aorta. THen the deer died.”

    Thanks Dave, for your illuminating commentary,

    Why waste time simply describing all that crud? What we need is prescription, not description. Join the club in declaring the obvious: we need a new coach

  48. One other thing you forgot in your description: Virginia was way better at scoring points than IU.

  49. Husky, Thanks for checking my spelling. I am sure you knew what I meant. I am an educated man but my typing skills are poor. I guess I need to proof read what I post. I do enjoy your posts and often agree with some of your ideas but I do see that some folks get under your skin and you bark back. I did not mean you were a bad person. I just don’t like name calling but I do like the debate. IU football for some reason never has clicked. I remember watching the 1967 Rose Bowl team and thinking we finally have a football program. We all know that was not right. I watched Earl Haniford Jr. set all the Indiana State records for passing. He was a 6’4″ drop back quarterback with a golden arm who had offers to play anywhere in the Country. The IU coach talked him into going to IU and it was close to home. We all had great hopes for IU and Earl and then IU changed coaches and he wanted a running quarter and Earl was told he was to slow. So it is with IU football never the right thing at the right time. As a fan I am still hopeful for another 1967 team that stays around a long time.

  50. What an Indiana disappointment. This was the year, senior experience and leadership on both sides of the ball. A chance to show how the Big Ten conference
    compares to other conferences. Well, it appears, we found out. Back to the drawing board.

  51. Husky, your posts are excruciatingly redundant rants of hate and anger. The have no informative value and never add anything new.

    Is that all you’ve got? Tell me you have something more. Tell me you know more about football than the score and the name of the coach you hate. Do you air out your anger from a place of complete ignorance? (rhetorical question.)

    Maybe some folks would want to know more about the game from somebody who was there. It is offered as one man’s take, nothing more or less. People are free to take it or not.

    The fact that you don’t care to know how it came to be that we got crushed serves to confirm that your opinions don’t have much behind them.

  52. I would like to align with Jay, Ronb and GFDave who ventured thoughts about the detailed deficiencies seen through performance. It cannot all be on Coach Lynch. Although, I am sure he won’t run from taking full responsibility. The #1 thing I like about Coach Lynch is his relationships with the high school coaching community in the Great Lakes region and to a certain extent Georgia and Florida. If IU starts again from square one a new staff very possibly will not have anything resembling a relationship with those coaches. That change would put Purdue back in the drivers seat again with in state recruiting. To have a core fan base IU must win the instate recruiting and IU’s instate recruiting is on the rise. To exploit and enhance that continued progression in talent I would like to see Coach Lynch hire two high caliber assistants (o and d coordinators) and maybe some extreme crazy minded special teams guru to help stop rounding off the corners of performance we all cringe over. It is possible in two, three or four years a new head coach would evolve from those assistants while keeping continuity to those recruiting relationships.

  53. Husky Tom: You guys have merely been kissed by his love tap.

    GFDave & the game: I trust in your analysis-you were at the game. I do have trouble completely buying into a claim that the Hoosiers don’t have enough physicality to go against most D1 schools..My expertise is very thin when looking deeply into college football comparisons across teams/conferences and even within our own…I’ve followed IU football in the past decade(or two decades?) about as much as field hockey…I did see most of the Michigan game and the Hoosiers certainly didn’t look like a mishmosh group of undersized pansies lacking in athleticism…Michigan may not be up to snuff this year, but they surely can’t be reduced to chew spit in a bucket…How do you explain the Hoosiers performance in that game? I still believe the Virginia game was a combination of a highly motivated and well prepared team desperately seeking a homecoming win-catching the fortunate winds of momentum perfectly-engaging a flat and emotionally exhausted Hoosier team that had two extremely physical back-to-back disheartening losses to powerhouse teams within their conference. Does that add up to blowout? At least it adds up to an exhaustively long and poorly punctuated sentence. Two-point conversion without the touchdown? I do think there is merit in Tom’s point of view…A debate need not necessarily pick through every strand of hay to find the problem needle..a magnet can sometimes get right to the point.

    On my brush with IU football greatness: I roomed with a star IU football player many years ago…He was an SOB..I won’t bore with too many details..hmmm??..Maybe I will..He was a beast in size and a bigger beast in nature…I watched him run down a dormitory hallway with a 220 lb. IU wrestler extended straight-armed above his head…I watched him take this wrestler like a Raggedy Ann doll and lift him to the ceiling and run through the hallways like a deranged lunatic juiced on grizzly bear steroids…. He would sleep walk and have night terrors on a regular basis….I once woke up in the middle of darkness to find him standing like a lifeless monster next to my bed..I would return from classes and he would lock me out of the dorm room while he was breaking in my sheets with his desperately seeking cheerleader girlfriend…He would pop gallons of Redenbacher in the room and leave the uncleaned grease spewed all over the top of my desk instead of using his own…This was my first two weeks as a freshman at IU…He verbally threatened me daily…On one particular day I actually came back to have complete access to my room(a rare occasion, indeed)..a chance to rest between classes and chill for a few hours..What a wonderful surprise!! What did I find waiting for me on my desk that glorious afternoon? A handwritten lovely letter that included promises of bodily harm…The RA would do nothing…The head of the Quad would do nothing…a few friends I had made on the floor quickly turned distant…I eventually had to take it all the way to the Halls of Residence to finally get a new dorm assignment…I told them to get me a new room or I was withdrawing from Indiana University. Do you think I got the new room?

    I must admit…I am torn..I still feel divorced from IU football..I sometimes love to see the Hoosiers get annihilated on the gridiron. The year after year returning circus act continues to bring me guilty pleasures. I should have had counseling..

    I say fire Lynch now!

  54. GF Dave-

    It’s awful frustrating for you to write a large post about what went wrong and what the coach should do about it, when most of us here have been singing that song and telling you and others this same thing for more than two years. Did you not watch the first 2 games of the season? While you relished the two ugly victories, the rest of us were worried sick about the long-term. You insisted on our siliness with your “Dateline Bloomington” posts, but now you are pointing out the same problems that everyone else already was seeing from an early stage.

    It’s as if the view that the Hoosiers are terrible has only become valid now that GF Dave has witnessed it in person. It’s a hard pill to swallow for those who have watched this program sink since the bowl blowout to Oklahoma State.

    But, there is no sense in prolonging the argument; I don’t like what you write and you don’t like what I write. Big wuff. We aren’t changing the world here, unfortunately.

    I find solace in the fact that Fred Glass is probably more on board with the critics than with the Polyannas. After all, IU has a lot going for it these days:
    1) A true grass roots desire to see the football program become very good
    2) New facilities and a revamped stadium
    3) A new AD who wants to put a stamp on the program and raise the standards.

    These factors should bring about the necessary changes. It ain’t coming from hiring new assistant coaches or forming stronger bonds with recruits. High school stars aren’t dumb enough to look past the numbers that matter (3-9, 2-10, 4-7, 7-6) because they like an assistant coach.

    Maybe I should quiet down now for a while. Apologies to those who have suffered my rants.

  55. In the states of the B10 conference, last year D1 signees for football and BCS schools in the state:
    IL – 34 and 2
    IA – 5 and 2
    IN – 13 and 3
    MI – 34 and 2
    MN – 3 and 1
    OH – 89 and 2
    PA – 38 and 2
    WI – 14 and 1

    The facilities are a lot better. That should help beginning now and in the future.

    Fan support, not very good. Fans say they will come when the team starts winning. The program cannot support the big bucks being suggested without fans in the stands.

    The foot

  56. The football staff has to be paid more competitively. So it really is a vicious cycle.

    Husky why don’t you write a prescription? It appears that you think you may have the solution, I for one would be very interested in reading it.

  57. keep it up HT, i like your posts and its that fire that gets results. you get all the complacent lynch apologists here, and the wheels will never get moving again. ill give glass a pass for a couple more months to take action, then his cheerleading will become a tired act with no substance.

  58. Cash for clunker coaches? Can’t we trade-in for football what we parked in the garage for basketball?

  59. High paid, big name coaches and their egos aren’t a guarantee for building or rebuilding a program. Ask UNC about Butch Davis and the UVA loss last week-end. I’ll bet Illinois is real happy with Zook this season. FSU is near anarchy.
    Upgrade the IU assistants and you will upgrade the performance on the field. AD Glass appears to have the character to force that change in human resources. Or we can spend the big money and feel as foolish as an Illinois.

  60. Clarion-

    Have you sent a bouquet of sweet smelling flowers to Ryan Winn?…Or have you not digested all your words and pushed them out to fill the air once again.

  61. Juan,

    Sorry to not get back to you until now. I hadn’t seen your post.

    I removed the post because the person had a ridiculous user name. It was idiotic and insensitive. If I heard somebody say it during a conversation at Nick’s — though I wonder if they would, since they’d lack the anonymity that makes them so tough – I’d stop listening to anything that person says. And so I don’t want it on our blog, either.

    Here at the “Loser Scoop” — ohh, I see what you did there! — we do have standards. You’ve been around a long time, and a part of a lot of heated discussions that got, shall we say, edgy. And usually I let it go. But I don’t think a guy dying is really fodder for a joke.

  62. Zook and Davis get their teams to compete, and have been to big bowl games and had big upsets in the last few years. YOu can’t lump them in with Lynch that easily.

    Jay- My prescription is part of almost everything that I post: Fire the coach, and begin an intelligent, diligent, dispassionate search for a replacement. Is it a sure-fire solution? Of course not. But I happen to feel like any other solution is just putting a bandaid on a wound that requires amputation.

  63. Smelling flowers, Ryan Winn, filling air-huh????

    Consider them lumped. Their fan bases are more rabid than you. We can’t continue creating the coaching merry-go-round. We are far better off now than we ever were under Dinardo or Cam.

  64. Waited a while before posting. Had to. Too disgusted to speak semi-rationally.

    Chris, I did see the crude poster, before you pulled it down. You did the right thing, it was in incredibly horribly poor taste. Thank you. You guys that missed it were fortunate. I am embarrassed that we might have IU fans that would post like that.

    This team is senior heavy. We haven’t announced the starter’s class standing at home games this year when we always have in the past. I wonder why. It is discouraging to play like last saturday with seniors.

    GFDave, sorry you had to see in person what we have been watching in person, but now that you have, you will have a better appreciation for our blog posts. It was pathetic to listen to D Fischer on the radio. I only saw a small amount on the internet tv, but we’ve seen it all before.

    All posters, it’s great to get on here and vent a little and see what others are thinking and seeing. Let’s try to keep it civil. We don’t need to call each other names or duke it out. That stuff hurts an argument.

    I despise the word ‘physicality’. What the @#$% is that? Who made that up?

    There really should be no use of the word ‘bowl’ until the Hoosiers can win a couple more games. Too bad too, Phoenix was really nice in January 2 years ago.

    Ranting over.

    See you in the Hall on FRIDAY!!!
    Go Hooooooooooooooosiers!

  65. Illinois fans might not be happy now, but they were probably happy in Passdena a couple years ago.

  66. KORMAN, I have given the Lynch issue due consideration and have decided to blame Dustin, yes, Dustin for having such a girly-non-sports moniker. Dustin could cover tennis maybe but he really needs a new name if he intends a career in sports journalism. work on it.

  67. KORMAN. can’t be “Dusty” either…first image I get is a big fluffy scarf wrapped round his neck

  68. A cold autumnal Groundhog Day has set in once again, as the Hoosiers prophetically repeat their ‘3-0 to 4-8’ slide, a second-half swoon that has become the trademark of the Hoep(RIP)-to-Lynch transition. With the emotion from the Michigan game long worn off, the objective eye begins to locast an eye on that game in a different regard, and perhaps see things that the passion of the moment may have blinded us from.

    The single biggest factor for why that game was as close as it was, I might suggest, is because of the hilarious snap count problems between Forcier and his center. For how many times (I think it was 4 0r 5, to be precise) did we as IU fans watch with delight as Michigan hiked the ball as Forcier was looking to the left or right? Many, many times was Michigan’s momentum snuffed because of their own errors. I have a feeling that without these bloopers, there would be much more of a consensus in here about this season.
    As it stands, we must answer one question: does a team, full of seniors and purportedly in ‘mid-season form’, that gets blown out by 40 points against a 1-3 opponent, have any chance to win another game, and beyond that, to keep its maligned coach?

  69. ^That’s art in verbal motion….Nice job, Bertrand.

    Was a key Virginia player just coming off academic suspension at the beginning of their season? Were Virginia’s two opponents prior to the IU game from schools with nearly defunct football programs?

    I didn’t watch the game on ESPN 360…didn’t go on any Live Blogs..I was in my car driving when Don Fischer was doing pregame analysis of the contest…I love Fischer…I also caught the last minutes of the game…missed nearly everything in between…The excitement in Fischer’s voice is always there… When the Hoosier’s put their meaningless seven on the board late in the fourth, it was as if they just marched downfield and scored the opening touchdown of the game…I’m not sure who the name of the co- commentator on the IU radio network was talking with Fish…They did not sell Virginia short…Of course there were expectations for a much better day from the Hoosiers, but there was also plenty of discussion of a Cav’s team that could be a tougher opponent than record would indicate. If my comments about a key player on Virginia(I think it was their QB)are false, please forgive…As I said..I was in the car and only had a few minutes to listen to pregame commentary..taking my wife to the mall to get some cosmetics…then to look at running shoes…so on, and so forth…Can you believe it? Hoosier football on a Saturday afternoon and I’m roaming in a mall around a Lancome makeup counter..Pathetic.

    Didn’t Katie Couric go to Virginia? Could a battle between the Hoosiers and Cavs be tough to analyze due to the abundance of mascara hiding the true makeup of the two teams?

  70. HuskyTom,
    I am not saying that your prescription is wrong, it’s just pretty short-sighted. Do you honestly believe that previous coaching searches weren’t diligent and intelligent? I can’t speak for the dispassionate, I think you meant emotional (Lycnch’s hiring).
    Some have mentioned Gruden. I wonder do they remember Sam Wyche? He was only at IU for a year but what a great 3-8 season it was.
    Where does the money to hire this great new coach and staff come from?
    Where are you going to recruit? Many people fail to comprehend how difficult this makes the situation.
    These are the questions facing Fred Glass. And I believe he is thinking about these questions. It is not being an apologist to wait on the call for Lynch’s ouster. You have made your opinion well known. That’s fine. I feel that you are guilty of over-simplification.

  71. Oops. Sentence repair..”I’m not sure the name of the co-commentator working the game with “Fish” on the IU radio network.”

  72. Michigan snaps…a Virginia QB’s academic lapse…Maybe two needles in the haystack of the Hoosiers inexplicable collapse?

  73. Jay-
    With all due respect,my position is far from near-sighted. In fact, I might suggest that yours is the one that is near-sighted. It is you that is worried about “fiscal issues” such as where to get the money, as well as where to get the staff from. In short, you are the one who trembles with trepidation about taking a bold step forward.

    My vision, on the other hand, looks into the future, by considering the program’s long-term health before the short term fear of change. We shouldn’t let pecuniary doubts skew the question of where the program is going. I think it was Goethe that said “boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” You make the commitment to become a winner, then worry about the controllables later.
    Mike Davis had a few mediocre seasons at IU that caused people to call for his ouster. Yet no one seems to be nostalgically lamenting the days of Mike Davis. The program made a mistake with Sampson, but no one besides Downing would say that we are now worse off as a program with Crean.
    We are dealing with a much, much worse coach in Bill Lynch, for whom ‘mediocre’ (a 6-6 record) would be like winning the Super Bowl. If the program makes a commitment to winning, both financially and ideologically, like the basketball program has, we will see results.
    And besides (sorry about the scattered ramble), it makes me laugh when laymen talk about school budgets as if they are running IU’s bank accounts. How does any one of us know what we can afford and can’t afford? I have a feeling we probably shell out a bit more cash than we are paying Bargain Bin Bill.

  74. Point read. Do not agree.
    Also, I know more about IU athletics and such than you think i know.
    That’s all for me, on this subject. To quote “…scattered ramble.” is getting old.

  75. Still got one or two wobbly spirals left in me. Did Jacksonville have a lot of bad snaps? Perplexing.

  76. Final Tidbit:

    Pete Compise worked the game as color commentator with Don Fisher. Didn’t sit right leaving his name out.

    GO HOOSIERS!! Take it out on the Illini.

  77. God Bless Don Fischer. He’s sat through so many miserable Saturday afternoons and doesn’t have the luxury of leaving the game or turning the channel. A better man than I.

  78. So my wife and I were sitting around a campfire last night talking and we both love Glass but hate the decision to move the PSU game next the way I notice there was never a topic on this blog about that, hmmm. Anyway IU gets 5 million for that if I remember right. I say call a big name or young up and comer and offer them a hefty contract. First year is 2.5 mill and the second is 2.5 mill, of course that is the 5 mill from moving the best game for next year, PSU. After IU wins and wins big, the 20 to 25,000 empty seats will be full and that is 800,000 to a million bucks there. Factor parking in at 20.00 a car for next year as it jumps every other year and you have almost half of that salary right there. Just having fun but it could work!

    I figure IU has lost, and this is low ball, at least 1 million a year for the last 15 years for all of the empty seats! Maybe closer to 1.5 mill. That money could have been used to pay a coach that will put a decent product on the field. I want to contribute and donate, I do and I will…maybe. If the right person gets in there then the lowly people like me will give up the money even if it is a small amount. I want someone to be excited about, that is all I am saying! I want to be somewhat confident on Saturday, is that too much to ask???

  79. JPat-

    I love your proposal. I think you are right in pointing out that there is plenty of money floating around to get something done; what has lacked is fearlessness and imagination. I’m glad that you have separated yourself from the “attendance and fan support comes first” crowd, whose argument I will allegorize in the following lines:

    “A small, little-known company called Biffers has started to manufacture automobiles, in attempt to restore pride to the downtrodden US auto industry. Their first models, the Spiffer and the Rambler, haven’t done very well – every month in the last two years, 8 out of ten cars have crashed due to faulty parts and an unwillingness on the part of ownership to spend more than 10,000 a year on a plant manager to oversee labor.

    Nevertheless, I want you to buy one of these cars, as a duty to your country. Who cares if it breaks down or if the plant mechanics refuse to do weekly service on your car. It is only through your financial commitment that Biffers will ever compete with Honda and Volkswagen. Pony up the cash, and then we’ll talk quality.”

  80. JPat, it’s my suspicion that the game was moved to DC just for that reason; to have some extra cash in case Glass decided to look for a new coach. Let’s hope so.

  81. It’s disgraceful that incoming IU freshman still live in residence halls built during the early days of Bobby Knight..Talk about dusty banners and throwing more cash at coaches all you want. Can you imagine the forty years of toxins that have settled in the ductwork of those concrete block dinosaurs of tight caulk and mortar? Not to mention students likely spend far more time imprisoned in their rooms than four decades ago..Twitter…Facebook…YouTube…blogs…Hell, my residual reefer air carbons combined with half a century of must and dust have probably produced a thin layer of soil that is spawning new something right out of a sci-fi movie…small but extremely potent plants that thrive in darkness and drink Blue Oyster Cult rock ’n’ roll water.

    It’s really kind of embarrassing to talk about multimillion dollar coaches when students march from game like zombie victims of misappropriation back to my dorm room. At least they’re getting fresh air.

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