Williams unsure if he will visit for Madness

Dwight Williams, the father of 2010 Indiana recruit David Williams, said the family is not sure whether it will travel to Bloomington for Hoosier Hysteria on Oct. 16.

“We got to spend eight days there this summer and really evaluate the campus,” he said Tuesday. “That was most important to us, to get a feel for the academics and the campus life. We haven’t ruled out coming again, but we haven’t made any decisions.”

Williams said his son, a 6-7 wing, recently started conditioning sessions with his high school team, First Coast in Jacksonville, Fla.

“They’ll be a top five team in the state to begin the year, so obviously David wants to finish strong,” Dwight said. “That’s really his focus now. He’s already gotten qualifying scores on the SAT and ACT, but he also wants to take those again to improve his scores. That’s really his focus right now.”


  1. Spent eight days this summer in Bloomington certainly shows this family is not afraid of due diligence. I like their approach to kitchen table issues because that kind of dedication usually becomes a trait of their kids. Certainly sounds like a good environment for David to flourish in this season.

  2. Some of you won’t remember this but David Williams reminds me of Darryl Thomas. A very smart kid who got pushed every day in practice by Coach Knight. By his Junior season all that work he put in at practice started to pay off and his senior year resulted in big things. He was not fast and for 6’7″ he did not jump well but Coach taught him to block out well to rebound, set great picks, to use the rim to avoid blocked shots and how to use the backboard and score in close to the bucket. He wasn’t great at any one thing but good at all the fundamentals. He made the whole team better and the results were great. I don’t
    know if Williams can do those things but I do believe Coach Crean sees his worth for our team. Maybe the same worth that
    Coach Knight saw in Darryl Thomas who helped win the 1987 championship. Who knows but that would be great!!

  3. I like his attitude, and his parents. He doesnt have a one track basketball mind, and appears to put great value on education. This is refreshing, and although he isnt a hyped recruit, I think he will be good for the program. Hopefully his priority on academics will be a positive influence in the lockerroom.

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