Crean: Hoosiers will play in Las Vegas

Tom Crean was asked on his radio show if his team will play in another Thanksgiving week tournament next season like the Maui Invitational or Puerto Rico Tip-Off. The Hoosiers will not, Crean said, but will instead play in a tournament in Las Vegas just before Christmas.

“We are in a tournament before Christmas in Las Vegas,” he said. “We’ll play two home games. We’ll play two games, I believe at the Orleans Hotel, right before Christmas. I’m not exactly sure at the dates off the top of my head, but that’s the plan right now.”


  1. The tournament is called the Las Vegas Classic. This year’s field is Nebraska, BYU, Nevada, Tulsa, Eastern Washington, Chicago State, Wagner, and Jackson State. They played 2 games at campus sites on dates the teams figured out themselves.

    They then play at Orleans Arena on December 22 and 23 this year. Only the 4 strongest teams play in Las Vegas (Nebraska, Tulsa, BYU, Nevada) regardless of the results of the games at campus sites. I’m assuming the dates and field strength will be similar in 2010.

  2. A couple years ago, I was staying in the same hotel as Kansas’ basketball team when they played Florida in an day-after-Thanksgiving overtime classic in Vegas (this was with UF as defending national champ and KU as eventual national champ). The atmosphere around the games was great and, in spite of the fact that the Coach Self was keeping them on tight curfew, KU’s guys really seemed to enjoy themselves.

    IU fans, you’ll want to make this trip. Win or lose, it’ll be a fun time.

  3. Only the 4 strongest teams go to Vegas despite who wins the campus site games? Doesnt sound like the other teams are actually in the Classic.

  4. The Orleans is off the strip but it is a very nice place, nicer than many of the on strip casinos. If you’re going to Vegas and don’t mind being a few blocks off the strip it’s a good spot.

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