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Tom Crean and players met with the media today to discuss Tuesday’s game at Madison Square Garden. Crean’s basic thoughts on Pitt are that the Panthers are extremely well coached, and even though they were hit hard by graduation, the NBA draft and injuries, the Pitt Way has been passed down well enough through the classes that they will be fine. They play tough defense, they rebound well, and they are extremely physical despite the loss of DeJuan Blair to the NBA. Also, everyone is excited about playing Madison Square Garden.

Audio follows. Crean wasn’t as long today as usual, so I could actually post it. Pritchard, Hulls and Rivers are on the same file because I walked from one to the other and forgot to press the stop button.

Audio: Tom Crean

Audio: Christian Watford

Audio: Tom Pritchard, Jordan Hulls and Jeremiah Rivers


  1. Really sad to see UCLA struggle this year, as much as I dislike them. Talk about a team decimated by one-and-dones…makes me thankful that IU has “only” had to deal with Bracey Wright and EJ over the years. Guess it’s another reason to have plenty of 4-star players in the mix with your recruiting classes…someone’s got to stay around and play college ball, live the college good-life…

  2. McGinnis was a one-and-done…Freshman weren’t eligible back then..He went pro after one season of play(the year before Knight came to town).
    One could only imagine the extra banners if McGinnis and Downing could have teamed up together for three years. I agree with you, Tom. It more often doesn’t turn out the way we wish…That being said, there’s a great feeling of statewide pride to see players with standout high school careers decide to wear the cream and crimson. I only wish the rules would be changed to give some form of incentive/insurance on contracts for top talent to stay in college at least 2 years.

    Following is a quote from a nice piece on McGinnis from the archives of The Herald Times..I encourage to read in entirety(only one page)…Interesting stuff about McGinnis and his decision to go to the ABA. Who wouldn’t want to shoot a red, white, and blue striped basketball for a couple thousand dollars?

    It was only a single season of Indiana University basketball, but it was a season IU had never seen the likes of before and certainly hasn’t seen since.


  3. What a force big George was. He was the man playing in a boys game. Something special!

  4. Husky Tom…you’re thankful IU only had to “deal” with Bracey and EJ? I’m sorry, but take a look at what UCLA had to “deal with” the past 4 seasons ….they are 123-15 over that time period. I’d say its worth having one crappy season (this year) to dominate for that long. They went to two national title games and one other final four. Kevin Love helped him to one of those. I’d take a bunch of one and doners if they wanted to come here.

  5. Oscar Robertson employed a modified version of a one-handed jump shot, but McGinnis must have had monstrous hands to pull off his truly bizarre form.
    Wasn’t the NBA much more unique back in the day of the first hardcourt megastars? ..Jabbar’s sky hook…Dr. J’s artistry in the air and swirling scoop reversals around the back of backboard…Chamberlain’s finger rolling his way to a 100 point game(and man could Chamberlain score off the court..Wilt 20,000 Tiger 6)….Rick Barry’s ungodly near perfect percentages at the charity strip with his thowback underhand 1920’s granny toss…a style in complete contrast to his picturesque lethal jump shot of textbook precision….the mesmerizing light feet and flare with the ball of “Pistol” Pete Maravich….Stormin’ Norman Van Lier..”Nate the Skate” Archibald…Bob “Butterbean” Love…”Clyde the Glide”…”Earl the Pearl”…
    Where did the great personalities go? Where did the fun go? Where did the great rivalries go? Where did the nicknames go? The athletes are now arguably superior but the game’s entertainment value is propped up and the stars seem artificial. I know…I sound very old…I am… I am.

  6. Bombatta,

    How about Bob Cousy, Bob Petit, Dolph Schayes, Bill Sharman, Hal Greer, Rudy LaRusso, Cliff Hagan, Gene Shue, Tom Gola, Larry Costello, Jack Twyman, Satch Sanders and Bailey Howell. Now there is some age.

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