Crean talks on Twitter

In lieu of a press conference — most media members, including yours truly, were out of town for the holidays — Tom Crean spoke to the masses via the following videos on Twitter. He discusses practicing during semester break, Maurice Creek, Verdell Jones, Christian Watford, and the point guard and center position. His thoughts follow.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. This interview reminded me of a Simpsons episode when Mr. Burns ran for Governor.

    Burns’ campaign manager: “Little girl do you think you can memorize this by dinnertime tomorrow?”

    Lisa Simpson: “Mr. Burns your campaign seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train. Why are you so popular?”

  2. While I’m in a pissed-off mood: who is doing a worse job so far – Bill Polian’s decision making, or Tom Crean’s recruiting? I love IU as much as anyone, but I’m starting to get worried.

  3. I’d be worried if I were an Arizona fan.

    Arizona coach Sean Miller inherited a team with experience, including all-Pac 10 senior guard Nic Wise.

    In his first year, he is only 6-5, with one of his wins an overtime scraper over Lipscomb.

    Arizona hoops has been to 23 straight NCAAs, won a national championship (1997), and competed for another national championship (2001), including 4 final fours and 8 elite eights. Like IU, they suffered through one scandal during this period (1999) and saw one coaching great depart from the program.

    So how can we explain only a 6-5 start? My only hypothesis: Arizona basketball lacks that special blogger like stevealford or L’accent who holds the team accountable .

  4. It was pretty obvious that Crean wanted to give each player a different “voice” to what he’s telling them in practice. Now they know that we know. Interesting approach that can work since he didn’t rip into them.

    He also was talking to the fans: “Look, I know you’re worried and upset by the Loyola game. I hear ya’, just try to understand what we’re doing here.”

    IMO, if he wasn’t taking the long term view, we wouldn’t be playing this fast. It would be easier for this group to win if they played slow like last year, ground out shot opportunities and kept the score low. But he’s trying to establish his style of play now, knowing that he doesn’t have all the pieces in place, but also knowing that they have to start somewhere.

  5. GFDave: great post, very perceptive.

    Washington Apple: this is you, my friend.

    Korman, Hugh, Dustin: here are two Bob Knight quotes for your holiday season.

    “As a kid,” he once said, “I wanted to be a political cartoonist because you only need one idea a day. But then I decided to be a sportswriter because you don’t need any ideas.”

    And then there was the time when, addressing a luncheon in Dayton, OH, Knight said: “Let’s have ten seconds of silence to give the sportswriters in attendance something they can quote accurately.”

    Maybe everybody knows them, but maybe the newer fans (like those who became Hoosier fans after 2005) don’t? From Knight Fall, by Phil Berger.

    In any event I thought the quotes were funny; also totally unfair for you guys (Hugh, Dustin, Korman) because you work so hard for this blog, posting extremely interesting videos and such. I am now a Herald Times subscriber just for that!

  6. Engel,

    What concerns you with Crean’s recruiting right now? Lack of commits for later classes? Or do you just feel he’s not getting “in” with enough top players?


    I do agree that Crean seems to be giving up wins — or at least close games — but forcing this team to play the style he wants his future teams to play, even if it isn’t quite equipped to do so.

  7. L’accent,

    Knight probably uttered those things and then went to hang out with one of his dearest friends, Bob Hammel. I’m fairly certain Hammel was a sports writer, but I should probably fact check that.

    Knight’s a complicated dude.

    Thanks for subscribing. The videos are free, but hopefully you enjoy the having access to the stories we write every day.

  8. I just thought of something and actually want to pose a question to you guys.

    What would have happened if we didn’t get Maurice Creek and Christian Watford?

    I don’t know about you guys, but I think we hit the lottery with these 2.

  9. jubilee-

    Wow, that is mighty positive statement; not used to seeing such nice things about the Hoosiers these days.

    I completely agree with you. Somehow, the Immediate Gratification Crowd has managed to paint Crean as a bad recruiter, going so far as to argue that Dwayne Wade should be seen as an example of why Crean can’t coach and can’t recruit; not the opposite.

    Meanwhile, right under our noses, we have two kids who, even in their fledgling forms, are giving us every reason to believe that with another year under their belts, they will have us scrapping for a tournament birth.

  10. Coaching trumps recruiting. Look at the job Coach Davis is doing with UAB this year. Prior to the start of the season he lost DeMarcus Cousins and three play­ers from Chipola Junior College who committed to UAB.

    I’ll take effort and team work over a team of one and done street legends.

  11. Aruss,

    And ironically the standing criticism against Davis by IU fans is that he could recruit, but couldn’t coach. You’re actually the first person I’ve ever heard talk about his ability as an in-game coach in a positive way.


  12. Casey-

    You will see swoon of fairweather fans start to apply revisionist history to Davis’s tenure and suddenly talk about how great he is, simply because he is now winning and Crean hasn’t yet.

    I guarantee you that most of these fans had Davis by the neck at one point.

  13. Monsieur Korman,

    No need to check the facts on Bob Hammel:

    His relationship with Knight became legendary. When most members of the press were excluded by Knight, Hammel had access. When Knight had no comment for anyone else, he had one for Hammel. Knight now says: “People [other members of the press] take a lot of shots at Hammel because they’re envious. He works hard, and they don’t want to work as hard. And he’s honest. When Hammel talks, I listen, whether I agree with him or not. I have a tremendous amount of respect for his opinion.”

    Everyone does. In 30 years at Bloomington, Hammel was an unprecedented 16 times named Indiana Sportswriter of the Year by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association and was four times named winner of the Indiana Sportswriters and Sportscasters’ Corky Lamm award. In 1990, he was selected to the U.S. Basketball Writers Hall of Fame. In 1995, he received the coveted Curt Gowdy Award from the National Basketball Hall of Fame. And in 1996, he received the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame’s Silver Medal Award for distinguished service. But there’s more than basketball: He has also been awarded the Bert McGrane Award by the College Football Hall of Fame and the Jake Wade Award by the College Sports Information Directors of America.

    He was no ordinary sportswriter, that’s for sure.

  14. There was always a witch hunt to get rid of Davis..Even without the NCAA concocting the most bogus investigation in history against Sampson, he would have likely been subjected to the same biased scrutinization that pounded at the door of Mike Davis every day of the week…The ol’ school boys now have the coach in place that they always wanted..All that irrelevant soundbites that spew from Crean’s mouth are wholesome reruns that touches ears like an ultraconservative church sermon on Indiana “culture”(I’m not too young to know that I never once heard Bob Knight use any of the righteous talk terminology that Crean seems to use to justify Indiana basketball..Knight didn’t need the words.. He simply defined doing the right thing trough his actions)…. I truly don’t understand what most are complaining about…It must just be the nature of blogs to bitch.

  15. Surely nobody is gonna come on here and claim Mike Davis was a good coach. He could recruit but he couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag.

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