Crean: We don’t want sumo wrestlers

If I learned anything from Tom Crean’s radio show on Monday night, it was this: Indiana fans love them some Tom Crean.

The Indiana coach didn’t so much answer questions from callers as he did thanked them for their glowing praise. Most didn’t even have questions. They just wanted to thank him for doing a good job.

Amazing what one win in Madison Square Garden, even if its followed by a loss, can do for morale.

But a few Hoosier fans did express some concern about the reasons Indiana got crushed on the rebounds by Kentucky and others. Crean of course, gave the obvious explanation.

“The difference is that they’re very athletic, and they’re older and we’re not there yet,” Crean said. “We can get better with our technique all the time. We can definitely get better with our leverage. That’s a great question, but you need to put into context what we’re dealing with and look at the ages of those guys and the body sizes. If Eli Holman was still here, and a couple of those guys were still here, maybe if we had Devin Ebanks still with us, if we ever had a chance to recruit him, those guys might have been able to hold those guys off. But those guys aren’t here as you know. They’re not here, so we’re doing everything we can do with these guys to help speed the process up with the lifting and the weights and the conditioning. … That’s the topic of the last couple of days, ‘When are you going to get a power forward?’ When are you gonna get this? Well we just signed four guys 6-9 or bigger, but they’re freshmen.”

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want another big man, though. One caller asked what an ideal big man would be able to do.

“Ideally, I’d like to get a guy that could average 20 points a game, 12 or 13 rebounds a game, block six or seven shots a game, dunk half of his basketballs, shoot 80 percent form the foul line, make threes at will and be the fastest guy on the court,” Crean said. “That’s what I’d want. But along the way, you have to find people you can put in that can bring different things to your table. Especially last year, we’re trying to get the best guys that we could get that can fit what we’re trying to do to have upside and improvement levels. I feel like we’ve got that.”

The power forward, Crean said, should be able to shoot from outside. He used former Marquette star Steve Novak as an example. He listed other general requirements for post players.

“Bottom line is we want to have an ability to go inside-outside,” Crean said. “We want to have guys that can hold their spot in the post, that can defend pick n’ roll, and that can develop their offensive potential as we go down the line. But we’re also not looking to find sumo wrestlers that clog the lane where you can’t get into the lane and make plays. That’s not the game. I don’t think that’s the winning edge you need right now in this game.”


  1. From the website. Thought this was a shame:

    Bldnblu: “I was seated in section a row 10, great seats right along side the student section which by the way was electric. The IU fans seated around me were great and very courteous. Had a blast heckling back and forth with the student section every time the students would turn to me and my friend next to me and start the heckling we would stand and flash our jerseys. I was wearing Walls my friend was wearing Pattersons.

    Then the horrible part, as my friend and I made our way back to my car my friend looks at me right before we get in and I knew what had happened even before he said a word. From the front passenger side of my car to the rear end, someone had taken a key and ran down the side of my car. As if that wasnt bad enough is there were IU fans walking by and pointing and laughing.”

  2. Kind of odd that Crean signed Bawa then, a very raw offensive player when Crean seems to value versatility and polish over sheer athleticism and being able to do one thing really well. I think that explains why we haven’t seen much of him so far, he’s just not there in terms of skill and basketball IQ.

    Statements like this though make me excited about the brand of basketball Crean intends to play when he gets a group of experienced and talented players. But I think it’s an open question whether the first true running team in a while will be able to succeed in the Big Ten.

    And to the UK fan, sorry your car got keyed, but did you really expect IU fans not to laugh at it? What did you think was going to happen, a flood of support and Carnuba?

  3. I had 1,600 worth of damage to my car in B town during football homecoming a few weeks back. An Illini fan, best we can guess, put a shoulder into the side of the car. Brand new vehicle and a family van at that.

    I hate to hear that happened, nobody deserves that. UK fans are dumb enough that maybe they did it to celebrate, who knows, haha. I guess my point is that there are stupid people all over the place.

    I will take my car flags off before going to the game next year. GOD forbid I catch someone in the process…

  4. watford will not be the power forward who can shoot 3’s at will if crean doesn’t correct his shooting flaw. he’s hinging the elbows and taking the ball too far behind his head. straight up and out coach. will give him a much quicker release as well.
    not the only hoosier with shooting technique issues, btw.

  5. So wait …
    Crean is blaming the lack of rebounding on not keeping KS’ recruits?
    From the same guy who never wanted Sampson’s name mentioned in his program, ever, is that a cop out?
    Just say, ‘Hey, we haven’t landed the big inside guy yet. Give us time. We are rebuilding a program.’
    As big of a horse manure situation as Tom is trying to clean up, wouldn’t one just one say
    they were going after the slots needing filling. Not the ones previously filled but were vacated when my predecessor left.
    Though I am thinking a few of us will admit. The Cincy-Xavier game might have wondered what talent might have been in Assembly Hall this year. Without the fighting, it’s some of the best.

  6. Sorry to hear about the keyed car. It’s not like this is England, though, where a lot worse can happen to a fan who goes into enemy territory trying to flaunt his colors.

    One must definitely opt for subtlety in these situations. Take all the regalia off of the car, and keep you cheers polite and modest. Expect to be uncomfortable. You are going into your rival’s stadium.

    This is simply how it is. Humans are still tribal about certain things. As for JPat getting his car dented IN Btown, I have no idea why that would happen…are you an Illini fan JPat? Or was it some random act of vandalism by a drunk tailgater?

  7. My friend had his car dented in Lexington at an UK football game…only he is a UK fan…things happen..also the guy he paid to park, put him in a no parking zone and he got a ticket…also UK lost…

  8. of course not, I am IU all the way. I park in the grass lot because my kids are young and might fall on the pavement. They are getting older so I think next year we start going to a lined lot with the older folks. I have a red car that sticks out IU and all I can think is that it was a drunk college kid but I tell myself it had to be an Illini fan.

  9. Though hampered by hamstring injuries for much of the early season, Gordon continues to shine….Last night Gordon shot 10 of 15(.667)..The rest of the Clippers roster shot a combined 25 of 67(.373).

    Clippers 97, Wizards 95

    The Clippers trailed 64-47 in the third quarter before a 20-2 run put them ahead early in the fourth. Gordon was a consistent offensive threat in one of his better games during an injury-plagued season, finishing 10 of 15 with three 3-pointers.

    “In his second year he has more confidence, and he’s becoming more of a playmaker,” Davis said of Gordon. “We’ve got to keep finding him, because he’s the focal point of our offense. He sets the tone. He sets the tempo for us.”

    Sweet left-handed hook shot going across the paint @ 0:20 mark of clip. GO EJ!!

  10. would rather watch Purdue and UK whoop people in basketball than Gordon and the Clippers…jeeeez!

  11. GFJr: Dad, I saw something weird at the Hoosier Scoop the other day.

    GFSr: What’s that son?

    GFJr: Dustin and Chris did a vid about basketball.

    GFSr: Isn’t that what the Scoop is about?

    GFJr: Used to be. Nowadays it’s about somebody named Downing and another guy who says he’s fat. Downing posts under a bunch of names and the other dude hates everything. They argue with each other all the time about things that have nothing to do with IU. I can’t tell wtf is going on.

    GFSr: Watch your language.

    GFJr: Sorry. But these guys make me so mad. Downing has arguments with himself, you know, like that Sybil chick. He even reposts things from the past, like anybody cares. Today we got soft porn. I think the Scoop is starting to suck. People are complaining.

    GFSr: Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

    GFJr: What? Is that like when Neo was stuck in the matrix while Zion was attacked?

    GFSr: No son. What I’m saying is that it’s very easy for the minority to ruin things for the majority. But, short of everyone boycotting the Scoop, I doubt there is much that can be done. I’m sure rational discussion won’t help. Blogs aren’t about people changing.

    GFJr: That’s a little deep, dad. It’s just the internets.

    GFSr: Yeah ok. But if visiting the site makes you upset, maybe you and your friends should take a break.

    GFJr: Maybe we will, but we really like all the info and the vids.

    GFSr: I know. I bet Chris would appreciate a thanks for the job he and the guys do. They probably get more flak than kudos. Although I do think they need to have a better system of moderation than you are suggesting they have.

    GFJr: You’re right dad. Thanks Chris.

  12. “No son. What I’m saying is that it’s very easy for the minority to ruin things for the majority. But, short of everyone boycotting the Scoop, I doubt there is much that can be done. I’m sure rational discussion won’t help. Blogs aren’t about people changing.

    Great lesson for little GF Dave. Make sure to warn him about the dark-skinned people, immigrants, Catholics, and homosexuals, too. Wouldn’t want his idyllic life in Real America to have to deal with such frightening things with different opinions.

  13. Tom, for a guy that bashes white christian basketball players all the time, that is a very bold statement. Who’s got issues? Not me my friend. You’re the hater.

  14. Few days back , a certain blogger posted under the name This Blog Rocks . Here were his exact words:

    Fantastic blog. Casey, JPat, Jay, stevealford, Husky, D-5, Clarion, Chronic, PB and Korman (and not only) spin a furious web of fast-paced conversations. It’s like the 1984 Sergio Leno movie Once Upon a Time in America (the original version, presented at Cannes). Your stories take the reader everywhere at once with passion and eloquence and in some cases with suggestive silence (GF Dave). It’s epic. As someone said, it’s harder to follow, because there are now so many thoughts running around, but I find it very refreshing and I think that you are all very generous to share your thoughts and as a reader I just want to say: thanks! to all of you.

    Go Hoosiers!

    I’m glad that not everyone thinks like cranky old GF Dave, who would rather give us a play-by-play of how IU lost 47-7 to Virginia than to wander off the conventional path and tell us something interesting.

  15. Downing congratulates himself for giving kudos to the blog because he posts here and uses his self congratulations as a way to imply that others approve. More Sybil.

    Tom, I want to reiterate that you do not know me or my politics or social mores. Don’t guess. You are bad at it and continue to be so very, very wrong.

    You are the guy with the stereotypes about me and others here. You know, all that backwoods, illiterate Republican stuff you posted. Remember? So don’t tell me your link to that picture was your way of saying something positive or accepting. Or that bashing the white, christian athletes is anything more than a product of your own bias and stereotypical point of view.

    You went to a place where the king has no clothes. And you documented it yourself. Good job.

  16. Man, I was really starting to enjoy GF Dave’s suggestive silence . Since you are back amongst the living, Dave, I have some advice:

    Try an apple sometime. My favorite kind is the honeycrisp, although this season I have to say that the fuji and pink lady varieties have been especially splendid. You can buy them in big glorious bags at Bloomingfoods. Make sure they are organic; apples are one of the worst pesticide-sprayed foods out there.

    I recently bought a bag of winesaps; they were small and red, and promised a lot of crunch. But when I bit into the first one, I got a mouthful of mealyness that reminded me of a red delicious. I still ate the whole bag though, because part of the reason to eat an apple is because of its age-old reputation as a nutritious natural elixir.

    Still, these are just my personal tastes; to each his own apple.

  17. GFDave, I enjoyed the 12:13 post more than you know. Nice job!

    Terence, Wishing Well was your only #1 hit. Sign Your Name was close but then we never heard of you again…you just disappeared!!!

  18. J Pat- aww, schucks, its just me, Husky, pretending to be an 80’s afro-brit… Posts that are only a few minutes apart and have very similar tone are usually from the same person.

    One hit only? Did you forget about Wishing Well?


  19. Get off the racial stuff. You have no basis and I find it over the top offensive. You are just flat wrong. Period.

  20. GF Dave- It’s called winding someone up. I know you aren’t a racist, I am just giving you a hard time. This is a blog, yet you are acting like we are at church, trying to shore up the morality of a community.

  21. I think it is a respect issue. I enjoy GFDave and Husky input, always have, but when you pick at someone in person or on a blog with race or religion…that is a little off. No offense, just my opinion!

  22. JPat- Right. Just remember, it was GF Dave’s cute little dialogue, which you enjoyed so much, which basically preached that the blog should be exclusively suited to GF Dave’s comfy family morality, at the expense of all other point of views. He even tacitly suggested more censorship. This, to me, is offensive, so where do we draw the line?

  23. My intention is not to shore up moral standards or family values (again with the wrong stereotype). I personally wasn’t shocked by any of the content today. Its just not what people expect to see when they come to read and talk IU sports. I’m trying to help steer this blog back on course. There is way too much about this thing that is non-IU sports. Its the topic, not the message or opinion.

    BTW, I wrote that dialog about a week ago and was waiting for the right time, so its catalyst was not what you think.

  24. Husky, I think that cursing, religion, and race should be censored. That is just my opinion. Save that for BW3’s, Nicks, or Yogis! I usually just skim over the stuff I don’t agree with. I am not perfect at all. The different posters with 1,000 names bug me because they usually attack and write more BS than the topics of IU sports. The blog on a whole has taken a turn for the worst all around in the last couple months but I am hanging in there. It all comes down to opinion, ethics, morals, and character and boils down to respect for one another. I would not talk trash about Wash Huskies, as you are a fan, out of respect…that is just me. I will never call D-5’s stuff crap again because it bothered him and I am serious about that. I could go on and on but I say again, it is a mutual respect issue. It is almost Dec 25, can’t we all get along…for now???

  25. Can someone tell me where I can make a comment about Tom Crean’s philosophy on recruiting big men? I can’t tell if this is a Glenn Beck blog or eHarmony.

  26. When the walls tall enough,
    When the walls strong enough,
    This is when you want to most fear your neighbor.
    My son, they are the walls entrenched in the footings of deepest dirt. They are the walls most often built with words.
    And the walls of words,
    Unlike the stone for turns to dust,
    Are far more impenetrable for they are built with the mortar of human failings.


    Nearly all the posts I am accused of making are not mine. Korman could answer to it if he so chooses. You would have rifled me down given opportunity.

  27. STLHOOS,
    I hope you are thick skinned. Facts about Crean are not taken very well around here.

  28. Tom Crean is a fraud. He has no “philosophy” he’s as chaotic as his Twitter page. There … since you asked.

  29. OK let’s be serious.

    GFDave’s use of the term “minority” has nothing to do with anyone’s dissenting opinions. And his statement is in no way analogous to anything racial, so I don’t even know why that debate lasted so long.

    He’s speaking to the two or three posters on this blog (which, ahem, constitutes a minority) who muck up every story with nonsensical ramblings about apples and subject matter that has no connection to IU athletics whatsoever. He’s talking about the minority of people who post under 100 different names and engage in staged conversations with themselves in order to create the illusion that someone actually finds what they say interesting.

    There’s “winding people up,” and then there’s being just flat-out annoying. There’s a difference between playful banter and consistent annoyances.

    A funny, off-the-wall post here and there is fine, but for once it’d be nice to see one of these posts consist of a normal discussion void of any sort of whimsical nonsense.

    I don’t think anyone here is scared of the minority opinion. No one is opposed to hearing another point of view. But the MAJORITY of posters on this blog seek to have a conversation that’s relevant to IU sports, and a MINORITY of the site’s visitors are ruining the experience by being obnoxious.

    But it’s apparent that, despite the criticism and requests, the parties involved have no intention of stopping, so I suppose we’ll just have to work around it in the future.

    Sadly, I feel most for Korman and Dustin, who work hard to update this site several times a day with relevant news, and who continually make concerted efforts to create a blog environment conducive to open and stimulating discussion. They’ve done that, but it’s being tainted by the garbage that’s being posted on here lately. I can’t help but think that when they pour through these comments, they feel a bit disappointed that their efforts are being wasted on a few people who don’t understand or appreciate the intents and purposes of the Hoosier Scoop.

    I’d bet anything they’re more than annoyed/disappointed at this point.

  30. stevealford,

    When have you ever actually attempted to cite a FACT about Crean?

    I can’t recall.

    All you’ve posted so far are unsubstantiated, broad claims like…”Crean is overrated,” or “Crean’s a bad coach.”

    Those are opinions — subjective statements. Those are not facts.

    A FACT would be something like…”Tom Crean has a higher career winning percentage while coaching in a more difficult conference than Steve Alford.”

    Something like that. FACTS are scarce in these posts to begin with, but I don’t think anyone would have trouble accepting a fact about Crean if you offered one, but you don’t. And I’m guessing you won’t any time soon. You’ll just stick to your patented “Crean sucks — bring in Pat Knight” mantra.”

    Boring. Old. Stale.

  31. There are many fine contributors on this site.

    Casey, nice post!
    GF Dave, nice job!
    J Pat, Nice Job!

    D-5 you say that you have not made of all the comments that you are accused of. That may be true. Let me ask you, haven’t you made enough comments to warrant the accusations?

    Husky Tom, generally your remarks are relevant and on point. You, like me, have your faults. I’ll try to do better. Will you try?

  32. Clarion,
    Not sure I understand what you are asking, but Steve Alford took a SW Missouri State team to the Sweet 16.

  33. Definitely what I’m saying, Jay.

    90% of my posts are relevant to basketball..I don’t use other names to engage in conversation with myself. You’re obviously obsessed. Y

  34. stevealford,

    Phil Jackson has won ZERO NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS without either Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Does that mean he’s a bad coach? Of course not. OF COURSE a team that’s successful has good players. It still takes a good coach to manage and form those players into a successful, cohesive team. How many times have we seen a team stacked with talent collapse because of lack of chemistry or focus? Quite frequently.

    Excluding Wade makes no sense. It just shows how far you have to reach to (unsuccessfully) attempt to detract from Crean as a coach.

    Let’s not forget that in his final year at Marquette, Crean had a legitimate Final Four contender before the team’s star, Dominic James, was forced into inactivity due to injury. The year before that, Jerel McNeal had to sit out the tournament with a broken wrist. Some unfortunate and untimely injuries halted two legitimate basketball teams…

    If I told you that Coach K sucked, and that Crean should replace him at Duke, besides laughing at me, how would you refute my claim?

    You’d most likely cite the fact that Coach K has more career wins, a better career winning percentage, more rings, more conference championships, more tournament appearances, more Final Four appearances and more conference wins than Crean. You’d be right, and it would be easy to conclude that Coach K is, in fact, a better coach than Crean.

    So likewise, when you tell me Crean isn’t a good coach, and Alford would do a better job as Indiana’s head coach, I’ll say something like this:

    Crean has more career wins, a better career winning percentage, more conference championships, more tournament appearances, more Final Four appearances and more conference wins than Alford. Thus, it’s easy to conclude that Crean is, in fact, a better coach than Alford.

    See what I did there? See, that’s called using logic. That’s called letting the coaches’ numbers stack up, and calling it like it is.

    It’s fine if you just don’t like Crean. But PLEASE stop pretending like you have any actual sort of factual backing for why Alford is somehow a better coach. It’s becoming more and more apparent that you’re simply one of the many stubborn “keep it in-house” loyalists who can’t deal with having a non-Hoosier as our coach. Get over it already!

    Try forming an actual argument that’s longer than a sentence, and stronger than the crap you tried to use last time.

  35. Casey,
    You are making no sense. Crean only has one fluke year with Wade, and no championships. Phil Jackson has 10 championships. That is called consistency.

  36. steveo,

    You’ve been there and done that with that argument. It was weak sauce. NM is looking good though, I will give you that. Best start since 95-96.

    Casey, don’t let this clown get you down.

  37. Jay- I not comfortable with your self-nominated roles as judge of who is good and who isn’t. After all, you leave imbeciles like stevealford, who ruthlessly bash Crean as “a fraud,” out of the equation, while asking me to “try harder.” Sounds pretty fishy to me.

    Downing- I could have used you in here a lot earlier. The natives have really stepped up their attempts to achieve ethnic cleansing today; I’ve been taking all sorts of flack for the two of us. I would hope that instead of passively and deferentially bowing down or bending over, you would back me up and defend this blog as a place for creative and interesting free speech, and not just a place to talk about leaf blowers and how great the Hoosiers are.

  38. steve,

    Once again, you provide no sort of tangible argument. We’re obviously in completely different places. I’ll let you keep living in your delusional world.

    I guess I’ll keep living in my fantasy world where Tom Crean is a good coach.

  39. Husky Tom,
    I don’t go after Steve for one simple reason. He never says anything of value. You say things that have value, then you go off and disappoint me. So I am wrong. I’ll clean my act up, not by bashing Steve but by ignoring you too.

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      s'----------'    '----------'   '--------------'`--------------------`
         Clarion           Jay              Casey             GFDave

  42. Roger, over and out:

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                    : :   / ;  :".  \                       
                    ; ;  :  :  ;  `. `.                    
                   /  ;  :   ; :    `. `.                     
                  /  /:  ;   :  ;     "-'                    
                 :_.' ;  ;    ; :                          
                     /  /     :_l                      

  43. Tom-

    Who are you trying to kid? Was it not only a few weeks ago that you were asking the creator of the clever dialogue above to bring silence to the dinner table of a Downing dinner? You fit in just fine here…They respect you..They should.

    You have been given legitimacy by their Herald King..King Korman has knighted King Vocab of Basketblog….You have been honored with his Sword of Acceptance placed upon your shoulder in gratitude.

    “He is an excellent contributor to this blog…”

    You are the knight that cometh in shining literary armor..and I’m the guy that’s “not real”…the guy you don’t want to take to Vegas…the guy that’s stupid on football…..the guy that’s the Crean-hater(from comments I’ve seen here lately, that ink you placed on my skin may be a tattoo removed)….the guy that’s told he hits the Scoop’s “new low”…the guy that fiddles to put out a smart Roman’s son his candle glow ..the guy that is asked to give rational motivation for teasing thoughts or forced to drink from the pit of where all collective bloggers vengeance will grow…

    It’s O.K. I like the role of castaway. The Basketblog was an island that welcomed me…I have no desire to be part of this fraternity…You’ll finally be a frat rat in the party you’ve always longed…And though we were like blogging brothers on Basketblog, I don’t seem to remember an invitation..Am I wrong? Wasn’t I the uninvited guest? Basically, you gave a true statement..I was searching the brother I’d lost…It’s o.k…I’m happy for you.
    And as a card-carrying member of the Monroe Reservoir Yacht Club you can sail your imagination away their boundless man-made sea…drown in your little pretentious “dark side” puddle while screaming from decks a mockery chant… “Downing’s a fool!.. His silence the glory, no waves in this pool!”

  44. Downing-

    The Yacht Club? The fraternity? Try again. This group is the Promise Keepers of the Scoop. I’ll never fit in. Why? Because the two most important vows one must take for membership are 1) to heap eternal and unquestioning praise upon the Hoosiers, especially Fred Glass and Bill LYnch and 2) To never let the real world of race, religion, or politics slip into your posts, unless, of course, you want to talk about leaf blowers.

    However, I am comfortable in my marginal position, and unless GF Dave’s proposed censorship edict is passed by Korman, I’ll be around as always.

    You, Basketblog Brother, must follow suit. I won’t accept your weak self-loathing attempts. If there is one entity that shares by blogging philosophy out there, it is you. I’d rather tear out the rest of my hair reading your EJ updates that take a single sip from the cup of conformity sought by the Rushmore/South Park Bloggin’ Promise Keepers.

  45. Yes Alford you are correct about the Sweet 16. Coach Crean took his team to a Final Four. SA has left a tough conference to coach in a weaker one. While Coach Crean left a tough conference for a bigger school in another tough conference. I am sure his 8 year record at Iowa (conf. 61-67) is why he has chosen to step down in competition.

  46. Mike Davis even has a more impressive post season Resume than Crean. He took IU to a National Championship game which is better than a final 4 and also has more tournament wins outside of that season.
    It sounds like you guys must believe Pat Knight will be the next coach rather than Steve Alford. You may be right.

  47. I’d rather tear out the rest of my hair reading your EJ updates that take a single sip from the cup of conformity

    I was planning on more than three EJ Updates…Maybe Jay can give you a chest hair waxing.

  48. Alford it is true Davis had a good year and then down hill after that. Neither PK or SA will make the grade to be IU’s coach.

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