Fontan: IU not completely out, but “it’s looking that way”

Jio Fontan denied that Indiana is “100 percent out” of his recruitment, but the 6-foot, 185-pound point guard transferring from Fordham did say that it was leaning that way.

Fontan was initially supposed to visit Bloomington on Saturday for Indiana’s game against Kentucky, but that plan fell through and he ended up visiting Miami (Fla.).

“Honestly, it’s really hard, even for me explain, kind of,” Fontan said Saturday as he was getting off a plane in Miami. “The last time I talked to coach (Tom) Crean, he seemed very interested. (Assistant coach Roshown) McLeod seemed very interested. It was just a little bit of miscommuniction. I kind of got a different feeling toward the program. I still like Indiana basketball. I really like the university. It just didn’t work out, unfortunately.”

Fontan reiterated that Indiana wasn’t completely out, but said it was “looking that way now.” He said he expects to visit Southern California and Tennessee, and could make one more visit to either Arizona, Oklahoma State, Kansas State or another school. He is trying to enroll for the spring semester so he can begin playing again after final exams in Dec. 2010.

East Coast recruiting reporter Adam Zagoria initially reported the Miami visit and said that Indiana had been ruled out of the picture.


  1. It is funny how a couple days ago most people were excited for him , but now we are out of the picture nobody wanted him to begin with.
    I am glad also , but the reality is we will probably just go after another sub par guard. God forbid we save the scholarship for a big or at least so we don’t have to run people off.

  2. Crap.

    He would have been the answer to getting our butts kicked on the boards.

    6′ foot guards no one ever heard of are program savers.

  3. And Laffy arrives once again to offer the same exact commentary he does on every IU basketball post…

    I understand what Crean’s doing here — recruiting any good player he feels would fit the system, in an effort to improve our depth and accelerate the rebuilding process. If this were a normal year, I doubt Crean would waste the energy, but I guess his philosophy is that anyone who can contribute almost immediately is worth looking at.

    I’m glad, though, that we’re not wasting a scholarship on a player who might take time to fit in to our team, and who can only play a year and a half anyway. Let’s pursue other options.

  4. stevealford tue dec 29 new mexico plays texas tech (which is now ranked 23). who are you rooting for?

  5. Selby’s got to like IU’s potential with him at the point. I’m more than content going All In for Selby, and if we get dealt the Full House we’ll be amonst the Big Ten chip leaders heading into ’10. By the way, Maurice Creek could be the next Calbert Chaney at IU if he keeps progressing at his current rate – ESPN won’t say it, but he outplayed UK’s Bledsoe…

  6. Does anyone remember the “Baby Boilers” that the last Sampson team beat two years ago? That team featured three highly touted 4 STAR RECRUITS. Two years later, after some time to develop and learn the system, these 3 guys, Hummel, Moore, and Johnson, have Purdue in the top friggin 5 in the country. It’s a patented recruiting strategy that rebuilding programs with solid coaches use: start with long-term building blocks of 4-star caliber, until you have a mature nucleus. From there, things will fall into place. It won’t happen overnight.

    Looking at Wall and Cousins makes me envious. But seriously, we should be thankful to have a recruiting class packed full of 4-star guys that will keep developing and are undoubtedly already learning how to play with the big boys. Kentucky’s team will look different every year. But we will be the same Indiana, stronger and more experienced.

    Next year we challenge for a tournament spot and 5th place in the conference; two years from now we are the headache and envy of the Big 10.

  7. rutabaga,
    I will not be rooting for either team, but enjoying a basketball game in its purest form. 2 well coached unbeaten teams who will be ranked , battling it out. Maybe the winner gets the IU job next year?

  8. Husky Tom,
    Are you freaking kidding me? The “baby boilers” won 25 games their freshman year, 27 the next , and are 7-0 this year.
    I would say we are a tad behind.

  9. Alford- the point is, the guys who were 4 star as freshmen are now the nucleus of an even more powerful team.

    If Elston, Watford, Creek and Hulls came into a team with DJ, EJ, and other developed veterans, then perhaps they’d be winning 25 games their freshmen season as well.

  10. I can’t be disappointed in possibly missing a player that I know very little about, who doesn’t seem all that interested in IU and has very little eligibility remaining. I’d much rather see that open spot go to a Selby or a high potential four year player. If it happens to be a big post player, all the better.

  11. And with the recruiting classes coming in to follow up these ‘baby boilers’, Purdue will remain a strong conference title contender for the foreseeable future. Oh, and they’re 9-0.

  12. Right. Yet, E’twaun and JaJuan (gotta love those names) will probably be gone, and Purdue will be relying on younger, albeit promising players to steer the ship; meanwhile, IU will have 4 four-star sophomores, and the gap will be a lot narrower than this year.

    Sometimes Big 10 basketball is a lot simpler than we make it out to be. The teams with good coaching and veteran leadership at the point win ballgames. Young talent alone won’t get you anywhere.

    Remember the Ohio State team that lost to Florida in the national championship a few years back? I’m sure a lot of naysayers, such as stevealford, would point to that team being “led” by 5-star freshmen Greg Oden and Mike Conley. Well, the truth is, the other three starters on that team were seniors, including two of the guards.

  13. Miscommunication? I’m wondering if this is the same type of miscommunication that there was with Williams. You gotta wonder if one of the assistants is offering or making it sound like we are offering, when actually we are just inquiring. Hopefully they get things squared away. As was the case with Williams, I am glad the situation has played out like it has.

  14. Have to agree I’m glad we didn’t spend a scholly on this guy. Our last game proved in soooo many ways that we are in need of a quality big man more than anything else right now. Bawa has got to see the floor more a whole lot more if we are not going to recruit that position for the next year or so and our big guy needs rest in his hands. Crean has got to steal him some minutes where ever and when ever possible. Our next three games should provide him with an excellant chance for him to see a considerable amount of minutes. There is simply no substitute for actual game time experience and he isn’t getting it on the bench during games. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Can he really be that much worse than Jobe and even if he is he seems to be our future in the middle so give him the minutes. Bawa should not be allowed to leave the gym this off season if he is our big guy next year. LOL

  15. We have a backlog of guards coming in already. Oladipo, Carlino, Eherington and Sheehey. I think Fontan kid saw that and decided it may not be the right move. Also, let us admit to the fact that Selby is the player we really want. We need to make sure we don’t do another David Williams thing again by offering scholarships to players who would just fit in. Stop the bargain hunting.

  16. If one of the reasons we lost to Kentucky is the significant disparity in size, maybe we need to aggressively recruit some bigs — and not just projects, some guys with coordination and footwork.

  17. Stevealford – IU wont have an opening for a head coach next year…pay attention.

    I do agree with the assessment that two years from now we will be a force in the Big Ten..barring key defections.

  18. Sheehey is likely to move up in the rankings by season end – he should be a 4-star recruit before enrolling at IU.

  19. Don’t need any more point guards. Needs some DeMarcus Cousins and other bigs that have good SAT scores. Get Bawa and Jobe in a dance and ballet class; maybe ballet too! 🙂 Go Hoosiers.

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