For what it’s worth

Caleb Porter, who has not returned my calls, told the Akron Beacon-Journal he’s not interested in the Indiana job:

”I’d prefer not to comment on it,” Porter said Wednesday. ”I’m focused on Akron. However, if people are wondering if I’m interested, I am not.”

UA plays Tulsa at 4 p.m. Saturday in a game that could send the Zips to the Final Four.

Porter addressed the issue with his team Tuesday and told his players he is not interested in Indiana.

So, there’s that. The chances of Porter shrugging and saying “Sure, why wouldn’t I be interested?” were exactly zero. He’s in the midst of a title chase.

Meanwhile, Mike Freitag just held an emotional press conference in the press box at Armstrong Stadium. He struggled through tears while reading a prepared statement that called for an end to negativity but stated in the most not uncertain of terms that he did not agree with his dismissal or the way it was handled.

We’ll have more coverage of that in a bit.


  1. is there any way, you could put freitag’s statement on the blog, curious to know what he said

  2. Thats a huge blow to the coaching search. Porter is the man to get the job done at IU. However, this isnt a 0% chance, what realistic coach would say yeah i want to coach somewhere else when they are in a title hunt? Its typical coach talk. With the right amount of money thrown CP’s way, he’ll come

  3. My advice: go after Arsene Wenger.

    Other options: Frank Rijkaard (Galatasaray) or Jose Mourinho (Internazionale Milano).

    They are all waiting a call from H. E. Glass.

  4. Just find out who Ball State last fired as their Soccer Coach and hire him. It sure has worked in Football!!!

  5. Please leave my name out of this. I’m happy where I am!

    Seriously, Caleb has more to consider than just money. If the table can be turned against Fry, who after JY, had the most to do with building Indiana soccer,it can be turned against anyone. He has HIS OWN great thing going at Akron with noone looking over his shoulder.

  6. Wenger’s assertion that Freitag had the second most to do with building IU’s soccer program is, at best, a stretch. Don’t assume that the duration of affiliation with the program automatically qualifies someone as a builder.

    Several names come to mind as being at least as important as Freitag; just because they left doesn’t mean that their contributions aren’t real and lasting.

  7. The process of hiring college coaches is murkier than L. Monroe during flood season. Until things wash out, there can be no clarity. In the meantime, I appreciate the efforts of all those who keep casting their lines & trying to hook something substantial.

    It’ll be interesting to see not only which candidate Glass brings home, but also the manner in which he approaches his first hire & the qualifications (& compensation) appurtenant thereto. I hope everybody is taking notes, because this could be a primer for another topic of discussion just about this time next year.

  8. Hughsie,

    I wasn’t suggesting that at all. I agree that several have been responsible including guys like JT who I think should get serious consideration. But, you cannot deny Fry’s contribution and loyalty over 25 years.

  9. Of course Caleb Porter is interested in coaching IU. He’s not stupid; he’s not going to say he’s interested while his team is playing in the Final 4, duh! We’ll see if he changes his tune once the season is over. I would bet that it does…

  10. I would believe the hiring of the next head coach was transparent, but for some reason Coach Yeagley cannot control his excitement and already several friends that Todd is taking over. Its a shame that coach’s passion for the IU program blinds his actions and it will be very difficult for many to take todd as his own person. Why else do you think he went to Wisconsin as dad was upset. I heard todd has potential, but my concern is dad was be all over this, and be 24/7 in todd’s ear. It certainly is going to start turning people off.

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