Freitag will not return as Indiana soccer coach

Here’s the full story, posted on HoosiersHQ.

Here’s the short of it:

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass reviewed the state of the program and decided that it was not headed in the direction he wanted it to. Yes, Indiana lost 10 games this year for the first time in program history. It also played a difficult schedule.

“The record, that was only part of it,” Glass said. “If I had thought the program was going in the right direction the record wouldn’t have mattered. But, ultimately, I could not come to that conclusion.”

Glass will begin the search for the third coach in program history — Freitag was Jerry Yeagley’s hand-picked successor — immediately. He has said he’d prefer to hire a coach with an Indiana background, and acknowledged his plan to contact the athletic directors of the “three or four” successful alums currently coaching in college.

Those first two calls will likely be to Caleb Porter, coach of the No. 1 Akron Zips, and Jerry’s son Todd Yeagley of Wisconsin.

Brian Maisonnueve, an assistant at Louisville, could also become a candidate.


  1. Obviously Caleb is the logical choice. However, if he wins the national championship this year at Akron will he really leave? I guess we’ll know in a few weeks.

  2. Wow, the soccer team goes to the final 16 and he fires the coach, the football team looks like a high school team and he keeps the coach. Go figure.

  3. Hopefully he already has someone like Porter in his back pocket, otherwise why make the move. I’ll admit his teams have not played with the same intensity as Yeagley’s, but then again neither have any of the BB teams since Knight “left”

  4. Amazing Glass does this, yet keeps Lynch who is a dead man.

    It was time for Freitag to go

  5. Freitag must not have been part of the old boys club and deserving of protection from Glass, despite pathetic on the job performance like “others.”

  6. Did Freitag not have any years left on his contract? I know Glass just came out and said contracts now mean somthing here. That is why we are stuck with Lynch and Crean.

  7. Get off your Crean soap box. He just stated, where Lynch and Freitag have been failures for years, yet only Freitag gets the boot.

  8. Unbelievable, Fred. I can see your Wal Mart logic shining through.

    Firing Lynch: too expensive. Better to spend a few pennies on gimmicky promotions than to invest in a quality coach. Keep the Old Boys Club happy with the local guy who maintains the status quo.

    Firing Freitag: bargain. Soccer coaches come cheaper. Not a lot of revenue at stake.

  9. Absolutley ridiculous Glass fired Freitag!
    Any soccer coach in the country would kill for the 6 years that he produced at IU! Not to mention the 11 years as an assistant. Wow, those ‘good ole’ boys won on that one!

    The is no question who will be hired! The seat was opened for Todd Yeaglery only, because Jerry Yeagley runs the show.
    Hard to imagine Freitag and his Staff fired with 1 NCAA college cup, 1 final four appearance, 2 runs at the sweet 16, and Elite 8 last year. Amazing ‘fire’ Glass! Way to support your winning Coaches!

  10. Guess I am the odd man out. I think Glass has done a good job thus far and I strongly support Crean. To the fire Lynch crowd – keep in mind that IU Soccer has been an elite program in the very recent past, while IU Football has never been an elite program. Glass has every reason to think he can replace Freitag with a proven, elite-level coach (perhaps even one with IU ties). Such an option does not exist with IU Football. No proven football coach is going to risk his career on IU (perhaps he would if we could pay him $3-4m per year, but we know that is not going to happen). Having to find a guy looking for his first D1 job or a young up-and-comer makes replacing the football coach much more of a gamble. Further, I believe Freitag’s contract was up this year – so there was no buyout cost. That is not the case with Lynch. While I am no supporter of Lynch, I just don’t see the point of comparing Freitag/soccer to Lynch/football. The programs and Glass’ options are just completely different.

  11. grace, can you honestly say that the soccer program has not declined under Freitag? Also, if he was given the job with Yeagley’s blessing, which he was, how can you say the seat was open for Todd? Too many people, soccer fans, basketball fans, football fans, etc fall in love and are loyal, too loyal to some coaches and a lot of the time because he/she is a good person. Bottom line… it is a coaches job is to win! They must also recruit well and show improvement but in the end it is their job to win.

  12. CT-

    Nicely stated point, but I won’t buy your rendition of the same old nauseating “no proven coach would ever want to come to IU” argument, in regards to football.

    If by “proven” you mean John Gruden or Tony Dungy, then you are right. However, “proven” can also mean a guy like Brian Kelley (or Hoeppner), who had tremendous success at the D1 level in a lesser conference. It could also be a Jim Tressel type, who won big in Division II at Youngstown State. Plenty of guys like this would love the challenge of turning around a Big 10 program with new facilities and a rabid base of sportsfans dying for good football.

    To think that we are “stuck” with Lynch “because it’s Indiana” is trite, defeatist, and just plain wrong. Fred Glass wants to save money and keep the Ole Boys happy – that is why, as he arrogantly declared, “Of course [Lynch] will be back.” What a bufoon.

  13. In spite of everything, Lynch has won 14 games in three years. If you look at the rest of IU’s football coaching history, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other coach with a record like that.

    Soccer, like basketball, is held to a much higher standard at IU than football. Remember when you, the fans, drummed Mike Davis out of town in spite of a 20-win season in which one of the team’s star players never played? The seven banners at Armstrong Stadium insure soccer is held in much higher regard than some other programs.

    Unlike the Davis scenario, I agree with the decision to send Freitag off. Whereas the basketball team under Davis was starting to rise up again (and crashed hard after his firing), soccer has been on a steady decline since the ’04 championship. We’re still getting some elite players, but in fewer numbers and with less skill than the guys we saw in ’03-’04. The results have been lackluster and, even when the team is up, they play a defense-heavy style of soccer that lends itself to giving up goals.

    After reading your comments, I feel as though, were God the atheltic director and Jesus the head football coach, you’d still find a way to criticize…

  14. I hope Caleb Porter gets the Job. He is tough nosed, and I know he will demand the same out of his players.

  15. CT, I think you make some great points. Like you, I am definitely not a Bill Lynch supporter. However, I can certainly see why the two hirings/firings are two very different animals. I don’t think Glass wanted to take a chance on the soccer program slipping any further because it is IU’s most elite athletic program.

    I know I don’t make it onto this board very often, but until I saw the post by stevealford I was not aware that there are actually fans out there that are not happy with Tom Crean’s performance so far. I find this amazing given the state of the program he inherited and the level of player he has been able to recruit despite that. I think IU is very fortunate that a coach of Crean’s abilities was even willing to take the job knowing how bleak the situation was at the time.

  16. For God’s sake, HB, stop using history as a justification for the present. Just because IU football has been historically bad doesn’t make it OK or understandable that we hold onto another lame duck coach.

    If we only use history to assess the merit of our present coach, then we might as well fold the program, because we will never win more than 4 games in a season.

    Poor coach selection is the disease here, while poor coaching and bad records are the symptoms. Stop spewing the determinist logic (“My grandpa was an alcoholic and drank 8 beers a day, so the fact that I only drink 6 beers a day is pretty good”)

  17. If anyone has actually watched the soccer team the last few years they will know this was the RIGHT decision.

    It is not the losses or record that matters but the pure lazyness that the team displays at times. I cannot count how many times the soccer team would go into prevent mode and stop trying after leading 1-0 (think Butler this year as an example) and lose games as a result. This has to fall directly on the head coach.

    If you watched the team during the Yeagley area you would see that if IU built a 1-0 lead they would keep playing and win 3-0. Now under Fretag they would more often than not yield a tying goal.

    And to those who say Lynch needs to go that is certainly true but Freitag needed to go as well. One has NOTHING to do with the other.

  18. I bet Glass is just sure he can get Porter, or at worst Todd Yeagley or UIC’s John Trask- who teams aren’t championship-level but noticeably improved in their short tenures. And honestly, even if Akron wins the national championship, the thought that Porter would stay there rather than come to Indiana- with its massive facility and recruiting advantages- no way. Only if he’s crazy loyal to Freitag does Porter not come.

    I’m sorry to see Freitag go, but the offense really tumbled over the last few years. I totally agree that the direction of the program was heading south. Generating multiple goals was a real weakness of Frietag’s teams, and the recruiting was beginning to fall off, too. Like the Mike Davis firing, I agree with it, but it’s a shame.

    And, uh, football fans? It doesn’t matter what you do, keep Lynch, fire him, whatever- Indiana is the worst all-time team in the Big Ten, even worse than Northwestern. Sorry, that’s just the way it is. Being an IU football fan is like being a Cubs fan, there’ll be a couple of decent years here and there, but mostly its an exercise in masochism.

  19. This firing and the future hiring will give us eye opening info on AD Glass’s process to upgrade a coaching position. So far half his decision is absolutely on the money; now we await the important second half. I agree one coaching position has nothing to do with the other but this evaluation of candidates will give us a pattern to follow into all future coaching upgrades made IU.

  20. I strongly hope it’s Porter. Not only is he just about the best there is, I fear if T Yeagley’s hired the whole thing will have a strong appearance of nepotism–whether it’s true or not.

    If IU can’t even get “the best coach out there” in soccer, of all sports, I’m afraid there’s not much hope for the Athletics Dept overall.

  21. Yea this years team under achieved. And yea they looked non-motivated. However, it does appear that IU is slipping in the big ten and the light that once shined on this proud program no longer is as bright. I don’t know if a coaching change was warranted or not. But the program is down for sure. Is it just me or is the soccer facility starting to look a little tired? Facilities have been the downfall of the football program and that piece of sh**t basketball arena is pitiful. Hopefully the soccer program can be saved. Upgrade the facilities before it is too late…

  22. Being an Akron soccer fan, I obviously hope Porter stays. However, it will be hard to turn down a chance to coach your alma mater. That being said, Akron is building a brand new state of the art soccer stadium starting next year. As far as recruiting goes…Akron had the fifth rated class 2 years ago and the number 1 class last year. I can’t see him doing any better than that regardless of where he goes. Last but not least, soccer will never be number 1 at Indiana…basketball will. At Akron, he can be the top dog.

  23. I have heard a lot of hesitation about Porter from people in the IU soccer family. Everything else about him, though, is impressive. I don’t particularly like the soccer their playing at Akron, but they have heart and that’s been missing in Bloomington for too long.

    Regarding Todd Yeagley as a candidate: if he gets the gig and doesn’t have success, then can IU get rid of him? Or are we stuck with him because he’s Jerry’s son?

    I’ve heard Maisonneuve’s name being thrown around in a few places. He may be worthy of a courtesy interview, but I would be SO surprised if he got the position.

    The name that’s conspicuously absent from a lot of people’s lists is Trask at UIC. He’s far more established in soccer coaching world than the other candidates being discussed. He’s an alum, has been an IU assistant, worked in MLS, and apparently has had success wherever he’s been.

    The other option is to do a shared coaching approach with Hoosiers who should be retiring from MLS soon. Garcia, Kovalenko, and Klein – co-head coaches. The character, leadership, grit, and grind missing from the program over the past several years would quickly return.

  24. Caleb Porter at Akron; Todd Yeagley (who has accomplished a master job at the U. of Wisconsin-Madison despite having little in the way of talent in his first year there); Mike Getman(U. of Alabama-Birmingham, former Harvard). All three, as well as John Trusk at UI-Chicago are top soccer coaches with solid IU histories.

    Indiana allowed the best, most dominant swimming program in NCAA history (perhaps in any sport)to fall by the wayside after the retirement of the legendary Doc Counsilman. It can not repeat that mistake. Glass’ stepping in and making the tough call is encouraging. It’s a tough call and demonstrates his expectation of excellence as a standard at Indiana.

    Lynch and Crean have shown promise and made strides. Accepting their visions for the football and basketball programs at this point will show if Hoosier fans are indeed knowledgeable and have the maturity necessary to deserve and establish a strong, complete (baseball, track and field. etc) athletic program.

    Playing the ‘nepotism’ cards in regards to prospective coach Todd Yeagley, former coach Jerry Yeagley’s son is not only unfair, it is stupid. He made his own history, paid his price as a top college, national and professional player; an assistant at I.U. and earned every bit of his way to a top Big Ten coaching job. He has proven and given every indication of being ready for his alma matter. (Grace, this is directed at your resentful and ridiculous commentary.)

    Solid Hoosier fans have high expectations and understand empowering the new A.D., Mr. Glass to do his job is the best strategy for achieving success. So far he appears to know where to use a scalpel, a dull ax and when to be patient, whether soccer, football or basketball.

    What strikes me is the impatience and needless, frequently whining commentary I read on this blog; and, by the same weekly 6-7 losers. In the words of Juan Carlos, King of Spain to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez: “Why don’t you shut up?!”

    Let Mr. Glass do his job.

  25. For those moaning about recruiting woes at iu, you’re completely missing the point. IU is loaded with players who’s credentials coming out of high school and club were stellar. It’s not talent that’s lacking – it’s character, it’s tactics, it’s leadership. Frei failed on those fronts.

    I for one would love more Hagedorns and fewer Nguyens – too many players who believe the hype about themselves. Hard working players with maybe a little less pedigree can do wonderful things for a team. Screw recruiting – we’ve had high school all americans leaving the program because they weren’t going to get playing time. Recruiting isn’t the problem at all.

    Playing for one another, for the team, for the school, etc. is what what has been absent since Frei took over. It hurts to say that because he is a good guy – but not
    the right one for this program.

  26. I was at IU with Kovalenko, Korol, Yuri, Porter, etc. That was soccer.

    I live in Raleigh now and was excited to see that IU would play UNC in Chapel Hill…only 25 miles down the road.

    So, I took my 4 year old…put on the IU stuff and headed to the game last Sunday.

    I thought I was watching youth soccer. Can you say Soft! I remember the days when IU used to win every head ball…beat everyone to the ball…and played as a team.

    This isn’t meant as a “remember the good old days”. It’s just an observation from someone who has not seen IU play since Jerry left. I will say the Yeagle from Louisville ran to a few balls but had little support.

    I knew Caleb Porter while at IU and he would be a great choice. There would be something very wrong if he were to stay in Akron, Oh…sub-par program (although great this year)…crappy town…crappy athletics…or be at one of the most successful soccer programs of all time…and be in the Big Ten. Only downfall is he would have to “weed” through the liberals in Bloomington…pardon the pun.

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