Glass: “We’re in a bit of a quiet period.”

Rumors circulating today that an announcement about IU’s next soccer coach will be made tomorrow are not true, athletic director Fred Glass said moments ago.

“We’ve made good progress and Chris (Reynolds, the sports administrator for soccer) has talked to a lot of people,” he said. “But with the College Cup this weekend, we’re in a bit of a quiet period.”

Glass and Reynolds accompanied the basketball team to New York City earlier this week, and were kept busy with that. Glass has yet to even meet with any of the candidates for soccer coach.

“We’ll certainly begin in earnest again early next week,” he said.


  1. Like I said, Glass is waiting for the new Sports Illustrated to come out so he can have some good sources to inform his decision.

  2. Who is buying this stuff that Glass says??? JY & TY knew it was his job before Freitag was asked to resign or get fired!

  3. I heard the basketball team was asked by Glass/Reynolds to meet at MSG for a midnight mid season evaluation. However, Coach Knight stepped in and said enough of this BS, and let Coach Crean do his job. One stare from Coach Knight was enough for Glass and Reynolds to head back to the bar and call JY for advice

  4. Have any of you who are bad mouthing Glass and the Yeagley’s ever stopped to consider that maybe, just maybe, there are things you do not know about the situation? You are so quick to second guess Fred Glass because he’s been here less than a year and is already getting rid of Freitag – ok, I can see that. But what about Chris Reynolds, who has been following the program closer than almost anyone since becoming the sport admin? And what about Jerry Yeagley? I do believe it’s true he didn’t like Freitag – but why are you so quick to assume it’s only because he wants his kid to coach? He cares more about this program than anyone. Maybe there are things about how Coach Freitag ran the program that even you wouldn’t like. Don’t act like you know everything, and that you know for a fact that this is all some shakedown by the Yeagley’s so they can control the program. After all, they DO know what they are doing. And keep in mind if Todd does become coach, he’s proven himself at every single level of soccer. And he had a pretty decent recruiting class in his first year at Wisconsin.

    Let’s not act like some crazy old man is taking control of a weak AD just to put his unqualified kid in control – because thinking that way is naive. You’re forgetting that the Yeagley’s are good people who are great at soccer.

  5. Timmy –

    You sound like you have some inside information regarding Freitag…Or are you the new PR firm hired by the Yeagley’s? We are all for the best coach possible to return the program to it’s rightfull position as a top five program….But, you have to admit, second guessing the Yeagley’s motivation is fun….

  6. Right. Most of us know there may be some info about the firing we don’t know and some of us are OK with the firing decision. What we are NOT OK with is the way it was handled publicly, its timing and from all accounts, if true, the way the decision was presented internally… and we are concerned Yeagley’s may NOW be calling the shots or having undue influence going forward in the program and that has us very concerned. Yes, we don’t know what we don’t know. If Yeagley SR is to have input he should have a formal title and role…it should all be transparent.

  7. If Jerry Yeagley wants to have his finger on the pulse of the IU soccer program, I say so be it. He built this thing from nothing and if Coach Yeagley thinks he has a good coaching candidate in mind, no matter what relation, that coaching candidate should be looked at. Look at Todd’s resume, its not like he is a slouch. He was a great player and has a good mind for the game.

  8. Timmy-

    Chris Reynolds is a heck of a nice guy. But he has LIMITED leadership qualities. Partly because he’s TOO nice of a guy.

    I wonder how much of Caleb (apparently) not being interested is because when Todd was hired he immediately jumped over Caleb as the top assistant, despite having no actual coaching in his history.

  9. Timmy I am with you. AD Glass is in charge and the only who will be held responsible regardless of the hire.

  10. As someone who played for Coach Yeags back in the 90’s, I can tell you first hand, it was time for a change. Anyone who remotely followed the program could clearly see the quality on the field declined significantly over the last couple of years. Since the 70’s, IU was known for always having 3-4 “special players” and the balance of the team comprised of great athletes that would run through a wall to get a result. Fast forward … not only has IU been unable to secure top talent as of late, to a player, the overall athletic ability of the team is not what it used to be.

    Among many challenges, more than anything else, it comes down to recruiting. Clearly there is a lot more parity within men’s college soccer today than ever before. That said … simply put, Freitag (and the current coaching staff) was unable to secure top talent. Coach Yeagley had a presence that was second to none. After spending 15 minutes with the guy, not only did you feel special, you felt like a valuable part of the IU family. If you were a parent of a top recruit, 9 times out of 10, you left your encounter with Coach Yeags wanting your son to play for the man. Freitag did not have that impact and never will. Thinking back, any significant success on the recruiting trail over the last 5-6 years was more often driven by past assistants (Todd, Caleb, etc.).

    A lot of the conspiracy theories circulating as of late are ridiculous. If you truly know the game and the rich history of IU soccer, accepting change should be welcomed. I am confident that the IU administration will select a new coach that A) embraces the foundation with which the program was built, and B) is capable of returning IU soccer to being THE top program in the country.

  11. Interesting that someone has been posting this same piece (of crap)on a bunch of soccer sites today:
    3 w’s dot

    Caleb Porter is not fit to wear DC United’s tracksuit
    Posted 01 Dec 2009 at 11:12 AM by Aaron Stollar


    So I keep reading stuff that has me thinking that United is about to veer off the traditional get-a-former-DC-guy path and hire a college or even an international coach. That would mean eschewing the conventional wisdom kind of picks like Richie Williams Soccer News Topics or Curt Onalfo.

    Steven Goff, who has been the only guy able to get any bits of info out of this process keeps bringing up Akron Coach Caleb Porter as being high on DC’s list.

    I’ll admit, I’d be very worried about United if they went out and got Porter. While I think they’d sell it as “We’re looking for new blood!” and “Schellas Hyndman wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone thought he would be!” I still think it would be an indication that rather than relinquishing some degree of control to a powerful “big name coach,” Technical Director Dave Kasper and GM Kevin Payne would be consolidating their control over matters. And considering how dreadful DC’s talent evaluation has been for the last couple years, United fans should be doubly worried about that.

    But maybe I am being too cynical, maybe a Porter signing indicates DC moving towards a slightly more athletic, more up-tempo, more physical style. Recently, United has resembled the world’s least effective and slowest Arsenal Soccer News Topics impersonators. They collapse with the same aplomb as Arsenal, just at a slower speed. Maybe Porter is sign of better things.

    But, looking over Porter’s resume, it does worry me that he has so little pro experience, playing only two years in MLS before a knee injury forced him to retire.

    This season, it’s hard to argue too much at first with Porter’s record, leading Akron to an undefeated record and a spot in the NCAA Soccer News Topics Quarterfinals. That said, he has done that without playing a single power team from the ACC, Big-East or Pac-10 Soccer News Topics all season and receving an utter joke of a draw from the NCAA. Since arriving in 2006, Porter’s teams have only played ACC or Pac 10 Opposition five times*, going 2-3. All season, I have been saying that Akron is completely counterfeit and that they’ve been that way for a few years now. I think they schedule soft and I think their results in the tournament have shown that.

    But I am going to admit something else that worries me about him – something that reveals a more ingrained bias. I am worried about hiring the guy becomes he’s from the Midwest.

    It’s not that being Midwestern makes coaches dumber or players worse, it’s just that competition isn’t nearly as high. Look at the USMNT player pool, only nine guys (Beasley, DeMerit, Guzan, Jewsbury, Perkins, Pickens, Rolfe, Simek, and Spector) are from what we might define as the Midwest (no, Texas does not count). Of those nine, only three stand any chance of going to South Africa. More relevantly, look at MLS coaches, only one (Hyndman) is from the midwest. Other than Kreis, an outlier from Louisiana, the rest either grew up on the East Coast, the West Coast, or abroad.

    Even more worrying, look at the other Midwestern coaches in MLS:
    Dave Dir – A four-year stretch with Dallas whose longivity can be attributed more to ownership’s lazyness rather than to any real success on his part.
    Bob Gansler – Seven years at KC, one title and much, much boredom
    Perry Van Der Beck – Stepped in after Mondelo was canned in Tampa’s final season. Now in Super-Y Program.
    BTW: I was expecting to find out that Greg Andrulis was from the Midwest. Turns out, he’s from Connecticut. Nutmeg state, he’s your fault.

    The same thing applies at the college level, for all the success we attribute to programs like SLU, Indiana, and Akron – IU was the last Midwestern team to win a title and that was five years ago. Looking beyond Bloomington, you have to go all the way back to Wisconsin in 1995 to find a Midwestern title-winner.

    So yes, part of the reason I am worried is that he is a Midwestern guy and one who even more worryingly has only ever coached in the Midwest and who has barely ventured out to the East or West to test his teams against the best. On top of all of that, Porter’s record is padded by playing in the piss-poor MAC Conference.

    Now maybe Akron runs the table and mows through its final three NCAA Tournament opponents to win a national title. In that case, I am completely wrong about Porter and about my theory on Midwestern coaches and will gladly admit so. But if Akron falls in the semifinals against likely opponents North Carolina, then it will only go to prove that Porter’s teams can’t really compete with the best, no matter how many games undefeated they go. That is what I expect will happen and that would worry me to no end if I was a DC fan. Also, maybe the club, still without a stadium and continuing to bleed Will Chang’s cash, wants to spend a bit less. Hiring Porter, who surely isn’t holding Akron ransom with his salary, is one way to do that.

    Here is the big question. Is this the kind of coach United wants to hire? The more I look at Porter and the opponents his teams have played, the more I see smoke and mirrors. I am not in favor of MLS teams hiring college coaches in general, but even I can think of at least three other guys who have demonstrably better resumes than Porter. Here are three off the top of my head.
    Sasho Cirovski, Maryland – Turned Terps into college soccer juggernaut, but unlikely to give up one of the best gigs in American soccer.
    Bobby Clark, Notre Dame – 70 percent win percentage with Irish plus lots of pro experience with Aberdeen and Scotland.
    Jorge Salcedo, UCLA – Has never missed out on NCAAs in six years in Westwood, plus lots of MLS experience.
    Each of them brings more college success and/or more pro experience than Porter.

    There was a time when I figured DC was too smart to be fooled by a resume this thin. Of course, there was a time when I thought DC United Soccer News Topics would have its own stadium and would have more than two central defenders to be proud of since Ryan Nelsen left. If Caleb Porter is what DC United thinks is good enough than this isn’t the DC United we all thought it was. Until he wins something, anything, on the national level, Porter has no business coaching a club that purports to have the ambitions of winning MLS and CONCACAF titles.

    If United management decides otherwise and hires Porter, we should start asking questions about just how serious United is about winning.

  12. More on Caleb situation:
    3 w’s dot

    One source said he believed Porter was 90 percent certain of going to United. Another source said DCU “badly” wanted to hire him.

  13. Im not sure why everyone thinks Todd Yeagly was the gauranteed heir to the head coaching job when its obvious IU tried to approach Porter first.

  14. It’s amazing how much everyone knows about this situation, despite the information that is ACTUALLY available.

    Let’s all just concede that no one knows the whole story. Why don’t we just wait until it all plays out and then make our judgments?

  15. How did the HT COMPLETELY miss this whole DC UNITED aspect of IU courting Caleb Porter for the men’s soccer coach position? Thanks to “longtimeiusoccer fan” for bringing us the worthless ramble by Aaron Stollar. His post makes me realize that “Husky T”, “IUsoccerfan”, et. al., are really quite reasonable, probably because they ARE Midwesterners!

  16. Tom mcg,

    It’s not obvious that IU tried to approach Porter first. As we reported the day that Freitag was fired, Indiana planned to approach SEVERAL successful alums to find out their interest in the program. There was no ticking off of names. Chris Reynolds reached out to several people.


    I mentioned somewhere in this rambling mess of comments that has become The Scoop that Porter’s name was being mentioned not only with the DC United job but the Clemson opening.

  17. My bad Chris, then he is the only one Ive heard comment on it, him and the Akron athletic dept. Still think my point is valid.

  18. Chris, sorry if I missed the reference to Porter being courted for the DC UNITED job- I just did not see it. In fact if you click on the soccer ball I can not find it and if you go to this blog under post categories-men’s soccer I can not find it. Can you help on this “archiving”? Thanks.

  19. I don’t see Caleb going to Clemson even though it’s ACC. However, if DC United winds up with Maryland’s coach you gotta wonder if Maryland would be tempting for him. All a long shot but in the realm of possibilities. I don’t see the MMaryland coaching staff staying intact.

    When Freitag spoke about untrue stuff going around campus in his speech do you think that was referencing the influence of Yeagley Sr? What his players were saying about him? Any other thoughts?

    Thanks for the opportunity to chat

    A Hoosier at heart

    1. I don’t know what Caleb’s ultimate goals are. He’s obviously had a lot of success at a young age. If he wants to, say, someday be the national team coach then he might want to jump to MLS. If he’s a guy who really wants to be around the college game for a while, you have to figure he’ll seek out the best situation. While he’s got it good at Akron, to be sure, it’s still the MAC. The ACC is without a doubt the premier conference.

      That part of Freitag’s statement was a bit bizarre. Had he taken questions that day, I would have certainly asked him what he was referring to. But he didn’t.

      There were some interesting reader comments left on both our Web site and the IDS. But it seems like there had to be more to it than that.

      I think ultimately it was a very emotional week, which was only to be expected. Just look at how hurt some of the Cincinnati players are about Brian Kelly leaving. As I wrote in my column, I think the situation with IU soccer exacerbated because the program had never gone through a coaching change like this before. It was totally new. We’re all a bit squeamish about letting raw emotion become public, but we also feel a need to have our side heard. To think that there was going to be any sort of “clean” severing of ties between Freitag and the University was wholly unrealistic.

  20. Tthanks Chris 🙂

    Wasn’t there a good football prospect we lost to Cincinatti recently? wonder if that changes anything.

    I think what ever Caleb decides it’s easier for him to leave if he wins the title. It’s UVA vs Akron. I’m routing for UVA and will be at the game. I’ve gone to a lot of ACC games this year.I can’t wait. Go UVA! Who knows maybe I’ll be able to ask Caleb about Yeagley’s influence or yell something out like ‘Caleb: ‘Come to IU’. (I should make an ESPN sign with that on it )I’ve been hoping for a UVA/Akron match up for months. Like IU , UVA has not had the recent sucess but they foucused on defence and just being patient in their play this year and it worked. Hopefully we will see IU back at the College Cup soon.
    The ’83 IU OT win was a classic. I’m still upset ESPN never broadcast the whole game given all the OTs but that was then this is now. Too bad the NCAA wants big bucks to order the DVD of that classic. ‘Come to IU’.

  21. Caleb quoted today:
    “I have been contacted, yes, by Indiana. I have already made a statement I am not interested. I prefer not to answer any more questions on that. This is the College Cup press conference, and I think my players and myself should be talking about that. I’m focused on Akron right now. I love this team. I love being in Akron. My wife does as well. The administration is committed to our program. The alumni is behind us, the community is behind us. I have not thought or talked to anybody else whatsoever. All the rumors out there are purely speculation. That happens when you’ve had a year like we have had.”

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