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Puerto Rico Basketball

Indiana guard Maurice Creek admitted to liking Maryland, tonight’s opponent. Associated Press photo.

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You knew it was coming. “One Shining Moment” from 2002. Check out a winking Mike Davis, and Jared Jeffries acting tough as he points into the camera.


  1. Predictions?

    Mine is Maryland 84, Indiana 71.

    I wouldn’t mind it being switched around though

  2. It’s going to be nice when the day comes where we don’t all have to keep predicting losses against superior teams.

    I’d love for Crean to give us a little “preview” of the future with a surprise upset, even if it is only a momentary glimpse of greatness. My hopes for such developments were crushed into the ground these last few months watching the IU football team. Here’s to a revival of hope.

  3. I just want a win so Tom Crean can just enjoy being Captain Tom Crean..I’m sooooooooo tired of the post-game speeches that sound like he’s playing the role of Kirk in the opening segment of the 1960’s Star Trek series……”IU: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Hoosierdemise….a five-year mission, (or so I want Hoosier Nation to believe): to explore strange new recruits, to seek out not-so-new life and new undiscovered levels of an elite basketball program’s deterioration; to boldly go where no mid-major coach has gone before…blah…blah…blah.

    When in the hell is Kirk Crean going to lock in coordinates and beam a 5-star recruit aboard?…Note to Captain Crean: There is no “Scotty” or “Sulu” on this ship…It’s up to you to go full thrusters to send us into rebuilding warp speed time bubble…OK, keep it a cruising just under the speed of the bright “next generation” light…I’ll try to Wade it out…But can you please find some sign of basketball life…Please? Just one captain’s log night find life in this seemingly endless galaxy of Hoops Blandness and guide our ship to a victory planet that at least gives evidence of a few building blocks? This is the Indiana Hoosiers!…We once ruled this universe! Losing to Maryland Klingons at home is not logical.

    Go Hoosiers!

  4. Right on!

    Give me a friggin’ John Wall, for crying out loud. What’s the harm in having a little excitement on our way to an NIT berth?

    It’s OK to use a nail gun for the rebuilding process; we shouldn’t be stuck with the old-fashioned hammers and nails all the time. The house goes up a lot quicker if you invest in a few good tools (5 star one and dones) to complement your solid, sturdy base materials (3 and 4 star, 4 year players).

    I have maintained for a long time that a program going in the right direction will give you hints of the future with an occasional upset, even if it finishes poorly. This theory is one of the reasons why I categorically refuse to see Lynch’s season as “progress.” C’mon Crean, let’s do this one. The crowd will be roaring. Fire up the troops. Use your tools wisely. GIve us something to beam about for the next few days.

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