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Maryland forward Jin Soo Choi shoots free throws during the second half Tuesday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times

Welcome to Hoosier Morning, a daily batch of links intended to keep you informed of what is going on at Indiana, in the Big Ten and throughout the college sporting world.


  • Fred Glass wants an “IU guy” to be the next men’s soccer coach, and there are plenty of candidates available, Chris Korman writes.
  • Gary Williams understands what Tom Crean is going through, because he saw bottom during his early days at Maryland, I wrote.
  • Crean was upset about vulgarities chanted in the direction of Maryland guard Greivis Vasquez, Dustin Dopirak writes. Yes, this was the “Still a ____” chant.
  • Guard Jori Davis is looking for some carryover from her strong play in the Bahamas when the women’s basketball team plays host to Florida State tonight, Jeremy Price writes.




As far as replacing legends goes, Sammy Hagar did a better job than Mike Freitag. Here is Van Halen’s “Right Now.”


  1. I will disagree with Knight on one thing. The winning conference of the challenge was important to me and several people I know. GO BIG 10!!! I have several friends and family members that live in ACC country and I have had to listen to them talk trash for 10 years and now I can at least say that we won one! I was pleased while I watched Wisky beat Duke for an entire game. It was great! I have never cheered that hard for Wisky and I must admit Illinois had me pumped up…minus Weber. It seemed weird to me that a 5 ranked Duke team played unranked Wisky. I was so impressed with Wisconsin. The big men played their role and the guard play was wonderful. They played good D, played together, and never got rattled. Wisconsin is an underrated team. I can only hope IU plays that tough in the next couple years!!!

  2. JPat, I agree to a point. The perfect challenge result is BigTen wins all their games except Purdue and Illini get blown out by ACC cellar-dwellers!

  3. Wooo! Finally that monkey is off our backs. That oughta help everyone in the Big Ten with recruiting.

    And as for Wisconsin, I underestimated Bo Ryan. I know better, and still I thought “this is the year that UW doesn’t go to the NCAA tourney.” Boy, was I wrong- Wisconsin looks like they belong in the top 25 right now. What a *team* he’s got there.

    The good news for IU fans is that Tom Crean actually had his Marquette teams giving Bo Ryan’s better teams fits when they would play each other. We’ll get there, Hoosiers.

  4. The Badgers looked like poetry in motion set to a fine tune last night. Better change the spelling of Wisconsin to S-L-E-E-P-E-R. Bo Ryan is under rated for his teams being such over achievers.

  5. Finally. Now we don’t have to listen to Jay Bilas keep talking about how great the ACC is and how bad the Big 10 is. I thought for a while there that the name of the ‘tournament’ was the ‘Jay Bilas for Greatness Games’.

  6. I agree about UW. Wisconsin plays some very disciplined ball. Everyone knows where to be, their role for each set, and nobody tries to do more than their own physical talents allow. The young Hoosiers should take heed. Where do they continue to find these big guys? Every year it seems like they have a couple new 6-10 or bigger guys that have very good low post skills. Leuer is everything I want Tom Pritchard to be. Trevon Hughes has really stepped up to fill the scoring role. New people same Bo Ryan team….tough…dangerous.

  7. As much as I enjoy hearing Bob call a game, I also disagree with him about Big Ten schools not cheering for each other. I cheered for everyone, even the Fightin’ Illness and Purdue. It was toughest to hope for anything but agonizing losses for Bruce Weber, but for purposes of not having to listen to crap for another year, I was willing to cheer for all Big Ten teams. I normally do that in the tournament anyway; it’s no help to hope they lose. I suspect that’s the case among the other fan bases, with the exception of The Ohio St. and Michigan.

    STLHOOS, you hit it on the head with Wisconsin’s big guys versus Pritchard. I don’t think they’re better than Pritchard, but they certainly seem more comfortable in their role on the team. And I hate to say it, but I think Ryan puts the parts together better than Crean. I’m still willing to give Crean more time to work on that. Certainly IU played better against Maryland than in the previous few games.

  8. The Big Ten winning is very important when it comes to recruiting. Perception is reality. The perception has been the ACC is lot better conference and whether you believe it or not the recruits are aware. This season is just a step in the right direction. If they can win a few more it will really start to make a difference.

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