Hoosier Morning

Madison Square Garden

An overhead view of Madison Square Garden, where Indiana will play Pitt at 9 p.m. tonight. Associated Press


  • The Indiana players are looking forward to playing at Madison Square Garden, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Pittsburgh is the type of program Crean said he is looking to build at IU, Dustin writes.
  • Caleb Porter said he is flattered, but not interested in the IU job, Chris Korman writes.
  • New football recruit Chase Hobbler cited location and his own academic interests as reasons to commit, Dustin writes.




An underrated Kanye West song, “Big Brother.” It’s all about Jay-Z, and references Madison Square Garden, making it relevant for tonight.


  1. Interestingly enough, in the 2003 NCAA tournament, Crean’s Marquette team defeated Pitt to reach the Elite Eight…Pitt was coming of a second round route against our very own Hoosiers.

    Indiana and Pitt meet for the first time since the 2003 NCAA Tournament Second Round when the Panthers advanced to NCAA Sweet Sixteen play with a 74-52 win over the Hoosiers in Boston. Indiana (3-4) is coached by Tom Crean, the former Marquette head coach. The Hoosiers are led by Maurice Creek (16.7 ppg.), Christian Watford (12.6 ppg.) and Verdell Jones III (11.4 ppg.). Pitt has claimed 10 of its last 12 games against Big 10 opponents.

    Go Hoosiers!

  2. Impossible. Pitt scores over 80 holds our guys to 20 in the first half. What can you do when the team is young, when both the leading returning scorer (Dumes) and the leading three pointer shooter (Roth) have had injuries and the little experience we built last year (Williams, Story) is gone. This game is just completely out of reach. It would so help if Pitt couldn’t get that out of their heads too!

    If I were Tom Crean I’d ask them all to wear a mask like Moore and Fink did last year and I’d wear one too on the sidelines. But one needs to get for the most advanced pro version of the model tonight. It’s going to be tough.

  3. Didn’t you watch your own clip? Crean is gonna bring out his “Tommy Gun”…It’s coming together tonight…This will be Crean’s first big signature win for IU on the national stage… Hulls will have a great floor game…. Elston will be monster on the boards…This one opens the door for 5-star recruits sending off letters of intent….Hoosiers are back in business! We turn the corner and carry the momentum into another victory this weekend against the hicks. Did you see where I sat my glue bottle?

  4. Pitt is young, too. They lost 4 seniors last year plus DaJuan Blair to the draft. They have struggled to beat teams like Duquense and New Hampshire.

    There is no reason why we shouldn’t stay close. Although I am a fervent Crean supporter, there is no reason why the typical excuses should apply to this game. One of these days, we need to win a game that we aren’t supposed to. The last one of those was against Cornell last year.

  5. Of course I watched my own clip. That kind of mask is the only one that can help us. But it’s going to be hard to get by. We will lose and we will lose big. No need to get disappointed over this one. It’s just a mountain to climb and there’s no way we can do it. We need Bawa and Tijan and Capo and all the others and above all we need a Dumes better than at his best last year. Like this.

    Go Hoosiers!

  6. I’m not expecting to be competitive in this game. If our guys thought Maryland was tough and hard to handle inside, they’ll be astounded how Pitt roughs them up. Pritchard needs to accept that he’s now the banger inside, rather than the banger and the scorer as was the case last year, and let the other guys score while he bangs people around.

  7. I’m not watching the game. Having watched every loss but the Boston U game this year, I am not in the mood to get my emotions involved only to be let down yet again. As if the football team didn’t already drive me to the verge of a heart attack.

    To top it off, I have to face the same torment when my Huskies face Georgetown, away, this Saturday, right after Kentucky beats IU. When will the world be right again?

  8. My favorite The Mask clip. But who can step up like this? We need a big night from each of the starting five (Creek, Elston, Watford, Verdell, Rivers) and superior performances (like Roth’s against the Buckeye’s last year in AH) from at least 4 out of the following 6:

    1. Dumes
    2. Hulls
    3. Pritchard
    4. Capobianco
    5. Moore/Fink
    6. Bawa/Tijan

    Alternatively I am willing to bet that if Tom Crean just sits down 60% of the time or more the Hoosiers will walk all over the Panthers.

    The Hoosiers will probably try to keep it close and hope to get into the Kentucky game on Saturday with a fair amount of confidence and realistic pride.

    We are ahead of Iowa though!

  9. I will be watching every single minute of it.

    We will be trampled.

    This will be a high endurance test.

    It’s when you get to see the fabric of great champions. Some won’t unravel completely. It’s going to be fun to watch.

    And there’s always a chance for a monumental upset. Crean is chasing his 200th career win.

  10. When will the world be right again?

    I thought your world was right. I thought this is what all the old school alumni dreamed of….The streets are again silent…the boom boxes have left Assembly Hall’s parking lot…flunkies and junkies were put on the bus, replaced by tattooed choir boys that show little fuss…For the next ten years we do our scrappy classroom chores.. dip into milk a wholesome Indiana cookie, layered of gooey Crean goodness, our marshmallow hoops s’mores ….Bobby’s foul mouth was given final wash with our very own Brand of Hall of Fame soap….Gone is the speed-dialing coach searching out ghetto kids living out of cars with hoops only hope…Sunday school is in session every scrimmage day…it’s not about winning it’s just our image we practice to play….Gullible ears shall now listen intently, Eric Gordon be the last Hoosier to cruise Kirkwood in his NBA Bentley….Opie Taylor dribbles this day at the point, high on basketball buzz and not his pregame joint…A tough little local runt that fills the seats with backyard pride..dated all four years at South the cutest cutter girl north a Bedford dark side….Bloomington is now transformed, let the light shine down on thee..all the wants before your eyes and you choose to turn off TV?

  11. Beautifully written, opie…except that as you should well know, Indiana fans will never be truly happy until the rafters are crowded with championship banners. It was the reason that so many people tried for so long to look the other way when the Sampson violations first dropped in October ’07.

    And Husky…you make a great point. IU Athletics is bad for your cardio health. I’ll watch, but I know I’ll be stressing from tip to 0:00.

  12. Millport, nothing weakens the criticism of another poster more than not being able to spell…it’s “sophomoric.”

  13. Has there ever been a Banty Rooster in NYC before? I hope people watching won’t think that everyone from the state of Indiana is like that.

  14. Up by four at the half? Sweet.

    OK, they will destroy us in the second half, so let’s not get our hopes too high, but it’s been so sweet so far, I think I’m going to rewind the tape and play this half again when they come back for the second half.

    Kudos to Crean for how he has prepared this game so far! And too bad Husky is not watching…

    Go Hoosiers!

  15. Eline, from NY. Wonderful! So that’s why we‘re playing so well… Keep projecting your benefic influence onto this game, Eline. There’s no Hoosier fan like you! Go IU!

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  18. Thrilled with the win. I am on cloud 9 today! There were a lot of people that posted up top that are eating some crow today! I am not sure I have seen a more racist comment than the “ghetto kids living out of cars” comment on this blog. Think before you type, please. Just come out and say you did not like the black kids Sampson recruited, goodness. Also, I am thinking the person that types the large messages has too much time on his hands. Congrats IU basketball team and I hope this gives you confidence to play UK on Saturday! I will be there going crazy!

  19. I will be there going crazy!

    You mean, like Santa did above, only in person?

    Go for it.

  20. JPat-

    You totally misunderstood the “Opie at the point” post..I find it strangely lacking to take one sentence and remove it from context of the entirety for your despicable purpose in making a personal accusation…Nothing surprising. Most racism is rooted in hypocrisy, labels, and stereotypes. We file it in cabinet under subcategory “ugly facts” in our offices of professional bigotry. The manila folder neatly closes the books on the Sampson “druggies” and “thugs” permanently stored in our Hoosier attic..The history of blog entries, the repeated pages of slanderous joy in the use of such quoted words, is the electronic Sharpie forever marking the history of that day. It’s very simple to find the folders..Most are marked across the top with “goodness”.

  21. What do we get when we remove all labels, erase all categories, eliminate consequences, forgo judgment, refrain from criticism, and indulge in endless relativism?

    We are left with spoiled children, immediate gratification, nihilism, codependency, and every other vice that comes from enabling and facilitating instead of accountability and responsibility.

    A person who goes to a fraternity is a fratboy. I person who smokes pot every day is a druggie (even if a milder one). A person who breaks the rules is a cheater. A person who cheats on their wife is a cheater. These labels don’t always emerge out of malice or intent to slander.

    You want to smoke dope before big basketball games and drive bassmobiles down Kirkwood? No problem. Your prerogative. I had plenty of fun with the former in college, and dare I say I also rode in few bassmobiles. But I wasn’t on a DI scholarship at a prestigious school, fighting for a Big 10 championship. You want to be in the public eye? Then deal with the consequences. This includes labels that may or may not be fairly earned.

    And name callers are hypocrites, you say? Tough. You are the one in the limelight, not them. Clinton would have loved to have quiet time with Monica; Tiger would love for CNN to stop driving by his house; Rick Pitino would love for that blonde to have kept her mouth shut. Too bad. You are the ones in positions of fame/leadership, and you got caught. Deal with it thuggie.

  22. Then use your shotgun instead of rifle with scope…If labels are vicious and too precise, accountability gets lost in your random dead aim.

    It is power and position that more often shields the spotlight and allows evasiveness from truth and responsibility…while the powerless are burned under your microscope of accountability for their most innocent indiscretions..

  23. I did not misunderstand anything. How did I remove anything from context?? You said, “Gone is the speed-dialing coach searching out ghetto kids living out of cars with hoops only hope”. can you explain this to me and what you meant? I am curious.

  24. J Pat,

    The key is in how he started: “I thought your world was right. I thought this is what all the old school alumni dreamed of…” and then he proceeds to explain what that meant: “The streets are again silent… the boom boxes have left Assembly Hall’s parking lot…” The enumeration is going on an on. Finally he says “Gone is the speed-dialing coach searching out ghetto kids living out of cars with hoops only hope” which is a direct reference to Jamarcus Ellis. It’s written tongue in cheek, with a fair amount of sarcasm, and sadness. It’s exactly the opposite of what it may at first seem to be. Opie loves all Hoosiers but he still misses DeAndre Thomas, Jamarcus Ellis and all that darn promise that just wasn’t ever meant to be.

  25. I think the key is how YOU started, not he. Have you met Ellis? Have you spent time with him? Was he raised in the ghetto? What does the word “ghetto” mean? Is the word offensive to African Americans? Would it be offensive to my black friends…for sure. You have stereotyped the kid from media only and you cannot just say Ellis because you actually say… ghetto kids. If you meant Ellis, you should have said Ellis and picked your words more carrefully. Saracsm and tongue in cheek does not excuse it…that is what the racist southern white man in rural South Carolina would say…but he would be more open about it and in person instead of hiding in a blog and using 1,000 different poster names. Think before you type next time. I see through the BS!!! Enough of my soapbox, as always GO IU!

  26. I only tried to explain Opie’s comment to you, J Pat. I didn’t post as Opie, Downing did. And he wrote to Tom (Husky) with whom he’s debated this aspect forever. Whether H.B. is Husky I don’t know, but he appeared to appreciate the comment. I shall leave you with your own opinions, I know I can’t change them. I tried to explain some sentences and the only thing I got is your accusation I’m the original Opie poster. It seems to me you’re not interested in understanding, just locked in your preconceived thought that you already knew the answer.

    Here’s a parting quote from Prevert: “Vous ne pouvez pas répondre ‘présent’ comme tout le monde? Pas possible, vous êtes encore dans les nuages.” That’s the problem with Opie. One needs to read his musings with an open mind otherwise you’re making yourself guilty of exactly the same thing you accuse him with.

  27. very sad this blog has been reduced to so many blog poster names that I even question who the hell I am speaking back to. If I was wrong there, I apologize but the posts look very similar, written in the same fashion. I am guilty of nothing at all. If I am guilty of something, it is speaking up and standing my ground. I think it is a shame you tried to rationalize what he said. It was a negative slant towards the kids Sampson recruits. Deep down we all know it was a statement that should not have been made on here. I am speaking not so much for me but for some of my close friends with a different skin tone. I am as open minded as anyone you will ever meet…that is the problem right now. check out this spring class or two at IU to understand how the word “ghetto” might offend someone raised on hard times in the inner city…

    11028 Enrollment Regular 3 Readings 7 0

    Days & Times Room Instructor Meeting Dates
    ARR ARR Valerie Grim 01/11/2010 – 05/07/2010


    11023 Enrollment Regular 3 Readings 3 0

    Days & Times Room Instructor Meeting Dates
    ARR ARR Valerie Grim 01/11/2010 – 05/07/2010

    When you post here you are posting something that any race can read. I am done educating for the day!

  28. They were given no voice…they were slandered..they were ridiculed for poor academic performance…they were labeled as druggies and thugs…they were discriminated against as a group instead of being treated as individuals…they were told they didn’t fit into the “culture”….they were given no opportunity to correct wrong actions…they were cast out of Bloomington with about as much compassion given sewage rats..

    And you’re offended by the use of the word “ghetto”? I don’t give a damn how many friends of “different tone” you have…We’re all a different tone..Your words and accusations are painted with prejudice so thick you’ll never understand the true canvas and beauty of diversity. And “tone” is not just color..Tone is rooted in words that can cut as deep as knife when dressed in sweet disguise of malice. I resent your accusations, my friend. And don’t for one minute think your warped judgmental mind will silence me to speak freely my thoughts…..be they brushed with the cynical anger of prejudice its subject, or blandly painted in the same tone of your most perfect image.

  29. Thank you all for watching this great production, called:

    “Downing Finally Gets Burned for Trying to Be Too Sarcastic in Yet Another Trite and Nostalgic Defense of the Sampsonites, By A Guy Who Didn’t Realize He Was Being Sarcastic in the First Place”

    The audience in this exchange, Husky Tom, has thoroughly enjoyed the production, which somehow he was able to slither his way out of.

  30. Husky Tom-

    I am guilty of triteness and defending the “Sampsonites”….And it hurts all the more to be called a racist in such a foolish pursuit…What did those thugs ever do for me? I hope they get their just deserve for completely destroying IU basketball…I hope no voice of compassion ever falls upon their ear…I wish them failure and heartbreak…If they have to live out of a car may it be 1973 Ford Pinto with no heater during the most brutal of Chicago winter.


    I’m sorry if my words offended you or anyone else on this blog…I only heard from you, but the quiet doesn’t speak in my favor..I am as corrupted as they come….You have brought to the surface the ugliness concealed in my tasteless attempts to be cynical. I don’t know what happened to the person I used to be…I am nothing but an old and bitter man…bitter at my own failures..And how does a coward stop searching excuse for his own shortcomings? Maybe start by finding truth in one voice..

    Deep down we all know it was a statement that should not have been made on here.

    Silence is granted. Time will sort the rest out.

  31. I am confused. You slaughter me with the sewage rat post and in the silence post you throw in the towel. It is like a split personality thing. I know what you were trying to say and I usually would have taken it with a grain of salt but it is almost 2010. If the Sampson mess had never happened and he minded his p’s and q’s and took us to the final game, win or lose, we would never hear about those “ghetto” kids he recuited. Strangely enough I can admit I would most likely love Gordon if IU accomplished all of that. Sampson would be here in B town and we would have never had this exchange. Peace and can’t we all just get along. I meant no harm in the end and you didn’t either Do the right thing baby!

  32. Tom, I caught the sarcasm from the start…trust me. Glad you enjoyed the exchange. I actually hate going back and forth, hate it. I like to talk basketball and football and that is why I am on here, period! Sometimes I get off track like everyone else.

  33. lastly, I forgot and wanted to say this…racist statement does not have to mean racist person in all cases! Head held up high, we have UK Saturday!

  34. JPat- you are a good sport, and it is enjoyable when you join the fracas, even if you hate it. Downing is a most talented blogging opponent; he possesses a gift with words that bites at you, shakes you, and often breaks you. I don’t know how I manage to stay in the ring sometimes. Kudos to you for charging in, taking a few shots, and coming out alive.

  35. JPat, Big D and Husky: I want to bring to your attention a quote from Tom Crean
    (reproduced below, direct link is here)


    7:00 PM Jun 13th from txt


    1) He hasn’t issued a tweet since before Pitt. It’s a good sign, it shows he’s focused on Kentucky.

    2) The quote above is from last summer. I know it means Bob Knight, but do you think it also includes Kelvin Sampson?

    3) I bet it does. And I bet it’s just enough to shake Husky for the long term.

    Isn’t that so, Monsieur Tomas?

    Here’s a picture of the four of us these wintry days:

             _          __________                              _,
        _.-(_)._     ."          ".      .--""--.          _.-{__}-._
       .'________'.   | .--------. |    .'        '.      .:-'`____`'-:.
      [____________] /` |________| `\  /   .'``'.   \    /_.-"`_  _`"-._\
      /  / .\/. \  \|  / / .\/. \ \  ||  .'/.\/.\'.  |  /`   / .\/. \   `\
      |  \__/\__/  |\_/  \__/\__/  \_/|  : |_/\_| ;  |  |    \__/\__/    |
      \            /  \            /   \ '.\    /.' / .-\                >/-.
      /'._  --  _.'\  /'._  --  _.'\   /'. `'--'` .'\/   '._-.__--__.-_.'
    \/_   `""""`   _\/_   `""""`   _\ /_  `-./\.-'  _\'.    `""""""""`'`\
    (__/    '|    \ _)_|           |_)_/            \__)|        '        
      |_____'|_____|   \__________/|;                  `_________'________`;-'
      s'----------'    '----------'   '--------------'`--------------------`
         L'accent         J Pat           Husky Tom           Downing

    I wonder if it’s going to show well?

  36. Downing- SO you have just proved that you are indeed the keyboard artist, even though you have duplicated yourself with L’accent and refer to yourself in the 3rd person. Also, your use of hyperlinks within the text is another giveaway.

    Good stuff.

  37. I’d gladly let Downing take the credit for the drawing although after what has been posted here for the last few days I’m quite sure he doesn’t want to. I’m not Downing. He’s not me. I don’t care you guys are so quick to judge just by how the post looks. I root for the Pacers, Bird, the Cubs and can’t stand the Bears. (Would Downing ever write that?) I like Claude Francois

    J’ai besoin qu’on m’aime,
    Mais personne ne comprend
    Ce que j’espère et que j’attends.
    Qui pourrait me dire qui je suis?
    Et j’ai bien peur
    Toute ma vie d’être incompris
    Car aujourd’hui je me sens mal aimé,

    Je suis le mal aimé.
    Les gens me connaissent tel que je veux me montrer.
    Mais ont-ils chercher à savoir d’où me viennent mes joies?
    Et pourquoi ce désespoir caché au fond de moi.

    Si les apparences sont quelquefois contre moi,
    Je ne suis pas ce que l’on croit.
    Contre l’aventure de chaque jour,
    J’échangerais demain la joie d’un seul amour.
    Mais je suis là comme avant mal aimé,

    Je suis le mal aimé.

    It’s just a song, OK? I am too disappointed to even want to translate. It’s just a song, though. One can play it here. The lyrics are here. It’s not the best Claude Francois song, but would you expect Downing to know it? Maybe he knows it now.

    In any event perhaps all of this is unfortunate. There was no intent on my part to do any harm. My posts are usually small and without insults. Why would you guys obsess over the identity of the poster but never ever even attempt to answer the question asked in the post: Did Crean mean Sampson too (as I think) or not?

  38. I think that this line sums up your whole post:

    Je ne suis pas ce que l’on croit.

    However, je ne suis pas certain que vous n’etes pas le Downing. Je crois que vous mentez.

    Pardon my second-year French.

  39. You think I am not telling the truth… I agree with you that it’s more fun if you think I’m Downing. But I’m not. There was a time when he thought I was you. I tried to convince him then and couldn’t, so I gave up. I was more interested (like I am now) in bringing up a topic for discussion, like now — the Tom Crean tweet from June. As long as the topic was discussed it didn’t matter to me that you thought I was him and he thought I was you. I liked the discussion went on.

    Anyway, this is going nowhere so I’ll just stop.

  40. 😆 I won’t. He said he was happy you got burned, right? But just as I can’t prove to him I’m not Downing I could easily say now that I’m Husky — and let him disprove that. But that would be mean… so I’m just going to ask again about Crean’s tweet: does he really want Kelvin back? 😕

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