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Who has two thumbs and has to guard Patrick Patterson on Saturday? This guy. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • Having Bob Knight at the game Tuesday created a buzz, but so did the play on the court, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Indiana’s women’s team shook off a slow start to defeat Tennessee-Martin, Andrew Wyder writes.




The last six minutes of last night’s Kentucky-UConn game. John Wall is good at basketball.


  1. Is the white arm sleeve part of the UK uni this year? Is that where they keep the cash they get from World Wide Wes? Regardless, it looks ridiculous.


  2. Defensive gameplan for saturday: shut down everyone but Wall, then hope wall doesn’t outscore your entire team. There were a lot of “WTF” moments while I watched UK vs. UConn last night.

    And the srm sleeves arw two-tone…blue on one side and white on the other. …and people were saying that leaked football uniform looked ridiculous…

  3. After today…me too. I really was just wondering if you were posting under a new name or different names because that seems to be the thing to do.

  4. HuskyT,

    He is wearing a mouth guard. His mouth is not shaped like a baboons when it is removed.

  5. Sense-

    That got a chuckle out of me. Although I am not sure you are right. There is plenty of baboon even without the mouthguard.

  6. GF Dave and J Pat, please don’t allow one, perhaps two individuals to interfere with your in your involvement on the “Scoop”. One of the bloggers actually answers himself, if he feels that will stir up the “Natives” as another potential trouble-maker has referred to us. One individual seems to be impressed that he may have ruined the “Basketblog” and now is intent on ruining the “Scoop”.
    Now watch the response to this statement.

  7. Pretty whiny fighting words there, Pocahontas. Not sure if I am one of the targets of your arrows, but just in case, let me say this:

    I like JPat, and I think he at least tolerates me now. I no longer quarrel with GF Dave. I don’t think either of them are sulking in the corner because a couple of “trouble-makers” have brought a more polemical and status-quo challenging spirit to the Scoop.

  8. The “status-quo challenging spirit” on this blog is fine. It’s the point of the blog. It wouldn’t be fun if everyone here agreed all the time.

    I will say though, it would be a much greater forum for discussion if everyone posted under ONE consistent name.

    No one finds these self-generated conversations between “cleverly-named” users amusing. They’re annoying, convoluted, blurred rants that lack any sort of discernible points or arguments. All they accomplish is turning every post on this blog into a joke.

    To the one or two people this applies to, save your drunken poems, self-to-self conversations, and your hundred different posting names for some other purpose. Here’s an idea, just open a Word document and write a musical. It’s a shame that having an honest discussion has become so impossible on this site.

  9. Casey-

    I have to hand it to you. You have a knack for talking sense and setting the record straight. I thoroughly enjoy your posts, and appreciate your ability to rise above the nonsense and see clearly.

    That being said, we are in the age of concepts and one must be able to dialogue in ideas, not just in labels and names. Gone are the days where we can simply look at someone’s name and divine their arguments from them. Enter into the nameless realm; it is a lot more fun. Blogs are anonymous. We need not attach ideas to a single and fixed entity.

  10. I’ll second Casey.

    One of the things we did when we re-designed http://www.HeraldTimesOnline.com was to limit each account to two user names.

    So while people are still technically anonymous — we’re not going to be able to put that one back in the bottle, not here at the little old H-T – they eventually develop an online persona. They operate in an online society and are held accountable for what they say.

    We could take the steps to do something similar here on the Scoop. I’d rather not.

    The whole point of the blog is to spark discussion. I’d hope that discussion would accommodate every kind of Indiana fan, no matter their beliefs or how they express them.

    But as a guy who sat in on far too many writing workshops — both in undergrad and grad school — I’m quickly tiring of the convoluted Thesaurus spewing coming from people who otherwise are interesting, concise and compelling writers. But I’m also not OK with trying to stymie creativity. I happen to like literary people.

    So I’m just going to see how this all goes. And hope.

  11. I totally agree with Casey and think that it is possible to be creative and identifiable. If the great creative minds of mankind in the pre-blog era can own and stand behind their expressions, I think the posters on this blog can manage it too.

    However, this game was/is not the reason behind my choice to take a posting break.

    Finally, I hope you all ponder how it was that J Pat’s reaching out with concern to me sparked this discussion. Hint, start with the fact that we have a notion about each other, even though we have never met or spoken words.

    I hate Kentucky.

  12. I hate Kentucky too.

    And to the notion that multiple names yield greater creativity: If you seek even more anonymity on a site that assures it already by default, you need to calm down a bit.

  13. I agree with you all, but let’s face it: we are not the Founding Fathers in here nor the Allied Commanders. As much as I would love to win everyone’s approval by pretending that the Scoop is a land of honor codes, dignity, and integrity, I find it too tempting to not occasionally disrupt the “spirit of seriousness” that can be so thick in here at times.
    Until someone forces me to do otherwise, I will consider this place a forum for sports opinions that can also include a little silliness from time to time.

  14. Hey, new here, curious question, what is the difference between a red and black name if I might ask 😛


  15. I don’t know the kid, so maybe I’m out of place for saying this, but speaking of the baboon look, just think what Elston’s girlfriend’s might think, if he has girlfriend’s that is. You animal!

  16. Wow, it has been most interesting reading this. I need more time to post as I need to get the kids to bed and take care of stuff around the house. I will sleep on this one. I have to figure out why I have not said sooner what Casey, Korman, and GFDave just said. While I don’t agree with everything people say, some I do, I have formed relationships with so many of you because I somewhat know your personality from posts you make under ONE name. I seriously wondered if the people that posts under several names bugged anyone else and I agree it takes away from the blog on a whole. Could it be possible to respectfully ask D-5 and anyone else to use one name or just two??? D, I will treat you to a beer at Nick’s if you consider and we don’t even have to talk race. I am out for the night. Take care all.

  17. The truth behind face-to-face discussion often is found in the direct stare into eye, the benefit of ear, and in totality of body language..Then again, even with that close interaction, do we really even know our coworkers, our friends, our family, the guy in Nicks? Everyday are we not shocked by someone we believe to deeply know?

    These are words on a blog, they are not actions…There may be more truth, insight, openness, and honesty when we are stripped of identity than we are forced to adhere to the same ground rules per see of everyday life. Be arrogant or humble, when I write it brings me happiness…That’s are hard ass thing to find sometimes in this world. I am the selfish blogger. I am the childish blogger. I think it is intoxicating to dive into the freedom of thought not bound by societal mores and constraints…In some fashion we all become more in touch with our hearts and revisit the days when tongues not be so tied..Lastly, I sincerely hope that I was not in any remote manner responsible for changing/ending the Basketblog at IDS…I am not a person bent on destroying.

    I admire all of you for speaking from your hearts.

  18. Well said, Downing.

    One thing I find hilarious is that the biggest Knight-worshippers are the ones that hate me the most for speaking my mind and not being a conformist……when that is one of the things they LOVE Bob for.

    They can’t handle when I’m a jerk to them but drop to their knees licking his toes when he’s RUDE to someone else. I guess they can’t take it even though they get their thrills when their hero does it to someone else.

    Dr. Phil would have fun with them.

    These guys need a dress.

    And their idol would laugh in their faces for crying all the time about me.


  19. Laffy,

    Your disillusionment is so hilarious. Seriously. Keep thinking what you want to think. Keep living in your fantasy world where people like you and value what you have to say.

  20. To beat Kentucky, IU will have to reckon with the watermelon. Such an amazing fruit. So full of life-giving juice, yet devoid of the cloying favor of a can of soda or a box of Nerds. Nature’s ultimate gift, it grows on sun-splashed pastures under the auspices of its large, shady, motherly leaves, with the soft soil of the garden as its crib and the warm breeze as its lullaby.

    I really love to dig into a good watermelon, whether it is the seedless, petite “Dorotea” variety that they sell at Trader Joes, or the large, seed-filled crunch-monsters from the Saturday market…make sure not to buy from the Amish, though, as they douse nature’s bounty in chemicals.

  21. Loosiers, you don’t stand a chance against Blue Jesus (John Wall) and his Disciples. I’ve been watching Kentucky basketball for 40+ years, and this team is the biggest, fastest and most athletic except for maybe the 1996 team that won it all and sent 6 or 8 players on to the NBA (Walker, Delk, Mercer, Pope, Anderson, etc.) We’ll block at least 10 of your shots, will outrebound you, will out-steal you, and will out-shoot you. We own the Loosiers, having won 14 of the last 18. Bring on Butler or St. Mary’s
    Orphanage or somebody else more worthy of our time. Loosiers!

  22. About the same time Calipari is lathering up a dejected Wall in his private 5-star locker room shower stall, you’re gonna be tasting divine Hoosier intervention…. staring at the smirk on face of your tiny dashboard “Blue Jesus” driving your plastic hillbilly clunker ass out of our true hoops heaven.

    Preacher Crean’s got just the answer for your one-and-done NBA flying nun..May I introduce you to Hoosier Hellboy?

    Anti-spam math question was enter the sum of four and seven….ELEVEN!!! Heaven and eleven…How can we lose?

  23. Thank you, BlueJesus, for continuing to accurately represent the average intelligence level of a UK basketball fan.

  24. To Casey, you split your infinitive. Go get you some remedial English Edgycation, if they offer that in Loosierville.

    To Hoosier Hellboy, I like your spunkiness, but the sum of my two anti-spam numbers was 50, not your 11, which is about what I expect the score to be at halftime after Kentucky opens a can of Wildcat Whoop-ass on your effeminate 4-4 team.

    You’ll get some religion for sure after Blue Jesus is done Baptizing your boys. Pray hard tonight, and maybe we’ll let you leave that little high schoolish gym of yours with a shred of dignity.

    Hey, and get rid of those red jailbird striped pantaloons. Man up with some real uniforms, not those Ronald McDonald pajamas.


  25. Must be nice having Kelvin Sampson times 2 as your coach! Enjoy the game, win or lose, it will bite you in the a$$ sooner…or later. Just ask Umass and Memphis. Anyone taking bets on if Coach Cali the crooked car salesman will last at UK longer than Sampson at IU. Husky, what is the over and under on that??? Screw UK!

  26. Ditto J Pat and Casey. Old man Rupp was a cheater, Hall was a cheater, Sutton was a cheater, Pitino certainly cheats on his wife, Tubby was run off for not cheating and now they have the crown prince of all cheaters in Calipari. Cheating has always been the norm at pUKe. During all that time we had Sampson secretly cheating for a short time. It certainly exposes how the won/loss record was attained in the Bluegrass. As a Hoosier I am relieved their ethics can’t swim.

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