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Indiana Elite One against NJ Roadrunners_

Cody Zeller is trying to become the best of both of his brothers, Luke and Tyler. Monty Howell | Herald-Times


  • The youngest Zeller brother, Cody, is following his brother’s path, but remembers the roads they took and the lessons they learned, I wrote.




Seven minutes from an AAU game this summer for Cody Zeller. He is in the green jersey, wearing No. 14. He’ll be playing at Edgewood tonight.


  1. The natives are going to get on me for this one, but I really hope we don’t go after this kid. Watching his brothers play gives me nightmares of Shawn Bradley and Darko. He might light it up in high school, but once he gets pushed around by stronger kids, he’ll cower down, a la Ben Allen or Pritchard.

  2. Husky T,

    Are you crazy? Have you not seen Tyler down at UNC? I think he has been a very strong big man for them (even though he has a lot of help). Cody is exactly what IU needs. He can run the floor, shoot the jumper, and he is tall. If Indiana is going to run the uptempo offense, he could be a huge key in their success. Also, he comes from a good family, good program, and is a smart basketball player.

    Remember, he is also just a junior. He has two more years to develop his body before college.

  3. Go Mustangs! Washingtons had Edgewoods number for a minute. It’d be nice to see Monroe countys “other team” get this one.

  4. String bean- I love you man. That was hilarious. the only thing missing were hot dogs and fried coca cola balls.

    Jubilee- we’ll see. You are better informed than I am, I admit. I have a natural bias towards over-proliferating white Christian athletic families; they creep me out.

    The Huard family was a big football family in Washington of the same stock. Everyone slobbered over them, talking about how “good” they were, how great their family was, etc. In the end, the kids were starting QBs that sucked in the clutch and went on to become hot dog salesman.

    It was the tough Pacific Islander kid – not the squeaky clean guys from the Christ School- – that brought the Huskies back to the Rose Bowl

  5. Husky, to me the greatest qb story at UW was Bob Schloredt. Blind is his left eye, 2 Rose Bowls and I believe 2 player of the game awards also College HOF.

  6. Just unearthed this clip while digging in the archives; appears to be a young Plumblee or Zeller; you can never tell which family or which brother it is; they all look the same to me.

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