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Indiana guard Maurice Creek defends Kentucky’s John Wall on Saturday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times





Heard these guys for the first time this weekend and really enjoyed them. Crash Kings’ “Mountain Man.”


  1. Lots of people expressed their frustration with the poster stevealford but the intriguing aspect is that the teams coached by Pat Knight and Steve Alford have indeed started this season in an unbelievable manner: Texas Tech best start in 80 years, New Mexico (apparently young too) still undefeated and knocking down ranked opponents:

    “I just thought we made big play after big play,” said Lobo Coach Steve Alford. “We withstood every run they made. For as young as we are, for the things they are doing, it’s pretty amazing.”

    The frustration of a smaller number of bloggers with Tom Crean and the rest of the “righteous” crowd was/is just as significant. Tom Crean got the job because the position was vacant. He didn’t earn it in any exceptional fashion. (Both Alford and Knight have far stronger connections with IU). Furthermore the “loyal” Hoosier fans are treating him like he himself caught Sampson redhanded. He didn’t. He’s no Simón Bolívar, folks — he simply signed up a big contract, then had it extended with two years and two million dollars without coaching a single game.

    If loyalty is the willingness to make an investment or personal sacrifice to strengthen a relationship then Steve Alford and Pat Knight should have been higher on the list than second year Hoosier Tom Crean. Yet, in all honesty, few would have anticipated New Mexico and Texas Tech taking off like that in the 2009-2010 season, myself included. Which just thickens the plot.

    So, stuck with Tom Crean, I don’t regret the other two coaches like stevealford does. But I like that he mentions them, often so passionately. Both Pat Knight and Steve Alford haven’t had it easy thus far. They deserve the recognition and I’m happy they are successful. What I want is for Tom Crean to understand that he should not take as much as he does for granted. I want an angry and determined Tom Crean. I want him to feel the pressure and find ways to win instead of always hiding behind long-winded justifications. And, to his credit, I think he’s getting there.

    Go Hoosiers!

  2. L’accent – I’m not sure I like the tenor of your post. You are trying to have it both ways; to be both on and off the bandwagon at the same time. You basically present moderatley insightful but uninspiring information, while trying to curry the favor of one brainless, impetuous blogger.

    Let’s look at these wondrous “undefeated” teams for a second. I’ll start with New Mexico. Their leading scorer is a senior, Roman Martinez. Their second leading scorer is a junior, Derington Hobson. Their point guard is a junior, Dairese Gary. So, in three key roles you have upper classmen.

    Now let’s look at Texas Tech. Their 5 leading scorers are: junior, junior, junior, junior, and senior, in that order. Their big bench scorer Reese, who torched my alma mater Washington, is a senior.

    Do these look like “young” teams to you? What are you doing, adding up their ages and then dividing by the number of players on your calculator? These are experienced teams, with leadership in key positions.

    Do you honestly think that it is just the magic of Pat Knight and Steve Alford that has these teams undefeated? I’m telling you, veteran leadership makes every coach look a lot better than they are. Look at what is happening to Ben Howland this year at UCLA with a sophomore as his leader.

    Before you make another attempt to dress up a basically anti-Crean argument with simplistic, erroneous observations and half-hearted “Go Hoosiers” cheers, do some research.

  3. This is my bottom line, just my opinion on the post above.
    Alford was a less than avg coach at Iowa that had trouble pulling recruits and many times could not keep the recruits at Iowa. They transferred out a lot. Many stories were written in Iowa papers and campus student papers that questioned if Alford was having trouble getting along with his players. He was rumored to be difficult and spoiled and you know that if you read papers and keep up with media. One guy wrote and I will never forget this, that Alford was worried more about his hair than coaching.
    Pat Knight was not seasoned enough and was not mature enough for the job when it opened at IU. He had hardly been a head coach. His dad even said last week, more than once, that Pat just learned to coach defense. There was no emphasis on it before that. That says a lot. It was not to long ago he was partying hard at Nick’s, remember that!

    If Pat continues his success at TT, I think one day it would be great to have him in B town coaching IU…really cool! Alford…love the guy but he has to prove he can coach and win at a big college!

    I am happy the two of them are doing great this year and I am following them but I am not sure either of them deserved the job at IU…yet. It is as if you are hinting above that they should have gotten the job because of bloodlines. I hear people with that theory but bloodlines got the Sampson coached team nothing when Dakich took over and if Ray Mac was given the job it most likely would have been a different story. The kids respected Ray. I am speaking strictly of coaching only, not the damage control aspect.

    Tom Crean earned the job at IU because of major success at his previous coaching position! Should he have been given the extension that quickly…NO, but any coach with his previous record at Marquette that would step into this mess at IU still waiting on a final NCAA ruling is an OK guy in my book.

    I think Crean is more than determined, just not angry yet. That will happen soon enough I think. I am curious as to what you mean about Crean taking things for granted???

    Enjoyed the thought provoking post above.

  4. Let me send one more piece of shrapnel for your armor.

    When Alford’s current leading scorers and point guard were freshmen and sophomores, the team went 15-17, in a bad conference to boot.

    Last year, Pat Knight’s group of illustrious sophomores lost 19 games.

    You don’t have to do much looking around before the bottom drops out of these baboonish arguments.

  5. I feel like a broken record, but this needs to be stressed? Do the people who come on here and complain remember what our team was like a year and a half ago? It was Kyle Taber and Brett Finkelmeier. I don’t care if Phil Jackson was the coach, it’s hard to win with minimal talent. The fact is, keeping a lot of games close is a win. We were up in the second half on a team that has a good chance to win a national championship! We lost to Lipscomb last year! The idea that Pat Knight or Steve Alford could come in here and win all these close games is ABSURD. Tom Crean attracted a top 10 class to Bloomington after the Hoosiers won 6 games last year. It’s just incomprehensible how high some people’s expectations are.

  6. Great Post L’accent,
    Angry Husky, Steve Alford was not the coach when they had a losing record that year. He came in and won 24 games his first year, and 22 his second year while his current upper classmen were very young.
    Tom Crean is a fraud people. A very rich fraud. He has accomplished absolutely nothing outside of the fluke D Wade year. If not for Wade, Crean would probably be an assistant coach somewhere by now.
    Iowa made a huge mistake with Alford, Look at how much better Alford did there than coach of the year Lickliter has fared. No comparison at all. I mean Iowa is not a basketball hotbed and he took them to the big dance 3 times.

  7. So Alford walked into a team with experience and rode their coattails. Wow, how impressive. Crean would have won 20+ games last year as well, if he had been able to keep Ebanks, Holloway, Crawford, Ellis, Holman, Thomas, and McGhee. Unfortunately he couldn’t. Why? Because the old boys network, the same one that got us Bill Lynch for 2 more years, decided that we needed a “cleaner” image.

  8. Husky and J.Pat, I tried logic and reason with these new negative posters. All they care about is getting a reply or angry reply from us. That is why I don’t post with them. They are feeding off your replies so they can use their uninformed spin. I know it is extremely difficult to remain calm in the face of their lack of facts and knowledge about IU and basketball but I do believe we should not comment back. They use many names and the go from one blog site to another seeking folks to join them. If we stop our replies they may go away back to their Purdue home page. Give them the silent treatment and they may go away. It has worked on other locations. Anyway that is my take on them.

  9. Alford @ Iowa, 8 years
    1-3 NCAA
    1-3 NIT
    Davis @ Iowa, 14 years
    13-9 NCAA
    2-3 NIT
    Olson @ Iowa, 9 years
    .651 %
    4 NCAA – 1 Final Four
    0 – NIT
    Have you ever heard of Don Nelson? Don’s problem was he played at the same time as Jerry Lucas, John Havlichek and yes Knight (OSU) and Terry Dischinger (PU). His pro career has gone pretty well, so much for “Hotbed” remarks.
    Alford left nothing at Iowa, player wise. He alienated everyone, like your incessant rambling here is alienating people.
    Oh, in case you really care:
    Crean @ Marquette – 9 years
    5 NCAA – 1 Final Four
    3 NIT
    Pat Knight not ready. As J Pat sai

  10. I can’t believe Kansas didn’t fire Self after losing in the first round to Bucknell (I think, it was a #14 seed I believe).

    The difference between him and Alford. He went on tto develope better teams. Iowa is now Iowa.

    I can’t believe Kansas stuck with Self after that. Unreal.

  11. The only fraud is you stevealford, you are unbelievably ignorant. Crean had a .702 winning percentage in 7 years at Marquette prior to coming to IU, Alford is at .634. Obviously last year didn’t help his overall percentage but eveyone who knows anything about college basketball and coaching praises Tom Crean and what he has done with what he inherited….which was nothing. Alford left Iowa like a sinking ship because he couldn’t take the heat from the fanbase. You really think he could handle the scrutiny at IU? You also can’t completely blame Lickliter for all the player transfers that have left him with practically nothing. Tom Davis did pretty well in Iowa prior to Alford so don’t act like Alford shocked the world with his 3 tourney appearances.

  12. I’m happy the way things are- as long as we start winning. But, I think Iowa was more of the problem than Alford in that situation. Jury is still out with Pat, but I think he could be a great recruiter with a little success under his belt.

  13. 1. Tom Crean attracted a top 10 class to Bloomington — OK. He did that by taking most of the recruits to Assembly Hall and showing them the banners. Since he didn’t win any of those (Alford did, and so did Knight senior, of course) it’s hard to determine how many of the players are coming here for Tom Crean and how many “because [of those banners].”

    2. My feeling is that with a healthy Roth in the lineup on Saturday the game would have been really, really close. The Hoosiers look good now (to me, at least) but they need to keep climbing up hard the steep road ahead of them. At this point I actually like Tom Crean and Husky you can understand that — last year you were a fervent fan of Kyle Taber, now you’re not losing any opportunity to speak slightingly about him. It’s just a change of perspective. While not so long ago it seemed as if Tom Crean was taking the fans’ loyalty for granted (“it’s OK to suck a couple of years, we are rebuilding” was what everybody was/is saying, “we just have to stay behind coach and team no matter what”) I see Crean now having higher expectations from this team than most of the fans.

    3. Leadership is not a commodity — you don’t just go and get some from Marsh or Target when you’re running low on it. Pritchard and Dumes exhibit fewer signs of leadership now than they did this time last year. One doesn’t just turn into a leader by simply growing older. Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers. The bigger the challenge the greater the opportunity. I hear fewer excuses from Tom Crean after the games but maybe I’m not paying enough attention.

    4. So, Husky, should I understand that you knew and were anticipating that New Mexico and Texas Tech would start the season like they did — because of the research you did? For me it’s a surprise, and a very pleasant one.

  14. To L’accent (babouin)
    To respond:
    1. Players come because of the coach, the banners are nice but not paramount.
    2. Roth, well since he’s hurt I guess it is difficult to argue. You are good at that, make statements without any real substance.
    3. You are good with discount stores; Walmart, Kmart, Marsh and Target. Leadership is not a commodity, at least you got that correct. Last year, at this time, Pritchard and Dumes were the best players on the team. This year there are about 4 players producing better. With maturity comes leadership. Leadership develops and it will on th

  15. On the recruiting class, I will give Crean credit for Creek and Watford. Good job. Hulls and Elston were coming here no matter who the coach was. Elston actally committed to Sampson. I will BLAME Crean for bringing in Muniru and Capobianco. They don’t belong here. Crean gets a pass for his first really bad recruiting class.
    All Crean has done so far is lead us to a 6 win season and his staff received a violation for making too many phone calls in his first year. Yes, nobody likes to talk about it, but one year after Sampson , Crean’s staff commits a violation of too many phone calls.

  16. stevealford,

    What do you think should be done? Give us a detailed plan that we can hand to Fred Glass on how to get Indiana back on the map.

  17. jubilee,
    First step would be to admit your mistake, and say that 6 wins is not acceptable under any circumstances at IU and say you are bringing in somebody who knows what it means to play at IU. Bring in Pat Knight or Steve Alford to resurrect the program.
    I have never heard so many excuses out of IU and quite frankly it is embarrassing. Hopefully Cougar can bail us out with that enormous undeserved contract of Crean’s.

  18. I’ll put Husky Tom at the point(the brains behind the bozos) ..Downing at shooting guard(shoots the longest bull)…Korman and Doparik at the forwards(keep the boards active)…GFDave in the middle(accurately mimics the complete silencing of Pritchard’s game)..I guarantee…I ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE!!! Give us ten minutes on the court with the Cats and we will find a way to put a couple points on the board! Hell, we might even hit a lucky bank shot from five feet beyond the 3-point line!

    There is no excuse for the 19-0 run that the Wildcats put on us Saturday. It’s shameful..It’s embarrassing..Talk of coaching all you want…You have to have talent and guys that can find ways to score. The Kentucky guards were given a halftime tongue lashing from Calipari…They got in Creek’s jersey in the second half..Four other teammates could not find a way to score and the rest was history.

    That’s all I have for now.

  19. I’d like to know after Coach Crean faces up and admits 6 wins last year is unacceptable (by your directive) how many more wins that gives us for the 09-10 season. In your plan what is that number?

  20. I love how people cry Crean “did nothing” outside of Wade.

    Last year, Marquette was a legit Final Four team until that kid got injured. Who put that team together? Crean.

    When has Wonder Boy, aka Alford, ever come CLOSE to that? He left Iowa in worse shape then when he got there.

    ‘Nuff said.

  21. steve,

    I only see one mistake in your logic.

    1. You believe that 6 wins is unacceptable
    2. You wanted either Pat Knight or Steve Alford
    3. If your logic is true, neither would be the coach at Indiana right now due to only winning 6 games (maybe less because Crean actually got D1 recruits starting in April)

    Therfore, it would bring us to this year under a brand new coach and trying to build up from that.

  22. stevealford,

    We get it. You don’t think Crean should be the coach. Give it a rest for a little bit, and we can all agree to disagree.

  23. The one question I’d ask stevealford is this: if Crean should not be the coach and if both Alford and Pat Knight would be better choices which one of the two would be the best for IU — because we couldn’t hire both. So, of the two, which one is the best coach: Pat Knight or Steve Alford?

  24. mike tyson,
    I would wait until the end of the season to make that call. Crean won’t be fired midseason so that decision will depend on how NM and TT finish out the season.

  25. I am quite sure Ad Glass has your advise in hand to guide him at the appropriate time. By the way you best give him your cell number for any emergency that rises.

  26. stevealford,

    I am an Alford fan and a Crean fan too. TC is at my school, SA helped us hang a banner. I hope they both win a bunch. Your use of Alford’s name and your ridiculous assertion that Pat Knight could coach IU now or anytime soon robs your entire argument/rant of any credence.

    Please stop your silliness.

  27. stevealford,

    ignore them. they’re envious and overbearing. let’s wait to see how the season unfolds for texas tech with games at kansas and texas within less than a month. cheers!

  28. The ironic/humorous thing about stevealford’s posts is that in leveraging Alford’s recent success against IU’s current coach (who most people like), he incites rebuttals that call into question the like-ability, recruiting savvy, and coaching abilities of the very man he obviously adores.

    Think about all the undue criticism that has been brought upon Alford in a retaliatory manor on this blog simply because of stevealford’s incessant posts about the real Steve Alford.

    It’s actually really awesome to watch.

  29. It’s one thing to ignore stevealford. He has made his idiocy clear. But what about L’accent (Korman’s alter ego, I assume)? Here we have a seemingly informed fan saying such nonsense as “We’re stuck with Crean.” How do you just let someone like that walk away, when he is presumably one of the sportswriters for this blog?

    For such a person to imply that we should have looked to hire an unproven coach from “within the family,” despite the availability of someone like Crean who has more than proven his ability to win in D1, just shows that even though it is 2010, Hoosiers still think in terms of inbreeding.

    I mean, this is trademark Bill Lynch stuff here. Going with the “loyal” “in house” hire to keep the Ole Boys happy. The kind of stuff that would have gotten us Dakich, a les than mediocre coach at Bowling Green who some thought had the pedigree to coach here just because he was “one of us.”

    I am shocked. Crean has had 1 1/4 of a season at the helm. Let’s see how the team does next year with a senior point guard and a bunch of battle-tested sophomores. Until them, all negativity is jibberish. I wish I could ban some of you freaks from Hoosier fandom for life. You better believe that when this team is winning 20 games, I will be holding your fannies to the fire.

  30. To the person pretending to be Husky Tom:

    I assure you I need no alter ego. The one I’ve got is big enough. If I plan to express my thoughts, I’ll attach my name.

    And, you’re not really Husky. So why pretend to be Husky? He’s an excellent contributor to this blog who doesn’t need to have his name stolen.

  31. L’accent is not Korman, that’s for sure, because I signed as L’accent and I have never ever met Korman. He’s a serious sportswriter and I am virtually nothing. But it’s one thing to think that what I wrote is rubbish (and I have absolutely no problem with that) and totally another to launch yourself in unsupported assumptions — because then your credibility just vanishes.

    I wrote what I wrote. I think it’s not healthy to idolatrize and worship Crean too much. He doesn’t deserve that just yet and he doesn’t need it either. Furthermore “[please don’t] confuse dissent with disloyalty. When the loyal opposition dies, I think the soul of America dies with it.”

  32. Korman- Sorry. I remember you writing a piece a few weeks ago that was eerily similar to L’accent. I thought you were jumping on board the pseudonym game, perhaps in an effort to .

    L’accent: saying “We are stuck with Crean” is much more than simply withholding premature praise. It clearly indicates that you are unhappy with the hire. Like I said before, you are trying to be on both sides of the fence at once. You want to hen around with stevealford about how we should have nabbed a Good Old Boy, but at the same time keep your minority share in the company just in case things turn around.

    Jake Locker is coming back, and the Mariners sign Cliff Lee. Things are finally brightening up in the Seattle sports world.

  33. Read: perhaps in an effort to escape the rigid confines of a single sportswriting personality.

  34. I don’t know what you mean, Husky Tom, by “keeping my minority share in the company”. I never come back with “I told you so.” I think you are giving me far more attention than I deserve. Also I didn’t like how everybody else treated stevealford so I spoke my mind. I am not trying to curry any favor from him or anybody else.

    For what it’s worth let me say that I appreciated JPat’s answer the most. I thought it was extremely classy and entirely fair.

    Also Jay is unbelievably entertaining if he doesn’t mind me saying so — as is Clarion with his often dry, deadpan one-liners.

  35. Taking a shot at Korman because he wrote a fair and well written article is a pretty low blow. I know some people wish to worship and never question a single thing Crean does, but that shouldn’t surprise me since the same thing happened with Kelvin Sampson. Should the media only report one side of the story all the time? That is like a world without Fox News.

  36. Oh no… I hope you meant “a world with just Fox News”:

    “Dick Cheney finally answered questions about the hunting accident on Fox News. You know, I think Fox News is a little biased. They called it ‘Interview with a Marksman.'” –Jay Leno

  37. stevealford watches FOX news. Suddenly, this all starts to make sense.

    I have been arguing with the Hoosier sports version of Glenn Beck. This takes away all the intrigue. Why bother?

  38. me thinks huskee refers to the sky post because he complained a lot right after korman posted it. alford (the blogger, not the player and the coach) is hereby excused for his transgressions (watching fox news). those irritated by his posts are into brain cleansing as much as some of the others are into “ethnic” cleansing. do you think crean’s position is in jeopardy just because blogger alford wants to be the lone voice of dissent here? stop getting worked up over such a little thing and stop telling the guy he has no arguments — until new mexico or texas tech stumble (let’s hope i am no jinxing them now) the guy’s position is going to continue to make you all creanophiles jealous and resentful, ha, ha, ha! keep it up stevealford.

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