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Purdue Alabama Basketball

Yes, that’s Purdue’s Robbie Hummel. No, this has not become Boiler Morning. Just follow the jump and all will be revealed. Butch Dill | Associated Press


  • The Big Ten is slipping in the polls, but the coaches are saying it is not a big deal, Dustin Dopirak writes. That’s where Hummel comes in — Purdue is the only team to move up in the top 25.
  • Interviews have started for the open men’s soccer coaching position, Chris Korman writes.
  • JUCO linebacker Jeff Thomas will join IU in time for the spring semester, Dustin writes.




Another new music discovery. Phoenix’s “Lisztomania.”


  1. Didn’t Korman once comment to a Louisville sportswriter that NW Indiana was thin on basketball talent?…I think it occurred during a Basketblog Live Chat session that he was participating in…Maybe it was someone else.

    E’Twaun Moore(Purdue)

    Not a bad looking starting five. Wonder if they could have given Kentucky a decent battle?

  2. I don’t remember ever saying that, Downing. The upcoming talent out of the region is outstanding.

    As I’ve freely admitted, I’m not an Indiana guy and have a limited knowledge of how things have been here in the past. I’m still working to learn that.

    But I’ve seen the recent players who went on to college, and I’ve seen the prospects.

    You know what? Let me just go check something. Just re-read the chat we did with Jody Demling from the Courier-Journal. What I said was that Crean wanted to recruit the entire state. I offer no evaluation of the talent in the region.

  3. Husky,

    Was born in Philadelphia. Grew up in Reading, Pa. Went to undergrad at Penn State, worked in Harrisburg for a year and then went to graduate school at Columbia. Moved to Bloomington from New York City.

    So, I’d guess you’d say I’m from the East Coast.

  4. Korman, we were mid atlantic neighbors. Wife used to shop Reading outlets, and I had consulting work in Harrisburg (about 2 hours from home) Philly is ok to visit. Iggles and Flyers are our biggest Philly sports rivals here in DC. I’ll never forget Buddy Ryan’s stint. Nats have no rivals, of course, and Wizards biggest rival is themselves.

  5. Dave,

    This time of year always reminds me of outlet shopping. Hours and hours of it.

    Those Buddy Ryan years were the height of my fandom as a kid. Loved those Eagles teams. Still have a Cunningham jersey somewhere.


    I’m a writer through and through. Studied English at Penn State, then went on the Columbia’s graduate school of journalism. Though perhaps I should have picked up an MBA while there so I’d be fit to fix our business model.

  6. Korman-

    You should be thankful you didn’t. The guys with the MBA’s are the ones who “broke” the business model in the first place.

  7. I’ll find it and hold you to it, Korman..like a marshmallow to a flame. Just giving you a hard time.

    I could have sworn you posed a question to Demling in which you used Dan Dakich(Andrean Catholic High School in Merrillville, IN) as reference…You asked(or possibly fed Demling the question from another blogger involved in the chat) why more recruiting isn’t done in Northwest Indiana ..I then remember you saying, “Why, no talent?”. I thought of those names I listed above and was astonished that they were not mentioned by you, or Demling. I was especially surprised that Demling couldn’t come up with any names since he claimed to be from the area. These are talented guys having big impact on their programs(with exception of Martin because of injury)…You’re off the hook since from the East. Very impressive background…

  8. No press conference, Jay. Just a release, which we’ve posted. Dustin is trying to reach IU sources for their thoughts; we don’t expect to hear much from them. The statement was awfully vague. Basically: we’re looking to see if any school makes sense as a 12th member, and we’re going to need more than a year to do this.

  9. Thank you Chris. The B-10 is a very tight fraternity that can be very difficult to read. Expansion will happen. I believe that B-10 by-laws state that new universities must come from contiguous states. That leaves out Vanderbilt, which would make a lot of sense to me.
    Universities that have strong research are also prized. Believe it or not, Notre Dame is not a strong research based university. This could be an excuse for not courting ND again. The B-10 has large and prestigious universities, they don’t feel they need ND.

  10. You know what? Let me just go check something. Just re-read the chat we did with Jody Demling from the Courier-Journal. What I said was that Crean wanted to recruit the entire state. I offer no evaluation of the talent in the region.



    IDS/Scoop/Inside the Hall live chat with special guest Rick Bozich

    By Zach Osterman | IDS sports writer

    Posted at 5:14 pm on June 15, 2009

    7:56 [Comment From kelin blab]
    Crean seems to be playing in Painters ground, near the Gary (region) area there ……IU has not gotten very many players out of that area in awhile…is Crean making any headway?

    7:57 Rick Bozich: A little headway.

    Other than Dakich I can’t name many Indiana players out of NW Indiana, which is where I grew up.
    Not taking Harangody was one of Mike Davis’ dumbest moves — and he made a few.

    7:58 Chris Korman: Rick, what’s the reason for that? Did Knight not like that area? No talent?


    Rick Bozich!! I never said Jody Demling..You planted that seed in my head and made the retrieval more difficult…Crazy people tend to have fabulous memory. I found it. :mrgreen:

  11. Marshmallow,

    Congratulations, you wasted time establishing that Korman asked someone if there was a lack of talent in that area.

    “No talent?” is not a claim of any sort. He obviously wasn’t assessing the talent level, but rather inquiring as to whether there was an abundance or not.

    But besides that, you’ve completely misread this exchange.

    Bozich said “Other than Dakich I can’t name many INDIANA (as in IU) players out of NW Indiana.”

    He wasn’t saying there weren’t good players coming out of that area, but rather that there weren’t many that played at IU. I’m sure Bozich was aware of those players you listed, but the conversation was revolving around NW players who attended IU. I don’t really understand your overall point in all of this.

  12. Casey,

    There was no response by Bozich after Korman said “no talent?”….I understand perfectly that Bozich was referring to Indiana University, but the follow up question gave the inference of NO TALENT from the area…That inference toward Knight’s recruiting habits can be seen as extending into present day. They also left out many names that Knight did recruit from the northern part of the state…I will not suck up more time to list them..If you want them, I’ll be happy to provide.

    The problem I had with leaving the open-ended question unaddressed with reference to the NW Indiana area is that it sounds like players still haven’t placed in cream and crimson because you can’t find talent in that portion of the state…I could not believe that Harangody’s name was the only current high-profile player from the the corner of the state that a sports journalist(Bozich) from the area could remember.

    Until today, I did not realize Korman grew up outside the Midwest….He could argue for deserving a little slack since he’s fresh out of Columbia and just got off his Pennsylvania Amish buggy ride to Bloomington…I’ll be more than happy to give it to him…He still hasn’t had much of a chance to get on board with high school sports beyond a circle of 50 miles from the basketball Mayan Empire of Bloomington South..Still, the fact remains, there were other journalists from IDS on the chat session..there may have been friends of Scoop with Korman to feed some names in his ear…And, of course, there was Bozich…Not one person could come up with any of the names I mentioned above…You don’t think a normal response to Korman’s question from one of these experts that spend much of their days writing of basketball for their papers and blog sites would have went something like this: “Well I’ll tell you one thing, there’s sure some noteworthy names coming out of the area now!”…

    You can look at it whatever damn way you want, Casey…I still find it astounding. Hey, just keep livin’ the dream…keep only the local boys in IU jerseys and treat the part of the state a two-hour drive from Bloomington as if it were a strange mysterious recruiting island not worth a tank of gas to land great ball players…Might as well take Chicago completely out of the equation, too…Let Purdue, Michigan, and Notre Dame keep landing the high level of basketball talent near the shores of Lake Michigan….We can stay in the dark(or should I use the term Husky gives to eastern/interior Washington…the “dark side”?) all nestled and cozy next to Kentucky…See what scraps Calipari and Pitino toss our way.

  13. Super-Sub

    I truly hope your concerns will be assuaged sooner rather than later. I agree that for someone who says he’s from the area, Bozich should be able to rattle off at least a few top-talent names from NW Indiana. As you’ve already conceded, my counterpoint was more in defense of Korman than anything. I think he was simply trying in earnest to become more educated concerning the geographic recruiting layout of the state when he posed that question.

    Anyway, I think Crean shares your opinion, in that he’s made it a point to say that he wants to recruit the WHOLE state, NW Indiana included.

    You (impersonal “you”) can say what you want about Crean, but one thing he’s made clear is that he wants to begin to seal the borders and bring top Indiana talent to Indiana University. I think that’s a philosophy even the most anti-Crean Hoosier fans can get behind.

    And for the record, you and I both know there are some more-than-questionable sports journalists out there when it comes to their actual depth of knowledge and innovative reporting abilities (Korman and Dopirak excluded, of course).

    Maybe Bozich was having an off day.

  14. Maybe…I had quite the fun with the subject on Basketblog. I went on for a couple days.. I think Korman is slippery. Have you ever tried to pick up a watermelon seed on a tiled kitchen floor..
    That’s how slippery Korman is… Pennsylvania meets Columbia meets New York meets Bloomington….What the hell? Is he running from the Amish mob? What was that Harrison Ford movie…?..Yentl? Exclusive footage of Korman arriving in Bloomington.

    Is it not unbelievable that Zack Novak was off the radar of every Indiana college…Beilein took a chance on the kid…It’s a great story if you ever want to research it…I enjoyed talking with you, Casey..Your reaction to my rant gave me pleasant surprise this morning…You took a breath and didn’t judge…you didn’t throw punch at my playful nudge…I really appreciate it.

  15. The Burger:

    Unbelievably strong and athletic guard(6-5, 210) that goes ferociously to the boards…Hard defender that can also shoot the 3-ball..poised under pressure and is solid decision maker with the ball. That’s what I remember..Rivers can maybe go to the rack better, but Novak is much more of a deep threat…Haven’t watched him much this year…there may be growth in new facets of his game…If you’re a stat guy, then Casey could run the comparative numbers..I think he likes to do that kind of stuff…It’s just a great story..He’s from a high school that barely graduates 300 kids a year..He’s started since his freshman year at Michigan.

    Side of Fries:

    The kid from Carmel(Douglas?) that regularly subs for Novak is also quite good…We ended up with Finkelmeier and Moore..You can make that comparisons if you wish.

  16. jubilee-

    Forgot to mention….Novak won the dunk contest at Michigan’s version of Midnight Madness…Think about the athletes on Michigan…I was shocked.

  17. Michigan seems to be doing really well. Novak is a joke. Manny Harris and Sims are their whole team.

    Moore and Fink are walk-ons. Can’t compare.

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