Indiana 90, Bryant 42 (rotten luck 1, Hoosiers 0)

This about says it all.

Click here to see a full gallery of Chris Howell’s photographs, including more of the Creek injury.

[1:00 UPDATE]

Crean confirmed for us in his post-game press conference that Creek fractured his knee and will have surgery later today. Steve Ahlfeld will perform the procedure in Indianapolis. Creek’s parents are being flown from Maryland to spend time with him.

You can listen to all of Crean’s remarks by clicking here.

Obviously losing the leading scorer on the team — who was also the leading freshman scorer in the country — will have major ramifications for Indiana. It is a bit difficult to put much thought into those now. The Hoosiers were engaged in such a meaningless contest when Creek went down, and it was dragging late into the night (the 9 p.m. start was absurd). Creek crumpling to the floor was a jarring sight; it will also be the lasting one from this night.

We hope to have an update on Creek in the morning, and we’ll begin looking forward to how the Hoosiers will evolve without him.

[11:34 UPDATE]

Tom Crean said on his post-game radio interview that Maurice Creek fractured his knee and will require surgery.


Look at those faces.

Look at that knee.

It is too early to tell for sure what happened to freshman star Maurice Creek’s knee at the 15:26 mark of the second half today (unless, of course, you are a doctor; then go ahead and share your thoughts.) Creek was on the floor for a good while, and eventually taken off on a stretcher. He used his shirt to cover his face as the fans cheered for him.

We hope to have updates for you on Creek’s status soon.

But to say this much is not going to far: it does not look good.


  1. What an f(*&ing drag. This is the last thing the team needs. If Pritchard and Dumes had actually improved this year instead of regressed, I’d say we still could stay competitive.

  2. Please…just a sprain or tweak…if the words tear, torn, out for season show up tomorrow…I might scream.

  3. Tough to swallow. My thoughts and prayers go out to Maurice and his family. Such a young kid. Hopefully the appropriate steps are taken by the IU medical staff and they get him back to peak condition for next year.

    You never want to see an injury like this alter the career of a player. I put faith in that he is young enough to recover.

  4. This sucks big time. I hope Mo can recover completely and have a good career.

    That picture should win an award. Wow.

    Best wishes to Mo.

  5. Can’t believe that our best player has a season ending injury right before the Big Ten opener! I’m sure IU and Creek with ask the NCAA for a medical redshirt this season…

  6. No med-red for Creek…he’s been in more than five games this season. It looked so innocuous…unbelievable luck to have arguably our best outside shooter (Roth) and arguably our best overall player (Creek) out before the new year.

    …can we throw in the Chi-Town “wait ’til next year” this early in the season?

  7. Let’s slow down just a bit.

    Is this a hard thing for Creek and the program… absolutely. Would we have won more games with Creek starting all year… without a doubt. Were we going to go to post season play if Creek hadn’t gotten hurt… probably not. I’d say our chances were about 10% with him and maybe 2% without him.

    All that being said. It sounds like an injury Creek will be able to make a full recovery from. And it may give an opportunity to someone like Elston, Capobianco, or Hulls to get a year of Big Ten starts under their belt and some experience for next season. That doesn’t hurt at all.

    So yeah, it’s a loss for this season, but this season was already planned as a learning experience… and Creek doesn’t seem like he needs to learn much. =o) Let’s be positive and support the healthy team we’ve got!

  8. Thoughts and prayers to Mo and his family. Not so concerned about this season, more so the impact on this kids pro career. Put in the time to rehab Mo and we will be there to support you along the way.

  9. Such a devistating loss for the IU program. Thoughts and prayers go out to Maurice Creek, his family, teammates and coaching staff. Here’s to a quick recovery and a safe return.

  10. David,

    Didn’t see your comment until after my post. Very well stated. Thank you for your positive post and encouragement for the team and fans!

  11. Tell me it aint so! Tell me it aint Mo!

    We’re going miss you dearly, Maurice…Get well and speedy recovery.

  12. Just trying to find some positives here:

    -We lost to Loyola and Boston U with Creek. No one player is key to this young team. Remember, we are better than last year’s squad, no matter what. This means we should win at least a few more conference games – we probably would even if we had the exact same squad as last year (which we almost do, since Tom Pritchard has learned to be Kyle Taber)

    -Like someone in a previous thread noted, we are relatively deep, and Creek’s injury will provide an opportunity for someone else to get big time developmental opportunities

    -Hulls started over Rivers. Is this a trend in the making? RIvers has a lot of heart and will make some plays, but he is a terrible shooter and is merely keeping the seat warm while Hulls gains confidence. Needless to say, Creek’s injury gives both of them more time in the spotlight to work out their kinks

  13. I assume you read “A Case for Hulls”?

    • A Case for “nearly invisible” Hulls | December 14th, 2009 at 3:01 pm |

    Why did we recruit a Mr. Basketball?

    I’ll be the first to admit that I was a doubter of Jordan Hulls.. With the complete decimation of our basketball program by the indiscriminate wielding sledgehammer of the NCAA, Crean’s decision to completely gut the roster and start fresh, and the “New Generation” of Hoosiers selected to be part of the rebuilding phase to bring back the hearts of the faithful fans, I just figured Hulls was recruited to restore some of that lost apple pie image..Hulls being the Bloomington South local boy à la mode to bring back the old school alumni fan base….Fred Glass was our new Aunt Bee….Tom Crean came in as Sheriff Andy Taylor…Tijan Jobe our goodhearted Deputy Barney Fife(the shoot yourself in the foot klutz we all can’t help loving.). And then came Jordy…Wasn’t Jordy to be the star of the show?…Who’s going to watch if Opie is not in an episode? Mayberry has come to Bloomington. But are all the characters finally in place?…All with the exception of Jordy.

    All kidding aside, where does Jordan Hulls fit into this basketball program? Where does he fit in if we claim to rights one of those 5-star guards we’re all getting futuristically dreamy over?..Did we recruit the runt with the highest basketball honor from our state so he could blister his butt in his one and only season of realistic playing time before the sea of superstar guards arrive? Is there an upperclassmen honor code that will forever keep him glued to the bench this year? Is Crean reluctant to put Rivers on the bench? Why is he reluctant? What is there to lose? Does he not shine in practice? Practice means crap! Give the kid a chance to lead on the floor…The more Hulls sits on bench, the lower his game will fall..the more his shooting touch will elude…the more his confidence will wane.

    Is one outside scoring threat going to be enough to have any shot at winning against teams in the Big Ten; teams that will possess more muscle and experience under the basket than our young Hoosiers?
    I’ve had enough time to evaluate Rivers and Jones…..Jones has demonstrated some improvement, but a slow release hampers the slim window of opportunity to take advantage of his open shots from the outside…I think he is still weak driving to the basket and often has trouble protecting the ball in the lane.
    Rivers has had spurts of greatness..Also spurts of horrible inconsistency…He is unquestionably athletic ….He’s a powerful kid providing great size to defend the backcourt….There are definite positives on finding considerable minutes for Rivers. Unfortunately, I’ve not been impressed with his decision making and court direction. He has no jump shot…He often bricks free throws(22-38, .579)..If you’re not reliable at the stripe, then is there great advantage in always going hard to the basket? He’ll never be a scoring threat from the outer limits to compliment Creek…The more teams key on Creek, the more difficult it will become for us to find the points from the perimeter…Kentucky clamped down on Creek in the second half and we couldn’t find more points from the outside or in a middle dominated by Kentucky’s athleticism and size…Those cocky 5-stars, anxiously awaiting their one-and-done season to conclude and move on to multimillion dollar contracts and a game where showboating and slacking defense is the norm, were likely given quite the tongue lashing at halftime to start playing defense on Creek…I’m diverting ….Let’s get back to the Hoosiers and Hulls..If not Creek, where will consistency from the outside come? Who will drain the open shot when the window is barely cracked open? Who will claim enough deep scoring respect to draw his defender out and thus free up the middle? In the limited minutes Hulls has played the point guard position, I see more of a floor general. I see a kid that moves the basketball with passes and doesn’t stymie the offense with ridiculous attempts to dribble into crowds and clog up the paint..I see a kid that can shoot the deep 3-ball from corner pocket…With more time on the court he could become equally dangerous as Creek…I see a kid that won’t come up empty at the stripe when he draws fouls driving into the trees…I see a leader. Why should he be erased from opportunity to prove what he can do in a starting role? What better time than now? Three games in December…..Maybe even a Michigan start.. Let him strip himself the Opie Taylor image and show there was a reason he was Mr. Basketball. I think he’s up to the challenge..I think he’s got GAME, GUMPTION, GUTS, and GLORY written all over his GRUMPY face..GIVE Hulls a chance!

  14. Best of luck MC. With a good bit of playing time under his belt he is in a good position to learn by watching. Many times this type of thing can be a positive turning point in a player’s career.

  15. Great case. Wish I could write that clearly about basketball.

    I agree with you on just about everything. Hulls has the oh-so-cliche “intangible” factor in addition to his sharpshooting; he looks like he wants to lead out there. He won a state championship with his high school squad; he knows what pressure is and how to handle it. It is only a matter of time before he becomes accustomed to the pace at this level and stops making silly passes. Like you said, he could also easly mitigate a lot of the effects of Creek’s absence.

    One disagreement:

    Jones has demonstrated some improvement, but a slow release hampers the slim window of opportunity to take advantage of his open shots from the outside…I think he is still weak driving to the basket and often has trouble protecting the ball in the lane.

    Jones’ is already a very good penetrator, and he is especially a good finisher at the rim. Compare him to someone like Elston, who penetrates well but can’t finish, or Pritchard, who definitely doesn’t finish. His release isn’t hampering him at all, because he has a silky-smooth floater that he can fade with after stopping on a dime. Jones could easily be the one averaging 17 points on this team. Maybe it will happen.

    I would go so far as to say that I’d be more bleak about the prospects of a Jones injury than a Creek one.

  16. I know this has already been posted, but it’s just so appropriate to my feelings right now I’ll do it anyway:


    Hope the surgery goes well Maurice, we’re with you through it. Anybody that plays with the determination you play with is fine by me!

  17. As of last night Hulls is 0.5% away from losing nearly invisibility in kenpom’s ratings. I can’t forget how Korman’s column ended after Loyola (MD):

    It was a bad loss. One that shouldn’t have happened. Afterward, Maurice Creek was just a kid headed home for the first time in a while. He might even get to see his girlfriend.

    And now this. Poor Mo. I certainly he comes back fully recovered.

    Otherwise this completely frees Crean of any high expectations for the season. But the team I think will become stronger as a result. I think we will be 7-11 at the end of the season and lose in the semis of the Big Ten Tourney.

    Hulls is great. He has vision. He can learn a lot from Jeremiah and they can and I am sure they will help each other a lot.

  18. Husky-

    Sorry it took so long to respond…trying to catch up on some lost sleep. Wish I could be as positive about the rest of the season. Creek is a natural scorer. This is a Hoosier team that seems very thin on guys that can play under control and make good decisions(hopefully Hulls can add some stability and sense of awareness on the floor).
    I still haven’t bought the farm on Verdell…Based on his gradual improvement, he doesn’t really deserve my doubts…I just believe better athletes will bring to the forefront his lack of quickness and strength going to the basket…his deceptive slashing and teardrop floaters may be harder to manufacture against premier guards in the Big 10. I hope I’m wrong..

    Hulls can definitely hit the long ball, but his setup time on his jumper could be a problem with his lack of size…Have you noticed how he brings the ball down low before his release?..It’s a bit like a struggling 8th grader with underdeveloped biceps shoots the ball for added push..When I was in junior high school I forced myself to change my shot because of continually being fed my lunch(the same push problem)…I actually decided to bring the ball behind my head and catapult it toward the basket with both arms…Amazingly awkward and ugly form, but after hours and hours on the court, I began to have accuracy with the unorthodox style.. Eventually I learned to bring the ball down and shoot comfortably with truer form and a release point near top of forehead..No more getting fed my lunch from guys a couple inches taller) Sorry for that diversion from topic to bring up my personal failings at hoops …Unfortunately, Hull’s effectiveness will be challenged by the absence of Creek’s complimentary deep threat..Having a respected scorer like Creek on the court was the main factor allowing Hulls to get the needed spacing to deliver his own deep daggers…I still believe he is the best choice for starting point guard…He’s not selfish with the ball and is the best fit for the position/role of team leader on the court…GAME, GUMPTION, GUTS, and GLORY written all over his GRUMPY face.

    By the way, there’s not a damn thing wrong with your basketball analysis..You’re being modest for no reason.

    Really bummed over losing Creek…

    EJ UPDATE: Clippers vs Portland tomorrow night!

  19. The expressions that Chris Howell caught of the players reactions in one of the greatest sports photos I have ever seen.

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