Indiana hires Yeagley

Yeagley as the coach at Wisconsin

Indiana has hired Todd Yeagley to be its next men’s soccer coach, athletic director Fred Glass confirmed today.

Yeagley met with his Wisconsin team this afternoon to tell the players he was leaving.

Chris Reynolds, the men’s soccer sports administrator, has been contacting Indiana players to tell them of the decision.

Yeagley, the son of former coach Jerry Yeagley, will be paid the same amount that Mike Freitag, who was not retained after the season, made last year ($96,635) and will be on a year-to-year contract.

[11 P.M. UPDATE]

It’s been a long day of reporting, with plenty of interesting things to talk about. If you read our story in Saturday’s paper, you’ll hear what both Fred Glass and Jerry Yeagley have to say about the charges that this was an orchestrated ploy that ultimately led to a blatant act of nepotism.

I’ll post thoughts from several current and former Indiana players tomorrow, and we’ll have plenty of more follow up then.

After the jump, you can read IU’s official release.


BLOOMINGTON, Ind.- Indiana University Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Fred Glass today named Todd Yeagley to be IU’s third head men’s soccer coach. Yeagley takes command of the illustrious program after an expansive national search in which several candidates were contacted and interviewed by Indiana University faculty members and athletics administrators. A four-time All-American and National Player of the Year at Indiana, Yeagley returns to Bloomington after serving as the head soccer coach at the University of Wisconsin.

“Todd Yeagley is a noted recruiter and motivator who has the maturity, presence, and experience to successfully lead the nation’s premier college soccer program,” Glass said. “Coach Yeagley was a legendary player and is an experienced Big Ten coach, and last season he guided Wisconsin to substantial improvement in conference play in his first year in Madison. Todd Yeagley is the complete package and I am thrilled to welcome him back to Bloomington.”

Yeagley will receive the same compensation package enjoyed by his predecessor, including a base salary of $96,635.

“It is an honor to be selected to lead the Indiana University men’s soccer program,” Yeagley said. “Suzy and I are excited to return to our beloved alma mater and raise our three boys in a wonderful college town.

“I would like to thank the University of Wisconsin for the opportunity to coach at such a fine institution and athletics department. Indiana University is the gold standard for college soccer and I am looking forward to building upon our rich standard of excellence.”

Glass and Indiana University Senior Associate Athletics Director Chris Reynolds, who contacted several candidates and schools about the coaching vacancy, led the search for a new head coach. After a series of off-campus interviews, three candidates were invited to Bloomington for an extensive series of interviews with Glass and members of a search advisory committee consisting of Reynolds, members of the Indiana University faculty, and various athletics administrators. The three candidates visited on three separate days concluding on Wednesday of this week. After consulting with the search advisory committee on Thursday, which unanimously recommended Yeagley for the position, Glass concluded to offer Yeagley the job and called him to do so late Thursday night.

“All three candidates were outstanding and each of them would have been an exceptional head coach at Indiana,” Glass said. “In the final analysis, Todd emerged as the preferred candidate among excellent candidates.

“I would like to thank Barry Alvarez and the University of Wisconsin for their assistance and cooperation in the search process. The University of Wisconsin is a class institution and we appreciate their efforts in this transition.”

At Wisconsin, Yeagley took the helm of a program that hadn’t made the NCAA tournament in 13 seasons and had won just one game in conference play the previous season. In Yeagley’s year in Madison, the Badgers showed demonstrable improvement as the season rolled along.  Wisconsin knocked off three conference opponents with wins over eventual NCAA Tournament teams Northwestern, Ohio State, and Michigan State. They also played NCAA participant UC Santa Barbara to a 1-1 tie at a neutral site. The Badgers tied Indiana for 4th place in the conference at 3-3 after finishing in last place (1-4-1) the year prior to Yeagley’s arrival.

Considered one of collegiate soccer’s rising stars in the coaching ranks, College Soccer News rated Yeagley as one of the top 12 assistant coaches in the country in 2008.

As a player, Yeagley was a four-time All-American at Indiana (91, 92, 93, 94) and in 1994 was named Missouri Athletic Club National Player of the Year. During his stint as a student-athlete in Bloomington, Yeagley was a two-time academic All-Big Ten honoree (1992-94). Yeagley led the Hoosiers to three Big Ten titles (1991, 92, 94) and a 75-9-5 overall record during his four seasons as a player.

He remains third on IU’s career assists list, with 40 for his career, and shares the Big Ten single-season assists record with the 14 he recorded in 1993.

Yeagley also enjoyed a successful seven-year professional career in Major League Soccer with the Columbus Crew. Columbus advanced to the MLS Playoffs in five of Yeagley’s seven seasons with the team and won the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup in 2002.

In 2002, Yeagley served as the Assistant General Manager for Columbus before returning to Indiana as an assistant coach. He was a volunteer assistant coach in 2003 before joining the staff full time in 2004.

Yeagley earned a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology from Indiana in 2002. He and his wife, Suzy, have three children: Ben (9), Grant (7) and Jay (4).


Date of Birth:            Sept. 20, 1972
Birthplace:            Bloomington, Ind.
College:            Indiana University, 2002 (B.S., sociology)
Wife:            Suzy
Children:            Ben (9), Grant (7), Jay (4)

Professional Experience
2009:            Head Coach, University of Wisconsin
2004-2008:            Assistant Coach, Indiana University
2003:            Volunteer Assistant Coach, Indiana University
2002:            Assistant General Manager, Columbus (MLS)

Playing Experience
1996-2002:            Columbus (MLS)
1991-1994:            Indiana University

Awards and Honors
– 1994 Missouri Athletic Club National Player of the Year
– 1994 Soccer News Player of the Year
– Four-time All-American (1991, 92, 93, 94)
– Four-time All-Big Ten selection (1991, 92, 93, 94)
– Two-time Academic All-Big Ten honoree (1992, 94)
– 1991 Big Ten Conference Freshman of the Year


  1. I wish Todd the best and hope he can bring IU soccer back to its winning ways. Not that IU hasn’t won under Frietag and hasn’t played well. But, the team play has definitely not been the same as it was 10 years ago. I also hope this was a well thought out decision and not some name recognition thing. Good luck IU soccer!

  2. He never should have left! Great to have him back and I look forward to Indiana returning as the premier program in the country.

  3. IT’S A CHRISTAMS MIRACLE(he says sarcastically)!!!!!!! So, all of you who have been posting on the blogs that some of us, who knew this info weeks ago, were just wanna-be’s I guess you now know the truth…we do know the truth about how JY masterminded this entire set up. No coincidence that JY helped to get Glass hired, no coincidence that Glass is part of the “club”…just my humble opinion. Oh well, what comes around surely goes around. Like I’ve stated before, most people know the politics behind this move and most people now have a true view of what JY is willing to do….doesn’t matter whose life he tries to ruin. Doesn’t matter as long as he is victorious.

  4. Yep, I trust everything I read in the comments sections of online news articles. That’s where the real news is.

    Get over this conspiracy theory stuff.

  5. To “Really?”: I take it you have never met Todd, nor have you ever really been around the program. I will say this ONCE: this hire has NOTHING to do with nepotism. Todd was ready for this job three years ago! In fact, Louisville tried to hire him a couple years ago. He is ready. And, come on – saying this was “set up” by JY is rather juvenile. Anyone you talk to who has been around Todd or the program will tell you that Todd is ready. This was a great hire, and I guarrantee that he will get IU back to where it should be. And, you can hold me to that. (No, I am not some IU soccer fan who wears “colored glasses.”)

  6. Gee, what a surprise?? To all the people who really thought anyone had a chance, this is a sad day in soccer.
    Fred, still claiming no nepotism or set up? IU administration should be ashamed.
    Wonder if Todd will get the boot if he does not win a NCAA championship in 4 years?

    Fred, get ready to do more bidding for senior- he owes you one big one!

  7. Louisville wouldn’t take him….couldn’t even get a second interview…best read up on your history

  8. Todd even had a meeting with the IU Soccer team about leaving for Louisville. I know my history.

  9. That is true, but Lville didn’t want him b/c he wanted too much $ and didn’t have enough experience.

  10. Feel sorry for the players and IU soccer……

    As was stated so many times- no one had a chance in heck for that job- Freitag was ousted so Jr could get the job.

  11. I am sorry, but you do not have a meeting with a team to announce you might leave unless it where imminent. Obviously, something happened for that deal to break down, and I am more inclined to think it were due to money, not experience. No AD would go that far if he thought he didn’t have enough experience. It is only common sense.

  12. I disagree with the hire ( it should have been Trask). However, this is the last time you will hear me bash Coach Todd Yeagley for at least three years. I hope he can turn the program around.

  13. Mike was fired because we sucked in the regular season and there were zero adjustments made throughout games. The program wasnt headed in the right direction considering how many losses we had with that much talent. The program was declining.

    Maybe jr got the job because it makes a lot of sense.

  14. All you haters are probobly the same people that think Borak Obama was the most qualified man for the job ! A set up or not IU will be back on track and thats what the program wants !

  15. Suzie,

    I think the fact that Jerry has such a heavy influence over who becomes the new coach shows that a lot of people in and outside of the program DO respect him a lot. Think about it.

  16. I’m already looking forward to this fall. You can expect accountability to quickly return to Bill Armstrong Stadium. Likewise, ball possession, defensive containment, and counter-striking should all improve dramatically. Seeing some half time adjustments will also be a welcome sight.

    So…Jerry Yeagley built one of the most dominant programs in the history of all sports (on par with the successes of the Canadians, Celtics, and Yankees), and hiring Todd is a bad thing because…… we might win 7 more national championships?!? (& save me the bs about the 7th being Mike’s, it was Jerry’s system, players, & legacy that won our last) I’m convinced the people who hate on these guys only because they hate themselves & envy the successes of those who haven’t failed at life. It’s sad, really.

  17. Really? You are a walking logical fallacy. When you have 4 options, even bias and ignorance will be “right” 25% of the time. You do not KNOW anything about the thinking of Glass or about the conversations of Jerry Yeagley with anyone. But all of us “others” who do not deceive ourselves about our “inside” knowledge, knew from the reporting that Porter was less than a 1% chance based on his statements. So now we are at 33%. Then when you evaluate the credentials of the 3 candidates, Todd had to be the overwhelming choice. So now we are all at 100%. Except for YOU! You could only be correct if todd were announced as the coach 2 1/2 weeks ago, before the College Cup was over, and with no interview process!

  18. how pathetic and patronizing. If this was such a joyful sports story and a time for celebration, especially with the last name yeagley, why would they play the political spin game of sliding this story in on friday evening.
    Give me a break are we that naive, JY and Mr. Glass. The people voicing their pleasure with the hiring are only concerned with wins/losses and the biggest loss in this entire drama was to JY’s reputation and the soccer program image across the country. The program looks and acts dirty

  19. It is surprising the level of venom some have for a guy who not only built IU into a great program but really had us as the premier program in the country. I was at school in the 80s and again in the 90s and never recall any concerns with him then.

    IU has been declining the last few years. JY is still involved in a program he built and still has pride in. I have NO problem if he has a problem with the direction of our program. After all he took it from a club sport to the top college spot, it is really his program.

    I saw that IU was declining so I am sure he did as well.

    He handed the program over to his top assistant once before and I do not see much difference here except that TY seems more qualified than did MF.

    Could Trask have done more? Perhaps but in a lot of ways you get sort of a Hoeppner/Crean hire here (someone who passionately loves IU) and perhaps that was not the case with Trask. Who knows?

    Guess my point is JY has way more invested in this program than any of us. I was comfortable with him being on the search panel for IUs basketball coach so surely I would like his input on the Soccer program too.

  20. Best of luck to Coach Yeagley. Wouldn’t have been my first choice, but he’s here now so I’ll support him. Looking forward to going to some more soccer games next year in my last year on campus. Go Hoosiers!!

  21. Who actually pays attention to soccer? What a boring sport. Who cares who is the coach? Not me. Bring back Bobby Knight.

  22. ^ Blogger of the month for November and December: definitely stevealford. The guy is without question a prophet! That’s what the rationalistic crowd can’t understand and accept. They demand logic… “Pure logic is the ruin of the spirit.” You still want logic?

    Here’s logic: more than 90% of you say and write the guy is an idiot. An Yiddish proverb says: “The complete fool is half prophet”. And he’s been that half-prophet already, hasn’t he? Who could have anticipated the great starts of New Mexico and Texas Tech — certainly not the Creanophiles! End of proof and end of contradiction.

    stevealford: thanks for sharing your thoughts here, my friend. The winds of grace are always blowing; all we need to do is raise our sails.

  23. scam from the start, no surprise with a inexperienced green AD that takes orders from the boss that helped him get hired as well. good ol boys club is nice to be part of.

  24. With the program in a declining posture there is no shame in the fire or the solid hire.

  25. Beat Purdue_
    The flaw with your statement on logic is in this sentance-“when you evaluate the credentials of the 3 candidates, Todd had to be the overwhelming choice.”
    I don’t think Todd’s credentials were any better than the pther three… Go back to school, fool

  26. I used to believe in the soccer family and attended many games and tailgates – disappointing. Hard work, character and loyalty mean nothing here at IU.

    What a way to stand behind your coach for 25 years… This horrible example IU set, with this fire and subsequent hire, shows Universities what ‘Never’ to do to an employee.

  27. Wow, is Jerry Yeagley only 72? I thought he was about 80 by the looks of the few
    dyed hairs left!

  28. Freitag & Presser gave TY a great recruiting class for 2010 and 2011. Way to ‘earn’ the top recruits! They did not want to go to WI!

    The old man must be a happy camper!

  29. Sometimes leaders in organizations come across as very caring and warm. They portray an image of a family to their consumer and go out of their to show the perception of being sincere. However, underneath this perception is the truth which is totally contradictory to the false image. It is self serving, being consumed with power and control at all costs. Certain so called leaders never know how to let go and the damage their continued presence in the organization does long term to the very organization they help build. Because it was always NOT about the organization but about their personal ego and thirst for power.

  30. Wow 41 comments… since when do people actually care about soccer? And college soccer at that? Books don’t even take action on it!

  31. Nepotism huh? I think if this was a case of nepotism from the good ol’ boys club that his contact would be a little better than year to year?

    Honestly I think Caleb Porter was the first choice, but we just couldn’t get him here.

  32. Bad Hire….shows other schools the bad politics and misguided power here at tis university.
    JY, TY and Glass should be ashamed.

  33. Mike P: All non-revenue sports coaches are on a year-to-year contract. The reason you couldn’t get Caleb is because he was disgusted by the way Jerry had Mike ousted. I wish some of you had half the brain to see what’s gone on behind the scenes here. I’m disgusted by the way Jerry has continued to manipulate things just to get his son the job. I’d sure be interested in seeing some of the internal emails about this…hint hint.

  34. Clearing many of you have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. There are no “corruption theories.” Jerry is not trying to gain power back. I know for a fact he wants what is best for the program, and he would have liked any of the three candidates. Todd Yeagley is ready for this job. If you are going to hate on this like some of you are, go away. You are not a true fan. Todd Yeagley was one of, if not the best, players that ever graced the IU Soccer field. I am so surprised to see so much criticism on here. Some of you need to grow up and realize that you know absolutely nothing about what is going on behind the scenes. If after three or four years Todd is not getting the job done, then you have a right to criticize. Give the man a chance.

  35. Observer, I have been posting about IU sports here and other places for a few years now and I can tell you that there is a certain mindset out there that cannot accept an opinion or action that is contrary to their own.

    In no other area does this mindset manifest itself more vigorously than with coaching hires. If the AD hires the “wrong” guy, meaning not the one somebody wanted, then all hell breaks lose and the new hire is shredded and the validity of the hiring process is challenged. It is ugly stuff conducted by people who would not have the courage to say these nasty things to the face of the defamed.

    So I want to tell you that perfectly reasonable posts such as yours are refreshingly sane.

    What for it, the attack on me for this post is coming in 3, 2, 1…

  36. Nepotism seems to be an after thought. IU and another major university were openly persueing Caleb Porter toward the end of regular season.

    The sudden firing of Mike Frietag caught many of us off guard. It was an obvious and pathetic attempt to influence Porter to be sympathetic to his alma mater. No luck there.

    Caleb built a potent and winning program at Akron. His new five year, $170,000 base salary, contract affirms that Akron is committed to being one of the premier soccer programs.

    Good luck to Indiana.

  37. I think the pro yeagley supporters seem to conveniently forget one thing. This is not a private business but more importantly an academic institution whereby a duty of the school leaders is to instill certain values and principles. Good Ethics, proper process and transparency to its students. What has transpired with the IU soccer program the fast 3 months would be an excellent project for MBA students to decipher how lack of proper process, lack of transparency, meddling in the affairs of a program or business can ultimately lead to lack of consumer confidence and dismay in a product. Some naturally couldn’t be at all concerned about morals or transparency because all they are concerned with is rallying the cry for a national championship at any cost. Some are so blindly alligned with JY that they cannot see objectively how this process was so maligned, particularly such that JY was telling people close to him three days after Freitag was fired that Todd will be the new coach. What does this say about process!!! It has sadly been totally compromised and undermined. At a leading university one would expect greater professionalism from our AD and their ability to not let other vested interests control the hiring process.

    Why else was this sent out friday evening, because it had become a public relations nightmare!!!

  38. jerry-
    Bravo for your last post! You have hit it dead on! I think it would also be interesting to generate a list of all the IU players Todd was talking to during the last season. I wonder if the NCAA would be interested in hearing about that?

  39. Todd is the right guy for this job. He has excellent credentials and is a role model for current and future players. He is a stong recruiter and has great talent coming into WI next year out of the Chicago area. He will lead IU back to the top 10.

  40. G-man- Are you crazy? If you look at his record, no college would hire him on that! Todd has no credentials for this job, nor could he get the recruits he wanted at WI. They all came to IU to play for Freitag and staff.

    Now Todd inherits the recruits past and present that Freitag, Presser worked hard to get- People in the soccer community know who did all the work for many, many years at IU and their last name does not start with a Y!

    No one should be entitled to get any job, because of the influence and power his father wields.

  41. While I plan to express an opinion on the whole Yeagley conspiracy at some point, I just feel the need to point this out now:

    Neither Mike Freitag nor Caleb Porter had head coaching experience before they got their last jobs. Todd, by contrast, has one year.

    Todd Yeagley is actually older than Caleb Porter.

    To say his resume wouldn’t attract offers is pure folly. It’s well know that he’s been fielding offers for years now.

    Raising questions about nepotism and back-room maneuvering is fine, and jerry is right in his comments above: IU needs to be transparent because it is a public entity.

    But dismissing Todd’s legitimacy for the position is wholly irresponsible. The guy was a dominant player at IU, has considerable MLS experience and put in his time as an assistant in Bloomington. The guy earned at least an interview for the position.

  42. Yes, he did earn an interview, but that should have been the extent of IU’s interest in Todd. I think it will be very intereting to see how much Jerry helps Todd. You know, Jerry watched all the practices last year, even the one right before the UW game….I think that’s incredibly backhanded. It is strange to me that Jerry doesn’t seem to care that everyone knows he got the job for his son. He was even calling the new recruits and telling them so the day after Freitag’s dismissal. I think the NCAA ought to look into some of the tactics JY and TY have employed over the last year. Guess they couldn’t get the job done without playing dirty…nice jeryy, really nice. At least most of Bloomington, and from reading the other soccer blogs, most of the soccer communities know your tru personality….yuck

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