1. Great post, Dustin- thanks for sticking it out late-night for those of us hungry for analysis of this awesome win!

    No, I don’t think this game will be a deciding factor in reconciling Coach Knight with IU, but being in the same building and seeing a good effort by the new coach are baby steps I think we can all embrace. I watched the game on ESPN360 online (for free) and didn’t hear Coach Knight- can anyone tell me if he was on the TV broadcast or elaborate on what he said or did?

  2. Great win! However, Jobe still looks totally lost out there…although he has great hustle. Does anyone know if the plan, barring injury, is to redshirt Bawa Muniru this year? Anyway, great to see IU playing some really good defense ’cause we’re going to need it against Kentucky. Go Hoosiers!

  3. Nice win for the Hoosiers..Came out of the gates really looking confident..It was nice to see Elston and Pritchard get off to strong starts..There is a basketball lesson in this victory..Balance and depth are the assets we can use to separate from competition. The Hoosiers played like a team tonight….We will undoubtedly face many teams with more talent in given positions. Our overall ability to keep fresh legs on the court with bench players that can still contribute in point production and defensive intensity provides the potential to keep us in many contests this year….Fresh legs to handle presses more efficiently, make better cuts, set stronger picks, gain position one step quicker to take charges, limit turnovers due to fatigue, go to the glass stronger, improved free throw shooting, less handcuffed from foul trouble worry….Balance and depth have a plethora of benefits..Tonight we finally got a taste of how it can infect the confidence of a team…Let’s keep it rolling!

  4. I admit, I watched the first half last night, and decided to go to bed on a high note, with the Hoosiers up by 4, fully expecting to wake up to news of another close, disappointing loss.

    The one thought that lingered in my mind was that Verdell Jones is going to be an all-conference player averaging 20 a game before he leaves this program.

    His ability to penetrate and find the rim, and fearlessness while doing so, is this team’s best offensive weapon. I think out of everyone, his confidence level is a cut above.

    Awesome to wake up to the victory. Only winning when you aren’t supposed to can build confidence. We now have a shot to be 7-5 going into Big 10 play, assuming we lose on Sat.

  5. Great win and hustle. We will have more ups and downs but I like the effort we had last night. In MSG no less

  6. Higgi – What are you talking about man? They went up by 17 with Jobe in there. He may not do anything offensively, but he sure makes it difficult for them to score in the paint. Watch them next time when he is in there, they hesitate and he changes the whole concept of their inside play. Give him a break. Defense wins game man and he sure changed the momentum last night until he knocked his head on the floor. Geez the guy has only been playing bball for what – 5 years maybe compared to the rest of the guys on the team who have been playing for 12 or more years.

  7. Jones played well. I thought Bobby Capo really played a nice part in the ball game. Rivers looked to be more in charge than he has been. The zone defended well. The first half having only three turnovers was big progress.

  8. ArmorAll, Knight said IU was outplaying Pitt so that was a compliment. He also said Indiana or Indiana U three times and that is better than “the other school” or “that school” like he would say in the past. I felt good about it anyway. I too wonder about Bawa?? He looked good when we saw him in action so I don’t get that. I like the rotation now Crean is using with Jobe less. They played so hard from start to finish. I am so happy today!
    Clarion, I agree Capo is improving every game and I actually like the zone.

  9. Tom, I agree Jones will be GREAT next year and even better his senior year. I am loving the 8-10 foot jumper that he consistently hits!

  10. I’m just happy to beat a big-name team on national TV. Josh Selby, did you see that?? Think how good we could be with you in there!!! You know it’s where you need to be–at IU you can both carry on a tradition, and make one of your own!!!

    I had my work Christmas party last night, and got home about 9:30 (10:30 ET), expecting to turn the game on and IU be down double digits. The first thing I saw was Tom Crean with a dejected look on his face. I feared the worst. Then when the score came up, IU was up 29-28 late in the first half. What a pleasant surprise, and it continued thru to the end!! (not sure why Crean looked dejected a that moment)

    This is a major boost to the team and the program, and I agree with other posters that Knight’s presence and lack of belligerence toward Indiana is yet another baby step toward thawing relations between ‘us’ and ‘him.’

  11. I agree with most of the above, but I haven’t seen a mention of Dumes yet. I thought he played an excellent game off the bench last night. He didn’t take dumb shots, not many To’s (not any big ones I can recall), and he also gave us defensive/rebounding toughness out of a guard.

    Overall, if we can get play out of Hulls, Capo, Dumes, and Elston off the bench, we have options to go to off the bench to spark rallies.

    Also, I thought we were going to get a big night from Pritchard last night, but he was saddled with some tough fouls. Some I thought he was straight up, but they seem to see his number clearly. If he can put together a whole game like he played the first 5 minutes, he can be an above average Big 10 Big man. (maybe a stretch)

  12. A really good team victory. We played 10 guys and each and every one of them contributed a big play to this victory. We are getting better, but we are NOT there yet! Let’s Rock the Hall and give Kentucky a great game and a LOSS!

  13. Jobe certainly hustles, but he often appears like a 13-yr-old kid that hasn’t figured out coordination after a growth spurt. I’d much rather see Bawa out there (since Jobe is a senior and has no future with the program).

    You’re right jubilee, Pritchard was straight-up on at least 3 of those fouls. He can foul with the best (worst?) of them–as he’s proved all season–but he got ripped off last night.

    Play of the game: Creek’s block on the attempted dunk by Pitt’s center.

  14. JPat- Yes, absolutely. I love VJ’s ability to slash to the rim, then step back and float the short jumper. You can imagine him becoming pretty deadly. If he doesn’t beat you with the drive, he’ll fade and swish on you.

  15. Most of all I was impressed with our toughness inside and the movement of our 2-3. It made my night when Knight complimented them at halftime. In the pregame it seemed like he was going to side step any direct comment on IU.

  16. You point out a good point, Bass. We won on national TV, against a Big East squad, and in the most famous arena in the country. All positives, no matter how negative you try and paint it. Seeing improvement game to game is satisfying.

  17. “Seeing improvement game to game is satisfying.”

    Yes, I agree, mainly when that ‘improvement’ is measured in W’s. Crean’s squad did last night took off a tiny bit of the sting of the football team’s staggering ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  18. IU’s team last year could not have won that game last night. So yes we have made progress.

  19. Where is the comments on the block by Creek on McGhee!!! That was epic! AJ Moye part 2! Someone please post the photo of that block last night!

  20. Jubilee, I think it was Dumas that threw the ball away on a careless pass in the closing minutes that led to a 3 pointer by Pitt and put the game in Jeopardy for IU. I know that he was taken out shortly after that and never returned for the rest of the game. But I agree I thought Pritchard was going to have a big night, and then came the parade of fouls.

  21. Well, Pitt may be IUPUI but they’re IUPUI from the Big East with a 7-1 record at Madison Square Gardens on national TV. I’ll take that any time.

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