1. Big win. Huge. Hats off to the Hoosiers on playing their hearts out to beat Pitt tonight.

    Bilas said it best: this was a “program-building win.”

    Now bring on Kentucky!

  2. FINAL: IU 74, PITT 64.
    IU: Jones 22; Watford 16, 5reb; Elston 9; Creek 8, 8reb; Capobianco 7; Pritchard 6; Dumes 3, 5reb; Rivers 3.
    IU: 24-53 (45%) FG; 1-7 (14%) 3PT; 25-34 (74%) FT; 32 reb; 11 TO; 10 (20) fouls.
    PITT: 22-69 (32%) FG; 8-23 (35%) 3PT; 12-17 (71%) FT; 36 reb; 15 TO; 13 (24) fouls.
    PITT: Gibbs 25; Wanamaker 18, 6reb; Taylor 12, 6reb; McGhee 2, 6reb; Miller 4; Woodall 2.

    88888888888          88                        88 
    88                   88                        88 
    88                   88                        88 
    88aaaaa  ,adPPYYba,  88,dPPYba,   88       88  88   ,adPPYba,   88       88  ,adPPYba,  
    88"""""  ""     `Y8  88P'    "8a  88       88  88  a8"     "8a  88       88  I8[    ""  
    88       ,adPPPPP88  88       d8  88       88  88  8b       d8  88       88   `"Y8ba,   
    88       88,    ,88  88b,   ,a8"  "8a,   ,a88  88  "8a,   ,a8"  "8a,   ,a88  aa    ]8I  
    88       `"8bbdP"Y8  8Y"Ybbd8"'    `"YbbdP'Y8  88   `"YbbdP"'    `"YbbdP'Y8  `"YbbdP"'  
    88        88                                       88                                     88  
    88        88                                       ""                                     88  
    88        88                                                                              88  
    88aaaaaaaa88   ,adPPYba,    ,adPPYba,   ,adPPYba,  88   ,adPPYba,  8b,dPPYba,  ,adPPYba,  88  
    88""""""""88  a8"     "8a  a8"     "8a  I8[    ""  88  a8P_____88  88P'   "Y8  I8[    ""  88  
    88        88  8b       d8  8b       d8   `"Y8ba,   88  8PP"""""""  88           `"Y8ba,   ""  
    88        88  "8a,   ,a8"  "8a,   ,a8"  aa    ]8I  88  "8b,   ,aa  88          aa    ]8I  aa  
    88        88   `"YbbdP"'    `"YbbdP"'   `"YbbdP"'  88   `"Ybbd8"'  88          `"YbbdP"'  88  

      F:::::F       FFFFFFaaaaaaaaaaaaa  nnnn  nnnnnnnn    
      F:::::F             a::::::::::::a n:::nn::::::::nn  
      F::::::FFFFFFFFFF   aaaaaaaaa:::::an::::::::::::::nn 
      F:::::::::::::::F            a::::ann:::::::::::::::n
      F:::::::::::::::F     aaaaaaa:::::a  n:::::nnnn:::::n
      F::::::FFFFFFFFFF   aa::::::::::::a  n::::n    n::::n
      F:::::F            a::::aaaa::::::a  n::::n    n::::n
      F:::::F           a::::a    a:::::a  n::::n    n::::n
    FF:::::::FF         a::::a    a:::::a  n::::n    n::::n
    F::::::::FF         a:::::aaaa::::::a  n::::n    n::::n
    F::::::::FF          a::::::::::aa:::a n::::n    n::::n
    FFFFFFFFFFF           aaaaaaaaaa  aaaa nnnnnn    nnnnnn
    ttttttt:::::ttttttt      aaaaaaaaaaaaa      ssssssssss   
    t:::::::::::::::::t      a::::::::::::a   ss::::::::::s  
    t:::::::::::::::::t      aaaaaaaaa:::::ass:::::::::::::s 
    tttttt:::::::tttttt               a::::as::::::ssss:::::s
          t:::::t              aaaaaaa:::::a s:::::s  ssssss 
          t:::::t            aa::::::::::::a   s::::::s      
          t:::::t           a::::aaaa::::::a      s::::::s   
          t:::::t    tttttta::::a    a:::::assssss   s:::::s 
          t::::::tttt:::::ta::::a    a:::::as:::::ssss::::::s
            tt:::::::::::tt a::::::::::aa:::as:::::::::::ss  
              ttttttttttt    aaaaaaaaaa  aaaa sssssssssss    
             tttt            iiii                       !!! 
          ttt:::t           i::::i                     !!:!!
          t:::::t            iiii                      !:::!
          t:::::t                                      !:::!
    ttttttt:::::ttttttt    iiiiiii     cccccccccccccccc!:::!
    t:::::::::::::::::t    i:::::i   cc:::::::::::::::c!:::!
    t:::::::::::::::::t     i::::i  c:::::::::::::::::c!:::!
    tttttt:::::::tttttt     i::::i c:::::::cccccc:::::c!:::!
          t:::::t           i::::i c::::::c     ccccccc!:::!
          t:::::t           i::::i c:::::c             !:::!
          t:::::t           i::::i c:::::c             !!:!!
          t:::::t    tttttt i::::i c::::::c     ccccccc !!! 
          tt::::::::::::::ti::::::i c:::::::::::::::::c !!! 
            tt:::::::::::tti::::::i  cc:::::::::::::::c!!:!!
              ttttttttttt  iiiiiiii    cccccccccccccccc !!! 

  5. Great win by IU! Defense is looking much improved – they are going to have to turn it up against Wall and UK. Fans…let’s go crazy this Saturday and beat Kentucky!!

  6. The program continues to improve! Great job to coach and team. Just think where this was 1 year ago! Great job!

    Now go tame those Wildcats!

    Hoo Hoo HOOSIERS!

  7. Casey-

    That’s part of the package that you get with Downing; the enthusiasm and passion comes with the weird late-night cheer-leading.

    Although at times annoying, it is at least good to see Downing excited about a win instead of Crean=bashing.

  8. Should have won by 20 against an overrated Pitt team who barely beat Duquesne. Program-changer? I dont’ think so.

  9. Alford – Go back to New Mexico where you belong and give it up. Your just mad we didn’t hire you as the coach of our beloved team. JEALOUS? haha.

  10. Husky-

    I would love to take credit for the giant font chants above. I think you’ll see Jobe sink a fadeaway jumper before I can do that type of “weird late-night cheer-leading” from my computer.

  11. Really? I could have sworn that it was you. I guess I was connecting your doctored-up Photoshop picture creativity with the talent displayed above.

    Who could it be, then?

  12. If I spend the next 10 years of my life building a booger mountain in my living room would that be considered a hidden talent? I have lots of excess time, but I’m not that goal-oriented…

    The blogger making the giant font words/drawings is determined. I am the opposite of determined. Procrastinators aren’t computer majors, Tom.

    If the blogger is not willing to come forth, then I can only conclude it’s Korman.

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