IU football will have new uniforms

This picture was apparently posted on the Indiana Rivals (Peegs) message board earlier today creating the obvious presumption that those are the new Indiana football uniforms for next season. That may or may not be the case. An Indiana spokesman confirmed Monday that the Hoosiers will have new uniforms next season, but that IU is still looking at designs and has not decided on one yet. We hope to have more on this later.


  1. if this is true, I might be able to get used to it. The numbers on the front are ugly. The stripes on the sleeves/shoulder are unique. I do like the traditional look IU has had for the past few years after the Cameron era of black helmets with a different IU logo. I still say the numbers are awful on the front of the jersey but again..I will get used to it. Hell, I have no choice just like I will get used to the same coaching staff for next year. Sorry, had to say it!

  2. Penn State has pretty basic uniforms, so does Alabama and they perform pretty well on the field.

  3. I think they look pretty good. And I’m definitely tired of us looking like an Oklahoma ripoff. The numbers look a little weird but I can get used to it.

  4. Not a good look at all. This needs to be re-thought. Current uniforms are actually pretty good. Less is more when it comes to football uniforms.

  5. Could you post a picture of the current uniforms so I can see how this one differs?

    We could always do like Oregon, and wear a different uniform every game, giving ourselves the chance to incorporate every odd, superfluous design element we can think of, while giving the fans a chance to vote on which one they like best!

    Anybody the actual ‘cream’ they wore sometime back in the ’80s, which looked like white that had been washed with something that faded? That may have been under Corso, I don’t remember exactly, excep that it looked ridiculous.

  6. Obviously my last paragraph was supposed to start with ‘Anybody remember’ ……. pesky keyboard….

  7. I like these. Our all time worst uniforms were Sam Wyche’s…the “flying” IU logo with yellow/cream pants and lettering.

  8. there are some good things here (such as the shoulder stripes), but I see a lot of stuff that doesn’t need to exist.

    Keep working around those shoulder stripes, though…they would work well with the helmet and pants stripes.

  9. I would like to see the true cream color used with the present style. Too many more stripes and they will look like zebras. The real color cream ( not an off white, yellow, gold or tan and beige ) would look rich and unique compared to any other teams white and red combination. We finely got the logo and the color crimson right a few seasons back; now it is time for the color cream.

  10. My guess is this prototype is kind of like a concept car — the new features being exaggerated to emphasize the changes. I bet they’ll continue to tweak this and probably clean it up a bit (perhaps make the numbers on the front a bit smaller and less clustered). I think the concept is good, it just needs to be polished.

  11. “Work on the team. Not dressing up a turd. Current uniform is just fine.”

    Why do I keep seeing comments like this? Its not like Lynch sits around and obsesses on jerseys. There are people in the AD and at adidas who focus on this stuff.

  12. I’ll go with eric and say either do the Oregon/Nike thing, which Adidas may like since it could counter Nike. I like the idea of fans voting too. Would be easy enough online Could vote at the beginning of the year for them all or beginning of each week I think the golf coach picks them at Oregon. At least it would be interesting and may interest fans. In fact, the more I think about it, they more I’m all for it. May be the most exciting thing that happens for the team.

    The new one or purported new one is ugly. If they don’t go with previous suggestion just keep them the same. Of note I wonder how much money,if any, it costs to change uniforms?

  13. Ugly doesn’t begin to describe that mess of a uniform – some variation of the Rose Bowl unis would be preferable to the current one and while they are at it please change the vests the pep band wears as well as the IU marching band unis – the only ones that still work are the basketball ones and the warm ups – the celebrity signs and bricks are embarrassing too – the profanity coming from the student section at the Maryland games shows how little intelligence and creativity exists with today’s student body

  14. I like the idea of a uniform change, in theory. Yes, it’s another Glass Gimmick in place of real change, but it might help lift the curse, in a superstitious sense.

    Let me know when Sports Illustrated makes its predictions. That is the key to our program’s future.

  15. JB,

    The profanity existed in the Knight era as well. Knight was simply so intimidating that he was allowed to grab the PA mic and tell the fans to stop. Crean tried to do the same, but since he isn’t as physically and psychologically imposing as Knight, the referees denied him that opportunity based on a rule that prohibits coaches from doing so.

    Get off your high horse. Today’s student body works harder and possesses more knowledge than any preceding generation. Your sweeping, stereotypical comment about the intelligence level of today’s students is just as ignorant as any tasteless remark uttered at our basketball games.

  16. Laugh at Oregon all you want but, apparently, the high school recruits eat it up. Ask USC how silly their uniforms are. I’d trade positions with their football team in a heartbeat.

  17. Number 32!!!! Steeeeeeeeeeve Doooooowwwning!

    It’s the number that makes that jersey appealing.
    Is it basketball season? What’s the name of our new coach? Do we play this week?

  18. The guy in charge of display misunderstood the instructions…He was told to place the mannequin in a hand-off pose…

    Just to inform…That joke is currently under booth review.

  19. Can anyone say Sam Wyche? How did that work out? Come off a 4 and 7 season and we are worried about uniforms? Give me a break!

  20. The guy in charge of display misunderstood the instructions…He was told to place the mannequin in a hand-off pose…

    That joke is currently under booth review.

  21. How ’bout putting those candy stripe Basketball pants into the new football uniforms? Now that would stand out and be different. You wouldn’t see many teams (or is it any) wearing those or even wanting to wear them.

  22. Yes, Chuck, we’ve never, EVER changed our uniforms other than the year Wyche was here. Good Lord.

    And believe it or not, it is possible for one group of people to focus on uniforms and equipment, while another focuses on coaching. Shocking, I know.

  23. Just in case anyone else noticed… The good programs rarely change uniforms. IU seems to do it every other year. Just another sign that this program, coaches especially, are garbage.

  24. Bill,

    Nice try, but I doubt there’s an actual correlation between uniform changes and program success. Changing uniforms is not a “sign” of any sort.

    Oregon is headed to the Rose Bowl this year and they add a new uniform to their collection every 17 seconds or so.

    Florida added new all-white uniforms this year. Clemson, Illinois, Georgia, LSU, Virginia Tech, Florida State and Oklahoma State (to name a few) have all added new uniforms and/or experimented with different color combinations in the last few years.

    I think you’re reading too much into the simple fact that IU is tweaking its uniform design.

  25. I think IU should use simple basic uniform with a block I or IU on the helmet. Go back to what IU used when Bill Mallory started. I think his exact description of the Wyche inspired uniform change was that they “were butt ugly”. While that may not apply to the model shown to us here I would tend to use the Mallory description as my own.

    What does it cost to create new uniforms each year? I would rather see that money used on getting a new offensive coordinator,someone who understands how to generate a running game… THAT is what IU needs most of all!

  26. I feel a Midwestern version of the Oregon Ducks coming on! Lets just change our uniforms to something strange every game! These uniforms aren’t bad, but what’s wrong with what we have now? I love the ones we have now.

  27. I kind of like them. I think a program like Indiana has to do outside the box things to generate excitement and momentum behind the program. Of course wins are the best, but if IU also needs some flashy uniforms to draw attention, then I’m fine with that.

  28. I like them, saw them in action against Towson, and they looked good. We had an identity that didn’t look like an Oklahoma Sooner or later uniform, and thank god it didn’t go back to the Cam Cameron garbage days of black and red. I remember going to the OSU game during that era and the Buckeye fans were laughing at the unis.. “I thought we were playing IU, not Northern Illinois..”.
    Now we’ve got to continue building the program, but the unis look good..and they have their own identity.

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