IU will interview 3 candidates to replace Freitag

Indiana has selected three candidates — all with ties to the Hoosiers — to interview for the men’s soccer coaching vacancy, according to an athletic department source who asked to remain anonymous.

The first candidate was on campus today, and the next two will be here Tuesday and Wednesday.

An announcement is expected late this week or early next week.

We’re working on confirming who the three candidates are.

Four former players who also served as assistants at Indiana are possibilities: Caleb Porter (Akron head coach), Todd Yeagley (now the head coach at Wisconsin), John Trask (head coach at UIC) and Mike Getman (UAB coach). Former player Brian Maisonneuve, now an assistant at Louisville, is also a possibility.

Porter has said that he is not interested in the Indiana job. Yeagley has not returned calls for comment. Trask told us that he’d have to consider the Indiana job if approached. Getman was in his office Monday but refused to discuss the Indiana opening. Maisonneuve said that he did not think it would be appropriate to publicly discuss the position.


  1. Caleb Porter will be the next coach at IU – he knows he can consistantly recruit good/great players at IU and win many College Cups. Akron’s best days are behind them…

  2. Don’t think he is in the mix any more. He told his players he will be talking to Dc United.

  3. longtime- well that sucks. Looks like he was just lying to them about DC then since he had just signed a 5 year extension at Akron this afternoon. Trask, Yeagley, and Getman were interviewed each twice. Surprised these HT dudes didn’t get these names confirmed as the 3. When they called Getman, he wasn’t in his office- he was in route to Bloomington where he was today with Yeagley. Pretty simple from day one on who was rightfully taking back the direction of the program. The IU players will be having an incredible Christmas break, to put it mildly.

  4. I’m a bit shocked that Porter stayed with Akron. In any event, any of the remaining known candidates should be good. Yeagley obviously knows the program inside and out, but I wonder if he has been a head coach long enough. We seem to have made hasty hiring mistakes in other sports recently. I particularly like Trask’s attitude, though. From comments he’s made, his heart is clearly in Bloomington as far as professional opportunities, and he obviously keeps up with the program. He has also elevated an absolute nothing program to a consistent winner. That’s a good combination in my opinion. I don’t know much about Getman except that UAB has certainly been a recent team on the rise as well. I think the best thing about it is that Glass took some action before IU Soccer became a has-been program.

  5. I love the fact that everyone is knocking TY for a lack of head coaching experience. For the last 37 years he’s lived alongside the best college head coach in history. Caleb didn’t have any head coaching experience before Akron. He learned the same things TY did. CP seems to be having just a little success at Akron. Safe to say we should be quite happy with TY as our coach. Program would be locked up with more STARS for years. And he wouldn’t jump to any other jobs.

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