Kentucky 90, Indiana 73


You can do some tricky things with statistics, especially in a game that has any many measures as basketball.

But you need not look askance at the one tidbit that best explains what happened here today. There’s no trickery involved.

Kentucky out-rebounded Indiana 49-24 and therefore pushed away from the Hoosiers’ most valiant effort and easily won at Assembly Hall for the first time since 1981. The Wildcats now lead the series 30-23.

Here, for your enjoyment, is what both head coaches and a few players had to say following the game.


  1. Wow, I’m surprised at Tom Crean’s chippiness after the game. He seemed OK through about the first half of the interview, and then he completely changed persona. It’s tough to hear reporters’ questions, but what set him off? I couldn’t understand the question about the crowd…so I wasn’t sure what he was so mad about. What does he care about the crowd?

    As for the game, I thought there were some positives for IU. Obviously the final score was about what was expected (maybe better than expected?) against a top 5 team. But if they even play this well (and there’s still room for improvement) against middle-of-the road Big 10 teams, IU won’t be finishing 10th or 11th in the conference as many (including myself) predicted.

  2. The question asked about the crowd signs was pure idiocy on the the part of the journalist asking the question. If you want to work for a tabloid or TMZ and try to pigeon hole people with questions to create controversy go to Hollywood or something. I’m glad Crean didn’t take the bait and was focused on what was important…the game. The beat writers need to know they also have a role in the rebuilding process so I hope the guy who asked the question was AP or from Lexington.

  3. Great effort by IU! Bobby C. you need to work on your free throws, big time!! Josh Selby, you could be to IU what Wall is to UK – also why not play for a class act like Coach Crean instead of that scumbag Calipari. Ok, let’s get back at it and win the next 4 home games…

  4. BAM, I guess we’ll find out who the culprit is when we read tomorrow’s papers? But I’m guessing it was someone from the UK side of things?

  5. Spirited effort by the kids. We had to play perfect to beat UK. We did in the first half. The spirit of Bill Lynch took over in the second half, but I give these guys a lot of credit. Here’s what I saw:

    We came out of the second half taking too many quick, unexplainable shots. It seems like the immediate strategy was to let Jeremiah drive to the rim and dish it off. This was partially effective – the problem was, no one is ever ready to receive the pass. Pritchard, the main culprit, is an absolute joke in the paint. He is nervous, tentative, and does not know how to finish. What the heck did Sampson see in this guy? I am seriously wondering, because Sampson already had Kyle Taber on the bench who does essentially the same thing.

    Meanwhile, UK turned up the defensive pressure and dominated the boards. How the heck are you supposed to out-rebound Patterson with Kyle Taber and Watford? We were physically out-matched, and at one point they were +15 on us on the offensive glass. We had to shoot the lights out if we were going to get schooled on the boards. We didn’t.

    In the end, I still saw some great things. Rivers was out there posting up at times against their big guys, slicing up the lane, and showing some serious gumption. Creek is on his way to the Frosh of the Year at this pace. Hulls looks more capable every game.

    I’m not discouraged. We have three easier games coming up; a chance to head into Big 10 play at 7-5. I feel sorry for any Big 10 team that is already chalking up their game in Assembly Hall as a “W”.

  6. Our only role in the rebuilding is to cover the rebuilding, and to do that we must ask Tom Crean questions about the things that seem most important to him. Considering that he opens almost every press conference with his thoughts on the crowd — and was adamant about his anger over the chants at the Maryland game — the question asked today was perfectly legitimate.

  7. Frustration after a loss.

    Last year, after the Wake Forest game he objected to a fairly routine question and told the reported that he didn’t want to give a dissertation on basketball strategy (or something like that.)

    Well, Tom Crean actually loves to talk about basketball strategy in most cases.

    For the record, Crean did come back and speak to the reporter — who is a student — about the situation. A classy move.

  8. He got mad because he heard CBS was taking our RO*TEL commercials away from BTN! We can’t have BTN’s one sponsor going all national on us!

    In all seriousness, though…apart from calling a couple of UK fans “a**hole”, the crowd behaved themselves from what I saw on TV. Calling Calipari a cheater is not only okay, it’s the well-documented truth!

    The big media types are going to hype the crap out of John Wall (which is somewhat deserved…he IS pretty good) while completely overlooking a THIRTY POINT GAME by Mo Creek. I have a feeling Creek will finally get some attention when Big Ten season rolls around.

    I’m not sure what Pritchard is doing, but he needs to consider doing the exact opposite. I know he’s got some points an boards in him — he had a great layup + foul at one point, but that was it.

  9. Kentucky has a good young team fun to watch. What was with the announcers today did they graduate from Kentucky?????? Boy they really sucked all they talked about was Kentucky players. They didnt give the IU credit in the game at all today! What a shame those kids played well and if Selby comes next year this team will look a lot different! Good job Crean!

  10. Chris,
    Crean did give his thoughts about how impressive the crowd was in his opening comments. He was irritated with the wording of the question and how it “put words in his mouth” by insinuating he was upset with some fans or signs. I guess I don’t understand the legitimacy of asking if Crean was upset with the crowd when he just said how great of an atmosphere it was. Sounded to me like the “student” reporter was just trying to pry on issues Crean addressed after the Maryland game. No doubt that frustration after the loss was the main factor in the presser mood though.

  11. It was a weird press conference overall. The first question Crean gets is about one-and-done players? Hopefully it wasn’t an HT guy that asked that question, because it was definitely a bad first question. That question would be completely acceptable say earlier in the week when the coach and players meet with the media. But right after a game?

  12. Yes, we got KILLED on the boards but….NO WORRY!!!

    We have a plethora of 3 star guards on the way to help solve that.

  13. Did anyone else notice there were way too many blue shirts in the stands today? The blue shirts were in the alumni section. And they were sitting in good seats in the alumni section (behind the goal and in the lower rows in the main section).
    If the alumni are more worried about making a little money by selling their tickets, how about just turning those seats into part of a student section, esp. the ones behind the goal.
    Obviously the alumni wouldn’t care – they don’t even go to the games any more. They use their tickets to pay for Christmas presents.

  14. Crean gets paid plenty of money to answer the questions people want to know about, irregardless of his mood at the time.
    The media is not a part of the rebuilding process. Like Chris says, it is their job to report on it.

  15. Let’s scrap the “stripe out”. Our fans simply can’s figure it out, and it’s embarrassing.

  16. stevealford,

    First of all, “irregardless” is not a word.

    Secondly, hasn’t it become obvious that no sensible person will agree with your desire to replace Crean with either of your nostalgia-inspired candidates?

  17. …and ‘irregardless’ is still not a word except, perhaps, in Kentucky. ‘Regardless’ is the word you were looking for,

  18. Pleased with the effort. Of course, not happy with the outcome but considering how loaded this Kentucky team was it shouldn’t be a shock that we lost. John Wall, Bledsoe, Patterson, Cousins. That’s just too much firepower. Seth Meyers has them in the Final Four. I can’t argue that after what I saw. As Calapari said, this young team is playing like it should in February.

    It will be interesting to see how IU comes back from this loss and what type of team they will be throughout the Big Ten season. My take is that if they continue to improve and evolve, they could pull some decent wins out in the Big Ten.
    A few weeks ago after Puerto Rico I would have given a completely different answer.

    Hopefully IU takes care of the next three home games, or I fear we are all going to start reverting back to the post Boston University/George Mason type of chatter. That was exhausting for all parties involved.

    I’ll now critique IU’s players ala Steven Rosenbloom like from the Trib..

    Maurice Creek–Your table is ready.

    Christian Watford–Great all around games should continue throughout the season.

    Jeremiah Rivers–Saw you hit some jumpers today…continue please.

    Verdell Jones–could be the sidekick to Creek. Or Creek could be his sidekick. Yet to be determined.

    Derek Elston–Enough spark to start my car in a Chicago winter.

    Devan Dumes–A factor for better or for worse. Worse is winning that fight so far.

    Tom Pritchard–Catch ball, Go up strong, put the ball in the hoop. Please…in that order.

    Jordan Hulls–Doesn’t take any chances…good. Doesn’t take any shots…bad. Let’s find a happy medium.

    Tijan Jobe–Active hands, active feet, actively fouling everyone.

    Bobby Capobianco–Brings his lunch pail and hard hat. Should like him more when Big Ten season is in full swing.

    Looking forward to coming down to see the IU-Michigan Big Ten home opener gentlemen. I’ll give you guys a shout.

  19. In defense of the media: As per the question about one-and-dones, you could say the timing was strange, but sometimes when you need something for a specific story angle, you can’t worry about what mood the coach is in or what else has already been asked. Particular to this case, Bob Kravitz was working on the column he wrote in today’s Indianapolis Star regarding the differences between Crean and Calipari. It turned out good because he got both of those guys to talk about it. I’m sure if Kravitz had his druthers, he’d take each of them aside after their respective press conferences, tell them what he was working on so they understood where he was coming from and then discuss the topic. But you don’t always, or usually, get that opportunity. You have to do what you have to do.
    The student reporter’s question was totally legitimate. He just made a mistake in wording, saying that Crean was “upset with the atmosphere” in the Maryland game, and Crean was a tad too edgy to take the question for what it really meant. The only difference between the insulting chants to Greivis Vasquez and John Calipari was the vulgarity in Vasquez’s. Crean considers Calipari a close friend, so it was totally reasonable to ask if he was OK with IU fans calling his friend a “Cheater.” In an emotionally sober moment, Crean might have again said that there’s a trade off when you ask for your fans to come in and be as wild and crazy as possible, that sometimes, they go a tad far and cross the line, particularly when a significant portion of those fans are college kids. Again, once Crean had a moment to cool down, he apologized. So again, a classy move.

  20. OK, quick addendum. If some of the stuff that was being chanted at Vasquez was racist (and I didn’t hear that from where I was sitting, but I’ve heard from others that it was) that’s different than what was said to Calipari. But the chant I heard loud and clear did not have racist overtones.

  21. Random thoughts from the balcony:

    Too many blue shirts up here with me on the west side, but we drowned them out pretty well. They were a little worried in the first half.

    We got man-handled yesterday. Cousins and Patterson was too much for us one-on-one, and our guards did not attempt to help down much–imho.

    Does TC think some of our rebounding trouble might be due to the zone defense? Maybe only in part?

    I like Elston alot. I haven’t seen him back down from anybody yet. I like that. He’ll be playing more.

    Thought it was interesting that Bobby C started in place of Tom P in the second half. More of that to come?

    Bawa played a few minutes yesterday with TP still on the bench. Maybe there are no redshirt plans? Did TP notice? I would love for him to have a couple of 20 and 10 games to get himself going again.

    A well balanced team with a veteran guard that can penetrate will cause that UK team some trouble.

    Everybody should cheer up. IU Hoops’ future is looking better all the time. Sampson is long gone, the new players are improving, and we’ll probably find out in a year or two that IU won that game yesterday by -17 over Coach Cal and his boys.

    Go Hoosiers!!

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