Live discussion, 11 a.m.

Dustin and I are sitting at home, listening to a couple of plumbers try to install a new pipe. I’m not sure it’s going well. It sounds exactly like if Saturday Night Live did a parody of having a plumber in your house. But these guys will definitely get this thing conquered. I have no doubt.

And Dustin and I will definitely be around to chat. Usual time, usual place.


  1. C & D,
    I forgot to wish you well on the plumbing adventure. Fortunately for me, not my wife, I can handle most problems.
    You guys have a good time back home in PA. I was born in Slippery Rock (actually Grove City Hospital).
    Really do appreciate your efforts.

  2. Maybe it is just me, but has everybody given up on Pritchard. Personally, I still think he can be an above average big man. He is just having a little trouble adjusting to the new players along with having some major foul issues. I am still actually really high on this guy.


  3. Jub, I am over him. ever notice how strong he starts? I think he gets tired after 5 minutes, really. also, Capo played over him in the second vs UK…that said a lot!

  4. jubilee,
    I have not given up on Prtichard. He can be a very good player. He has the tools. Sad to say he is out of shape. He gets tired quickly and stops moving his feet. That is also when the fouls start to pile on.
    How a player can be out of shape at this level , this far into the season in mind boggling.

  5. The guy is not out of shape..He’s slow…He’s Frankenstein’s monster slow…His vertical leap is less than 6″..the monster can get more air in his 10lb. steel toe protective Air Igors ..I could never figure that one out..Why did the monster need steel toe shoes? Treatment table casters?..Interior defenders that play the paint like girls at wishing wells fear Pritchard less than a blind man turned assistant coach in Milwaukee.
    “Hey, Mr.Sampson’s monster in the middle(guess that would make him the monster’s monster), if you don’t want to be kicked out of the castle, light a fire under your own damn ass! Fire, good! Fouls, bad!….Made free throw, good!..Bricks, bad!…Scoring, good..scoring, really good! Maurice Creek, bad!!
    Really, really bad..I know, it gets confusing.”

    Don’t give up on Pritch..the parts are all there…good basketball brain…strong frame…maybe he can still be that bad monster(or not?) that we all hoped he’d be…MMMMMMM!?

  6. I agree with Air Igors’ amusing post. Pritch is just slow. His slowness is also why I think some folks think he has regressed this year. IMO its not that, he just can’t keep up with faster pace of play that coach is trying to install. Last year the slow and deliberate style of play worked to Pritch’s favor and so he looked relatively better than this year.

  7. If it was only the fact he was slow, he would not start off games so strong and then fade when he gets tired very quickly. He gets very tired and starts fouling everybody.
    Let Pat or Steve get ahold of him and he is all big ten next year. The sad thing is that he is obviously not self motivated.

  8. MMMMMMMMMM!, stevealford….Monster does move up and down the court better at beginning…Monster then does get tired little bit..Gets couple easy baskets before defense has settled in and match-ups are assessed…game always played more open in early minutes…then after initial flurry, then different kind of speed required…monster must have foot speed to create openings and move off must jump to grab boards inside against quicker monsters not wearing heavy steel toe Air Igors…then monster look slow.

    New doctor that take over lease at castle should have had monster spend entire summer with football running back coach…first step speed needed for bursting to line of scrimmage is what monster need in basketball…monster need first step speed…put monster through tire drill… monster have to lift feet more than 6″ while having quickness and agility…try to build some flex into Air Igors and monster then not be so flat-footed and slow to gain position advantage near wishing well before girls get there…Unfortunately..still one other may have had ligaments in elbows torqued too tight…he shoot basketball like Trebuchet bolder launcher….MMMMMMMMM! smooth release, GOOD…jerky elbow, BAAAAAAAAAAD!!

  9. Pritch goes through the same conditioning as everybody else and nobody on the team shows signs of tiring. Conditioning on this team has never entered my mind as a negative issue.

    So I do not agree with the notion that Pritch gets tired. He gets into foul trouble because he’s slow to react and is in poor position and uses his hands to reach.

    Your observation, a term I use loosely here, of poor conditioning is one that supports your predetermined outcome; that Crean is a bad coach, which in turn supports your broader agenda; that IU should hire a Knight protege.

    Your Fox Newish snake oil, sold from the back of your Texas Tech wagon, is not working.

  10. Lets for the sake of argument say you are right (which you are not) then if Pritch gets into foul trouble because he “is in poor position and uses his hands to reach” this is really a sign of bad coaching. Why has Crean not teached him how to be in position and don’t use your hands to reach?
    That is basic fundamental basketball.

  11. Whoa…Fox news is snake oil?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of any sources, but do you enjoy the other major networks propping up Obama?
    What has he done?

    Besides promise to remove troops from the Middle East (ripped Bush on it by the way) and then add more.

  12. wisco,
    What in the world would lead you to believe I’m a boiler fan?
    That is a pretty low blow.
    I have been an IU fan my entire life, even have a degree from IU. I don’t really need to prove myself to you though. You sound like a badger fan.

  13. Haha, true, that is a low blow. Sorry for that. Wisco is from my name.

    Just thought your posts are so crazy, off-base and unrealistic that it’d make more sense that you’re trying to be a smart ass or start something as opposed to being serious.

    Correct, you don’t have to prove anything to me. Why would you? I don’t know you or really care.

    But, maybe you should consider a master’s degree at New Mexico?

  14. The plumber can’t get anything done…In the comforts of their home, Korman and Dopirak can’t hide their true love for Duke…The poor plumber, a born-and-bred Hoosier fan, can’t design a trap large enough for their BS.

    1. For Duke? Really? I’m not sure I’ve ever actually rooted for a college basketball team in my life. Certainly not Duke.

      Dustin, on the other hand, has a life-sized poster of Coach K in his room. Make of it what you will, Downing.

      By the way, have you ever counted the number of posts you’ve made since you arrived in this fair space on Sept. 21, 2009? I have. Wow.

  15. Korman,

    No photoshop programs…My skills(if that’s what you want to call them)are far more rudimentary…If you only knew the hours..Thanks for putting up with me.

  16. By the way, have you ever counted the number of posts you’ve made since you arrived in this fair space on Sept. 21, 2009? I have. Wow.

    You have? Wow.

  17. GFdave, watch Tom P tonight. He can barely pull his body down the court at the end of the second half…if he makes it that long. Watch him in the second half. I just talked to a Prof at the HPER last week about this and whatever they have done with him thus far has not worked. His body looks worse that it did last year…he is not in shape at all.

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