1. I am taking my wife to the game tonight and we are excited. I have one question for all of the people who get on here and moan and groan about Crean, recruits, and etc…do you go to the games? This is a serious question, not sarcastic at all. I complain a lot about certain things with football but in the end I am there in the stands. Even if you don’t live close, do you make it back for a game or two every season? I once lived many states away but would make it back so I remember those times. Just curious…

  2. finsihing the thought above. Unless you:

    A. contribute $$$ to IU athletics
    B. go to IU football and/or basketball games
    C. are a graduate of IU

    you have absolutely NO right to complain. You can be a fan and follow the team but you have NO right to complain about a darn thing. Merry Christmas!!!

  3. J Pat,

    Yikes. A Gauntlet has been thrown down. Agree somewhat with the logic as I know where you are trying to go with this, but be prepared to sift through the stink of trash posts that will be forthcoming.

  4. J Pat:

    “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” — Voltaire

    Having quoted this I want to add two more:

    “The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen.” — Tommy Smothers

    Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too. — Voltaire

    So, I strongly object to your position. Now as it happens, by your criteria, I qualify to complain. How do I get my credentials verified so I don’t have others jump on me when I do exercise my JPat-given right to complain? Or are the others allowed to complain about me complaining even if I qualify to complain because I passed your strict three step criterion?

    Thank you and please let me know.


    Was what I wrote above trash? Does it stink as you say it might? Please enlighten. Thank you very much.

  5. I am a graduate. The only money I contribute is buying basketball tickets to 1 or 2 games per year.
    The administration has proven they do not know how to handle money by Crean’s contract so why give them more?

  6. enjoyed the above answers. I was actually being funny or trying too anyway but there is a big part of me that feels that way. IMU, I cannot help you there…sorry! I just try to watch my own back on here anymore.
    Steve, I will agree it was too quick to give the 10 year contract but I am happy so far…that can change in a heart beat with me though! Off to dinner and the game!!!

  7. IMU,

    You have every right to complain or write a paragraph with adaptations of the word “complain” littered throughout.

    As I did not make any direct personal attacks, it might be best served if your tone wasn’t so reactionary. Your paranoia and insecurity seem to be at an institutionalized level.

    But, enough about the first ammendment. Agreed, It’s a beautiful thing. I’d also love to wax intellectual with you by taking a deeper look into the writings of François-Marie Arouet but let’s pull the reigns back and stay on the topic of IU vs. Loyola.

    From your perch high above the IMU Tower can you envisage an outcome for tonight’s game?


  8. PB,

    Paranoia, insecurity, reactionary tone? Doesn’t this apply to you and your message — in which you so hastily qualify future posts even before you saw them? I think it does. So I think you were wrong and a bit prejudiced and for that reason offensive. But if it matters you have my blessing: stay that way. I don’t really care.


    Thanks for your answer. It was as gracious as always.

  9. I only make it to a couple of games a year, not a grad but have been following and going to games since I was 6. I wont complain about something I love but I will criticize!

  10. IMU,

    Interesting interpretation. While I don’t wholeheartedly agree with your opinion, I respect your capacity to express it.

    You are quite the wilfull one!


  11. I live in Vegas and have made it back for a few games over the years.

    When IU comes here next December, I will be one of the first to get a ticket.

    And your comment, “Only IU graduates can complain” is ignorant.

  12. There are a lot of good people on this board. That has made the recent trend sad. We can post and read. We can agree or disagree. I think that Chris did the right thing yesterday. I doubt that anyone has been exiled yet, at least I hope not. Honestly, I hope no one is ever exiled.
    I always root for the Hoosiers and I have never read a single post rooting against Hoosiers here.

  13. Can’t believe I’m watching this worthless game. Looks like we’ve improved a ton from last year.

  14. Looks like IU has already packed up for Xmas vacation. They will be lucky to win 5 games in conference play.

  15. A bad half is a bad half. Everybody can have one. Remember last week Steve Alford’s team was down 40-28 at halftime, at home — but they came back and won the game 66-61. So can we. Go Hoosiers!

  16. Missed free throws are going to kill us all year long. Rivers has missed 6 alone. We can’t get behind 25 against ANY Big Ten team and expect to even come back. I am very worried.

  17. Rivers need to play under control — If he cant hit foul shots dont drive like a wild man. He was a large contributing factor to this loss! IU should have won this game.

  18. A few questions to ask Crean.

    The typical ever present substitution pattern.

    The game management by IU in the last two minutes. Specifically the last 36 seconds of the game. Is there a strategy in place for situations like that, does the team work on that in practice?

    Was the team aware of the double bonus situation for Loyola on the last foul? Seemed like there was a disconnect there. Is there someone in the huddle during a timeout that takes ownership of that information and communicates it to the team on the floor?

  19. Such random substitution patterns. Creek catches fire in second half then he’s out and Dumas is in. It’s just a momentum killer when you’re not very deep.

  20. Rivers has done nothing to impress me! They need to sit him and give someone else the chance to lead this team to victory!!! He is not the answer!!!

  21. Yes you are right. The problem is his name is Rivers, he knows it, tries to live up to it but just isn’t ready to deliver yet. If he could hit foul shots it would help lighten his load.

  22. Laffy, you call my statement ignorant but reread it, I said there were 3 criteria. Anyway, I leave you alone on here and have never said any statement you have ever made was ignorant…now that is huge because I almost always disagree with you in a big way. Merry Christmas!!!

  23. Creek scored 31 then 29 point the next game. Instead of riding the hot hand Rivers try to take over a game??????? What the !!!!! Let look at this again, Creek’s hot but get 1 or maybe 2 shots in the first half! Is this college basketball or are the other players a little jealous?

    Everyone on the team is looking Mo off except Mr. Halls of course.

    Jordy Halls wants to win.

    Watford, Verdell and Rivers are the bigest offenders of this. I guess they don’t see him waving his hands like everyone else in the country. I think Rivers dad likes Mo and Jeremiah is having a problem with it. My question is if Mo Creek room with Halls as he said in a artical then I guess Rivers and Verdell must room together the way they look for each other on the court. If this is the case then they need to break up this marriage or we are in trouble.

  24. ^ Crean must make all this talent coexist in a system of shared obligations and trust. I don’t want to believe the team is splitting. “A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.”

  25. On behalf of Husky Tom I’d like to point out that Voltaire is known to have used at least 178 separate pen names during his lifetime of writing. His most well known (“Voltaire”) was an anagram on the latinized spelling of his surname (Arouet: AROVET plus the initials LI of the sobriquet “le jeune” which means “the young one”).

    Anagrams were used a lot on the Basketblog, two of the most popular being “Almond Glitter” (Matt Dollinger) and “Aha, Crazy Monster!” (Zachary Osterman). Contrary to what was said here the Basketblog wasn’t destroyed by bloggers. It was simply taken away one day because IDS wanted to build a bigger, better blog — which sadly now very few people visit. On that day I remember Matt Dollinger writing:

    Not only will I miss the basketblog, but I’ll also miss my good friend Tom Kirby, who I’m pretty sure will be killed by this news. So consider this a goodbye to him, too.

    As usual, I think Downing’s 5th summed it up best:

    “I’ll miss the island of Basketblog, for she was truly my lady.”

    So I’d like to use this opportunity to apologize on behalf of Husky Tom to everybody here that may have felt hurt somehow by his “mouthy” and “combustible” presence, as he himself once put it. I haven’t seen him here in quite a while and he was our basketblog brother.

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