1. Utterly predictable ending….again, we see some very encouraging things, but are left with the same crappy feeling of loss. Ahhh, what to blame???… free throws…missed layups…turnovers… the usual.

    Our margin for error is so small in these games against good teams….all it takes is a couple of wild Rivers passes, and our momentum disappears…oh well, good effort guys, loved the defense at times

  2. FINAL: MD 80, IU 68.
    IU: Creek 19; Watford 16; Dumes 8; Jones 6, 10reb; Elston 5, 9reb; Rivers 5; Hulls 5; Moore 2; Pritchard 2.
    IU: 23-70 (33%) FG; 7-25 (28%) 3PT; 15-22 (68%) FT; 39 reb; 16 TO; 16 (22) fouls.
    MD: 26-55 (47%) FG; 5-12 (42%) 3PT; 23-31 (75%) FT; 39 reb; 19 TO; 13 (19) fouls.
    MD: Vasquez 23, 8ast; Milbourne 19, 7reb; Hayes 14; Mosley 13, 9reb; Bowie 5; Williams 5, 12reb; Choi 1.

  3. Crean! we cannot play Zone, why play Pritchard? Get Bawa ready…why do we play Tijan and pepper pot at the same time???

  4. Also, Ed Hightower hates the Hoosiers.

    I agree with the sentiment that Bawa should absolutely being seeing time before Jobe. He’s no worse than Jobe, but the difference is Jobe is a senior. He’ll never develop into a useful or adequate player, and while I appreciate his spirit, it’s the truth.

    On the other hand, Bawa will benefit so much more from playing important minutes and will be able to carry that experience over into the next three years of his career.

    Finally, I understand Crean trying to prove a point about effort, heart, hustle, etc., but I really don’t see any rationalization for having players like Moore, Capobianco and Jobe in the game when we’re going shot-for-shot with an opponent. They simply aren’t threats, and they’re not capable of making big plays. I’m sorry, but Moore guarding Vasquez was ridiculous.

  5. Tom Pritchard should be benched and Capo, Elston, & Bawa should take his minutes. How many point-blank shots did we give up? Compare that to how many we missed. I can’t take this crap anymore.

  6. GUEST are you dumb??? how many point-blank shots did we give up?? and you are arguing for elston and capo to play??? elston played terribly tonight and missed at least 5 shots from 1 foot away!!! he was the one missing close shots!

  7. I love IU…I think. I even ordered the Big Ten Network this year to watch my beloved Hoosiers. But, I’m getting dangerously close to cancelling. Why you ask? I am sick and tired of competing in the first half and then coming out of the locker room looking like GARBAGE!

    I think Crean has done an excellent job cleaning up the program and getting them back on track. But, I would like to see some tight defense, clutch free throw shooting, and maybe less turnovers when we are starting to get back in the game.

    I hate to see IU lose. Maybe I should stop watching every game at half time. Their record is 5-2, if you end at half time. Plus, they were leading a good chunk of the first half of this game. So really, they are almost 6-1. Sounds good right?

    Future: I realize that they will grow as a team. Just do it soon. I need some justification for ordering the Big Ten Network! 🙂

  8. Doug,

    I agree Elston had a terrible shooting night (2-10). But he did have 9 rebounds with 4 of those on the offensive end. He is always active and always seems to be around the ball.

    Pritchard, on the other hand, looks lost when he is out there. He is always a step late which leads to him being out of position and committing stupid fouls.

    One positive we can take from this game is the solid play from Jordan Hulls backing up Rivers. In 23 minutes he had no turnovers. I’d take that any day from a freshman.

  9. One more thing: If Roth had played tonight we would have won. Maryland would have gone back to man-to-man after he knocks down a few treys. Once that happens, Rivers, Creek, and VJIII would have gone to work off the dribble. Game over.

  10. Earl-

    You shouldn’t have bought your subscription with the expectation that you’d be seeing a postseason-bound team. Watching the Hoosiers this year is watching a young team find its identity, not watching a top-notch team knock off powerful opponents.

    That said, I understand your second-half frustration. Any of us who are IU football fans know all too well how annoying it is when you see a team put forth talent capable of beating anyone in the first half, then watch this same team, because of coaching, get blown out in the second half game after game. I guess it is another product of youth.

    If I may offer a few observations:

    1) Pritchard is borderline worthless at this point. I can’t believe how much he has disappeared. Kyle Taber, no more no less. Besides his early rebound and put-back, he was a non-factor.
    2) Creek’s burgeoning confidence is impressive. Gotta love the way he stroked the long three tonight. I feel sorry for anyone who can’t get at least marginally excited about the prospects of Creek and Watford developing another year together, especially as they add more bulk.
    3) Rivers’s speed is indeed starting to show its downside. Although you gotta love his aggressiveness, I am growing tired of watching him run straight into a swarm of defenders in 4th gear, realize he is stuck, then turn around and heave the ball out to the perimeter hoping someone will be there to catch it.

  11. As usual , the opposite team makes changes at halftime and throughout the game that we are not ready for.
    Crean’s seat is warming up.

  12. Crean’s seat is warming up? Seriously? This is a guy who inherited a program that was essentially starting over from scratch and you think that Fred Glass would give him only two years to turn the whole thing around? You’ve got to be kidding me.

  13. MaimLarry,

    Look who made the comment. He has been saying the same stuff since the Ole Miss loss. Get over it steve, you aren’t a good coach. Great Player, average coach.

  14. I’m happy. Crean has improved. Not by much but he has — a little. They key though is that he has to keep at it. No time to feel good. For me — yeah. But not for him. Now let’s beat the Panthers.

  15. How can you not love Gary Williams? His teams just get it done. The man is of few words, but his coaching speaks volumes..How methodical the dissection of our early momentum…And what impressive guard play from Vasquez, Mosley, and Hayes. Their steady approach and poised self-control is a reflection of the team’s persona that emanates from coach to floor to game. You see the talent..You see the hints of flashiness held under disciplined strategy..It was pure…It was art. It was Casanova seducing Naismith.

    Makes the NBA game look like a brothel that glorifies the ostentatious participants and lusts the sport down to the rustic act of scoring and jamming. Thank you, Maryland Terps…Thank you for treating Lady Basketball with the respect she deserves…In this age of showboats, one-and-dones, and YouTube basketball studs that flood our minds with the artificiality of nothing to do with sport, it really knocked my socks off revisit my true love for the game….And yes, I’m a Hoosier fan..But I have needs..Phew…I need a cigarette.


    About-face time….Jordan Hulls should be our starting point guard.

  16. I thought Jordan Hulls looked good last night…..he at least showed signs of being able to run this team for the long term.

    Creek and Watford are going to be special once the develope the strength to be able to take contact and still finish.

    I don’t know about what other people are thinking, but this team is meeting my expectations this year. The core of the team is very young, and if they keep developing, we could have some special years in bloomington 2 years down the road

  17. D-5,
    Crean has never had a legitimate force in the post in his career, so I wouldn’t hold your breath. Even if we did, we probably wouldn’t use him or develop him.

  18. Crean is still a mediocre coach (basically) but has one major quality that might just save him and IU: he is willing to learn. In 5 years not only the team will be different, he will be a much more improved coach too. I mean seriously improved.

    One thing that won’t be easy for Crean to learn: trusting his team, telling them what to do, then watch them do it. The way he jumps up and down on the sideline is OK now (but just barely) because you might think he’s encouraging them and they need encouragement. Yelling at them what to do makes him look like an idiot, it’s like he forgot to tell all of that to them during the timeout, practice or at halftime. Or he doesn’t trust that his players have a brain.

    Crean needs to help his players develop. He needs to help them develop into individuals who can think for themselves. Give them a task during the game, teach them how to accomplish it during practice, and watch them do it. Watch them, trust them, encourage them. Help them grow.

    Giving up his sideline coaching style will be hard for Crean. It’s like giving up smoking, but it will his defining moment for him: make or break.

    Let’s beat Pittsburgh and then the Kentucky Calamari.

  19. whats with all the talk about racis and vulgur chants at the game? I heard it on espn but wasnt quite sure what they were saying.tot appeared to be directed to Valquez and Choi. If true, this pisses me off to no end, behavior like this only perpetuates Hoosiers as stupid inbred hicks.

  20. Kale, I was at the game with my wife about halfway up the main level. The kid that wrote the the IDS story must have great ears and/or it was a one person/small group. I promise you.. we heard none of that. We did hear the BS chants but that was it. I am blowing it off. It is like Andy Katz saying that over a 1/4 of Assembly Hall was dressed in black for Mike Davis last game during the “blackout” but in reality it was a couple hundred to a few hundred. Not excusing any of this, but Vasquez has a history of talking trash to fans and he jawed all night during the game with several IU fans!

  21. WE NEED BAWA!!! There is no interior defense with Pritchard and Watford. Pritchard is slow and Watford hasn’t learned how to play low post D. Bawa may be raw and out of position too much for Crean to trust him but after watching the last 7 games…what’s the risk? IU already allows the opponent to score 90% of their points on low post screens and layups. Bawa is at least more athletic and willing to jump up to swat at shots. Plus he adds just a tad more of a scoring threat on offense with the ability to drop step dunk. CUT BAWA LOSE CREAN!!!!

  22. I can also vouch for the fact that whatever the chant was, I didn’t hear it and I was sitting on the floor. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention, but most of the chants I heard all night seemed right along the line with most other sports games I go to.

  23. TOTAL FG%
    1st Half: 12-36 33.3%
    2nd Half: 11-34 32.4%
    Game: 23-7032.9%

    1st Half: 4-11 36.4%
    2nd Half: 3-15 20.0%
    Game: 7-2626.9%

    We stroked the ball 16-44(36.4%) inside the 3-Pt. line..Even if we could score and defend in the paint, we won’t see many victories with this type of atrocious shooting. What happens when teams begin to key more and more on Creek..Where’s the production?…Better start playing Hulls more..

    Wasn’t one of Maryland’s top players out because of injury? I thought I heard the ESPN2 crew mention something last night.

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