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Former Hoosier Caleb Porter is heading to his first College Cup as a coach after No. 1 Akron’s 1-0 win over Tulsa in the NCAA quarterfinals Saturday afternoon. Kofie Sarkodie, the brother of IU senior Ofori Sarkodie, scored the game’s only goal.

The Zips’ 23-0 mark matches the all-time record set by the 1997 Hoosiers, who went 23-0 before falling to UCLA in the College Cup semifinals — with Porter in the midfield.

Akron joins North Carolina and Virginia in the College Cup. Wake Forest and UCLA play later tonight for the final spot. A Wake win would mean three of the four Cup teams beat Indiana this season.
UPDATE: Wake Forest beat UCLA, 2-0, making it three teams in the Final Four that IU lost to, and three ACC teams in the College Cup for the second straight year.


  1. Yeagley had arranged for his son to take the position of head coach months ago. Politics at it’s best!
    No one was interviewed – couple of phone calls made.
    Porter would never come here after he watched what happened with Fred Glass as AD at IU.

    Go Zips!

  2. My sources tell me that Glass is currently trying to bring Pat Knight from Texas Tech to coach the soccer team. Yeagley’s son will take the men’s basketball team, Tom Crean moves to football while Lynch gets a sabbatical to write a book (with Freitag) entitled: “Stained glass angels.”

    Meanwhile Husky Tom and Casey are working on a musical composition entitled “Crean, Grass and High Tides“.

  3. Casey,

    I’ve got sources that I won’t reveal, but two of them are current head coaches at IU. And they pretty much say exactly what Jake says. Yeagley has wanted Todd to have that job for a long time. And everyone knows that with Caleb and Todd being about the same age (Todd’s actually older), that is Caleb comes and is successful, Todd would never get that shot. It’s hig-politics in its best form. Believe it or don’t, but that’s what’s going on. All while ‘$3 Million’ Fred lets Yeags call the shots.

  4. To Bobby Sue and Jake,

    I guess my response/question in reply to what you guys are saying then is this:

    Is it such a bad thing that Glass is allowing the most successful coach in NCAA men’s soccer history to have a major influence and say when it comes to our program? Yeagley certainly knows more about soccer than Glass.

    Perhaps it’s taboo to speak like that, and perhaps the situation hasn’t been handled in the best way, but Yeagley knows soccer, and could surely help right the ship with our program. Thoughts?

  5. Yeagley’s making calls on things that go far beyond soccer. And he also wasn’t at practice the majority of the year and very little until the end. But at the end of the year, as they were prepping to play Yeagley’s son in the Big Ten Tournament….he was there EVERY day. That’s fishy to me. Throw in that Chris Reynolds doesn’t know his rear end from a mole hole and that they did the ‘exit interview’ right after the team got back (it could have been done the next day or day after, whenever the team would’ve gathered for practice had they beaten UNC) and it just rubs a lot of people the wrong way. And some people, it doesn’t so much rub them the wrong way, but makes them say ‘Hmmm…interesting the way things are being handled’.

  6. Usually it doesn’t matter. But in this case it’s his own damn kid. That clounds judgement and loyalty. I’ll be pissed if Todd is the coach porter is clearly the man and why would he stay at freakin Akron! Regardless we will see how more glass cam sink.

  7. I’ve got no stake in this either way, but did any of you consider that maybe Todd Y is the best coach? I know that Caleb is having a spectacular year, but Todd may just be a better coach? Do any of us know?

  8. Wow, I’m not sure what is wrong with the way this is handled.

    1. Coach has the most losses in school history.
    2. Coach is fired at the END of his contract.
    3. Associate Athletic Director conducts “exit interview” while current players are kept abreast and in the loop as to what is happening.
    4.Athletic Director takes advice from the most successful NCAA soccer coach of all time, who happens to be the person who CREATED IU soccer.
    5. People with sour grapes complain about the way this has been handled, which by the outline above, was handled as appropriately as possible. I know,I know, Fred Glass should have strung along Coach Freitag and let the fans decide what timeline everything should happen. Get real people

  9. Walt & IURICH both raise good points. To join in on Walt’s question, I think Caleb is a very good coach, he didn’t come into a soccer wasteland (Akron’s been very good, too). But what I was struck by was just how well he had the Zips playing *last season.* When watching Akron play Indiana last year, I would’ve sworn that the teams had switched jerseys. Akron was playing Indiana soccer and Indiana was not. However, Indiana hasn’t really played what I recognize as Indiana soccer (’94-’03, especially) since. Also, Porter has had to work without the Yeagley name, and no disrespect meant to Todd, but that’s an advantage he’s always had. And one sub .500 record at Wisconsin will not be the reason he would get hired at Indiana, let’s just face it. I think it would probably be better for the program -just in terms of branding- that they try to make a clean hire, Porter or possibly Trask, and let Todd make his own name without constantly being compared to the greatest college soccer coach we’ve seen to date.

    As to IURICH, I think you’ve made very good points, but I will say there’s something about the timing of it all -and the back-and-forth with Freitag about the players and parents- that gave a perception that something was weird. It’s not that it was handled badly, it just clearly could’ve been handled better. Freitag didn’t have control of his emotions, and I think he just wasn’t given time to deal with the fact that he could and really should have lost his job. Plus, it’s really strange to be (likely) pursuing a coach who still had his guys playing for a national championship. It’s just strange and ugly, like when Steve Alford beat IU for the Big Ten Championship after Knight had gotten fired.

  10. Todd Y. is the best coach. Todd Y. is the best coach. Todd Y. is the best coach. Todd T. is the best coach. Keep saying that, until you eventually wonder if it might be true.

    BTW — did you hear Caleb got a new 5 year contract today? IU, to soccer what Notre Dame has become to football.

    Love and kisses from freakin’ Akron

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