Porter signs extension with Akron

Caleb Porter, the former Indiana player and assistant who appeared to be the people’s choice to replace Mike Freitag, has signed a five-year extension to stay at Akron.

Porter led the Zips to the College Cup final, which they lost in overtime. Akron led the country in goals per game (2.32) and goals against (0.27). Pretty amazing.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit in the article: Porter was already making $100,000 at Akron, and will obviously get a raise.

Freitag made $96,635 for each of the past two years, and was on a yearly contract.

Whoever the new coach at IU will be — I’ll mow the field at Armstrong Stadium every day next year if it isn’t Todd Yeagley — will probably end up with a contract more like Porter’s.

Meanwhile, the much-respected blog Soccer By Ives says Yeagley will get the nod.


  1. hire a guy with one mediocre year of college coaching experience over a guy with a successful track record of coaching in college AND pro soccer? that would be like bypassing an experienced BCS athletic director with a proven background in hiring coaches, fundraising and improving facilities for a well-connected lawyer/politician with no background in collegiate athletic administration!

    Oh, wait; IU did that. Looks like the old boy network is apparently still alive and well in Bloomington.

  2. Has anyone ever been to Akron/Cleveland? Dreadful place…good luck Mr. Porter on your extended 5-year stay! You will not win a National Championship at Akron. Like most heroin addicts, you are going to be “chasing the dragon” with the small hope of ever reaching the euphoria that was this year’s College Cup.

  3. Higgi,

    Akron has only one senior this year compounded with having the number 1 recruiting class. I think Akron will be a top ten team for several years to come. Will they end up at the College Cup again? With Caleb’s background, IU soccer player & assistant coach (recruiter), I’m sure they have a good chance making it the College Cup again.

  4. sounds like a sham to me with yeags jr gets it. great work glass, must be nice to be part of the ol boys club. im just bitter I dont get the perks.

  5. i bet porter knew he never had a shot and with papa yeags around, why the heck would he want that pressure. porter is the best qualified, but because of nepotism, he never had a shot

  6. Wow, what a stupid string of posts.

    Not one of you sounds like you know — even in the slightest bit — what you are talking about.

    I love how no one makes a big deal out of soccer 99 percent of the time, but suddenly, when there’s a coaching vacancy, everyone knows what’s going on “inside.” Everyone becomes an expert. Everyone has a theory based on nothing. Everyone suddenly goes to dictionary.com to look up the word “nepotism” so they can use it in a post about Jerry Yeagley.

    I’m going to laugh when Yeagley is hired and makes the program successful again.

    Mr. C,

    IU can’t hire Porter if he wants to stay in Akron.


    Way to persecute someone for sticking with what he started. There’s no justification in being bitter with Porter for choosing to stay with the program he built.

    Moose admitted he doesn’t follow soccer, so his opinion is useless.


    Outside of your inability to capitalize the first letter in a sentence or use proper punctuation, you have no ground to stand on when it comes to guessing what was going through Porter’s mind. He said from the onset that he wasn’t interested in the IU job because he wanted to build his own legacy. Unless you have some sort of top-secret information, you have to assume that’s true.

  7. Casey are you guaranteeing that Porter will win a National Championship at Akron? Are you guaranteeing that Todd Yeagley will be hired to be the next soccer coach at IU, and that he will be successful? If not, I’m guessing that you are a “soccer fag” that once played soccer for your high school team, still wears a 10 year old Manchester United t-shirt, and avidly supports his local MLS team. In any case, you have the right to your opinion – as do we all – but until you tell us something that none of us already know, you should just go back to lecturing people on politics or human-rights after reading your signed copy of “Gone Rogue” for the 10th time.

  8. I agree, Casey. And Higgi just made it worse. Don’t think Casey guaranteed anything.

    Although I do like the ‘Going Rogue’ reference. Nice that your comments seem xenophobic and anti-GOP. Usually, those two don’t go together. Or, it could be making fun of her, not all R’s. Whatever, I can’t stand her.

    Also, love throwing the blame on the ‘good ol’ boys network. There is no group more invisible, vague and imaginary than the good old boys.

  9. Higgi,

    I’m not sure that post should even be dignified with a response, but what the hell, here goes…

    By simply reading my post, if you can’t generate answers to your own questions, you’ve got some issues. Did I guarantee Porter would win a championship? No. Did I guarantee Yeagley being hired? No.

    Did I even say I know a lot about soccer? NO. But neither do you, and neither do most of the people posting on here as if they do. THAT’s my point.

    Didn’t play soccer in High School. Don’t own a ManU jersey. Don’t have a local MLS team. It’s ironic that you employ me not to lecture you, and to give you new information, when the whole reason I took issue with your post in the first place is because you did neither of those things.

    You don’t have inside information. You don’t know what you’re talking about. All I ask is that you stop acting otherwise.

    And on a side-note, try showing some class in future posts. You, as well, are entitled to your opinion, but when you express it in a crass and ignorant way, you just make yourself look bad. Finally, don’t presume to know anything about me. Your last attempt at assessing me was wrong in every conceivable way.

  10. Too funny, Casey! Your post has validated my point in every way. Your comment, “Your last attempt at assessing me was wrong in every conceivable way” should have you looking in the mirror as you have judged and tried to assess everyone who has responded to this “stupid” blog. Finally, I knew your narcissism (sorry, didn’t have to look it up in the dictionary) would have you returning to this blog to retort my comments, so I didn’t really assess you incorrectly in every conceivable way. Did I? Anyway, unlike you, I will not return to this specific blog because the humiliation you’ve experienced is yours alone. Now go ahead with your final rebuttal…because I know you are someone who needs to have the last word. Happy Holidays!

  11. Higgi,

    HA. The classic “if you respond, I win. If you don’t respond, I win” philosophy. I commend you.

    The only problem is, I don’t see anything wrong with having the last word. So thanks for granting me that.

    You didn’t really say anything new or make any sort of actual point in your last post, so there’s no rebuttal necessary on my part. I could turn your own simple logic against you, however, and claim that YOUR narcissism caused you to respond to MY post. It’s a two-way street, and a flawed argument really.

    Here’s what I have to say: Any rational person who peruses through these posts will most likely see the reasonability of my comments, and the ignorant, close-minded nature of your remarks.

    Let’s let the people decide who’s the imbecile and who’s the one attempting to actually have a somewhat intelligent dialogue.

    Happy holidays to you as well. I hope no “soccer fags” or “heroin addicts” get in the way of your celebration.

  12. We tried for Porter, but he opted to stay and build HIS program at Akron. Despite all the shortcomings of the community and school, Caleb has great soccer players and recruits like Coach Cal at UK basketball. I am very excited that either Todd Yeagley or John Trask will lead the IU Soccer program. I think that we will be great in a short period of time. The rivalry with Akron will be something to watch and, hopefully, we can beat OH ST, Northwestern, PN ST and Mich ST again and dominate the Big Ten!

  13. BeatPurdue,

    I agree!

    All current players and future players know TY. He recruited them. As far as I know, which is a statement from a former player, the current players would like TY to coach them. We already have an extremely talented team. MF just lost how to motivate these players to play together. There wasn’t any consequences for poor play on his players under MF. I go to most if not all home games. At times, I was surprised by the lack of subbing a player that was not playing up to the coach’s standards (ok maybe my standards, I’m not a coach, just a fan). With the intensity/youth of TY and/or JT, these players will start playing classic IU soccer again which the team, at times, played this past season. Results (wins) will be seen the upcoming season. I still think this team will start with a pre-season top 25 ranking.

    Happy holidays to everyone.

  14. Thanks Fred Glass and Yeagley Sr for allowing the three coaches you “interviewed” to get raises at their respective schools! I am sure they appreciate that!

    They never believed they had a chance in heck, but it did provide leverage. Good work!

    Let’s all looked surprised when Jr gets the job!!

    How anyone can remotely say Todd is qualified is absurd! Sorry day for the IU players…. getting a real life lesson in corrupt politics at their expense.
    And yes, the ol’ boys network is in FULL SWING!

  15. Can someone please define this good old boys network? Who are the members of this network? Does one have to be good and old or just good or old in order to join? What is it that they are good at doing?

    Do they decide by majority or unanimous vote? Do they hold weekly conference calls? Have monthly newsletters? (For members only of course). Just curious about how this elite group operates.

  16. casey,

    I am in agreement with much of what you say. The problem is that you don’t say much. Here’s the way your post started:

    “Wow, what a stupid string of posts.

    Not one of you sounds like you know — even in the slightest bit — what you are talking about.”

    Not terribly surprising that people get defensive to that.

    And in the end, all you managed to get across was the fact that you think Yeagley is a good hire. I may or may not disagree, but even that point — whether TY is the way to go — needs some explanation. You take is as a given, and then attack others who disagree.

    I happen to think that, as far as hires in high level collegiate athletics are concerned, TY has done very little to merit consideration. Now, he might go on and lead IU to great heights. Nobody can know that. His paper trail is just thin, that’s all. I just wonder whether he’d get hired were his last name any different. That strikes me as a fair point, whether one knows anything about soccer or not.

  17. I just think it’s very odd that IU would hire a coach that just came off of a losing season…..

  18. Lou,

    You’re right — I didn’t say a lot, because I don’t know enough about the candidates or what’s going on behind the scenes to comment accurately on what’s absolutely best for the program. But THAT, really, was my point. Most of the people who have been commenting on this situation have very little actual information from which to generate their claims.

    I’m not claiming that Yeagley will be a good hire. I simply meant that if we hire him and he does well, I’m going to have a good laugh at all the posters who are already declaring him incapable of being a good coach. I don’t take anything as a given, and I’m tired of everyone who is.

    Most people are taking it as a given that this is some sort of super-political, top-secret, shady operation. Glass is evil. “Nepotism, nepotism.” Blah blah blah.

    I just think we should let the situation unfold fully before we all go making completely subjective, unsupported statements. I didn’t mean to be offensive. I’m just calling it like I see it.

  19. I think you will all be eating a lot of crow when TY is announced and the Godfather is back in control!

  20. Announcement time is here….told you so, told you so, told you so! Guess that proves I know what I’ve been saying! Nobody can say that I “claim” to be an insider anylonger…proff is on the pudding!

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