Porter wants to build his own legacy, thinks Todd Yeagley should be next IU coach

Akron coach Caleb Porter is preparing for his eighth College Cup. His Zips, the undefeated No. 1 team in the country, are the only non-ACC team to qualify for men’s soccer’s Final Four, which takes place this weekend in Cary, N.C. Akron plays North Carolina, which eliminated Indiana in the third round of the tournament, Friday.

Besides being an Indiana alum and former assistant — two of his College Cup trips came as a player, one as an undergraduate assistant and four as a full-time assistant under both Jerry Yeagley and Mike Freitag — Porter is of particular interest to Indiana fans now because Freitag must be replaced.

As Porter told the Akron Beacon-Journal last week, though, he has no particular  interest in coming back to his alma mater.

“When I left Indiana, I said that my goal was to take what I had learned there and use it to build my own legacy somewhere else,” he said Monday afternoon. “That’s what I’m doing, and what I intend to continue to do.”

Indiana’s athletic department has reached out to the Akron athletic department and was told that Porter would not be available for a conversation until after the College Cup. While Porter said he was “humbled” to be a candidate, he also said he would tell Indiana the same thing he told me.

Porter does have a thought on who should be the next coach: his former teammate and roommate and fellow assistant, current Wisconsin coach Todd Yeagley.

“I’ve always felt the ideal successor is Todd Yeagley,” he said. “He grew up around the program. It’s in his blood. No one will work harder to get it back to winning championships.”


  1. I still don’t believe that this is a HARD no…He can’t get caught up in coaching speculation while his team is playing. If he continues to say NO after his team’s season is over, then I will say it is time to look at play B which is Todd Yeagley. How good of a recruiter is Todd? If Todd gets the job it will place big time pressure on him to produce since his father is the legacy. As I have stated before, a respected source has told me it will be Todd Yeagley.

  2. I wonder who Todd would bring as assistants? Ernie Yarbrough is on his UW staff, I believe. Would he bring Maisonneuve from Louisville? Some non-IU blood maybe? That’s pretty rare.

  3. To bad he is not interested. Sounds exactly like the type of coaching character IU should go after. Maybe it is a feint for this time frame.

  4. he knows how crappy iu will be with papa yeag hovering around. the fix is in for todd. ill b ok with anyone but todd

  5. yawn,

    Yeah…It’ll be so awful having the most successful coach in NCAA men’s soccer history “hovering around.”

    Why would you not be “with” the son of the man who built IU soccer into a powerhouse?

  6. You know, it might be Todd, and that’s fine. Todd might actually have the recruiting ability above and beyond what Trask and even Porter could provide. Maybe. I’m sure any of those three would be good.

    But I still do hope for Porter. He’s the best bet.

    Casey- great comment: “It’ll be so awful having the most successful coach in NCAA men’s soccer history “hovering around.””

  7. would you want pat knight as the coach of IU basketball? todd hasnt proven anything yet on his own. i dont want a legend influencing important decisions regarding iu soccer because he might just be a bit biased towards his kid. the best thing about the knight firing (which i did not support) was that we didnt get pat to stick around and get the job handed down to him.

  8. yawn,

    I knew you’d make that analogy.

    No, I wouldn’t hope for Pat Knight to be our coach. But if he were, I’d support him.

    There are a lot of people who wouldn’t be upset with Pat Knight as coach if it meant Bob was around and strongly involved with the basketball program again.

    It just seems odd, because you’re acting as if Jerry Yeagley is just some old, demented man who wanders around the athletic office annoying people and acting like he knows the sport.

    The man could provide a word or two of advice for ANY head coach, and all I’m saying is that his son taking over wouldn’t be as awful as you’re making it out to be. Maybe Porter would be better, who knows? But to act as if everything will go downhill if the Yeagley’s are manning the ship seems a bit extreme.

  9. I kind of have to agree with yawn on this one. Nothing against the younger yeagley, but he hardly has any head coaching experience. IU is not a job were one learns as he goes. IU soccer is better than relying on a what if. I think we all have to be patient and see what happens after the tournament. If Porter says no, we would have look somewhere else. Even do I dare say with Maryland ties.

  10. I would like to make a comment abt coach fry, phil presser and alekey.I had the pleasure of meeting them as my son was a possible recruit.It was very apparent that they love IU, Bloomington and were very proud of the soccer program.It was an enjoyable meeting with 3 fabulous guys.They have wonderful families and it was obvious in fry’s speech that he is deeply hurt by not having his contract renewed. I truly hope the next coaching staff will be as devoted to our Hoosiers as the outgoing staff. I’m sure Todd would be thrilled but it sounds like Porter has started his own thing somewhere else although he may re-evaluate this amazing opportunity. The players need support from the fans regardless of who gets the job!!!

  11. Have any Scoop journalists ever played soccer at the high school or college level?…Just curious…Table Foosball doesn’t qualify.

    Jackpot! My anti-spam math problem was sum of fifteen and seventeen..32!!!
    Steeeeeeeeeeve Dooooooowning! I’m very superstitious…This could only mean one thing.. a Hoosier victory tonight against Pitt.

  12. Pitt will demolish IU: 50-3 with the Hoosiers 3 points scored as a result of a wild deflection off a Dumes’ elbow.

  13. Porter has got to be the man. I hope hes just doing the PC thing so his team doesnt get distracted. Sorry to Akron, but they will never become what IU is in soccer. 99% of the people in this country dont even know where Akron is or what the Zips are.

  14. 100% of Americans do not know what a Hoosier is, do you? Check the Urban dictionary definition of Hoosier that may slow you down a little bit.

  15. To jgongora: It really is sort of fun to actually think about what you wrote. When Mike Freitag was hired as IU Soccer head coach he had 0 years experience as a head coach, same for Caleb Porter at Akron, same for Jerry Yeagley at IU. Todd actually has 1 year as the head coach at WI. For those who say that Todd has not “done anything on his own” what about NCAA Championships as a player, College Cups as a player, a fine MLS pro career in Columbus, NCAA Championships as an assistant coach, College Cups as an assistant coach. Didn’t he win THE AWARD as a senior for the best college player in the US? He has always been coaching soccer-usually for free because he loves the game. In 1996 he came out to practices for the U-10 Cutters, I had an 8 year old and a 10 year old on the team, just to encourage the kids and help them out. They loved him! Offer the job to Porter, when he says no, offer the job to Todd! Go IU Soccer!

  16. I know that the Hoosiers = IU, and most people with a brain in the US know that. I dont care what others try to define Hoosiers as. The IU symbol is also one of the most instantly recognized symbols in the US. Can you say the same about the Zips?

  17. Jay,

    Forgive me if I’m misinterpreting your post (electronic interaction doesn’t allow for the deciphering of emotion), but I hope you’re not serious about referencing urbandictionary.com as a reliable source.

  18. John Trask should be the next IU soccer coach. Anyone who’s ever been around JT understands his passion for the game, his unbelievable understanding of the game, and his ability to develop players…second to none. Unlike Caleb, who went into a very well established Akron program and made it better, JT walked into a bad situation at UIC and literally transformed the program and almost took them to the final four a year ago. He has tremendous experience from the high school (BHS South), collegiate (IU and UIC), professional (MLS), and national level (experience with several youth national teams) that nobody else in this “search” can come close to. If you want a coach to continue IU’s legacy and get back to “Joga Bonito”, then the name everyone should turn to is John Trask.

  19. Beat Purdue, I disagree with your main premise mainly because a lot of people have a lot in their resumes that would warrant consideration, but I don’t have to remind you that being a great player does not make you a great coach. Tom Crean was an awful player, so was bob knight, and roy williams from unc, but when they got hired to each program each had coaching experience to fairly critique their potential ( Like Porter). Iu is in a great position and can have the best with proven records instead of taking chances ( like Mike Davis. I liked him but he was not ready).
    Yeagley Sr. might of started the game at IU but he did have a lot of coaching experience prior to taking the position.
    I’m not saying no to Todd but there are better options.
    1. Caleb Porter
    2. John Trask
    3.Todd Yeagley

  20. caleb porter’s response was predictable and politically correct as everyone is fully aware of how badly coach wants his son at IU. Its a no brainer and caleb realized this from the moment he left and coming back would only be on the condition that he have full control of the program. JY also probably promised him support for the upcoming Michigan position in exchange for his support for todd. What is most contradictory in reading the blogs, is on one hand we recognize our program is one of the top five in the country, and on the other we are limited the coaching selection process to IU alumni. Shouldn’t part of due diligence to IU and the fans, be our requirement to reach out to the best candidates in the Country as it is afterall one of the most sought after positions in soccer. Why are we limiting ourselves to IU grads, especially since caleb has decline, and interviewing trask was only a formality. Trask would ignite new blood into the program, but realistically its a coronation for Todd. This smells totally of nepotism when one of the top 5 programs has not even done an exhaustive cross country search. I guess JY does have this much pull at IU athletics.

  21. Sorry for the delayed response, but ShinGuard asked, “Have any Scoop journalists ever played soccer at the high school or college level?…Just curious…Table Foosball doesn’t qualify.”

    I played high school soccer — switched from midfielder to goalkeeper as a freshman, then it was strictly intramurals in college. I also coached high school girls’ soccer for two years. And there was a time when I could hold my own in foosball, which is what really got me this job.

  22. Can’t believe this or IDS message boards haven’t discussed this but it has been reported in various news outlets including the Twitter feed for the Washington post soccer blog that Caleb is now the top prospect for the DC United job that he will be receiving an offer from them shortly.

    As a long time fan who grew up with many now ex IU soccer players I sure hope they get Caleb and would take him over Yeagley any time.

  23. By the way it was detailed in one of IDS forums how Yeagley, the son, just showed up for IU practice in the days before the Wisconsin game. I’m not taking sides but may think that was not the proper thing to do given he’s not with IU!

  24. Would be ironic if both IU and Akron are looking for coaches. Wonder if Yeagley would be interested in Akron if IU falls through. I don’t think Yeagley would get the Clemson job but I could be wrong. The quality of soccer in ACC is much better than Big Ten. I got to lots of ACC games. Doesn’t mean that can’t change though.

  25. Yeagley senior was quoted on WP website about Caleb in the contect of DC united job if i’m reading it right. Can’t read to much into it but it makes you wonder if he’s pushing for Caleb to go to DC United so his son gets the IU job. Not like he has any say in this but you can’t hope but wonder that he has another motive when being interviewed about Caleb.Seems like he could have mentioned his son or IU for full disclosure but didn’t. Again, maybe i’m reading too much into this.

  26. with the dc position openly being discussed about porter, it is shocking that IU reps wouldn’t be pulling out all stops to bring Caleb Porter back to IU. His stock could not be any higher, and I hear his reservation in private is the lack of control he would have over the program, while JY is still lurking around. Why else would he say no to his alma mater?? Which makes sense, because Caleb has achieved a status to run a program at any level his way. This is not being disrespectful of JY but understanding that a top coach needs to start with a clean slate and no meddling. It really smells like the ad and jy are trying to orchestrate this publicly for positive news and having caleb step aside in their mind may justify hiring todd, but this is a disservice to IU soccer.

  27. Jerry,

    If Glass is bent on getting Todd, why is he waiting until after the College Cup to continue searching for coaches? Could it be because there are candidates of interest whose teams are still participating in the tournament?

    If it’s Todd for sure, why are they waiting?

  28. Guess we will know soon enough. Wonder what happens if Maryland’s coach gets the DC united job. Could Caleb go to Maryland? ACC is by far the best conference and like them or not Maryland is a good team who will be better next year. Would Akron go after Yeagley? Also , makes you wonder if they spoke to Caleb before letting Frietag go. Yeah-technically not allowed but how can you be so stupid in the way this was all handled from a publicity perspective? We may never know……..

  29. “If it’s Todd for sure, why are they waiting?”

    Because they want to make it look like they are considered everyone including Caleb. They maybe hoping Caleb takes the DC united job so they can divert criticism of hiring the younger Yeagley.
    I don’t buy the fact that they haven’t had time to deal with this because they were in NY.

  30. its called “spinning the message” for favourable media coverage and acceptance from the IU fan base. So that its perceived they exhausted all efforts. Little do they know IU fans are not that naive and just come clean!! This is looking more embarassing by the day. Caleb would never come here unless he had FULL control of the program. Out of respect for the yeagley he has kindly stepped aside. Otherwise, why wouldn’t Caleb come back and bring IU more championships. His statement endorsing Todd, shows how orchestrated this whole drama is. No coach ever publicly endorses another applicant for a high profile position unless it is a done deal. Caleb was probably asked to as a form of public relations and damage control

  31. Damn! I love reading this comments page, knowing that my school, with its “what the @%*%’s a Zip?” reputation is home to America’s best college soccer coach. And what I can’t understand is why so many in Akron are more upset that we can’t beat Indiana in football. Who cares about football — we’re talking about Indiana and Akron, for Pete’s sake!

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