1. Thanks for the video as always. Nice to be include Alex in the fun.

    I have a question for anybody out there. I have always looked at Jay Bilas as Bob Knight by Proxy when it comes to IU. Bilas admires RMK and I have always felt that he views IU through that prism. I know that DickieV is always running his mouth, but I really think its Bilas that is more reflective of how Knight might (is?) be thinking. They must talk about IU off screen.

    Under Crean’s administration, I think Bilas provides generally favorable assessments (certainly not homerish, but positive when he can be). He was not that way at all with Davis and Sampson. Does anybody else think this? Or is it just that he likes the job Crean is doing independent of RMK.

    I think Bilas does a great job and provides insight and excitement without running off topic or screaming.

  2. Tom Crean had you both Chris and Dustin pegged when he called them a “tough crowd.” Thanks for letting me participate, gentlemen.

  3. Wow, obviously my typing skills are off this evening. Meant to say, Tom Crean had Chris and Dustin pegged when he called them a “tough crowd.”

  4. I think Bilas is the best out there. He can fall in love with his own voice but I think he calls it how he sees it. I never remember him being anything but on target. He probably seems a lot like Knight because he played for Coach K.

  5. Super win, more on the way, just hang on the fun is just beginning.

    Nice video chat fellas.

    Happy New Year to all, and a speedy recovery to Roth and Creek.

  6. I cannot seem to get this to play, it just keeps spinning along. Anyone else having this issue?

  7. D-5, Interesting. I am curious. What do you suppose his motives might be? I asked an honest question and you gave an honest answer. Give me more.

  8. There’s very little honesty in sports journalism anymore…Very little counterpoint…It’s a sea of placidity with a constant insincere verbiage aimed at a stereotyped perception of target audience…Translation: Say what you think they want to hear…Don’t ruffle the feathers…Don’t push the wrong buttons…No more “tell-it-like-it-is”…It must have died with Howard Cossell….Nothing really personal against Bilas….It’s everywhere. A fear of forthrightness infects us all…I really don’t care to extrapolate any further for there is far too much joy to paint views into corners rather than digest one morsel of contrary thought.

    I’m happy for the Hoosiers and their opening Big 10 win. If Bilas believes our circus has come to town…then I say let’s enjoy the show.

  9. I thought Dustin’s comments(at conclusion of video) regarding the uncertainty surrounding the overall effect of Creek’s season-long absence offered some refreshing honesty attached to his basketball astuteness…I often poke fun, but HT is lucky to have the team of Korman and Dopirak.

    Frame the compliment…It’s only about once every 800 posts that praise oozes from my cantankerous core. Must be the bottle of uncorked champagne that’s staring another hole into my boringly tame auld lang syne heart and friendless new year’s night…Cheers…..hiccup.

  10. On a side note Jerimiah’s circus lay up and foul at the end of the game earned the number 1 play on Sportscenter top plays. Good national attention!

  11. Hull’s calm game command and his poise at the end showed the type of talent he possesses along the mental approach controlling his decisions makes him a player. As a fan he makes you feel confidant with the ball in his hands. Even after fouling a 3 point shooter he was able to respond positively by draining game ending foul shots. Rivers responsibility to defend the opponents stud may be what is needed to temper his aggressive decisions on offense as it did yesterday. Jones and Watford are doing what they should do, scoring and board work. I think the good team defense helped both of them offensively. I have always been critical of Dumes but his first half of play was pretty fair. He always could defend competitively. He still has shot selection problems when taking an early shot that would have been available anytime during the offensive possession. I understood Coach Crean’s substitution pattern more in this game because he seemed to settle on fewer options and adjustments. I still would like to see more Elston with Watford and Pritchard but when a small lineup is called for at least for now he doesn’t get the nod.
    As far as Bilas I prefer him and Lavin over Raftery. Raftery’s cha ching articulation style to sensationalize is a little over the top.

  12. Clarion-

    Good assessment. I agree about Dumes. When Creek went down, I envisioned Dumes potentially being able to fill a chunk of that scoring void. WHile he does tend to brick a lot of ill-advised 3’s, he is a confident shooter and can get in grooves. I call him a poor man’s Rod Wilmont.

    One correction: it’s Jordan Hulls, so you can’t say “Hull’s” calm game. You have to put the apostrophe after the final s:

    Hulls’ calm


    Hulls’s calm

    Oops, I dared to not talk about sports…

  13. Jon, I wonder if ESPN pointed out that it took 3 times before the circus act layup went in?

    GFDave and others, I really enjoy Bilas. I sat within 10 feet of him a few years back and he is a class act. What I like most is that he is one of the few objective analyst out there and he is bright but does not come off arrogant or with a big ego.

    I struggle with who I want at the point next year or down the stretch this year. It might not matter so much as it seems to be interchangable between the 1 and 2 as far as who brings the ball down. When Rivers has the ball the D knows he will not shoot, period! He is a liabiliy at the end of games as we saw yesterday. I do like his strength and he can really take it to the hole. Hulls can shoot and stretches the D big time and his release is quicker now that it was in high school. His passes are just as good if not better than Rivers but he cannot drive to the basket, period! Maybe he will always struggle with that because of his heighth, I am not sure. I like them both for different reasons but in the last 2-3 minutes, I want Hulls in the game for his shot and free throw shooting. Of course Rivers is a better defender but…I don’t know, just thoughts. Opinions???

  14. The next dissertation I write I’ll consult a thesaurus. But for a blog communication it would be a bit much.

  15. Clarion-

    What you need is a grammar textbook. A thesaurus is for finding similes or alternative word choices.

    Point taken, though.

  16. Well, the thesaurus won’t help you with the Hull’s/Hulls’s distinction, so I’d save the trouble.

    It also won’t help you spell “confidant” correctly.

    GO Buckeyes- beat the Quacks!

  17. I have spent my day watching college football. NU vs. AU and now PSU vs. LSU, great games. The next game, OSU vs. OU should be entertaining.
    I see that some people are not happy after IU’s win and we are now grammar checking and spell checking. What’s funny is, the critic, often does not type all that well. I guess that’s okay, because he is willing to ignore his faults. Just make a mistake and you will be informed. Freedom of speech and all, you know?

  18. Big win yesterday and I agree that there will be more to come. I thought that the key to the game was Rivers’ defense on Harris. If Rivers can shut down the opponent’s stud throughout the Big Ten season, we will be in good shape.

    PS: I have never seen a team foul on every possession and never get called for it like Purdue does. Painter must have pictures on the entire Big Ten Officiating crews!

  19. Jay, first, there is a difference between typos and simply not knowing correct grammar. I make sure to read my posts many times over if I am going to try to make a contentious point, because I know how much bad grammar can

    If I do make an error, I welcome the corrections. I don’t try to disparage or dismiss those who may correct me, or accuse them of being too intellectual. I have plenty to learn.

  20. Now that I’ve survived my “Escape from Bloomington” I’d like to contribute to the conversation. Who knew Brothers moonlighted as a fight club?

    Rivers defense on Harris was pretty solid. Although it should not be overlooked that Harris got himself into early foul trouble. This took Harris out of the game early and really caused him to force things at the offensive end as Michigan was playing from behind.

    Chris pointed out on game blog that during the last two minutes of the game we will
    see how Crean can “really” coach.

    Crean did pretty well based on what I saw. He took a gamble with Rivers driving to the hoop in the final minute. (Still didn’t realize why Michigan pressed out on so much Rivers, he passes up the outside shot everytime as Dustin pointed out.)

    Crean correctly recognized who should be in at the end of the game and who he wanted to put in a position to take the game clinching free throws And how about Hulls! Seeing him take those final shots was like watching Ollie in Hoosiers. Almost thought it would be appropriate for Hulls to go Rick Barry style.

    Another thing that showed is that IU must have worked on their inbounds press situations these past few weeks because it showed. Remember the end of the Pitt game?

    In the end it was a great overall response from a young IU team that had a rough week as a result of losing Creek for the season. The Hall was rocking for a “schools on break” holiday game.

    Have a Happy New Year at The Scoop.


  21. JPat, I know Hulls is not trying to drive to the bucket. There have been chances for him to do so but he has backed out just like there have been chances for Rivers to shoot 3’s but he chooses not to try. I don’t agree with “Hulls can’t take it to the basket period!” as you say. I have seen him go to the basket against quick guards and big men. He is a great passer on the interior and he was great with the pick and roll Right now I think coach wants him to be the floor general and hit the open jumper. We did have Jones, Rivers and Creek who could go to the basket. I would not be surprised, as the season goes forward, to see Jordan go to the bucket. He is very skilled with the ball. Some will say he is to slow,to short but I have seen him do it against 4 and 5 star guards and big men hopefully we will see it at IU. This was a great win for the kids. They protected their home court and it was great! You got to love their effort.

  22. PB,

    I don’t know you but I did find your “Ollie” comparison a bit ungraceful… !? If I remember correctly in the movie Ollie is a manager and sees time solely because of injuries. He comes off the bench, almost blows the game and makes two improbable free throws at the end to seal the game. Hulls on the other hand is on scholarship, on account of leading his team to a Class 4A state title and a 26-0 perfect season along with a No. 3 national ranking by USA Today. Named first team All-State and the Gatorade State Player of the Year last year he was 8-8 from the free throw line last night to secure the win. I didn’t see any Ollie, to me Hulls looked more like Armon Bassett about two years ago at Illinois. Why this patronizing attitude towards Hulls — were you not convinced of his ability to sink free throws, like the rest of us?

    But I think your idea is not entirely without merit: perhaps Rivers should give Rick Barry’s method a try! What do you think — if it works, why not?! By the way, I like Rivers just as much as I like Hulls, they’re both absolutely great kids and I think we’re very fortunate to have them here.

  23. Good observations, ronb.

    Without Creek in the lineup, the guard’s first pass option off the dribble-drive would be our next best 3-point shooter…Rivers has the demonstrated size and strength to get into the paint…We have more scoring options off his penetration..(a)interior pass to Pritch/Watford if post defense collapses..(b)Rivers beats his man and takes him to the rim..(c)Rivers kicks the ball out to our best percentage outside shooters (Hulls, or Dumes). I like Hulls working the perimeter..distributing the ball..running off screens.
    If we’re in the bonus in an end-of-game scenario, then we’ll likely see the ball more in Hulls hands..He can take the intentional foulor drive the ball inside and try to draw the contact…He looks pretty solid at the line. I think as the season progresses we’ll see his high basketball IQ and leadership qualities kick in….GLORY, GAME, GUTS, AND GUMPTION written all over his GRUMPY face.



    Matt Carlino put up 28 points in a comeback win over Carmel on Wednesday night…He hit three consecutive 3-point field goals and nearly single-handedly took over the game in the fourth quarter to bring Bloomington South back from a 13 point deficit. The lefty has a sweet looking jump shot.

    Just thought those not spending too much time in English/grammar class, or cheering for the Buckeyes football team, might be interested in some unimportant basketball news about an IU recruit..


    Random clip for your entertainment…Title: Husky Tom & Downing…The Innocent Basketblog Years.

  24. correction: “…we’ll likely see the ball more in [Hulls’] hands…meow…meow..meow..blah…blah…meow…meow”

  25. Bloomington South guard and Indiana University recruit Matt Carlino gave Hoosiers fans reason to smile, scoring a game-high 28 points, which included a torrid 13-point fourth-quarter performance to spur the Panthers’ comeback.

    Carlino, who transferred to Bloomington South (8-0) after moving from Arizona, is still trying to work his way into a tight-knit group fresh off an undefeated state championship season. Wednesday night’s performance will help endear him to his new teammates.

    “I think that goes through the course of the season; it’s not just one game, but I think that a game like this earns respect from your teammates,” Carlino said. “That was amazing. I’ve never been part of a comeback like that.”

    Said a smiling Bloomington South coach J.R. Holmes of Carlino: “I’m glad he moved in.”

    courtesy: IndyStar.com

  26. Interesting opinions, mon ami. And this blog has GEFUFFLE, GALLIMAUFRY, GEMEINSCHAFT and GENTLEFOLK written all over its GARNETIFEROUS pages, don’t you think? By the way, I apologize in advance for capitalizing the G’s and F’s — I don’t want to cause additional misapprehension.

    I was also going to write a short note addressed to PB & Jay but you see how that could be further misunderstood. Plus I think I have a better chance at communicating if I talk into my bagel and cream cheese instead. Smile.

    Tomorrow the Wolverines at Buckeyes should be interesting. (GRIPPING, even).

  27. Besides going Rick Barry here are other possibilities for Jeremiah:

    a) eyes closed

    b) just dunk it

    c) rely on Kevin Garnett unique motivational techniques

    d) spend a weekend with the Lady Tiger Girls Varsity Basketball of Taos High School then shoot like a lady tiger

    e) periodically go Monta Ellis on them (this keeps opponents guessing!)

    f) high five himself like Andrew Bogut after each free throw made

    g) try shooting from the other free throw line like Caron Butler once did

    h) follow Denver’s Chauncey Billups magic free throw innovative technique

    i) go underlegs when they least expect it

    j) ask Bill Lynch for permission to shoot them from the nearby Memorial Stadium instead.

  28. Downing, you are the master at finding silly and thoroughly entertaining clips.

    I GuFfawed for 3 minutes straight after watching the meowing French choir boys video…

  29. Hakon,

    Understand your point about Ollie. I think was comparing the emotion of the moment more than the players ability. The Hall was just so silent right before Hulls knocked those first clutch free throws.

    As for Rivers maybe he should go Rick Barry style. The same was suggested to Shaq humorously by some sportswriters a few years back.

    Also I did catch the last few minutes of the game on replay (espn360). Rivers defense was pretty intense on Harris.


  30. PB,

    Thank you very much for your reply. Definitely, the emotion was exactly as you described. Man, oh man, I love Hulls’ potential SO MUCH that I get extremely protective of him perhaps a bit too often.

    I think nobody would laugh at Rivers if he goes Rick Barry, certainly not in our Assembly Hall! And if he consistently sinks them regardless of the style he will have the last laugh anywhere we’d go. I love Rivers very much. He has a big heart and leads by example. I was impressed with Doc coming to see him on Thursday.

    Finally, I am very happy for Crean. Everything he did worked well, unlike last year’s heartbreaking loss to the Wolverines. Now we’re underdogs again on Wednesday but I think Crean and the Hoosiers are learning to play this role to perfection.

    Thanks again for your answer, and all the best to everybody!

  31. Great work, Downing! Cat duo by the PCCB (Petits Chanteurs à la Crois de Bois) is an instant classic. It gave me the goofbumps. Korman and Dopirak should try it next time on ScoopTalk.

  32. Downing finds all the kookiest videos out there. I’m not sure what his research methods are, but they are amongst the most creative and effective out there.

  33. ^You’re one bad apple.

    A look into the future..??…Calipari holding a scrimmage after Wall, Bledsoe, Cousins, and Patterson go pro….Number 3(all blue squad)could possibly fill Wall’s vacancy. Nice drive to hoop @ 0:44 mark and baseline jumper @ 5:54 mark.


    In basketball news today, Pitt knocked off undefeated, #5-ranked Syracuse. Soon-to-be-ranked Pitt is now 12-2, with their only losses coming to Texas AND….your lovable Hoosiers.

    To all dweebs, alFords, L’accents, and Arusses out their who still question the direction this Hoosier program is heading, the evidence is slowly stacking up against you.

  35. I suppose you wanted to say “out there” 😀 but I wholeheartedly agree with the rest. Go Hoosiers!

  36. FOr what it’s worth, Texas Tech now enters a brutal stretch of UTEP (9-2), Oklahoma State (11-2), Mizzou (11-3), Kansas (12-0), and Iowa State (9-3). We’ll see how brilliant Pat Knight is. I hope they lose every game – stevealford made me hate Texas Tech and New Mexico.

  37. ronb, I did not mean to upset you with a blanket statement that Hulls cannot take it to the basket but I have watched every game this year on TV or home games in person and it is my opinion that he will never be one to do that. Now maybe he will do that and kick it out or make a great pass but do you really see him drive to the bucket and shoot a lay up?? I love the kid but I don’t see that. I am wrong as much as I am right these days so maybe he will be that player one day, I hope so! I wish I could make a cross-hybrid one guard with skills from each kid!

  38. JPat, I understand why you think as you do. I also have seen every game including 2 from my wheel chair at the Hall. Maybe, its just a growing process. He was so passive at 1st about taking shoots or taking chances so I am glad to see him start to use the game I and many others know he has. He is a kid who is a winner and leader. Every game last year at Bloomington South was a treat because very game he took a different roll to help them go undefeated. He will do anything a coach needs to help win. I saw him take Marguis Teague to school when they played Pike and destroy some teams with big men on them. In AAU he went to the hole a lot against big men. I was not upset at you at all I am just a little concerned that he is holding back. Anyway it will come and right now he is doing what coach wants and he will stick with it. You could tell from listening to Jay Bilas that he was impressed and thought he was an incredible shooter. Go hoosiers!

  39. Sorry about some of the words and spelling. To much medicine today! Should be shots,every and more…….

  40. Nice work ronb. I am pumped to watch Hulls develop. He has a special something about him that promises good things.

    I think that this Illanoy game might be closer to within our reach than we might think. They are 9-5 this year; teams have obviously figured out a way to beat them.

    Looking back at our Pitt win, it certainly leads me to believe that we can hang with a lot more teams than I would have said at the beginning of the season.

    That said, Big 10 road games are very tough no matter how good your team is; just ask Kelvin Sampson. He took a highly touted (and in retrospect, severely overrated) team into Illinois against a team that finished with 11 wins. Only a Gordon bank-in prayer allowed the Hoosiers to squeak out a victory.

  41. ronb, good thoughts, thanks.

    Tom, the Pitt win looks good now, huh?

    Take care guys! Off to cheer MSU, they need it!

  42. Really. Where is 1TrueFanJS? No balls whatsoever, eh? I’m sure he’ll reappear after the next loss. After he pulls his tail out from between his legs and shows his sorryassed face on this site we all need to laugh him into next season. What a puss.

  43. “He took a highly touted (and in retrospect, severely overrated) team into Illinois against a team that finished with 11 wins.”

    Eleven wins?…The Illinois team of 2007-08 went 16-19 overall, 5-13 conference. They also defeated a Purdue team that couldn’t find a prayer to justify being ranked 17th in the nation as the Illini eventually proceeded to the championship game of the Big 10 tournament(one victory away from automatic NCAA bid)


    Oregon 90
    Washington(#17) 79

    Dunigan takes lead as Ducks halt Husies’ home win streak
    Jan. 2, 2010
    CBSSports.com wire reports

    Yes, it’s true…CBS Sports called your highly touted team “Husies”….Misspelled, but still hilarious.

  44. Yes, that loss hurts, especially against Whoregon.

    It must feel liberating when all the teams you root for suck, and you get your livelihood by celebrating the losses of other people’s teams.

  45. It must feel liberating when all the teams you root for suck, and you get your livelihood by celebrating the losses of other people’s teams.

    That’s about you, Texas Tech and New Mexico, right?

  46. About the same amount of liberation as getting off every time your Hussies lose with the predictable and bizarre fetish of pretending a decent Hoosier kid that was Freshman of the Year didn’t contribute anything except a bank shot prayer in Illinois, or a crash in Arkansas.

    As soon the carefully construed and gentle anti-Gordon digs spew from your core, I check the college scores…It’s rather predictably fun and incredible to watch a Washington Apple loss extrude such a nasty tiny worm….watch you turn from Indiana Husky Jekyll into Gordon Heckle Hyde.

    More like a silly peepshow than “livelihood”.

  47. Washington basketball: 10-3
    IU basketball: 7-6
    LA Lakers: 26-6
    Seattle Seahawks: 5-10

    These are the teams that are currently playing that I root for. TOgether, they have a record of 48-25. Hardly sucking.

    Rooting against New Mexico and Texas Tech, as well as exposing the eternal overratedness of the last Kelvin Sampson team, are hobbies that I dabble in on the side.

  48. Lakers have 21 home games played and 11 away games. By comparison Boston is 15-17, Cleveland is 15-20, Orlando is 16-17, Dallas is 17-17, Denver 15-18, and Phoenix 16-18. Conclusion: Lakers, as always, overinflated. Their most memorable game of the season: grin.

  49. Overinflated, to the tune of 15 championships, including 4 for Kobe. Please, inflate them some more.

  50. The Lakers’ championships, by the way, are the kind that you don’t need an almanac to remember…

    Here is a clip of daily life from the era when the Hoosiers won most of their championships…

    And here is a clip of the popular music in fashion when the Hoosiers won their last championship…

    And finally, here is the biggest sporting event that was going on the last time that the Hoosiers competed, dude, competed!

  51. Tom tapping into his Husky core upon reading the Oregon vs. Washington score. Socket to me Hoosiers, baby!!

  52. So in two nights, we see two teams that the Hoosiers defeated go on to upset ranked opponents. I am pumped for the next game. Win or lose, we know this team can play ball.

  53. For what it’s worth, Texas Tech now enters a brutal stretch of UTEP (9-2), Oklahoma State (11-2), Mizzou (11-3), Kansas (12-0), and Iowa State (9-3). We’ll see how brilliant Pat Knight is. I hope they lose every game…

    Episode 1 of the “brutal stretch” failed to give you that satisfaction. I guess you will have to go back and watch reruns of the Lakers NBA Christmas Special for now. I hope you have enough Lakers Foam Fingers around, I hear tradition calls for you to throw them on the floor towards the end of the game…

  54. Does “tradition” where you come from mean “once”?

    In that case, let us celebrate Eric Gordon’s “tradition” of failing in NCAA tournament games…

  55. Eric Gordon won’t be playing in NCAA tournaments any more, but the Lakers will play the Cavaliers again this season, no reason to worry about that… so it’s a new ritual, a new trend and I only wanted to be sure you’re prepared the next time around.

  56. My learned Indiana grasshoppers…

    While some seem to relish in opportunity to give blindsided karate chop to one-game stumble of Hoosier basketball native named Eric Gordon, may I just confirm and remind…?

    To be left with big unhatched egg in nest of many lifetime dreams is far more satisfying than lifetime with many unhatched dreams left in big nest egg.

    Go Hoosiers!

    Oh!…Almost forgot…Any you see Kentucky vs. Louisville game? Very nasty that Mr. Cousins…he try give karate chop to one Cardinal’s face Swopshire..He should been ejected…If not ejected his coach should said so sorry…Now happy to say much bad karma come to Great Wall and Wildcats…Hee hee hee.

  57. Oh,no! Tom Cruise just remind me something…That’s right! Everyone like tradition here….No?..Before go to bed Master Po almost forgot blogging tradition… Me give you random clip for your entertainment.

    Title: Robby Benson’s Guide to One on One…..DeMarcus Cousins vs. Devan Dumes

  58. You are strange, Master Po…quite the night owl. Here are some other “traditions” for you to celebrate that I thought I might pass on:

    -IU’s great 21st-century tradition of competing, dude, competing

    -The United States’ tradition of African American presidents

    -Bill Lynch’s tradition of going to bowl games this decade

    Let’s celebrate all these time-honored practices, my friend!

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