1. You weren’t joking about the post-game presser. Just watched the video on Peegs & his upper lip pretty much told all you needed to know about his mood: snarled. He may have had a hurt locker room, but we had a pissed coach. And I like ’em both that way after today’s 2nd half! Watching us rebound like double-arm amputees I was pretty pissed too. However, neither he nor the press corps seemed concerned about our complete inability to create any offense against the zone- a recurring theme lately. If we continue to surrender the paint against bigger teams & let the wheels fall off when defenses switch to zone, expect to see those issues dog us the entire conference season. While the Big 10 may not be as fast or athletic as UK, we’re on short end of the stick in both categories against virtually every other conference opponent. I agree that points in transition will help there, but we’ve got to develop more effective half-court sets, attack the zones (and the boards), and get to the line more than twice in a half. If our size inside is a liability, attack their big guys & get them in foul trouble. If nothing else, we’ll surely get a couple more attempts from the charity stripe. (But going 0-5 ain’t gonna cut it, Bobby!)

    That said, the difficulty of the road ahead is tempered by the distance we’ve already traveled in 13 short months. I’m keeping the faith that next year’s UK game may actually be winnable.

  2. Korman-
    I don’t know if it’s logical, but you look like Leonard Nimoy in the freeze-frame of the above clip…

    It happens to the best of us…. Looks like you’re in (a)some form of transcendental meditation, (b)experiencing some sort of high due to an enjoyable fragrance/odor emanating from Korman, (c)channeling the spirit of Scatman Crothers in a Hoosier Scoop version of The Shining…Redrum!…Redrum!..Kentucky redrum!, or (d) caressing Korman’s hand(possibly knee) and momentarily overcome with emotion.

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