1. In my view a good coach is one that:

    a) knows how to change (in his players) what can be changed

    b) knows how to best make use of those characteristics (in his players) that he can’t change

    c) is able to tell the difference between what can and cannot be changed

    So far (for me) Tom Crean has not demonstrated significant acumen in any of these three areas.

  2. Good stuff guys.
    Crean is making excuses again about finals week. Crean doesn’t like to talk about his sporatic substitutions.
    Our starting Center has regressed (how does this happen?) Creek is an absolute stud.
    Hulls is not being used enough. Tijan and Bawa are a joke. Elston deserves to start as he is our best rebounder, but now our starting lineup has 3 guards and 2 wings.

  3. Next year, when we are challenging for an NCAA birth, I can’t wait to see all these blowhards try to explain how IU is winning in spite of Crean.

    Oh, and I should mention, these same morons will also be defending Lynch when he once again starts 3-0 and then loses every Big 10 game.

  4. Good job guys, thanks for the volume. I laughed out loud at the Bawa Tijan on the court at the same time segment. Good stuff.

    I like how the team is coming together Im a little concerned with Rivers. I think he needs to slow down a little and concentrate on his strengths like rebounding and defense. Hulls is coming on strong and could be leading the point if JR keeps turning it over.

  5. I enjoyed your commentary from seats I can afford. Unfortunately, my wife is frying bacon and I can barely hear the video. I’ve got the computer turned up all the way. Can you boost your audio?

  6. AZ Hoosier-

    Yeah, I feel the same about Rivers. While he is definitely one of the gutsiest and one of the strongest, I am getting tired of watching him drive hard then throw the ball away. You have to give him credit for beating guys off the dribble and getting into the lane, but it doesn’t seem like he ever has an idea of what he is going to do with the ball after that. This is compounded by the fact that he has guys like Pritchard to dish to, who couldn’t handle a pass if it was delivered to them on a silver plate.

  7. ^ Don’t worry, it’s going to get worse. And yes, I am afraid that of the two (Crean and Lynch) Bill Lynch may indeed be the better coach.

  8. Husky Tom,
    You consider “challenging for NCAA birth” in year 3 winning?
    Wow, Did you grow up a boiler fan?
    We used to compete for championships around here.
    Lynch and Crean are hard to compare. They are both lousy coaches. I am excited about the Yeagley hire though.

  9. That’s it fellas, the rest of you can stop trying.

    tom delay just made the most ridiculous comment possible.

    Go Hoosiers!

  10. Its very telling what’s going on with the Scoop that IU won a game last night and nobody has anything to say about it.

    I just listened to Fisch call the game and did the chat. I think the most important thing from last night, besides winning, was that the kids came out from the half and played with much more energy and purpose. Individually I thought that it was good for Hulls and Pritch to have solid games. Hulls continues to move forward and Pritch needs something he can build on.

    You are right KevinK, but that post could have been planted by an instigating Sybil who thinks its fun and creative to stir the pot with ludicrous statements that they don’t believe.

    I must say that the vid has a certain God Fatherish quality to it. Dark figures sitting back in the shadows, occasionally leaning forward to partially illuminate their faces. Of course the Tijan/Bawa crack-up altered the mood completely.

  11. GFDave? Talk about hoops on a IU hoops blog?


    The second half of the game last night was as fun to watch as the 1st was frustrating. (Had to watch on tv–family Christmas Party kept me from attending) I would hope that Pritchard got the message last night and can ratchet up his play. I have liked Hulls a lot since I saw him in the HS tourney last year. I hope he gets more playing time. Elston, Creek, Watford! Man the future is bright. Hang on boys and enjoy the ride….it is just starting!!!

    Practice hard, Play Hard.

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all,

    Go Hoosiers!!!

  12. stevealford-

    The last IU championship was over 20 years ago. Get with the times. If you expect it to take only one year to get back to that glorious age, then quite frankly, I am surprised that you even know how to read.

  13. Washington Apple: the last time IU played for a national champtionship was 7 years ago. stevealford said: “we used to compete for championships around here”. Compete, dude, compete. You’re so full of prejudice and hatred that you can’t even read (or count) properly. Just like GooFyDave who’s so worked up when he sees a smiley face that suddenly he can’t spell any more… Do you guys need a vacation?

    GooFy: πŸ˜€ Ask Santa for one of these!

  14. I agree it’s not funny! Here: I found a kenpom located in Downingtown, PA. 😯

    For crying out loud! (Get it, GFDave? Crying…)

  15. Washington Apple,
    Sounds like you have accepted losing. No wonder you support Crean so much.
    Maybe you are a boiler fan and that is why you want Crean here so bad.
    Guys like Steve Alford and Pat Knight would not accept a 6 win season and would demand more than that.
    But some fans like to make excuses and say oh boy we’ll get them next year, or more like 3 years from now we will be ok.

  16. stevealford-

    Do you think winning is as easy as pressing a button? Can the right coach take any bunch of kids to the NCAA’s with the push of this button, in a single swoop? If this were the case, we’d just send the girls team out there to compete against the men, hire Pat Knight, and we’d be back “competing for championships.”

    You are very typically American, stevealford. Immediate gratification is all that matters. Everything should be ready immediately for your quick happiness and consumption; nothing should ever take time and care anymore. You are a Krispy Kreme doughnut, purchased at Wal Mart along with a 50 dollar chinese TV. Take your doughnut and TV back to your home, purchased with an adjustable rate mortgage of course. Hang a picture of Pat Knight on your chinese drywall, which is already starting to emit toxic gases. I can smell them.

    But hey, it was cheap, and it was quick.

  17. One of Sybil’s personalities is obsessed with a guy name GooFyDave. Can you post without mentioning that guy’s name? Do you have anything to offer that’s related to the topic? Drugs may help. Are you off the meds Sybil? See the doc. He might be able to help with your dysfunction.

    GFDave is not going away Sybil. But these stupid posts can. Its up to you. I’m going to respond to each and every one of your attacks with the same. Its up to you when it ends.

  18. if you guys want to blame somebody, then put the blame where it belongs, to one Kelvin Sampson. Other than the run 7 years ago, we’ve been a joke since 1994. i don’t remember a Coach who had to recruit two classes at the very same time, as Crean did when he arrived. Add the fact that all of the elite players were long gone when he was hired, and I think that we are making progress more quickly than I first imagined.

    The one thing we are missing is a good, big man. Somebody like Zeller could easily fill that gap. I think that all of you naysayers will be shocked at how competitive we’ll be in the Big Ten this year. I like the way that Crean is going about his business much better than what is happening across the river in Lexington. Besides all of the one and dones at UK, I look for them to be on probation within the first three years of Calipari’s tenure there.

  19. Here’s GFDave in one of his anger management classes.

    GFDave: my name is __________. Got it? 10 underscores, no more no less. That’s my name. If you ever use it I advice you to spell it correctly. Also if you don’t refer to me by this name I will assume that I can call you anything I want, too.

    Now: you keep talking about one Sybil with multiple personalities. What exactly are you talking about? Where and what are these personalities — can you identify them? I really don’t know what you’re talking about! I can easily identify all the posts I ever made on this site if you’re interested in determining precisely the source of your annoyance.

    For example right above this post there’s one entitled “Legendary Minoats”. I didn’t write it. I don’t think of it as being written by a guy that goes by the name of “Legendary” family name “Minoats”. I (and you can humor me all you want) simply perceive “Legendary Minoats” to be the title of the post.

    For you these titles are identities, personalities? And you can make sense of these random titles? Do you think that they all belong to the same, one and only person? I am pretty sure they’re from more than one person. But maybe we can discuss this later (if needed).

    Meanwhile I have a question about kenpom’s tables if anyone is familiar with them. I actually don’t understand one thing: let’s take for example the Hoosiers‘s game plan page. My question is: why is IU projected to go 4-14 in conference play when if you count the number of projected wins (easier to count those first) you get only two conference wins (one with Michigan and one with Iowa, both in Bloomington)? I don’t understand and if someone can explain it to me I’d appreciate it.

    If nobody knows, or nobody wants to share that with me — no problem. I will figure it out by myself and will post the answer here as soon as I have it. Ahem … there’s no escaping that.


  20. Also, GFDave: when you spell my name (if you ever do it) please don’t ever swap any of its letters or I might go ballistic! Like you I am very sensitive about my name. And you wouldn’t want me to call you FaDveG (by rearranging the letters in your name) or any other such thing, would you? Thanks.

  21. I really f*****g hate all of you. If you don’t have anything relevant or decent to say without insulting each other like f*****g 3rd graders, then don’t f*****g say anything.

    *deep breath*

    I think it is quite telling that this team struggled in the first half, then showed up in the second and blew the other team out. Sure, Ken Pomeroy (who has apparently become Nostradamus to this blog’s Tsar Nicholas) ranks NCCU low, but there were some things about that team that could frustrate some of the best — namely the little PG who could turn up the speed and make great athletic moves to either get an open shot or draw the defense. I’m not saying IU should have been fighting for the lead at halftime, but I can understand why they were.

    The improvements are in place; this team is a year away from at least a deep NIT run (which is amazing for a team that is on probation and will be three years on from losing all of its players). I say “at least”; I think we could easily be in the top-65 by March 2011. As of right now, we are right about where I expected us to be 20 months after the program imploded.

  22. hm…the italics should have ended after the word “should” in the second to last line of the second paragraph there, then come back for “all of its players”. This is why they tell you to check your html tags before publishing something…

  23. I really f*****g hate all of you. If you don’t have anything relevant or decent to say without insulting each other like f*****g 3rd graders, then don’t f*****g say anything


    H.B. are you able to answer my question about the tables in Ken Pomeroy’s Indiana page? Why is the prediction 4-14 for the conference games when you can’t count more than 2 (two) wins in the column (Michigan, Iowa at home).

  24. Although we seem to be on the same page about Crean, I am completely loving GooFyDave’s new nickname.

  25. By the way, if GooFyDave thinks that all these posts are from one person, he is simply proving his GooFyness.

  26. I am getting the sense that it is not just me and Downing involved in this fracas nowadays. Who is this unnameable mouthy and combustible presence floating around?

    My suspicions say it is Korman or one of his close pals (Eline, Engel?), because this chump loves to use his administrative privileges to tell you that you “aren’t really who you claim to be.” Meanwhile, it hasn’t dawned upon this mysterious sage that posters have multiple email addresses.

  27. I come in peace. Please stop making fun of GFDave!

    Seriously! Here’s a clip of him at the time he sees the name GooFyDave appearing on the computer screen, as posted on this blog.

    Actually I changed my mind and I am not coming in peace any more: Who are you calling “chump”, chum? (Also you’re again wrong about Korman, Engel, Eline and administrative privileges.) You’re in fact off by a mile, a mile and a half. That’s all I can say.

  28. Yo chump, perhaps I should call you “dude” – speakin’ a little of your own language there, Pete. Com-Pete, Dude. C’mon.

    Great video of GF Dave, by the way. I didn’t realize he was so young. I almost died laughing, watching him see the name GooFyDave again.

  29. Mr. Blank, you must’ve missed that the expansion of the B10 went through and we added Loyola (MD) and Bryant πŸ˜›

    I really don’t know why Pomeroy is being quoted so much all the sudden…I never put much faith in computer projections. In fact, the only computer-based sports thing I’ll even bother with is Sagarin’s rankings (and only him because he’s based out of Bloomington). By the way, Sagarin has us at 178th out of 347…make of that what you will.

  30. Could we all just begin to share our thoughts as if our actual names were attached and people were watching?

    Guess not,

  31. To the owners of this web site: This was the best site to actually
    discuss IU Football and Basketball. IU won their game and 90% of
    those commenting are talking about personal crap unrelated to IU sports or the game that just happened. You folks need to think about removing some of these folks or you will have no integrity left not to mention that most level headed fans will leave this site. It’s one thing to disagree or agree to disagree and have some logic behind your comments but the folks posting now are only here to cause friction and make fun of REAL fans that post here. I once thought these people were Purdue fans but they are below PU fans. As long as these negative posters are allowed to post their hate I am done with this site and I believe so are many other regular fans of this once great web site. I say get it under control or shut it down!

  32. Hatred starts with posts 4 and 5 on this page. Instead of explaining where Crean has excelled as coach (if that has indeed happened, in their view) those two posts simply issue personal attacks: out of 13 words (combined in both posts) 5 are negative and/or offensive (‘stupid’, ‘idiotic’, ‘irrelevant’, ‘irrational’ and ‘retarded’); 2 are transitive verbs (‘makes’, ‘talk’); 2 are nouns (‘comment’, ‘comments’); 2 are conjunctions (‘about’, ‘some’); and 2 are half-hearted exclamations (‘what’, ‘wow’). By far the largest proportion is of negative, insulting words.

    Then we have GFDave who sees ghosts everywhere like Sen. John McCarthy from Wisconsin once did, and goes ballistic in all directions on account of having had paper clips thrown at him (see video) or who knows what else.


  33. One and done-

    Please, cut out your ridiculous pleas for censorship.

    Owners of this website: Please realize that there is only so much that can be said about a basketball team’s performance or a football team in the off-season. How many times can we say “go Hoosiers!”, “Crean is great!”, or “Fire Crean!”?

    Conversation is bound to wander into other areas, once the primary subject matter has been exhausted. For those who don’t like it, remember we live in America, where we are free to walk away, or at the very least, join another thread.

    I participate in many, many sports blogs, and in none of them does conversation not get heated and sometimes wander off course. The only difference is that here, the “folks without integrity,” or however the above blogger calls them, are pretty darn funny and entertaining when they talk about more than basketball.

    If I had less integrity, I would call for you to remove the above blogger from this website for his negativity and whining. But his opinion matters, even if we don’t like it.

    Please, don’t let the one angry customer determine the policy for the entire company.

  34. Maurice Creek is already comparing favorably to Eric Gordon. 31 points against a much more difficult Kentucky squad than EJ had to face.

    By the time he is through, Creek’s legacy will make EJ’s Hoosier contributions look like this. As if they don’t already.

  35. one and done,

    I agree this used to be a good website. It is starting to look like rivals now with all the spam. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to insidethehall.com; that site is the best by far.

  36. So I guess the offer of peace hasn’t been taken up. Juvenile name calling. What a hall mark for the Scoop.

    I think its funny that you all like attacking me and then think it lame of me to respond. What, you’re used to pulling the wings off defenseless flies? Can’t get enough sex? Type wearing dirty drawers? What? Grow up.

    Fat Thomas (I like this nick name for you), diverging to other topics? Please. These wasn’t ANY discussion of the game. Take a look around but the people you claim to be the owners of this site are in the distinct minority. The Sybils are running the roost, both in terms of number of posts and certainly in volume of words (which by the way are mostly rubbish and ad hominem.)

    If this group of Sybils’ objective is to kill this blog they are succeeding. I have alternatives to this site to talk Hoosiers. You don’t, they operators of those other places will mod you right the hell out. Think about it.

  37. Fat Thomas,

    I forgot to address your desire to have me banned for negativity. Are you seriously blind to your own habit of getting into personal attacks with almost everybody that’s not a Sybil? Please. Are you forgetting your extended spats with Clarion, J Pat and Jay. Wow. Not to mention your constant negativity during football. Double Wow. I’ll also remind you of the labels you applied to describe the posters here. Not meant by you in a nice way. Triple Wow. No introspection or sense of self with you.

    Am I negative towards the Sybil movement? Damn Right. I am contributing to this crap right now? Yes. And I look forward to coming here without having to deal with personal attacks posted for the purpose of the posters entertainment. Again, I’ll stop when it stops. If you want to keep it going, fine.

  38. With disrespect I offer the Senator McCarthy from Wisconsin was Joe not John. I too think Creek may replace Gordon as our most talented high scoring freshman favorite. The basis for that possibility is establishing Creek is on a less talented team.

    GFDave, I admire your grit and that you usually don’t respond in kind on the blog by telling someone his feet stink.

  39. Husky Tom, I can’t believe your comments to “one and done”. You spent the entire football season posting facts,numbers and solutions on how u would go about rebuilding our football program. I did not always agree with you but you never trash talked like these new guys. I enjoyed you and GDave’s debates about football. I like you comments about our young basketball
    team. So please tell me that you are not lowering your comments to the same level as these new posters? Talking about other things is alright and there are places to do that all over the internet but I thought the Scoop was about IU sports.

  40. Dude, we have the Clapping Sausage we’re good! New banner by 2015! Guaranteed.

    Willy: scroll down on that page and you’ll find this.

    I’m not angry. I’m just getting additional reasons to remain calm by bouncing my doubts off this blog. And I have to say I like what I read.

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