The three: Trask, Yeagley, Getman

The Herald-Times has learned that the three candidates for IU’s vacant men’s soccer head coaching job are all former players and assistants.

John Trask, the coach at the University of Illinois-Chicago, interviewed Monday.

Todd Yeagley, the coach at Wisconsin, interviewed on Tuesday.

Mike Getman, the coach at UAB, is in town today.

More to come.


  1. Is there any way to confirm that Caleb Porter was asked to interview following the College Cup final and he officially turned it down? Well, my vote is for Trask, but I think we are going to end up with a fine coach regardless.

  2. I think the HT needs to start inquiring about how much oversight a former coach (Yeagley) has over a program that he has retired from. While I respect the tradition Yeagley established here, the nepotism factor is one that should be avoided at all costs. Everyone knows Jerry is still running things behind the scenes, and I think the HT should start asking some tough questions of the athletic director. It’s ridiculous that Freitag was let go simply because Jerry didn’t like him. Dear Jerry: If you wanted control of the program, you shouldn’t have stepped down! Get out of the way and let someone else (hopefully not your son) make their mark on the program.

  3. Michael,

    I’ve called Caleb but have not reached him. What I’m hearing is that he told his Akron players that he’d listen to DC United — but that he didn’t mention any other offers.


    We’ve looked into it. Jerry Yeagley is obviously still around. He served on the committee that recommended Fred Glass be hired as AD.

    I don’t know how much Glass has leaned on Yeagley during this process. I will ask when given the chance.

  4. Jerry Yeagley is one of the top fundraisers for IU Athletics. I think that permits him to do just about whatever he wants.

    Todd Yeagley will be name the new head coach soon enough.

    And if anybody has a problem with Jerry’s control, ask IU to return the dollars he brings in.

  5. Let’s keep the Yeagley tradition alive!

    Caleb Porter is the top candidate for the DC United head coach opening.

  6. I hope Fred Glass realizes an important lesson as an AD: never hire a coach that you cannot fire. If he hires Todd Yeagley, it would be very difficult to fire him down the line without tearing the soccer program apart.

  7. James, it cannot be that a person who fund raises for a university gets a “permit[ ] to do just about whatever he wants.” For example, I am not sure I want to see Lilly having any say in IU’s affairs any time soon. If the reason Mr. Yeagley fund raises for the university is to keep control, then he is a sicker person than he lets out. I wanted to believe he did it because, as other posters like to point out, he “loves the university.” Silly me.

  8. Not knowing anything about this, other than recognizing some names, I did a little digging:

    Getman has been UAB coach for 18 years and taken them to 5 NCAA appearances. That’s fine, but hardly an overwhelming record and doesn’t help me project what type of success he might have at IU.

    Yeagley is a young coach, but has good playing experience and has been an assistant at the highest and most successful college level. His year at Wisconsin was average and he was beaten twice by the guy he would be replacing. His dad would be around to help him if he needed it. He grew up immersed in IU soccer and Caleb Porter was quoted recently as favoring him to take the job.

    Trask has the most impressive coaching resume. He immediately turned UIC around from a losing group into a contending type of team, 2 NCAA trips in 4 years. His experience as an assistant in college and MLS is stellar. Spent time with DC United.

    So based on my very limited knowledge in this area I would take Trask over Yeagley, with Getman not really doing it for me.

  9. Kelvin,

    You don’t hire a coach based on how easy he may be to fire down the line. It’s “hard” to fire anyone, regardless. You don’t decide who to marry based on how easy she’d be to divorce if things didn’t work out.

    That’s a really backwards way of determining who the best fit for the program is.

    I think either Yeagley or Trask would be a good hire for different reasons. Getman is obviously a sound coach, but given that the other two candidates are younger, I feel like IU should probably look to establish someone who theoretically would be here for a long time, as well as someone more in tune with what recruits and young soccer players are seeking in today’s college soccer programs.

    Yeagley has an advantage because of his father’s legacy, and has coached in the Big Ten. By default, I feel like he’d be able to reel in some top recruits because of those things.

    Trask sounds more like the kind of guy who whips players into shape, and his proven ability to mold a minor program into a respectable, successful one bodes well for what he could do at IU.

    Either way, I hope they come to a decision soon so we can sit back and see what unfolds.

  10. Lou,

    You are awfully naive if you think special interests don’t already exert a lot of control on the University.

    I am not saying Jerry Yeagley fundraises so that he can still have power. But if he is not happy, then the Athletics Department has a problem.

    The ugly truth in college athletics today is donors have more control than any other party.

  11. Good synopsis, GFDave. Strictly looking at the resume, JT should win the job based on his coaching pedigree. Quite simply, there’s more to this story though.

  12. Thanks for the reporting. Keep trying to reach Porter, we do want to know if he said no to the interview. Todd Yeagley or John Trask, either option sounds very good.

  13. I’ve read Porter signed a 5-year extension with Akron as of yesterday. He’s not going to DC United apparently.

    It’s already been reported that we contacted Akron about talking to Porter, and were told to wait until after the College Cup. I’m sure we offered him an interview, and given his now apparent desire to stay at Akron, I’m sure he respectfully declined.

    How has no one caught wind of his extension?

  14. They did, Casey. I was just slow in finding the article and posting it, and then slow in approving the comment that includes a link to it.

    Lots going on today. Which is always good.

  15. Chris,

    Just making sure I wasn’t crazy/accidentally reading Akron’s equivalent to the National Enquirer.

    It’s always better when there’s a lot going on in the IU sports world (well, when there’s a lot of potentially good things going on, that is). Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  16. James,

    Indeed. I am naive. Happy to admit it.

    But if it is correct that dad pushed out former player to pave the way for son, then that is just sad and pathetic. And if the AD is happy to go along, then what the heck do we need an AD for? Lets just put all the boosters in one room and let them make all the tough decisions. That way we’ll never run out of money.

  17. The only question that needs to be considered is this: If Todd’s last name was something other than Yeagley, would we even be considering him as a coach? My guess is that we wouldn’t. It really is ridiculous that Jerry continues to run the soccer program to make sure his kid gets the job. I hope the AD has the guts to do what’s right.

  18. Caleb signed a new 5 year contract with Akron. He doesn’t want to leave. He isn’t even going to DC United. There is nepotism here. I am a former player. Todd is the best man for the job. Todd is who the players on the current team want to be the head coach. Todd is going to be the next IU head coach and is the best man for the position. I played for Todd. I wish people who are uninformed would quit voicing their opinions and thankfully they are not in charge of hiring our next coach.

  19. Come on. Todd is the man for the job. If you do not think he is not ready for the job or nepotism is involved, you are wrong and know very little about the program or college soccer.

    He knows more about the game than most. In one year at Wisconsin, he was able to recruit an unbelievable (many believe is a top recruiting class) recruiting class for next year. Keep in mind, Wisconsin has notoriously been a bottom feeder in the Big10. So, to do what Todd did in one year is pretty amazing. Trust me, Todd knows how to coach, and he would be a perfect fit for the job. And nepotism has nothing to do with it.

  20. Nick H.How can you say that Yeagley turned Wisconsin around!! They finished 7-9-3 and had its worst record in four years!! They had their lowest RPI in three years!!! Obviously you are a very blind IU fan. And above all, wisconsin had 9 starters back from a team that went 9-7-3 and had a 38 rpi team from last year!! What did Yeagley accomplish?? And the recruting class that he had coming in is mostly made up of players that the last staff recruited!!

  21. I liked the question above: “if Todd’s last name were not Yeagley would he be a top candidate for the job?” The answer for any rational person would be “YES”! He was a 4 year All-American at IU, he was National Player of the year and on 2 National Championship teams at IU, he played in the MLS for many years in Columbus. He was an assistant coach at IU for additional National Championship teams, our top choice, Caleb Porter says he is “The Man” for the job, he knows all of the players well, he knows the program like you and I know the house we grew up in, he did well at WI in 1 year and his recruiting has been significantly better than WI has seen before. What more could a potential soccer coach do? Todd and John Trask are each great choices!

  22. I am not sure where this will all end up, but I do find one aspect of the debate really interesting: were his last name not “Yeagley,” would he be offered the job? Maybe:

    As BeatPurdue points out, he is a well-accomplished player who knows the players and program well. Not sure what to make of Porter’s endorsement, since they are tight, so objectivity might be lacking. And yet, Yeagley and Porter were on staff together, and just as Porter went on to distinguish himself, maybe Yeagley will do as well?

    On the other hand, his record at Wisconsin does not appear to be all that good, if Mick is right with his figures. One answer to that may be that it is only one year, and he should be judged on more information than that. But then again, people are using that one year to say he is ready, so maybe that’s not an accurate/fair assessment. it looks mundane at best.

    In the end, it seems a stretch to say that he would get the job regardless of his last name. Nothing in his background as a coach suggests he will be a good coach. To say that ” he knows the program like you and I know the house we grew up in” smacks of nepotism. That’s an advantage he has over every other candidate. This is something that happened to him as an accident of birth, not his own doing.

  23. Mick: Relying on only the record and a team’s own RPI to determine the success of a season is too simplistic. Would you say Tom Crean accomplished nothing last year because of the record? Would you say that the teaching that occurred meant nothing as far as his ability as a coach? Take for example, the IU/Mich St basketball game, which ended in a loss, but could go down as one of the greatest building moments ever for IU. I realize Crean had to totally clean house and it is not apples to apples. I’m just saying that a record does not totally reflect progress, on the field/court, and also in the stands. It’s just as much about creating a culture as it is winning in the early years. It’s tough with soccer because of lack of TV coverage, but as examples, look at the Big Ten games, as they would be the best judge of how Yeagley’s move has affected IU and UW since the opponents are equal. Starting with the two IU/UW games. The first was both teams’ first Big Ten game, you can bet emotions were probably riding high, and it was a 1-0 result. I would guess that everyone, players and coaches, was affected by the emotions involved, but our talent should crush UW any day this season. The second was the Big Ten Tournament game, and I’ve gotta say, in the first half, I was pretty worried Wisconsin was going to pull it off. Fortunately we pulled it together in the second half. All three of Wisconsin’s Big Ten wins came against the 3 teams that beat us, one of them being Ohio State, the Big Ten Champion, the others being Michigan State and Northwestern. All three of those teams made the tournament. The UW/Michigan game was a 3-0 Michigan win, and we beat UM 1-0. Michigan was not very good this year, and honestly, I’m not sure what to say about that and don’t take much stock in those games. Wisconsin was basically one PK short of being the Big Ten Champion, a PK caused by a play 30 seconds before halftime of the Penn State game. It was a bad mistake by a good player as stated by the commentator at the half. The game ended 2-1. Had Wisconsin won that game, they would have been 4-2 in Big Ten play, been the conference champs, and Yeagley would have been Big Ten Coach of the Year in his first year, taking UW out of the BASEMENT and straight to the top of the conference, and the TY naysayers would be singing a different tune. Let me say again, one PK changed that tide. It should also be noted that UW’s success in the Big Ten this year is also due to everyone else’s weaknesses. The IU/Penn St game (the last reg. season game)was the best home atmosphere of the season, not coincidentally, the same game which honored Jerry Yeagley for his Hall of Fame induction, and a great crowd which included many alums. It was a great boost for the outgoing seniors to finish that way (thank goodness). But, had we lost their game to Penn St, I think we would have ended up LAST in the Big Ten but I’m not certain about that because the end results for the conference got pretty crazy and I’m not sure where Michigan would’ve ended up… but overall, the dynamics of the Big Ten changed entirely this year. There was a possibility of a 6-way tie for 2nd place at the end of the season, and it was generally due to the changes in 2 teams: IU and Wisconsin. This is not a coincidence. It is because Yeagley left one team, and joined the other. Some of the results cannot be looked at as a reflection of performance, particularly in the first year with a new coach. There are ups and downs due to all the changes and feeling out the team and the team learning the ways of the coach. Teaching and fundamentals have to override “getting the win” when you are re-shaping a team. As for RPI, The RPI falls when strong opponents lose games because the strength of the opponents records dictates your RPI in addition to your own team’s record. When UW beat Northwestern, their RPI jumped something like 40 points because at the time, NW’s RPI was #1. We have a very strong schedule, so our RPI stays high even with a barely-above .500 record. Losses don’t affect us that much because our opponents have tough opponents and schedules. You may understand this, but it is complicated and I’m trying to explain it for everyone else. UW’s RPI was decent, around 38 or 39, and had they won (I think)one (maybe two?) more game(s), would have been in the tournament. Sorry for the question marks…I’m not looking any of this up. But Wisconsin has not made the tournament since 1995, so being one game short of a Big Ten Championship and one-two games short of making the tourney are pretty good accomplishments, and more importantly, they have made intangible strides in the positive direction. IU on the other hand, has never had a season like this since the mid-80’s, and our intangible strides are going in the NEGATIVE direction. Change like this is not about parity in soccer, the favorite word of underachieving teams. It’s about hard work, toughness, and passion, or the lack thereof.

  24. Mick: Please go back and re-read my comment. No where did I ever say that Todd Yeagley “took Wisconsin out of the basement.” I was simply talking about recruiting. Recruiting is very difficult for a team that sits in the basement every year, yet Todd was able to recruit very well within just one year. That is impressive — in ANY sport.

    With your last comment, there were a few players that traveled with him. What does that mean? That means they loved him! Again, Wisconsin has been a terrible soccer program, and yet these players still wanted to play for him. The top soccer players in the country (much like those in other sports) usually want to play for national titles. Those players who followed him obviously felt like Todd was going to turn that program around. Can you imagine what he could do with IU’s resources and history?

    I do not look at IU Soccer with “colored glasses.” I sure do not need to justify why I feel the way I do, as I do not feel that is appropriate for this setting. For argument’s sake, let’s just say that I do know what I am talking about.

  25. Nick: many of the players coming in for the 2010 recruiting class, jeff rohrman and his staff recrutied. How do I know?? because as players we helped show the guys around on campus! The last staff before Yeagley did a good job, and cared about UW! By the way we were not bottom feeders!

    you should know the facts before you start shouting your mouth off about recruiting classes.

  26. Katie: Now your turn, first of all I am not even sure you know how to kick a ball. Lets start with the first UW/IU game you discussed, you thought the game was close?? UW never had a clear chance at goal and even with the countless chances that IU offered with turnover afetr turnover. IU was terrible on the day, and UW still could not manage a dangerous shot on goal. The game should have been a 3 or 4 goal win for IU, but they couldnt finish many open nets. As far as the second game in the big ten tournament, I think the stats and result say it all.

    You also stated that one game that they lost on a PK to Penn State. They lost the game thats all. Why dont you talk about the PK win at Northwestern that happened in overtime for UW. By the way, terrible call for the PK!! Northwestern was the much bettter team on the day. You talk about the Northwestern game as if Todd Yeagley resurrected the UW team to win the game! What if they dont get the call, maybe the season goes further down the tank.

    I saw 10 games this year, I was not at all of them. I do know this, the culture was not changed, the only thing that was changed was the fact that Todd Yeagley led team only scored 15 goals all season, but gave up 22. I see that as a huge problem! The reason I see it as a problem is that UW had a good year before Todd came, 9-7-3, finished with a good RPI 38 and had 9 players coming back from a team that scored 28 goals the year before, oh and by the way only gave up 20 goals in 19 games played compared to the 22 goals gave up by UW in 18 games played this year! What was he stressing? defense?? Offense?? oh yeah thats right, CULTURE! Do me a favor and stop pretending that you know about college soccer and stay behind your desk and get back to work.

  27. Ouch. Somebody is cranky around here. For me, I don’t think it is even debatable that Yeagley is nowhere near the radar screen but for his last name. To suggest otherwise is ludicrous. Mick’s argument, in case you needed anything else. are pretty convincing. That is not to say he will not succeed, and I really hope he does. I will continue to go to the games and support the team any way I can.

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