1. Nice Q&A today.

    I think IU’s only real shot at getting a big man in the class of 2010 is finding someone who decommits due to a coaching change at the end of the year, and that is a really big long shot.

  2. was anyone able to log in today or was it subscription only? I wonder if anyone else is willing to admit that until Crean adds at least one good to great big man, IU will lose many games because of the post play!

  3. I liked the format today with shorter questions and answers rather than the 2 paragraphs per question. It was much easier to read.
    Crean is too focused on guards. He doesn’t seem to care that you have to have bigs to win in the big ten. The object should not be to run down the court as fast as you can and throw the ball away. Anytime we get stuck in the half court offense we just pass the ball around the perimeter until we turn it over or force a shot ala Mike Davis.

  4. I do have to agree that IU’s post play is non-existent. And I see that is a direct result of IU’s current personnel and style of up tempo play.

    It would be great to have a big man who could run. I caught a bit of Miles Plumlee last night in the Duke/Wisconsin game and his type of play would fit Crean’s system well. 6-10 240 and can move.

    Probably the last decent post up one on one player IU had was Marco Killingsworth. Although his conditioning would limit him to offensive spurts. His height wasn’t great either. But, other teams had to scheme for him and drop a double team from the help side.

    Hopefully we get the next Plumlee in Marshall. For now we’ll just have to make do.

  5. We had a post game with D.J., and although D.J. was awesome in his last year, it didn’t stop us from predictably losing the games that mattered down the stretch, ie, Arkansas (NCAA), Penn State, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Minnesota (Big 10 tournament).

    There are many roads to success. A post presence will certainly make things easier, but it isn’t the key to winning.

  6. Husky, I agree with you a lot, but if it is not the key to winning…it is at least the puzzle piece we are missing. I personally think IU is not recruiting the bigs hard enough and the rep of Crean is guard heavy anyway. I hope this changes. After watching the Wisconsin/Duke game I am convinced once again IU needs a dominant center or two.

  7. J Pat,

    I agree that we need a big that can dominate the paint, but I’ll give a pass to Crean on this on. When recruiting the bigger guys tend to get a lot more attention early on and are usually have good inroads with coaches when they are sophomores.

    I think over time Crean will be able to start with these guys at a younger age and eventually we will get a nice 4 star big man. Maybe we see that in the class of 2011 with Zeller or plumee or someone in the class of 2012.

  8. Before there was Wisconsin vs. Duke, there was…

    • D-5 | December 2nd, 2009 at 10:14 am |

    Good summation, jubilee. We still need that legitimate force in the post. It’s killing us.

    Everything I say somehow finds genius next day. Guess it needs 500 words to take notice.

  9. Not to mention I was speaking of Christmas on the Basketblog when everyone was sweating bullets in summertime over Irving.

  10. you flatter yourself too much, really. I don’t read anyone’s long posts on here, believe that! I only have time in short spurts at work.

  11. Chris mentioned that Doug Wilson now hates the direction that the Scoop has gone under Korman’s guidance.

    Can we get confirmation that there has indeed been a falling out between these two former co-workers?

  12. D-5: The reason no one gives you credit for your perspicacity is because you are the boy who cried wolf. You almost always automatically disagree with the prevailing opinion just for the sake of rabble-rousing; therefore, when you actually do have a good point, no one listens, “Because It’s Downing” being himself again.

  13. Michigan State is the Big 10 favorite with a pair of 6-8 forwards as their “big men” in the post.

    They have a 7-footer who is a big awkward White Stiff named Herzog who does nothing, kind of like the Zeller brothers when they get to college.

    We have 4 guys on our team who are 6-9 (Watford, Pritchard, Capo, and Elston) who may or may not learn to post up (Pritchard looks like a lost cause at this point). Even if they don’t turn out to be DJs, I would think that they will be enough of a presence to make our outside game more effective. I wouldn’t hedge our entire future on whether we get a true “big guy.”

  14. What is the definition of a post player today? I am not being sarcastic here. With the introduction of the 3 point line the entire strategy of the game changed.

  15. Turd, your first post cracked me up. The guys you mentioned are small and mostly power forwards. I think we need some 5 men, centers…just my take.

  16. Jay, I think a post is a 4 or 5, power forward or center. I used to think anyone could win with mobile tall forwards but now I think IU needs to develop a center. On the team now it is Jobe and Muniru for sure. That is just my opinion.

  17. No one will listen, butt I feel like droppin a load..And you should stick to football, Ferguson. It’s a subject that finds you less constipated.

    Athleticism in the middle = ?

    The “paint” is not a parking spot:
    Many get boxed in when looking for a post player..they think of how the guy operates inside the paint. That will be the difficulty this year..Even with strong guard play, the inside never gets unclogged..Pritchard(haven’t seen enough of Bawa but suspect one less trip on shoelace of Jobe)can’t extend their presence more than 10ft from basket….They don’t freely move down each baseline…they can’t recover and roll quickly to accept passes when the middle is opened up by a penetrating guard…they don’t possess enough speed to trail on a break and be an extra outlet pass or unstoppable follow to missed shot.. They truly do just play basically “in the paint”. I won’t give up all hope this year…I still think Pritchard’s game will improve as Elston and Watford open things up…Pritch may get stronger and half-step quicker as season progresses…minutes on the bench, minutes not due to foul trouble, will keep him looking fresher in the grueling middle stretches of the Big 10 season.
    When I think of a legitimate force around the basket, it’s a guy with enough athleticism and facets in his game to operate within a 15 ft. semicircle of a rim center point..A guy that can utilize short jump shots..have enough hop in the shoes and quickness in step to pick and dissect the inside spacings and utilize a turnaround bank or hook shot on occasion…I think this is why Maryland’s zone gave us fits…Zones are most effective when there’s stagnancy around the basket. Our post play can’t extend and be productive outside 5 ft of basket. You won’t see many alley-oop plays with this team.. Our centers are parked. The meter is always running but they’ll never pick up any passengers to take around the block.

    DJ White:
    DJ was stymied by the lack of athletic forwards… Put a battle-tested Elston on that team and the results down the stretch may have looked different…We always seem to be one piece short of completing the puzzle. I admired DJ’s work ethic and how he improved his game, but I still don’t think he brought the type of versatility I’m describing…It’s why DJ will likely not last more than a few years in the NBA..The blogger from U. of Washington knows firsthand the difference…A true multifaceted post player kept his beloved Huskies out of the Sweet Sixteen.

    Athleticism in the middle = ?

  18. correction:

    Pritchard [and Jobe](haven’t seen enough of Bawa but suspect one less trip on shoelace of Jobe)can’t extend their presence more than 10ft from basket…blah..blah..blah…push..splash.

  19. Downing: as hard as it was, I actually read your entire post. Good work.

    Don’t get too excited about Rakeem- according to rivals, we’re off his list already.

    UW at Texas Tech tonight on crappy ESPN 360. I’m excited.

  20. Chris,

    Does it matter that Todd Yeagley was at IU for the past six years? I mean he was here while the program was slipping. Does his last name trump everything?

    Sorry, but I missed the chat this morning.

  21. Boys, Charmin is giving u a chemistry lesson in basketball: For every action their is a reaction. You don’t have to have a 7 foot center to create problems for the other team. If we had a big guy who could score away from right under the basket it will help because it pulls the defense out from clogging the middle. Right now the other team’s big men just camp out under the basket because Pritchard can’t shoot the ball away from the paint. It also leaves their big men in great shape to stop our guards from going to the hole. If we play Watford and Elston at the same time it would help because both can step out and score. They are freshman and being good on offense is the easy part. It is at the other end where these 2 kids have to learn to be better. You can’t push the ball and run if the other team scores at will in the paint. Everything Coach wants to do starts at the defensive end. You need missed shots and defensive rebounds to play a high tempo game. That is why Coach is trying to get these kids to understand. Until they do we will struggle trying to play this style of basketball. The BIg East , ACC and others are full of teams that play the way Coach wants too. When these kids and coach find the right Chemistry watch out! I say that because Big Ten basketball is old school,big guy in the middle, half court offensive play. Patience my friends a fast train is coming and you won’t want to miss it. GO IU!!!

  22. Thanks for enduring…It know smells more of Lysol with your fresh assessment. Hope the offspring of “dusty banners” doesn’t throw quite the big Patrick party mess in your Basketblog backyard…I wasn’t even aware they were playing…..Oops…almost forget…I need to work on my rocking chair image…


    I know what you’re thinking. “Did he make six jump shots or only five in his career?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all the Hoosier excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is the son of a Final Four magnum, the most powerful coach in the world, and would blow your team clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, Huksy punk?!

    Go Red Raiders!

  23. THat’s not DIrty Harry, silly. That’s Gran Torino Clint. Still tough, but not Dirty Harry.

  24. Duh, silly. Though the film didn’t have big box office success, it’s one of my favorite flicks in recent years..Eastwood is a master of cinema..such a beautiful ending to the movie…

    More than simply a racial morality tale, however, GRAN TORINO is about the unlikely bonds that people form to navigate the subtle complexities every day life. Like MILLION DOLLAR BABY, GRAN TORINO explores the challenging yet rich new world that can open up when individuals let down their guard, even if for just a moment. Estranged from his family and his church, and without any sense of personal peace, Walt offers all that he has to Thao and his family, namely wisdom and protection. When tragedy strikes the family, Eastwood allows a little classic Harry Callahan to poke through, but the surprising finale posits a hero that Dirty Harry would never have the guts to be. It’s a potent symbolic gesture to Eastwood’s own growth as a storyteller.

    Looks like you felt lucky.

  25. Look at what Pat Knight has done at Texas Tech. He is 8-0 and just knocked off the #10 team in the nation. Maybe we can lure him in here next year. He knows how the game should be played.

  26. Let’s see Pat Knight’s coaching record
    2007-08 4-7 overall 4-6 Big 12 play
    2008-09 14-19 and 3-13 Big 12 play
    2009-10 8-0
    TTL’s overall 26-26 Big 12 7-19
    He is by no means IU material. I am glad to see he got a good win after all those cupcakes. I like the kid but is not ready for IU. He has no NCAA experience, no 20 game win seasons and no Big 12 winning record. Oh! wait a minute, that’s old stevealford comment know wonder.

  27. so 22 wins last year (his first full year) and this year, how many wins does Crean have in that time frame?
    Let the excuses commence!

  28. stevealford,

    He actually had 14 wins last year. He was 14-19 and 3-13 in the Big 12, good for 11th place.

    Of those 14 wins, their most “impressive” were over Mississippi State, Colorado, Baylor and Texas A&M. Oh, and they beat your boy and his New Mexico team.

    Their one marquee win was over Kansas. So I guess Pat gets a pat on the back for that ONE game.

    The remaining eight victories came against Saint Francis, Sam Houston State, East Central, Eastern Kentucky, Southeastern Louisiana, Wichita State, Centenary College and Stephen F. Austin. ALL of those victories were home games.

    The team also boasted eight upperclassmen and 12 returning players overall — a lot more than than Crean’s returning players in his first year: Kyle Taber and Brett Finkelmeir.

    If you honestly think the job Knight inherited even remotely parallels the situation Crean walked into, you are an absolute idiot, and if you think that Pat Knight is a better coach than Crean, that’s certainly an…interesting opinion.

    These things aren’t excuses, steve. They’re simply a logical string of rational, intelligent thoughts.

  29. Casey,
    Once again maybe you should read what I said. I said 22 wins last year and this year, not just last year. I will not stoop to your level with the name calling though, because it is pretty obvious what you are anyhow.

  30. stevealford,

    I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, and I wouldn’t stoop to “name calling” either if you ever made a logical argument or conceded a point here and there.

    I’m sorry, for your sake, that our coach isn’t Pat Knight or Steve Alford. Our coach is Tom Crean — get over it! Perhaps you’d be more at home conversing with Texas Tech and New Mexico fans?

  31. …or Husky fans?… You need to be consistent, Casey. What is so wrong with acknowledging the recent success(even if not historical) of two coaches that once wore the cream and crimson..I would think it more strange to ignore their achievements of late…More strange to desire their failure..Is it more logical(I know how you like logic)to slobber over kids that choose to play for Blue Devils, or continually blog us to boredom death over sports from the colleges of the Great Northwest(Dark Side and more enlightened Hoosier(?) side). Pardon me, but who gives a rat’s idiot ass about Duke or Pac 10 teams that stir memories of yesteryear losses to make longtime Hoosier fans puke! Hope to see just as much of your efforts in the future to snap shut their traps..What is the fear? Are they meaner looking rats? Just want to be friends of a Washington Willard? Can’t we all be friends, Ben?

    I see no problem with being proud of guys that have a strong link to our great basketball heritage..I think Tom Crean would confer…Because it’s Indiana.

  32. Ben,

    It’s fine to acknowledge the success of former Hoosiers, but when the intent of acknowledging that success is to leverage it against our current coach, I think it’s unfair and foolish. I’m glad we have successful Hoosiers all over the map, but I’m just growing tired of seeing posts about how much better Knight and Alford are than Crean simply because they have perfect records thus far against a slew of inferior opponents.

    And honestly, I don’t care about the success of Texas Tech or New Mexico (any more than I care about the success of Washington). None of those teams are Indiana, and for people who want to consistently discuss other teams, I think it’s appropriate to direct those sentiments toward a blog that serves that fan base.

    Should I root for Xavier now because Jordan Crawford plays there? Should I pull for the Clippers now that Eric Gordon is on the team? Should I post the results of IPFW games since Dane Fife is the coach? Should I Tivo Detroit games to watch McCallum on the sidelines? I sure hope I don’t have those obligations.

    Yes, it’s great to be proud of their successes, but let’s wait until Alford and Knight actually HAVE some success. Yes, Alford wins a good amount of games against cupcakes and weak conference opponents, but the fact that he hasn’t made the tournament yet enforces the notion that their schedule is not strong enough to merit a bid. Likewise, let’s wait till Knight achieves a winning record, a winning conference record, and a tournament bid before we put him in the Hall of Fame.

    It’s fine to be proud, but the notion that either of those coaches is at Crean’s level and/or capable of executing the Indiana rebuilding project more effectively is just silly in my opinion.

  33. Yes, you should root for Eric Gordon and the Clippers..Could you please? It bugs the hell out of Husky Tom…..He’ll start blabbering about how he single-handedly threw our whole season away, heroin using Hoosiers, boom boxes, Bloomington gangs, Brandon Roy, the LA Lakers, shrimp cocktails, fat people that shop at Walmart….It’s a blast to watch. Do it just for that reason if nothing else. It’s his fun…Aren’t blogs supposed to be a little fun, too?

    Maybe “stevealford” doesn’t even like Steve Alford…That’s my gut feeling..I tend to think he/she is just enjoying your silly rational fun with the subject.

  34. Andy my gut feeling is that people who intentionally waste time for no other purpose than to agitate others who are trying to have a productive, reasonable discussion have serious maturity issues.

    It’s possible to have fun without being annoying.

  35. Yes, I’d hate to argue against the mature and productive intentions behind blogging. You win on that one, Casey. Very solid point.

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