Toledo at IU women

Career highs for Hope Elam (24 points) and Sasha Chaplin (22) highlight a big win for Indiana as the Hoosiers get ready to embark on the long Big Ten season. Jori Davis adds 18 as Toledo makes the final score more respectable in the final minute. HOOSIERS 73, ROCKETS 63

3:42: Ashlee Mells’ 3-pointer a minute ago effectively put this game on ice. Toledo is trying to press their way back into it, but unless IU collapses, it’s over. HOOSIERS 67, ROCKETS 50

7:40: Toledo switched to a zone early in the half, and that has sparked a run that cut the lead to 14 with 10 minutes to go. But baskets by Davis, Chaplin and Elam pushed the lead back to 20. HOOSIERS 62, ROCKETS 42

15:52: No let up from Indiana out of the locker room. The lead has swelled to 21 with the same suspects doing the damage for IU — Chaplin, Davis and Elam. Hoosiers getting a lot of hands in the passing lane, making offense a chore for Toledo. HOOSIERS 48, ROCKETS 28

That was arguably one of the best stretches of basketball this season for Indiana. Trailing 12-4, IU outscored the Rockets 33-8 over the final 15 minutes. 16 points and six rebounds for Sasha Chaplin to lead the way. Jori Davis has 11 points and Hope Elam added 9 points. Toledo just cannot hang on to the ball, committing 18 turnovers. HOOSIERS 37, ROCKETS 20

2:57: Indiana has it biggest lead of the day as Sasha Chaplin is nearing a career day in the first half with 16 points, six rebounds. Former Hoosier Amber Jackson is in attendance and enjoying the work of her young protege, no doubt. HOOSIERS 29, ROCKETS 18

7:47: You can see the confidence growing basket by basket and rebound by rebound for Chaplin. She has 10 points and five rebounds as a 16-2 run has pushed Indiana ahead in this one. Toledo now has 12 turnovers to boot. HOOSIERS 20, ROCKETS 14

11:25: After Toledo pushed the lead to 12-4, Sasha Chaplin came to life for IU with six straight points, and the Hoosiers tied it on Hope Elam’s bank shot. Indiana has forced seven turnovers to help overcome shooting just 27 percent from the field. ROCKETS 12, HOOSIERS 12

15:56: Slow start for Indiana as the Hoosiers are 1-of-5 from the field and 2-of-6 from the line. Toledo is 3-of-6. ROCKETS 7, HOOSIERS 4

I’m at Assembly Hall for this matinee between Indiana and Toledo. A bit of breaking news this morning as freshman point guard Sasha Bernard has left the IU team for personal reasons. Bernard averaged 3.3 points, 2.5 assists and 1.8 rebounds per game, starting all 10 contests as a Hoosier. She did not play Saturday at Cleveland State and now we know why. Updates on today’s game to come.

Indiana will start Hope Elam, Sasha Chaplin, Andrea McGuirt, Jori Davis and Jamie Braun today against the Rockets, now the home of former Hoosier Haylie Linn, who will not be eligible until next year after transferring.


  1. Re: Bobbie Sue, based on the entry, Whitney Lindsay still isn’t starting, which would have put her 3rd on the depth chart previously.

  2. Lindsay did start Saturday at Cleveland State, but Coach Jack previously told me she really liked having Lindsay coming off the bench. It appeared Braun shifted back to the point with today’s lineup but Lindsay was in after about three minutes.

  3. Congratulations and best of luck to the lady Hoosiers!!!!

    I’m a big supporter of Coach Jack, and we’ll get over to a couple of bigten games.

    Merry Christmas to all.

    Go HOOOOOOOsiers!

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